EX-CIA employee admits President obama is a radical islamic enemy of America


It’s an explosive charge, one that practically accuses the president of treason.

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Today, a former CIA agent bluntly told the newspaper, World Net Daily, that America has switched sides in the war on terror under President Obama. Clare Lopez was willing to say what a few members of Congress have said in private, but declined to say on-the-record.

Clare M. Lopez is the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and a Senior Fellow at The Clarion Project, the London Center for Policy Research, and the Canadian Meighen Institute. Since 2013, she has served as a member of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi. Also Vice President of the Intelligence Summit, she formerly was a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, a professor…

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Remember all those greenie weenie concerns about plastic leaching from bottles?

I am a firm believer that we as humans must take care of our earth, God said we must be good stewards … common sense says we must be good stewards; nonetheless, we must go about it in a sane way, and keep the balance while the whole “world” comes into compliance. we need to continue the use of fossil fuel until the alternative can be proven more feasible.


[from phys.org]
Researchers have analysed mineral water from 131 springs and three prepared drinking water from 94 brands sold in Spain. The samples were taken just after packaging in bottling plants and after having been stored for one year, to assess whether there had been any migration of plastic constituents or additives during this period. The results were published in the journal Food Chemistry.

“The conclusions of the study indicate that both the packaging, whether it be plastic or glass, and the bottled water are completely safe for health and comply with prevailing legislation,” stresses the lead author, Silvia Lacorte, to SINC.

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Senate Bill 1696’s Official Name Copies Early 1930s German Law’s Euphemistic Deception

This is important information, This Bill got out of committee, because that is the way politicians do business; wait until a crisis occupy’s the citizens attention … then just fo for the gusto… good post and thanks


“S.1696, The Women’s Health Protection Act: Removing Barriers to Constitutionally Protected Reproductive Rights.” Sounds like a wonderful piece of legislation, doesn’t it?

How about this one: “Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.” This law appeared to be so charitable!

Also referred to as the Enabling Act, this 1933 disaster allowed its leader to enact laws without the participation or approval of the legislature. It “effectively mean(t) the end of democracy in Germany and establish(ed) the legal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler.”1 How euphemisms can deceive!

Now, of course, the U.S. Senate Bill 1696 would not grant President Obama the same kind of all-encompassing powers granted to the murderous German chancellor. It doesn’t even address the executive branch directly. While it doesn’t pertain to our President’s unconstitutionally expanding powers, this law does give a steroid shot in the arm to the federal government. The overreaching of its…

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Re: Agenda 21

A lot of stuff here, I have not yet went through it, but it is interesting…

Redwood Forest


Agenda 21 & FEMA Camps – Depopulation Plans In America | Agenda 21


By Susan Duclos In a terrifying compilation of clips by Jason A, the exact purpose of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 is explained in what should be a wake up call if what the people in the video are stating are true. An agenda so innocently called “Sustainable Development,” which has the sole goal of restricting our choices, limiting our ability to govern ourselves and take away our freedoms.



Freedom Advocates | Exposing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development


Freedom Advocates exposing how Agenda 21 Sustainable Development ignore and violate our Unalienable Rights.

Air Force One flies over suburban Long Island as U.S. President

A Warning From Glenn Beck: The United Nations Will Raze Your Suburb

Pssst! Have you heard about Agenda 21? The secret plot to collectivize private property—hatched by United Nations


Biden: The ‘affirmative task’ before us is to ‘create a…

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