Trump Supporters Put GOP on Notice

It is my studied opinion, that the GOP/Fox News are the instigators in the latest frenzy about the sex scandal and the photos, bringing the wives into the fray .. to keep either of the candidates for getting a “clear” majority, therefore the rules committee, can declare a “Contested Convention” or move it to what the establishment leadership wants, is a “Brokered Convention” and the Republican primary voter is disenfranchised. and my bet would be that they run Mormon Romney… But with the high possibility of killing the RNC… and a new Tea Party type Party will be formed for the Conservatives.

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Donald Trump supporters are putting the Republican Party on notice, “steal the nomination from Trump and we’re out of here.”

Of course, to keep the voters in check, their pundits pull out their box of excuses as to why going third party is not a good idea but then they play that card every four years.

Sons of Liberty Media by Tim Brown

courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr (cc) courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr (cc)

There is no doubt that the Republican establishment are hell bent on stopping Donald Trump from becoming the GOP nominee. We have seen then gather to talk about how they can stop Trump and what’s most interesting is how many of the establishment boys are now backing Senator Ted Cruz, which isn’t that surprising. Now, Republicans who are supporting Trump are putting the party on notice that they will walk from the party if the establishment power brokers attempt to steal…

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