Gone Squatch’n

Great post… I reblogged this from WoW magazine, (follow the link at bottom), where it was posted by Jeffery Frieberg, (View From the Street), original article by Jon Rappoport on 4-6-2020. I ran across this as I was in my Gone Squatch’n mode, while under house arrest by my loving wife. (ultimate social distancing)…
Gone Squatch’n, is a time that I shun the frenzy on Facebook & Tweeter, and only “like”  certain posts, and open only certain email newsletters.  digging into the articles to find more on the motivation of even some of my most respected writers, some of which are becoming caught up in in the frenzy and the left’s covert swing in attack points to keep the COVID-19 PANIC going strong.

I find myself in somewhat of a frustrating position concerning some of my friends, friends that I consider sane and very patriotic Bible-thumping Christian, and write from a conservative mindset.  So, to avoid losing a positive relationship I back off commenting on their articles, although some may seem to be drifting into the panic-driven ” the sky is falling” syndrome.

If some people can handle no more social distancing than what we have had to endure before they start feeling the effects of “cabin fever,” then they may need some help, but there is no help that can calm the spirit like getting alone with God, only He can comfort, and give hope and peace for the soul.


The link to a great story…



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