Just Think’n Still

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We have all agreed, (perhaps three or four of you) That what I have to say is actually relevant to things that matters… sometimes it is like writing to aliens in space and the signal just keeps going on forever. Like the tree in the forest making a sound if no one is there to hear it. Nevertheless, I just keep on sending the signal, and making a voice even if there is no one there to hear it, just on the chance it does make a sound.


I am doing a study/opinion that I will post on my website, entitled “the tail wagging the dog”, and it will deal with our Republic being a democracy where the majority is supposed to rule. That is until the liberal ideology of the minority should rule, gained prominence under the façade of “equality”… and any opposition to activists movements would be an affront to a minority’s civil right of equality… equality is in fact guaranteed under the constitution, if fact, it is equal opportunity, equal access, equal treatment under the law. Application of our Constitutional rights has not always been perfect, and the civil rights movement espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, and his marches was just another step to right the wrong of application of the Constitutional guaranteed equality. Equality to be heard, to vote, to have access, to have equal opportunity, not just for blacks but for all who were a minority of our society. His “dream” was not redistribution of wealth, or being trapped in poverty by the black racist frauds and the liberal politicians, for money and vote. They lie; talk big, hand out free money and cell phones, great (dumb-down) programs that keep great people with a plantation mindset. Great Americans poisoned by their motivation of greed, money, and votes. It has promoted greater welfare and “whitey should pay for it”, which has devastated our black culture.


Actually what we call civil rights was born out of (need I admit it), women’s suffrage, way back in the late nineteenth century, and primarily was about the vote, it evolved and was a very prominent force in the emancipation later black voter rights, and then extended black voter rights to include black women. This was in the opposition to the Southern (democratic) states.


For further research on this, just Google “woman’s suffrage” where in addition to excellent research on Wikipedia, there are several others, one is the (history.com) history link. Nonetheless, the issue of equality must be viewed from more than the corrupt and socially harmful activists view, equality should be considered, not for party votes, and being intolerant or tolerant. It must be viewed as it is in the constitution. The civil rights act should not have ever become a race thing, enabling the racists (both white and black) and social lifestyle activists to begin the “tail wagging the dog” style to govern our nation.


Is it any surprise, that we are in the shape we are in, well if it is, then hold onto your hats when I tell you this; when the tail wags the dog, it is not long before the dog loses the ability to do the wagging, and by design the tail will fail, … the longer we allow the minority to rule, the more freedoms we give up. Think about it, it is true, methodically socialism and tyranny is sadly becoming a reality. The tail was never intended to wag the dog; but in political correctness and being fair to “minorities”, we have allowed the tail total power to wag the dog.


As for our constitution, there is no guarantee no rights unless they can be used to benefit the progressive movement to control. It is being violated and has been violated for years, by government imposed regulatory agencies that do the will of the leaders, regardless of the Constitution, and Obama is the worst offender of the constitution than any other president, (disputed by some fact checker, and the dispute is argued on words use, one of which is czar), nonetheless, the best rundown is from Judicial Watch.com., on the “czar” issue, and dig around in their archives if you have other questions, you would be surprised at what you may learn.


Nonetheless, I do not wish to run off on the czar issue, right- wrong- indifferent, some are okay but with agendas that support Obama’s ideologies, and even though they are smart academics, bureaucrats, they are the ones who are making the policies under the umbrella of a cabinet member, and some although assigned under the cabinet members answer to Obama, and that is how he operates and he governs and sets his policies with willing scapegoats; originally a successful management tool of Henry Ford, it makes no difference what I know if I surround myself with experts in their fields.


Have you any doubt that Obama’s goal is to bring us under socialist dictator globalist regime, and will use any means necessary to accomplish his goal? If there is doubt about his intent, either you do not believe it, or you will not believe it. I am not going to be like my latest fake to avoid, and tell you “don’t take my word for it, do your own research, I am just stating my opinion and part of that opinion is just simply involve yourself and dig out the research sites, learn about the sites are they truly “conservative”, in their charter (mission statement), and do they provide links to the source of their research? Are they creditable sources? Then you can make informed decisions in your vote, in your comments, and statements.


What you hear from me is a “studied opinion,” nonetheless, it is my opinion for what it is worth, if it motivates you to seek the light of the truth, then (to me), that is a good thing. Do not use my opinions as research, even though I may give links to sites that have the facts, however, I greatly desire that everyone who reads my blogs, and goes to my site, to re-post, pass it on, just would like to know that it is just not lurking about, out there in cyberspace .


In wrapping up this long post, there is one other area that most fear to enter, the demonized “conspiracy theorist” truth seekers, (theorist), thinker, (theorist), all have a point where they start to connect dots, so to speak, when the outcome is expressed, we are demonized immediately discredited as a conspiraphobic or some God-awful person. Of course, being a normal mindful human being we hate being called names. Therefore, we shy away from connecting dots, for fear of being called names. I was once that way, but I guess age is a fine excuse for learning that we are far better than the demonizing, because we can think of something to say. There is no need to be afraid just use the same intimidating tactic and push back. I am not advocating foul, gutter mouth language, no; just stand your ground do not be political correct, that is from the liberals, and they never, ever practice it, when attacking a conservative.


Therefore, with fear cast to the wind I will introduce you to the United Nations Agenda 21, published by the United Nations in 1992 a 300 plus page document, under the guise of “global sustainable development.” The actual handbook of globalization, within its pages is found the Sections, and subsections, of what they intend, and how to implement it. From environment, farming, land ownership, housing, healthcare, education, family, population, de-development, and development, natural resources, travel corridors, state and national border control, transportation, economic control .. You name it and it is there. Moreover, with each one we surrender a constitutional right, framed as “sustainable global development” and printed as the U.N. Agenda 21, by the United Nations. Eventually it will be the international law, and over-ride our constitution.


I would encourage my readers to Google “agenda 21”, you can download your copy (PDF file), read it and compare what the U.N. wants and what Obama’s policies and programs are, and connect the dots. Do it before you vote for any Democrat or Republican progressive. See what they support in our government, what programs, what policies, and take it from there.




R.S. Helms