Trump Supporters Put GOP on Notice

It is my studied opinion, that the GOP/Fox News are the instigators in the latest frenzy about the sex scandal and the photos, bringing the wives into the fray .. to keep either of the candidates for getting a “clear” majority, therefore the rules committee, can declare a “Contested Convention” or move it to what the establishment leadership wants, is a “Brokered Convention” and the Republican primary voter is disenfranchised. and my bet would be that they run Mormon Romney… But with the high possibility of killing the RNC… and a new Tea Party type Party will be formed for the Conservatives.

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Donald Trump supporters are putting the Republican Party on notice, “steal the nomination from Trump and we’re out of here.”

Of course, to keep the voters in check, their pundits pull out their box of excuses as to why going third party is not a good idea but then they play that card every four years.

Sons of Liberty Media by Tim Brown

courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr (cc) courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr (cc)

There is no doubt that the Republican establishment are hell bent on stopping Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee. We have seen then gather to talk about how they can stop Trump and what’s most interesting is how many of the establishment boys are now backing Senator Ted Cruz, which isn’t that surprising. Now, Republicans who are supporting Trump are putting the party on notice that they will walk from the party if the establishment power brokers attempt to steal…

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Boorish Adults Bloody a 4-Year Old, Trample Kids and Filch Their Baskets during Easter Egg Hunt

Could we be seeing the “New Norm?” If so these people will rule.

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Free Stuff! Free Stuff! Screw the Kids!

Free Stuff – Gonna Get Mine!”

Pez easter candy

Just when you think that some folks can sink no lower, they deprive children of the joy of an Easter egg hunt.

When: Saturday.

Where: Pez Easter Egg Hunt in Orange, Connecticut where young children were set upon by locustsrabid dogs adults who should have known better as they attempted to find 9,000 hidden Easter eggs.

Morphing into thug mode, the adults stole the Easter baskets from children. One child, a 4-year-old boy ended up with a bloody nose and a two-year-old little girl was shoved into the mud.

One parent described what unfolded “as an angry mob of chaos.”

Daily Mail

‘It was worse than being at Wal-Mart on Black Friday,’ parent Val McCormick wrote on the PEZ Facebook page on Saturday.

She added: ‘My toddler that was standing with her brothers were shoved into…

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GOPe Responsible for Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Smear Job

Just commented a similar op-ed comment… Cruz and Trump are being suckered and used as a scapegoat by the establishment leaders of the GOP nothing better than the Romney suggested/promised Brokered Convention.

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GOP moving pieces on a chessboard

Stop and turn your attention to the Republican Party establishment who

  • Pushed a Ted Cruz sex scandal (who cares if its’ true or false, just push it)
  • Blame Donald Trump for the sex scandal; and
  • Created a wives’ war between the candidates.

Endgame:  To ensure that neither Ted Cruz or Donald Trump reaches 1237 delegates by the 2016 RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

Unleash the smears on social media, then let social media do the rest.

Gawker by Gabrielle Bluestone

This week, the National Enquirer published a story claiming Ted Cruz may have been involved in as many as five extramarital affairs. But the general allegations are nothing new. People have been talking publicly about, well, something involving Cruz for weeks….

On Twitter, conservatives have been discussing the scandal, in vague (and sometimes less-vague) terms since March, using the hashtag #thething, which seems to have originated, or at…

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Glenn Beck to NPR: Donald Trump is not a Conservative

Beck is absolutely delusional to think that we need to have him qualify anyone or anything … the man is a disappointment to what he started at Fox News…

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BE FUNKY GLENN BECKThis past Saturday, the narcissist Glenn Beck did a radio interview with NPR’s Scott Simon during which Beck stated that Donald Trump is not a Conservative.

Beck who feels that he has the right to speak for all Conservatives has been on a roll of late.


Beck acknowledged that he has a lot of listeners who believe he is wrong about Trump, but Beck insisted, ‘it’s hard to say you espouse conservative principals and small-government principals when you are saying that you think [the] Canadian health care system works and is wonderful.’

When asked if Trump, who is leading in every state and national poll, is ‘right or wrong on immigration,’ Beck, who used the border crisis as an opportunity to bash conservatives, simply replied that he did not believe that Trump was ‘anti-immigrant or anti-Mexican or [anti] Hispanic in any way….’

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Simon also asked

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Brooklyn Slasher Attacked Woman Because She Was White, Police Say

…. Could it be, a separation of the chaff and the grain? … It is the fault of the wrong interpretation of Social Justice …

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Black on White crime near Prospect Park South

Two weeks ago wearing a bandana of the US flag across his face to seal his identity, Gregory Alfred (photo above), ran up behind 53-year-old Janina Popko who was walking down the street talking on her cellphone and slashed her on her neck.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan came to the woman’s aid by removing her own shirt, placing it on Popko’s neck to stem the bleeding.

Unfortunately, there have been numerous slashings in that area and so it must be a relief to people living in the area around Prospect Park South that Gregory Alfred who committed this act because his victim is white is now in police custody.

Alfred who has a record of violence, i.e.,”20 priors,” of which includes “assaults for punching people.”

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