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I Bleed Myself to Be Your Drink, Is Not the Blood of Poets Ink?

I ask thee, Your Majesty. How can I bear that cross yet again?

How can I let anymore of my blood drip from his pen?

My wounds have since dried up but the pain is still there.

It hides itself away but some nights, it is more than I can bare.


I don’t know how to hope for anything anymore.

I don’t know what it is in this life that my heart should beat for.

A thousand times I thought that I knew,

I leapt off the cliff only to learn that I had two wings too few.

And now he comes back, baring his soul, ripping his heart out before my very eyes.

I cannot deny that I still love him but I cannot pretend that I do not fear his familiar lies.

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Fiscal Fights with Friends, Part III: Why a Carbon Tax Will Enable Bigger Government rather than Better Policy

After all it is all about money and the Beltway, Boyz Club….

International Liberty

Explaining why statists are wrong about policy is a necessary part of what I do, but it sometimes can get a bit predictable. So I’ve decided to periodically pick fights with people who generally are on the right side.

By the way, I’m definitely not talking about Republicans, who oftentimes are among the most worst people in Washington.

I’m talking about friendly fights with other policy wonks.

My first friendly fight featured my complaints about an anti-flat tax column by Reihan Salam of National Review, mostly because I think he got some economic analysis wrong even though I largely agreed with his political analysis.

My second friendly fight featured my grousing about the fiscal plan put forth by the American Enterprise Institute, which openly proposed that the tax burden should increase to enable a larger burden of government spending.

Time for a third fight. My former Cato colleague Jerry Taylor…

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Corporations Promoting Groupthink? That’s Crazy Talk!

This decision is worse than Roe. v. Wade. as far as Christian values, it attacks the First Amendment but what do they care…. The Gay activists are haters, and have said they will own our children. Thanks to the want-a-be Constitutional Justices Who voted in favor of Sick sex marriage…

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Ride for missing people, crime victims benefits Justice Coalition | News – Home

This world is truly UP-SIDE-DOWN…. Good for the riders, someone needs to bring attention to the evil that rules us… but I don’t know if there is enough people who really love this nation, and our neighbors, to cover all the wrong things ???

I Have Vanished

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friends, family and supporters of people who are missing or were victims of crime gathered Saturday for the 50-mile Celebrate America Ride for Justice.

Many of the people who gathered were looking for comfort, while others were looking for answers since their loved one’s killer is still at large. More were there to support the Justice Coalition, a grass-roots organization seeking rights for victims in the criminal justice system.

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Headaches In The News

It’s a crazy–crazy world…


Another “fruity” week in the news. From, Camel Jockeys Gone Wild, to the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage. Frankly, I don’t give a damn.., no, that’s Gone With the Wind, and Confederate.., I really don’t care, who is sticking what, where, as long as they keep it to themselves, and the only pink martini I like is:

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