Christians and COVID-19

Christians & COVID-19

The crisis we find ourselves in today, as Christian, we certainly need to be doing more.  Doing more, indeed, as you may come to understand in the subsequent “Could it Be” scenarios which are from scripture and address the American Christian and our present crisis as a Christian. Could it be,  Okay, mini-sermons, (if there is such a thing), however, the purpose of this article is to get the Christian as well as the nonbeliever to renew the intimate love relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ, renewal for the Christian, if indeed, they were actually born-again Christians in the first place.  For the nonbeliever, it is simple, a simple warning across the bow of life as you have been able to live it in a nation set apart for Christians.

God warned the Hebrews in Egypt of the coming tenth plague, the plague of the death of the first-born, and should you read Exodus chapters 11-13, you will see the warning and the shield of survival or security of protection which He instructed the Hebrews to use.  The blood of the lamb on the lintel and posts of the door.

God gave warning through the Prophet Amos, that Israel had forsaken their commitment to sincerely worship God from their heart.  Their worship had become nauseating to Him and that He was about sort out their transgressions.  Amos 5: is for the reading and the key verse is Amos 5:24.   Christians, like Hebrews understand and know that God is a holy God, and in order to be a holy God He must judge His people, and He must set His hand against the evil of disobedience and the evil of disobedience to His holy Laws.  Laws? Yes, laws, there are two sets of laws; first, the moral law of God, which is the Ten Commandments; second, is the Sacrificial Laws, which include worship and a commitment to worship God in the truth and the Spirit.  Through the Old Testament, God reveals his consequences for disobedience to His laws.  Adam & Eve, Noah and the Flood, Sodom & Gomorrah, Lot’s Wife, Captivity.  God’s Prophets and Angels gave stern warnings, but, they also foretold of the Messiah Jesus who would come and truly set them free, not so much to set them free of oppression from nations, but to set them free from the curse of the law, the consequences of their disobedience and rebellion; the sins of the nation Israel.

Jesus would become the last sacrificial lamb, the Lamb of God.  Who would come to set them free from the curse of the law which is death? Only Jesus, God’s only begotten Son.  However, Jesus commanded us to be obedient to the Moral Law (the Ten Commandments) of God.  Plus, Jesus gave us more, but our sins would not require the blood of lambs, His blood spilt on the cross was spilt for all the sins of the world, past, present and future.  Confession, Repentance, with a truly sincere heart, we are forgiven, and that sin is forgotten.

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus tells His Church in the first three chapters, a warning and sets His plumb-bob straight for us to repent.  He tells us what we are doing right, and yet he tells us through five of the seven churches what we are doing wrong.  I believe that we are doing something wrong as reflected in all five, but the one, that is so displeasing to Jesus is the church of compromise. The church of Pergamos, and the church of Laodicea.  Point is Jesus reveals their condition and warns them what they need to do, and the consequences if they do not.

Our problem as American Christians, is that we live in the world every day, and have, since the Mayflower anchored in Boston Harbor, and over the centuries our Christian commitment has grown weak, yes our worship has become very compromised as we have set about achieving the American Dream, raising our children the best that we are able, paying our taxes for an increasingly inadequate – ever expanding and a socialist corrupt government.  A government that has become Constitutionally unrecognizable, and a government that has been eroding our constitutional rights  especially our Christian religious liberty and freedom.  The world has been working overtime from the time of the witch hunts, to the zealots on the frontier, showing the American people that Christianity is more harmful than good.  But the average American Christian has weathered the storm, but not in such great shape.

A large percent of the American Christians has politically and socially been forced to compromise our faith commitment to keep jobs, keep freedom of speech, and to hold and conduct worship services unless we adhere to political correctness, and accept non-biblical policies of liberalism.  To start, if we want to maintain our tax-exempt status which means that our tithers would not be able to deduct tithe and the church would have to pay business taxes to the state and to the federal government.  Leaving the best of churches to face closing down; many Christians have chosen their 30 pieces of silver, to compromise their faith commitment and follow the world system.   

The church would have no choice in what was preached and taught in our Bible Studies.  Christians had no option but to compromise in our faith, or so it seemed.  But we allowed our denominational leaders to indirectly place money ahead of the Headship of Jesus over His church.  The real motive we assemble and listen to a preacher half heartedly preach the Word of God and apply the Word of God to our everyday spiritual battle in the world.  Somewhere some of that Christian leadership forgot about defending the Christian faith.  Not all Protestant Christian preachers compromised even at the risk of being sued or the risk of losing the Tax Status of a non-profit.  Remember “we are in this world but, not of this world, (Jn. 17:16 KJV) and “If the world hates you, understand (keep in mind), that it hated Me First.” (Jn. 15:18 – BSB – NIV)

But, God knows what He is doing or so I firmly believe, however, compromised church leaders would not stand and fight, not until a couple of Constitutional conservative law firms started to step up and challenge some of the targeting lawsuits against Christians and Christian concerns, targeted by the cabal and brought by the ACLU under the “Civil Liberties” Act, which was created by the Kennedy Brothers, John & Bobby, However, John didn’t live long enough to sign it into law, but, one of the first things Johnson did after being sworn in as President (which was immediately after John Kennedy was pronounced dead from an assassin’s bullet).  Then later took on the bill as his legacy when he signed it into law, then working against his true Southern Democrat nature to ensure the black vote for the Democrat Party.  Enslaving the African American culture and people to the Democrat Party, and the liberal Washington plantation.

Nonetheless, the Civil Liberties Bill became the rallying point for the liberal cabal, and the Atheist’s ACLU funded by the infamous George Soros.  However, let it be noted here that politicians operated under a new form of government within our constitutional government; the name of that type of government is “Plutocracy” (plo͞oˈtäkrəsē –  noun – 1… government by the wealthy. “the attack on the Bank of England was a gesture against the very symbol of plutocracy” – a country or society governed by the wealthy. “no one can accept public policies which turn a democracy into a plutocracy” – an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth. – “officials were drawn from the new plutocracy”).

It is my studied opinion, that what has been happening since FDR’s socialism has been like a slimy evil thief, coming in unaware and no-one really noticed the growth and handpicked agency heads of the exploding bureaucracy with the fat-cat bureaucrats.  We now refer to it as the “Deep State” or as I prefer “Shadow Government,” of liberal socialists or globalists who for the past four or five decades have been brainwashing our children through public schools, and children’s TV, games and movies. The effort to transform our culture has happened because we allowed it.  Our compromise on God’s moral law (the Ten Commandments), and the compromise in our faith commitment, and it has led to a compromise in our personal life in the world.  And why should we expect anything different?  We have slowly taken on the things of the world, and like the Hebrews of the Amos 5:24 era, we have allowed modernity-liberalism into biblical Christianity we have brought the world into our spiritual lives, and that is putrid to God.

History has shown that God will warn the false worshipers, false teachers, false prophets and their false doctrines that he will, and is about ready to rain down his wrath in judgement against evil and evil doers, Christian or heathen, it matters not with God, but He being a just God warns us to renew our minds… renew our spiritual passion for Him, or in other words, get our ducks in a row.  The time is ripe for a new awakening, the time is ripe for a great revival of His people.  His judgment will flood the land like an unexpected tidal wave, His righteousness like a flood from ever-flowing streams.  Perhaps, it is time we built a spiritual ark?  By renewing our minds and sincere commitment to Jesus our Lord.

The COVID-19 virus, what about the virus?  The only thing I know about the virus is that it is dangerous and deadly, but, no more than most flu viruses that come along each “flu season.”  The magnitude and panic is of the world, manufactured by greedy faux news and global scientists who are feeding faulty and rigged information into faulty models, to keep the people in a chaotic panic, relying on the government to fix it and save us from death, and for the right price the politicians will promote the faulty models, and greedy scientists and corporate pharmaceuticals, the shadow government agencies to keep the American people dependent on government that we will continue to sell them our souls through votes, and further enslavement to a socialist plutocratic government.

Well so it seems we are ready and waiting for our fair round of pieces of silver, that the condition of our soul is now nearly non-existent.  But, I also see the COVID-19 virus as a great opportunity to reflect on my spiritual condition and a personal evaluation of my faith commitment to Jesus, and to be honest I have been slipping in certain areas, caught-up in the world by writing about the corrupt political leaders and their coup d’état – coup d’cabal, to make this Christian nation a socialist nation and part of the Global Socialist Union.  

Caught up in the world system to the neglect of my daily devotion, my daily frequent visit to the pages of His Word, being constant in prayer and fellowship with my creator through the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This time with the shelter-in-place and listening to what the bureaucrats are telling me to do because of my COPD, and age has kept me in.  and given me the opportunity to listen to God as he led me to really reconsider Amos the fifth chapter … all in context of the chapters before and after; witch led to evaluating my condition with the seven churches of Asia Minor of the book of Revelation, and in turn let me renew my mind and spirit and revive my passion for Jesus, renew my faith commitment to depend only on God for my well being with no compromise. 

I will continue to write about the evil of this nation and of the protestant Christian church, but not to the neglect of my faith commitment and call to the gospel ministry of our Lord Jesus.  I pray for a great revival of our Christian faith, which produces a great awakening and outreach of disciples to gather the harvest of souls that will be seeking the Lord.  Christianity is standing on the threshold of regaining the strength of God in the nation and the world system.

Listen then to what the Spirit is telling you, listen for that still small sweet voice from deep in your heart, calling you, calling you to humble yourself before the throne of God and confess your sin and the sin of our nation and pray, and God will hear you from heaven and heal our land.  Take the chaotic panic of the virus as a warning and prepare your house, not as the world would prepare but spiritually sprinkle the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus, on the lentil and posts of your doors that the wrath of God will pass you by.

There is no better time than right now to seek the face of our Lord and renew our hearts and minds, our intimate love relationship with Jesus.

God’s grace be with you, and shine through you.  Remember, we are just sojourners traveling through this world on our way home.

R.S. Helms

Thank You, Jesus… Thank You President Trump

No Quarantine on Religious Freedom

Posted Tuesday, May 5, 2020 May 5, 2020   |   By Outside Contributor

It’s not a date most people have circled on their calendars. But whether they know it or not, May 4, 2017 was the day most Americans were set free. Free from government imposed anti-religious mandates, court battles, and fines. Free from jail threats, harassment, and closures. After eight long years of an administration at war with religious freedom, President Trump leaned over a piece of paper in the Rose Garden and vowed, “We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore.”

It was the first step of a thousand this administration has taken to reverse the devastating trends of the Obama years. Now, three years into his executive order on religious liberty, Americans don’t have to live in fear of the federal government. For once, Washington is an ally — not an enemy, at least on religious freedom. He’s proven it with meat packers, cake bakers, nuns, and Air Force colonels. Then he sided with health workers, adoption agencies, private schools, and federal contractors. Because for President Trump, restoring religious freedom wasn’t just a box he checked on his campaign promise whiteboard. It was a deeply personal mission to restore what Americans had lost.

Even now, in a time of unprecedented, nationwide suffering, this administration hasn’t let a challenge like the coronavirus distract it from the commitment it made more than 1,000 days ago: to protect what America stands for. The Trump team has been adamant, even from the earliest days of this outbreak: “the Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis.” If ever we needed faith, the administration has insisted, it’s now.

And thanks to Trump’s Department of Justice, local churches are getting the help they need to practice it. When local officials have used the lockdown to put the squeeze on churches, Attorney General William Barr’s staff has been on the ground, pushing back. “Expect action,” DOJ’s Kerri Kupec warned any would-be tyrants. And they got it. Just last week, in a shot across the bow, the nation’s chief law enforcer said all eyes were on the states. Any threats to freedom, Barr insisted, and his attorneys would be there in a flash to intervene.

If they were unconvinced, at least two incidents should have proven the DOJ’s sincerity. In Mississippi, where churches were being ticketed for drive-in services, Barr himself ordered his staff to file a “statement of interest” in the case — which essentially, DOJ’s Eric Dreiband explained on “Washington Watch,” tells the court which way the department thinks they should rule. Fortunately, the court listened and agreed that the city can’t single out churchgoers for harsher treatment than anyone else.

Over this past weekend, Dreiband’s staff was busy again — this time in Virginia, where police (under liberal Governor Ralph Northam’s direction) threated a pastor with jail time for holding a 16-person church service on Palm Sunday. State officials say that the Lighthouse church somehow violated the Virginia Constitution. Hardly, the DOJ insists, since the pastor insisted on “rigorous social-distancing and personal-hygiene protocols.” As far as Barr’s team is concerned, the criminal treatment of these churches is unacceptable. “The Commonwealth of Virginia has offered no good reason for refusing to trust congregants who promise to use care in worship in the same way it trusts accountants, lawyers, and other workers to do the same,” DOJ’s Dreiband argued in a statement.

Elsewhere, liberals in places like Kansas City, Missouri, seem intent on getting the administration’s attention with ridiculous monitoring measures like detailed registries on anyone who enters a church. Supposedly, the mayor’s new 10/10/10 rule is meant to keep tabs on non-essential businesses and other entities that open to the public. But some Christians are crying foul, since — conveniently — other gathering places, like grocery stores, are exempt. It’s just another power-grab in a long list of battles this administration will keep on fighting.

As frustrating as these flashpoints might be, they’re another example of just how much Americans have to be grateful for. Six years ago, our government wouldn’t be defending these churches — they’d be teaming up against them! Now, under just three years of this administration, we’ve seen a dramatic change in how freedom is regarded in this country. But this progress isn’t etched in stone. All it takes is one election for everything to go back to the way it was — when Americans were punished for their faith or excluded from the public square, rather than welcomed and protected by our government. Even now, with all of the uncertainty swirling around us, we need to stay focused on what’s at stake. And what’s at stake — for believers — is everything.

For more on this administration’s legacy on religious freedom, check out my new Washington Times op-ed on the three-year anniversary of the president’s executive order.

God Is Greater Than A Virus Hoax Pt. 1

  The Profound Hope & Rest

The Virus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), a virus so dangerous that the US had stopped trying to develop it during the Obama administration and then taken up by China at their center in Wuhan city, Hubei Province and sometime prior to December 31, 2019, as that is the day that China put in an official

report to the United Nations’ WHO (World Health Organization).  The report was seemingly unalarming, the subject was a cluster (41 patients), of a mysterious pneumonia in, of all places, Wuhan city, Hubei Province China. So, the first report of the virus was not about the virus at all, but that of a “Mysterious Pneumonia.” Could it be, that the COVID-19 is actually a chemical weapon?  Obama gave the Wuhan laboratory millions for “research” because the US had dropped any homeland development because it was too dangerous.

Conspiracy to Coverup … WHO-(UN)/China

January 1, 2020.  The next day in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, China closed the Wuhan Seafood Market, where most of the mysterious pneumonia patients were connected.  The same day, the Chinese authorities identify a new strain of coronavirus and called it “novel coronavirus” (nCoV).  January 7 – 11, China records its first death connected to the coronavirus.  There seems to be somewhat of a hiccup in the timeline  of the spread, of the nCoV, the timeline has Thailand reporting the ‘first case outside of China’ and the Philippines on Jan. 31 2020 reported the ‘first death outside of China.

January 13th (Breitbart has Jan 19th … CDC has Feb 21), the first case of the virus in the U.S. … a 35-year-old man in Washington state, who recently returned from Wuhan City. January  20 – 23 Wuhan City, is placed under quarantine, Hubei province followed within days. Now WHO declares a global public health emergency.  The MSM (press) smelled a profoundly serious and deadly global crisis, and started leaking misinformation, misinformation in the form of twisted facts and future dread and gloom scenarios encouraged by China, the WHO and the DemonRats, right down to outright lies.  The national panic was in full swing, and still affecting both the left and the right, while the MSM piles it on and broadens its scope.

However, our left congress chose to use the MSM to sensationalize the Trump impeachment fake news coming from the parade of Democrats and RINO’s like Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Romney, and others. The congress chose to ignore what trump was trying to do about public panic over the virus and run with the fake impeachment.  During the President’s State of the Union Address to Congress, Trump talked about the Coronavirus and the Dems shamed themselves by protesting and not listening, Pelosi even brought on the ultimate shame when she tore up the speech on National TV.  Then she went to China Town drawing a huge crowd telling people and the press it was safe to go to China Town and held up a bill for small business to receive stimulus money for more than a week or two.  From the day that WHO made their declaration of a global public health emergency.  There is no doubt that WHO and China were covering up the virus getting away from the Wuhan facility, who knows what else they are covering up?  Perhaps, my previous scenario has some substance and I truly would not put anything beyond the UN and China when dealing with Trump’s economic success. 

 Enter the Democrats and RINOs who recognized the great opportunity to not only trash Trump but fiddle with our voting laws, so they could still use the only thing that the Democrat Party is really good at, voter fraud. They need this election to finish what Obama had started, to destroy our nation and turn it into a socialist nation where our rights, Constitution and sovereignty would be superseded by the United Nations.  The hate Trump MSM has become a simple pawn for the left.  a pawn who enjoys putting out fake news, so when given an opportunity, the Mainstream Media will write and say what they want, even if they make it up, anything as long as it can be used to trash Christians, Trump, and Republicans and they get away with an apology,  it’s called a fake apology they must have misquoted their source.  They can be as nasty as they wish, because, they can be protected under the Constitution as free press, and protected source laws.

Professional journalism ended when the professionals traded their integrity for a few dollars more.  Since that time most of the “professional” journalist have become nothing more than professional scumbags peddling fake news, lies, and propaganda and like I say, they get away with it and no one will take the responsibility to clean the industry up.

Panic and Falsifying Statistics Creating PANIC!

It is my studied opinion that we can lay the extreme panic, which swept the nation like a firestorm totally at the feet of the Democrat Party, RINOs, and the Media. It is the left’s call to arms and advance of the cabal of radical paid protestors to immediately “make the most of any crisis situation.”  Secure the first frantic round to create panic in the populace.  A coordinated effort between the political left radical groups, top Democrat leaders and the Mainstream Media to put horrifying fear deep in the hearts of the populace, then panic and lack of trust in anyone and everyone. 

I read an article about how New York cooked the figures by over 50% greater than the actual numbers.  Not only that but Doctors were told to list the cause of death as COVID-19 regardless of prior contributing factors.  Now, the New York 50% has been briefly written about so the reliability may or may not be too factual, but with the light of the truth that is continuing to surface, this whole episode seems to be more than we have been told.  Nonetheless, the panic continues, and discussion is about when the President should open the economy.  Unfortunately, the MSM with their masquerading clowns posing as journalist, presenting all the alarmists claims of certain doom if he didn’t open the economy weeks before he did on April 30, and when he did, he left it up to the States to best implement the federal plan.  It is true, what President accomplished with the economy it has been set back to 2008 which was the worst in decades, and Obama didn’t manage to do much with the economy, except with the bad trade deals, and sending the national debt over the moon.  But that was with Obama and we are not supposed to remember it.

Working on the shutdown and stay at home orders and all the discomforts of being sequestered in your home have left the snowflakes and even the panic affected conservatives showing their true side of longsuffering, and after just a few weeks of partial isolation, that is a stretch because it really started falling apart within a week and the MSM continued their relentless fear mongering and the congress kept trying to block Trumps response as more and more cabin fever set in the hurting and hopeless constituency most of which lost everything. But the politicians and journalists care about you, they think they own you and they offer you no hope.

So, we find ourselves at this writing, partially coming out of the blindness of a frenzied panic.  More and more bad news, the economy is tanking, millions of people are out of work,(from 3.+% to 16.+%) once thriving mom & pops businesses shut down, with their employees lost, some have had to shut down permanently, while the democrats held up the money for the small business loans, Democrat Speaker of the House Pelosi recessed the House then flew home to Calif. Where she held interviews in her multi-million-dollar mansion eating gourmet ice-cream in her million-dollar kitchen, flaunting the proof that she, like 99% of the DemonRats don’t give a flip about the people, hurting, sick, dying American citizens many who have lost everything, and Pelosi is promising to do it again when the recovery needs more money.

Could it be, that there is a design to this deadly and debilitating crisis?  A design bigger and more powerful than the DemonRat agenda?  Could it be, God’s justice rolling down like a raging flash flood in a dry desert wash, taking every dried-up thing living or dead with it like wall of debris.  Or perhaps, it may be God’s design to draw His people to Himself, and the heathen to shake the scales from their eyes and see the light and the way of their salvation.  Maybe, just maybe, God is showing the world that mankind cannot put their trust in a government, no matter how good they may start out, or how evil, when people become dependent on the government they become slaves of the government, and there is no hope in a government, no light at the end of the tunnel.  In the history of the world there has never been a government that did not become corrupt and masters of their people, It is my opinion that in the history of our government there is never been a career politician that didn’t become corrupt … some more than others.

Greater than a virus

Nonetheless, there is still real hope, and a hope that gives such a great peace.  Jesus told us:  Mt. 11: 28-29… (28) “Come unto Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (29) Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; For I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

It seems that this rest, this peace is what a chaotic terrified world is looking for, they are looking for hope, where all about them seems to be going hell-bent for destruction, especially in the United States.  It has likewise reported through some of the Christian networks, and on Christian social media, that people are starting to find that hope, that peace, that rest in Jesus alone.

Before this Coronavirus, people had been deceived into placing their hope into the government and liberal – global politicians.  For the past four or five decades more and more of our values, morals, and freedoms have been eroded until we have been totally robbed of our Religious Freedom, our wright to raise our voices of faith in protest against the murder of babies, against vile pornography peddlers, homosexuality, and defend the word of God without liberal Atheists and the ACLU suing and political hacks ridiculing Christianity until many submitted to the bullying and denial, and sought refuge in a safe but fake liberal and liberation theologies that provided the less committed, and those who just played church and those who were never truly born-again, who made a profession of faith without truly and sincerely repenting and accepting Jesus as lord of their lives, never being truly set free from the controlling bondage of sin.

Or perhaps were led to believe in another doctrine of salvation, other than by grace through faith in Jesus.  Most of the young people that have not had the privilege to be raised in a solid Christian home have accepted the delusion that there is no God … Jesus is a mythical person and the whole Christian experience is a grand hoax.  Point is there is, in fact, a real increase in people coming to the Lord, yes, more and more as pastors, hold on-line services, some of the TBN televised ministries bringing messages of hope, of promise, of salvation.  People at home are seeking the Lord Jesus, (scoffers are rolling their eyes – while trying to find hope).

In our world today (before the panic), we have both parents of the family working, and we try to get eight hours sleep, we try to have time to do all the mom & dad stuff, cooking, laundry, shopping, yard work, and the “honey do’s” is a very long list, point is; we live a stress filled lifestyle, we have weekends which are a juggle of family and enjoying our times trying to dump some of the stress, fishing and hunting was my favorite, some like golf or biking, and any number of activities before we hit the fast-lane early Monday morning. We have grown accustomed to coping with a highly stressful life – for a time, but when the press dumps a steady barrage of fearmongering on a highly stressed life without a sure resource of hope, a stressed life comes undone and it is then realized that a person needs a strong hope only found in faith in Jesus.  There is a large number of people who have relied on the world’s false hope, and of course sometimes it works, but most often it does not, or it is too late.  However, with Jesus it is always there, and He promised to be with us always and never forsake us, for the Christian it is true we don’t have a spirit of fear but one of power, and love, and sound judgement; hope is in all of this.

What if, God is calling us to another Passover?  The Passover of the tenth plague of Egypt, and God gave the Hebrew children a warning, right down to what to eat for seven days, and the blood of the lamb was to be painted on the doorposts and lintel, and they were to not go out until on the last day and death  had passed them over.  It was the death of the first born of the Egyptians for not letting God’s people go. 

So, could it be, that Amos 5 prophecy of God’s justice (Amos 5:24), But let justice roll down like a river, And righteousness like an ever flowing stream.  And in the Revelation of Jesus as recorded by St. John, the first three chapters we find seven churches, some great and some not so great.  Jesus is giving a warning to five of the churches and for two He is giving a commendation.  We are able to understand that these churches are the people, people as a congregation, and the people are the ones that have the problem.  It is therefore a means to inspect our personal condition, however, this inspection must be made in absolute honesty … you can fool the pastor, (for a while), you cannot lie to God, and if you lie to yourself shame on you.  These seven churches represent the universal church, which Christ instituted and which he is the head.

Warnings are given in scripture, and in the church history, and for those who see or hear the warnings and repent and come to Christ their love relationship is restored, and the blood of the Lamb is applied to our doorposts symbolically, and God’s justice will pass by His children, you and me.  If our relationship to Jesus is in order, all we have to do is give our burden and fear to Jesus and he will give us that hope, the peace, the rest from the turmoil and stress in our lives.  Jesus is calling, calling to all of us, He wants to

Could it be, that God may revive his church? very possible, very plausible.   And at the very same time start his justice across our great nation.  God’s Christian nation that has fallen into a situation of serious corruption and compromise.  The evil has been being exposed for the past three plus years.  God seems to expose the evil players then warns His people, then lets justice roll down. Several times He brought revival to His people in the OT and also in the NT so, there is no reason that He is not about to – let justice roll down, so church, better have your posts and lintel painted with the blood of the Lamb (metaphorically).

Now that April 30, 2020 has fully come, and the government has started to open the economy and he has the plan that the government will use, as he has given the rest of the authority back to the states, they can either follow his plan or continue doing what they choose to do.  As for how that affects us, we don’t know quite yet.  So, there is a bit of hope injected into our lives, we must approach it with caution.  I feel that the press is geared up with a resurgence of aggressive fearmongering, which will send people back into a high state of panic.

However, if God continues to revive His church, there will not be as many people coward in a dark corner of their homes as was the last time.  I know that my hope is only in Jesus, and that is the source of my peace and rest.  Friend, it can be yours as well, and together with the Lord we will get through this storm.

God Bless you all with the peace that only He can bring.


demonic 000

Demon Possession

If you believe in the Bible, then you believe in Demon Possession.  A Demon is an ‘unclean spirit, an evil spirit’  and even the possibility of a fallen angel, all is evil and spirit in form; at any rate, they are part of the vast echelons of Satan’s army.  Supernatural? Yes indeed. It is the unseen realm of existence in the universe.  Just as the Bible teaches, there is a place of Sheol or Hell, more about heaven and hell in future posts, but all are unseen and are supernatural, or superior to natural law or the physical laws of creation.

Demons (unclean spirits), possess great power and can be manifested physically or unseen, they have the power to possess physical objects and living creatures, yes, even humans.  However, they cannot possess humans that are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, or possessed by God the Holy Spirit, and an evil spirit cannot coexist within the same temple.

The whole of the teaching of the Armor of God is to come against and protect us from the fiery darts of the Devil, or to protect us from the control of evil spirits.  Do you put on the armor of God? How often? For me it is while my body is waking in the morning before my feet hit the floor, otherwise, I may be sidetracked from my quiet time of study and prayer.

Let’s look first at where demons come from.  Well, the Bible teaches that they’re the spawn of their father Satan.  Satan was once Lucifer the highest of the seraphim as God created him, but he rebelled against God and took a third of the hosts of heaven with him when he and his brood were expelled from heaven.  This third followed the rebellion of Satan and he and his evil brood became the ruler of the air and of principalities.  Satan rules the world (or attempts to)with his vast army of fallen angels.  They are of their father the devil, the evil one and his mission is to thwart the purpose of God and His will for mankind.

Some have asked, okay preacher, who made the devil?  The correct answer is Lucifer, Satan, the devil made the devil himself.  Lucifer in his ambitious rebellion against God created himself as the devil, his vast army of fallen angels are the demons of hell.  Not to be redundant, but they have great power.  Again, in redundancy, they rule the world either by controlling humans or possessing the human soul.

They cannot possess or indwell a person who is indwelt by God the Holy Spirit. Evil spirits cannot coexist in the temple.  What, you know not that your body becomes the temple of God?  But even Christians can be demonically controlled from the exterior through temptation and our natural appetites our passions, our sin.  We are sinners saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that is where confession with a repentant heart clears the book, clears the book until we sin again.

Sin is out of control passions that separate us from the intimate love relationship we have with Jesus. Sin is out of control natural appetites, sin is out of control ambitions and no ambition at all, sloth.  Sin is anything that separates us from God, it quenches the spirit, and we are convicted of sin.

Socialism, liberalism, global socialism is sin.  It is proven to be destructive and contrary to God’s will for mankind.  It creates two classes of people the very elite and the common. The elite will rule governments with their pawns or as we say useful puppets with demons as the puppeteers, in a social society I would dare say the political leaders are either controlled or possessed by demons and the very elite most of them are possessed by or are manifested demons, and that is our problem; we have passively allowed demons to control and even possess over 60% of our millennial generation.

Well over 40 years liberalism and socialism have been decaying our nation’s moral values, ethics, integrity, and how do you suppose that has happened?  Good decent people and Christians have passively let it happen. Why? because we find ourselves bullied, persecuted, and ridiculed for what we believe, we have become frightened nearly to death by mobs of thugs who have made any cause their cause no matter how vile and evil.

Celebrities, movies, games, technology, liberal Christian theology, socialism’s delusion of utopia lie, and demon’s in the political realm of our nation who have made the rules and laws to fit their agenda, and putting themselves above the Constitution, and yes, even the Bible. Political liberalism really did the most damage to our nation, covertly changing our values, our integrity, and also started to change the Christian faith.

Our passions started to run wild and out of control, sin became a “non-relevant” or a non-word, preachers found themselves with the IRS threat of not for profit tax break, if they put a name on the sins like homosexuality, drunkenness, adulty, greed, lust, slothfulness, gluttony, pornography, cursing, bullying, whatever sin that was coming along, so the mobs started to target Christians and Christian business’ for ridicule, our public schools removed prayer and God from our schools, for the purpose of brainwashing our young people, and putting in the place of disciplined proper education with a “free-thinking” model of education that was manifest as Common Core during the Obama administration.

We have lost the war if we allow or present possessed politicians to push us into a socialist nation.  it is then that FDR’s United Nations (Global Socialist Union) destroys our freedoms our Constitution, and we become the commons of the world.  Wealth and political power will destroy us as a nation, and many have already died for our freedom, but as Paul the Apostle said, “to die is to gain, oh grave where is your sting?” (my paraphrase). these evil times may claim my life, but not my eternal soul, for I know that I will live on forever in the presence of my Lord Jesus.

The Bible speaks of the Tribulation and how awful it will be, and there is no getting around that day, but I believe God and what He said about no one knowing the time or the hour in which He lets all evil rule for seven years.  I don’t believe that time is anywhere close in our present state,  but God will not interfere with our choice to choose to allow evil to dominate our lives.  I do however believe that from time to time God will, allow His justice to roll down like rivers, And righteousness to flow like an everlasting stream, (Amos 5), I will fight to my last breath to protect my God-given rights and freedoms and if God is with us who can be against us?  God my use our Nation as His Nemesis of retribution.

Evil is being exposed more and more each day those who are controlled or possessed by evil spirits will be exposed to the light.  Like the politicians of the Swamp, and the Deep State hirelings doing the will of Satan.

I pray, remembering what Jesus told his disciples who couldn’t cast out the demon of the boy while Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, and Jesus cast out the demon when he came down from the mount, then when they asked why they couldn’t cast out the demon?  Jesus answered them and said some of these require fasting and prayer.  Some are tougher than others but I pray for those politicians, celebrities, news hosts, sports figures, CEOs and others who are possessed and controlled that they be brought into the light and their demons exposed and cast out to the bottom of the sea and the pits of darkness.

Then we can see the people involved are held accountable for what they have done and are doing to our nation. The United States is almost the last free nation under God left in the Western World, I truly believe God uses us to set things right and give opportunity to the heathens involved to come to Jesus.  Giving future generations an opportunity to experience His grace by and through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We may call some of these grandstanding politicians, TV personalities, and thugs roaming our streets simply idiots, useful idiots, clowns, and puppets, but I call them Demon possessed, meaning demon-possessed or demon controlled, regardless, they are just being useful evil puppets for Satan and his hordes of evil spirits.  No matter what we call them they are now using liberal theology, cults, and politicians as fool tools to win a battle for America’s soul.

While this issue of impeachment, (Pelosi-Schiff Kangaroo Court), where Schiff makes his own rules to justify a bogus outcome of impeachment. And the liberal’s ideology of whatever rules and constitutional laws they break don’t matter as long as the means justify the outcome, and their out of control passion (sin) shows in their words and bodily behavior like their eyes, and gestures, their lying words, their made-up rules for secret hearings, and rules of who can and cannot ask questions or present evidence or testimony, shows that Pelosi and Schiff could very well be demon-possessed along with other politicians like Romney, Ryan, Waters, and every Democrat on the roster of evil.

It is time to call it like it is … an evil conspiracy for a political coup d’état controlled by demons of the elite.

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R.S. Helms

Gone Squatch’n

Great post… I reblogged this from WoW magazine, (follow the link at bottom), where it was posted by Jeffery Frieberg, (View From the Street), original article by Jon Rappoport on 4-6-2020. I ran across this as I was in my Gone Squatch’n mode, while under house arrest by my loving wife. (ultimate social distancing)…
Gone Squatch’n, is a time that I shun the frenzy on Facebook & Tweeter, and only “like”  certain posts, and open only certain email newsletters.  digging into the articles to find more on the motivation of even some of my most respected writers, some of which are becoming caught up in in the frenzy and the left’s covert swing in attack points to keep the COVID-19 PANIC going strong.

I find myself in somewhat of a frustrating position concerning some of my friends, friends that I consider sane and very patriotic Bible-thumping Christian, and write from a conservative mindset.  So, to avoid losing a positive relationship I back off commenting on their articles, although some may seem to be drifting into the panic-driven ” the sky is falling” syndrome.

If some people can handle no more social distancing than what we have had to endure before they start feeling the effects of “cabin fever,” then they may need some help, but there is no help that can calm the spirit like getting alone with God, only He can comfort, and give hope and peace for the soul.


The link to a great story…


Thank You, Dr. Carson.

Ben Carson Rejects Political Correctness as Fatal to the Nation

Posted Tuesday, October 29,



“This whole concept of political correctness … it’s going to destroy our nation.” That was the no-nonsense response of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson last week to Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va.

Wexton was trying for a “gotcha” moment in a congressional hearing when she asked Carson if he would “apologize” for being quoted for expressing concern over “big, hairy men” trying to gain entry to an Alaska women’s homeless shelter.

I could not have said it better. On the most recent edition of “Washington Watch,” Carson—or Dr. Politically Incorrect, as I’ve called him—joined me to make it clear he will not kowtow to political correctness.

“It’s foolishness because, you know, the First Amendment guarantees people freedom of speech,” he said. “What political correctness does is it makes people afraid to express themselves. So coming in the back door, it actually suppresses the First Amendment. And we need to be very, very wary of anything that takes away our constitutional rights.”

Carson went on to nail the consequences of caving into the left’s tantrums:

“Anything that doesn’t agree with them is a hateful word, and that’s what I mean when I said we need to be more mature than that. That’s what I might expect from a third-grade playground. If we make everything such a sensitive subject and everybody has to sit down and filter everything that they say, and we’re listening carefully to their words instead of what their meaning is, what do we become as a society and as a people?”

We’ve got to nip it in the bud before it gets to the place where everybody just is silent. And they can’t say anything because it’s going to offend somebody.

Carson is speaking up for what is a commonsense policy: Sexually assaulted and abused women seeking shelter should not be forced to sleep next to men who think or act like they are women when they are biological men.

But he is also speaking up for free speech and freedom of religion. The left portrays the Trump administration as lacking compassion for people who need housing, but the opposite is true.

It is the Department of House and Urban Development under Carson’s leadership that has expanded access to people who need housing because the agency is once again allowing faith-based organizations to partner with the government after they were excluded during the Obama years. This inclusion of faith-based organization helps meet the needs in local communities all across America.

The Obama administration required faith-based groups to leave their faith at the door and pushed bizarre policies that put men in women’s homeless shelters. Thankfully, we have a HUD secretary who understands the principle that has guided America for centuries—equal rights for all, special rights for none.

That’s what makes America work, not political correctness.

Reprinted with permission from – The Daily Signal – by Tony Perkins

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R.S. Helms