Or who is the Mainstream Media; Nancy Pelosi, Chucky-boy Schumer & their Democrat Puppets


Over the past three years the American people, especially the Conservative Patriots, have undergone the evilest, vilest, demonic attack that has been perpetrated by socialism against people.

Evil is truly fueled by hatred and fear.  Hate and fear, unfortunately, the Democrat Party has become totally consumed by hatred and fear-mongering to the point that the demons and demon-possessed amongst the cabal of socialist delusional followers have almost destroyed the Democrat Party.  It is not only the party that they have destroyed they have nearly destroyed our way of life, of our liberty and our sovereignty.

They have become pure evil, fed by the cabal, politicians and the infamous twice rotten Mainstream Media.  Without such a valueless press trying to hide behind the “Free Press” clause.  What the new liberalism (socialism) does not understand, is, with the rights and liberties guaranteed in our great and wonderful Constitution, comes personal responsibility… Yes, individual personal responsibility.

The liberal politician from the top down to the dogcatcher, have always used fear-mongering during campaigns, where they also showed more than their normal hatred for their conservative opponents.  But over the past several decades that changed especially with the first run of Obama.

Now speaking of Obama and his hand-picked liberal-socialist-Islamic bureaucracy or rather a deep state, from circuit court justices, and the management of all the agencies and departments.  In the last two years of his last term, his administration was far more successful than the average citizen thought.  He was far more successful in building his own personal Deep State (Shadow Government), and by the time President Trump entered the race, Obama and Hillary were ready to react.  The problem being they reacted (jerk-knee) without employing much wisdom.

Spying on the Trump campaign, hastily creating a conspiracy between Trump, his campaign and Russia.  So, even with their strategy of voter fraud (their standby and well-used tactic), the slimy politics by the RINOs and on the other side was the DemonRat usual manipulation, Donald made short work of the field of contenders, except for Cruz, a very formable Republican candidate, and one I would have voted for if Trump would have been eliminated by all the full-blown Party frenzy.  Nonetheless, Trump won, and immediately the Coup d’état/ cabal went into force; we have witnessed its failure bit by bit.

Now the Democrats think they found the crisis that could do two things, flip the government and bring down Trump.  As Nancy Pelosi and Chucky-boy Schumer are the leaders in Congress, and Pelosi with the majority House has certainly over-shot her delusion of grandeur and power and tried to get away with it, with the impeachment fiasco.

Now something comes along like the Chinese COVID-19 Coronavirus and once again she rallies the Democrats in the House, and Schumer Starts working on the Senate, all Schumer has to do is convince Romey, and other anti-Trump Senators to go with them and the DemonRat Governors and of course, the obvious Mayors who are in a frightful state all the time.

Meanwhile, The Mainstream Media and half of the Social Network sources began with their fear-mongering fake news and, sensationalism created fear and panic in the people, which spread more rapidly and potentially more deadly than the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the panic and the cabal’s insane hatred for Trump, the Constitution, and America, it set off a sell-off on Wall Street, to the point that they were forced to close in order to handle the volume of the sell-off, with ups and downs (mostly downs) is due to the investor’s accelerating panic.  Of course, the constant fearmongering sensationalism from the Mainstream Media has not only put panic on the people but also panic in investors.  In the frenzy of the populace, we have an extreme blow to the economy, and the frenzy to shut down schools, “nonessential” businesses’, restaurants, manufacturing, and travel.

So, you can see why it may take months or more to get our robust economy back, but it will be back, rest assured that it will.  Yes, now that the emergency stimulus bill has been signed by Trump, however, I would like to regress into the past month.

While the DemonRats were doing all, they could do to stop Trump’s plan to get aid to the people who were on the frontline of the advancing pandemic, they fed the press with Trump-bashing BS  just keeping fuel to the fire.  I absolutely believe that anger and hate fuel evil.  As a people, the united states show a long history of people coming together in the time of emergency and disaster; people that didn’t really know each other, but, when people’s backs are up against the wall, people once gave and joined together to meet the needs of their fellow Americans no matter what race, religion or what part of the country they are in.

Since the Obama campaign against Americans, the Constitution, the sovereign Republic, Christian Conservatives, moral values, and the flagship of his vile and evil reign was race division, division of any and all races and people groups creating a huge vile cabal following.

The Shame for which this article is titled is the Democrat Party & RINOs who will do and say anything for power and money, they really don’t care about the people, just themselves and would throw any of their closest to a hungry pack of wolves in a heartbeat if they disagreed with their agenda, but, that’s vile and evil politics.

The shame is we don’t know how many Americans have become seriously ill and even died because of the vile and evil politics in conspiracy with the Mainstream Media taking full political advantage of a grave health emergency to further their coup d’état/cabal to overthrow our President, our government and our way of life.  All this with complete disregard for the health and welfare of our people.

Nancy Pelosi, Chucky-boy Schumer and their puppets along with the Mainstream Media are cumulatively the SHAME of our great nation. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM, if they are not demons from the pits of hell, they are possessed by some of the vilest.


Pray for our fellow Americans our neighbors, and the people around the world that this Chinese Coronavirus plague tsunami will return to the pits of hell, from whence it came. Pray for the peace that only Jesus can provide.  FEAR NOT … Jesus is greater than the Coronavirus.