Best Superbowl Ad Ever

This is why Farmers are Farmers and in spite of all that has come against them … Corporate farms environmentalists, liberal socialists, and the Obama’s attempt at protecting farmers’ children from doing chores through ‘child labor laws’ and the EPA and FDA push to have just corporate farms. … we have lost a lot. Farmers and Ranchers are the backbones of the Nation and most of the world. People have to eat more than buy electronics and even drive. People have always had to eat.

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I rarely watch football games, let alone the SuperBowl unless we were attending a SuperBowl party, had guests over or the few times placed a bet on the game which I, for one, have rarely done throughout my lifetime.

Enter 2009, a certain couple in the White House who decided to invade the gatherings of family, friends and pleasures that millions of Americans get watching the SuperBowl, followed years later by Colin Kaepernick and the NFL’s social justice circus.  Ugh! I was totally done with the whole thing.

Moving on…I will always have the commercials which thanks to the magic of the internet and cable, I can research hours after the SuperBowl has concluded or the following day.

Nick Short posted an all-time favorite, a commercial that touches home and stands the test of time, even for this city girl.  The commercial is, “So God Made a Farmer by Paul…

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