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Welcome To The Twilight Zone
Welcome To The Twilight Zone
One of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone is Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. On a peaceful suburban street, strange occurrences, purposely caused by hidden aliens, stoke the residents’ paranoia to a disastrous intensity. Once friendly neighbors start accusing one another and then, inevitably, begin killing each other.We are now living in a sort of twilight zone, a science fiction horror movie. Many of us are being told to spy on each other, monitor one another, report any deviancy, take pictures. We have been ordered to close our churches, our schools, our restaurants, our businesses, no family dinners or get-togethers, use social distancing, practically everyone needs a haircut. Our president, who is not totally immune to misinformation, is actually being advised that the economic lockdown and the social distancing should continue until 2022. My God, is everyone nuts?
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V Ramasamy

When the news started coming from Whuan during Dec 2019 regarding a new virus, it was a third page news item for us. At the time nobody would have imagined that the new virus, it was named as COVID 19, would shatter the entire world. In fact, there were lot of memes and funny jokes in the social media spread faster than the virus itself.

When the virus started spreading its wings to Europe the whole world turned their focus on this. Every country realized that the virus endanger the very existence of the human beings. The way it devastated few European countries and later the USA, the experts feared that if it spread to developing countries, it would be a worst nightmare for them.

India became alert and started screening international passengers when the virus spread was not even happened. When India decided to go for the full lock-down…

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Fortified by Fire: How Suffering Makes Us Strong

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Scott Hubbard with a well written article for all of us during this difficult time

God means for the strength you build through suffering today to carry you to the day when you will never suffer again.
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CDC’s Reckless Lane Change: Fudging The COVID-19 Death Count

By: Richard J. Wright | Gulag Bound ___VirtualWright COVID-19

On April 14, New York announced that they would be adding more than 3,700 to the death total from the virus who were never actually tested. That’s a 50% increase. As of today, New York is reporting 8,811 confirmed deaths and 4,429 probable deaths, i.e. not tested.

This is being done because that what the CDC has requested.

So, right at the peak of deaths in this country, the CDC is asking everyone to inflate the numbers by including people who weren’t actually tested.Never mind that people who die from COVID-19 generally die of pneumonia and something like 3,600 people die every week from pneumonia in this country all throughout the year.

Here’s what it looks like on the plots of cumulative deaths. I’ve color-coded in red starting on April 14 to clearly show the impact of what I call the inflated data. My source is and the big jump was added there as of April 16 although some increase was already being reported before the 3,700 were added. Suddenly we’ve moved into the fast lane:

And here’s the plot of death rate where I collect 3 samples per day (with a few exceptions):

Right after what appeared to be the peak it jumps up. Nothing like changing the rules in the middle of the game. In any case, while it clearly is going to change the total numbers I don’t expect it will change the timing. Every indication is that it will essentially be over at the end of this month. And, don’t forget, deaths follow infections by about three weeks. This means the peak of the infections was as much as three weeks ago and have been declining ever since. New York, as seems to be the case with most other places, doesn’t show the true epi curve (onset of symptoms) but look at the hospitalization graph as of today:

Richard J. Wright, a chemist and information technology specialist, has been tracking the official COVID-19 disease (SARS-CoV-2 virus) data and assessing our government’s disease progression modeling, plus responses, at

Lets Be Understandable

Understanding God…

I seldom use a blog post to clarify or justify my theological standing which guides my research and studies.  So, we will cut the chase and simply say this my stand is on Systematic Theology, and the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility and authority of Scripture, (The Word of God – The Bible). The corner stone of Systematic Theology is the Word of God the building stones are writings, sermons, and other sources of credited information concerning the systematic doctrines of the Bible.  I am also a pretribulation and believe that the Rapture will take place at the end of the church age and prior to the Tribulation – a point of disagreement between various individual theologies.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with my theology and simply agree to disagree with their views or their theologies as long as their theologies include the biblical means of Salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus.  Grace alone not of works lest any should boast.  The Bible being the Word of God, without error or fallibility.  In other words, free grace in the redemption of mankind through that small measure of faith that all mankind has to first believe in our Lord and Savior, His teachings, commands, and sayings.  Then I believe they are born again believers or rather Christian part of the body of Christ or the church universal.  We are truly redeemed, justified by the blood of the lamb.

Our differences in theology and personal theologies that are not critical to our salvation and true Christianity.  Our differences have led to deeper studies and understanding of the end product of our so great a faith.  I am, what has been the focus of political and liberal church persecution and separation, Evangelical, conservative Southern Baptist Convention and the latter because of their mission statement (Baptist Faith and Message), their stand on the Bible, and autonomy of the local church and their mission’s involvement worldwide and nationally, (commitment to the Great Commission).  Granted, there is concerns which I have over some of the ideologies and politics of some of the Convention Leadership.  But as Southern Baptist we enjoy a disagreement or, so it may seem.  Maybe that is where I learned to agree to disagree, while disagreeing vehemently about the things that matter to the reconciliation souls to God through Jesus.

Liberalism in Christianity and our politics is, in my studied opinion, evil and is the primary tool which is used by Satan against the true Christian Church, it replaced Atheism, and progressivism, (modernity), I cannot agree what so ever with their politics or theologies.  It takes a marriage of Christianity and politics to renew our values and the integrity of our nation which have been given to the global socialist ideologies of the United Nations, global aspirations that cannot come about as long as there is free independent, sovereign nations and NT Christianity. 

At this point in time only God can do anything about what unity of the Christian church can be brought on by believers, however I do believe it is the responsibility of ever minister who has been called to the ministery to do what they promised God when they accepted their call.  In part, to be a faithful steward of His word, and to fight evil in all of its forms. 

It is not by accident that I write about the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, as I have in the past.  With each series I pray that the series will become more refined and more understood by the Christian reader.  I do realize that those whose ideologies have mingled with their theology and will offer their rejections mostly the Futurist have their view of the Book of Revelation not mentioning the Christian church being in the entire message.  The Seven Churches of Revelation are Jewish communities, which is not supported in scripture.  What can be supported is that there are three divisions and several subdivisions in the Book of Revelation.  The Church is Christian and represents the church universal and its condition at any given time during the church age.  Where most pretribulation theologians agree that the Rapture will take place between the last verse of chapters one, and chapter four thereby creating the first division and the seven years of tribulation.  John was not the one giving the Revelation, it was Jesus and Jesus chose John to be the scribe to rite it down what was, is and is going to be.  Revelation is to reveal or to unveil what was – things that are – and what things are to come unveiling Jesus’ second coming and the establishment of His government for a thousand years.  From verse four, through 22:7 is the revelation proper.  Seven years of God’s final dealing with Israel.  

Nonetheless, it is as I always say – “Do your own research”. The thing that people don’t understand is that the Christian must “Study to show thyself approved” … Not everyone will believe exactly like I believe, and it is not my calling to make everyone accept everything I believe.  I used to tell my congregation “just don’t accept everything I say simply because I said it, but test what I say by scripture.

If your preacher is not preaching Scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, then he/she is preaching self and self alone without the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  and during sermons I would find myself “chasing rabbits.”  Chasing rabbits generally are attempts to better apply the message when little funny illustrations fail to work.  When the truth presented seriously needs to be applied to the hearts of those who hear, it is the Holy Spirit who will give them an understanding not the preacher.  The Holy Spirit will apply the Word to your heart, but the word preached must be the truth of Scripture. 

That is why, I can tolerate the various theologies that lead to Biblical salvation for those who sincerely seek the salvation wrought by Jesus.  Jesus who unveiled the end and start.  Of course, only God is privy to the time, but we will know when it happens.  But, believe me, it will happen.  Meanwhile, this old preacher will continue to do what God wants me to do, continue to preach, (mostly writing now).

Now that is said and done, and I will now proceed with this series of the seven churches and my fight against liberalism/Socialism in the church and in politics.

Thanks for reading … and celebrate Christmas (everyday), first by not getting too involved with the petty bickering and political correctness that generally takes the joy out of any Christian celebration, It really don’t make a difference that Jesus was not born on December 25th, and why the early church at Rome chose to celebrate

Thanks for reading.

R.S. Helms — Bob’s Opinion


demonic 000

Demon Possession

If you believe in the Bible, then you believe in Demon Possession.  A Demon is an ‘unclean spirit, an evil spirit’  and even the possibility of a fallen angel, all is evil and spirit in form; at any rate, they are part of the vast echelons of Satan’s army.  Supernatural? Yes indeed. It is the unseen realm of existence in the universe.  Just as the Bible teaches, there is a place of Sheol or Hell, more about heaven and hell in future posts, but all are unseen and are supernatural, or superior to natural law or the physical laws of creation.

Demons (unclean spirits), possess great power and can be manifested physically or unseen, they have the power to possess physical objects and living creatures, yes, even humans.  However, they cannot possess humans that are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, or possessed by God the Holy Spirit, and an evil spirit cannot coexist within the same temple.

The whole of the teaching of the Armor of God is to come against and protect us from the fiery darts of the Devil, or to protect us from the control of evil spirits.  Do you put on the armor of God? How often? For me it is while my body is waking in the morning before my feet hit the floor, otherwise, I may be sidetracked from my quiet time of study and prayer.

Let’s look first at where demons come from.  Well, the Bible teaches that they’re the spawn of their father Satan.  Satan was once Lucifer the highest of the seraphim as God created him, but he rebelled against God and took a third of the hosts of heaven with him when he and his brood were expelled from heaven.  This third followed the rebellion of Satan and he and his evil brood became the ruler of the air and of principalities.  Satan rules the world (or attempts to)with his vast army of fallen angels.  They are of their father the devil, the evil one and his mission is to thwart the purpose of God and His will for mankind.

Some have asked, okay preacher, who made the devil?  The correct answer is Lucifer, Satan, the devil made the devil himself.  Lucifer in his ambitious rebellion against God created himself as the devil, his vast army of fallen angels are the demons of hell.  Not to be redundant, but they have great power.  Again, in redundancy, they rule the world either by controlling humans or possessing the human soul.

They cannot possess or indwell a person who is indwelt by God the Holy Spirit. Evil spirits cannot coexist in the temple.  What, you know not that your body becomes the temple of God?  But even Christians can be demonically controlled from the exterior through temptation and our natural appetites our passions, our sin.  We are sinners saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that is where confession with a repentant heart clears the book, clears the book until we sin again.

Sin is out of control passions that separate us from the intimate love relationship we have with Jesus. Sin is out of control natural appetites, sin is out of control ambitions and no ambition at all, sloth.  Sin is anything that separates us from God, it quenches the spirit, and we are convicted of sin.

Socialism, liberalism, global socialism is sin.  It is proven to be destructive and contrary to God’s will for mankind.  It creates two classes of people the very elite and the common. The elite will rule governments with their pawns or as we say useful puppets with demons as the puppeteers, in a social society I would dare say the political leaders are either controlled or possessed by demons and the very elite most of them are possessed by or are manifested demons, and that is our problem; we have passively allowed demons to control and even possess over 60% of our millennial generation.

Well over 40 years liberalism and socialism have been decaying our nation’s moral values, ethics, integrity, and how do you suppose that has happened?  Good decent people and Christians have passively let it happen. Why? because we find ourselves bullied, persecuted, and ridiculed for what we believe, we have become frightened nearly to death by mobs of thugs who have made any cause their cause no matter how vile and evil.

Celebrities, movies, games, technology, liberal Christian theology, socialism’s delusion of utopia lie, and demon’s in the political realm of our nation who have made the rules and laws to fit their agenda, and putting themselves above the Constitution, and yes, even the Bible. Political liberalism really did the most damage to our nation, covertly changing our values, our integrity, and also started to change the Christian faith.

Our passions started to run wild and out of control, sin became a “non-relevant” or a non-word, preachers found themselves with the IRS threat of not for profit tax break, if they put a name on the sins like homosexuality, drunkenness, adulty, greed, lust, slothfulness, gluttony, pornography, cursing, bullying, whatever sin that was coming along, so the mobs started to target Christians and Christian business’ for ridicule, our public schools removed prayer and God from our schools, for the purpose of brainwashing our young people, and putting in the place of disciplined proper education with a “free-thinking” model of education that was manifest as Common Core during the Obama administration.

We have lost the war if we allow or present possessed politicians to push us into a socialist nation.  it is then that FDR’s United Nations (Global Socialist Union) destroys our freedoms our Constitution, and we become the commons of the world.  Wealth and political power will destroy us as a nation, and many have already died for our freedom, but as Paul the Apostle said, “to die is to gain, oh grave where is your sting?” (my paraphrase). these evil times may claim my life, but not my eternal soul, for I know that I will live on forever in the presence of my Lord Jesus.

The Bible speaks of the Tribulation and how awful it will be, and there is no getting around that day, but I believe God and what He said about no one knowing the time or the hour in which He lets all evil rule for seven years.  I don’t believe that time is anywhere close in our present state,  but God will not interfere with our choice to choose to allow evil to dominate our lives.  I do however believe that from time to time God will, allow His justice to roll down like rivers, And righteousness to flow like an everlasting stream, (Amos 5), I will fight to my last breath to protect my God-given rights and freedoms and if God is with us who can be against us?  God my use our Nation as His Nemesis of retribution.

Evil is being exposed more and more each day those who are controlled or possessed by evil spirits will be exposed to the light.  Like the politicians of the Swamp, and the Deep State hirelings doing the will of Satan.

I pray, remembering what Jesus told his disciples who couldn’t cast out the demon of the boy while Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, and Jesus cast out the demon when he came down from the mount, then when they asked why they couldn’t cast out the demon?  Jesus answered them and said some of these require fasting and prayer.  Some are tougher than others but I pray for those politicians, celebrities, news hosts, sports figures, CEOs and others who are possessed and controlled that they be brought into the light and their demons exposed and cast out to the bottom of the sea and the pits of darkness.

Then we can see the people involved are held accountable for what they have done and are doing to our nation. The United States is almost the last free nation under God left in the Western World, I truly believe God uses us to set things right and give opportunity to the heathens involved to come to Jesus.  Giving future generations an opportunity to experience His grace by and through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We may call some of these grandstanding politicians, TV personalities, and thugs roaming our streets simply idiots, useful idiots, clowns, and puppets, but I call them Demon possessed, meaning demon-possessed or demon controlled, regardless, they are just being useful evil puppets for Satan and his hordes of evil spirits.  No matter what we call them they are now using liberal theology, cults, and politicians as fool tools to win a battle for America’s soul.

While this issue of impeachment, (Pelosi-Schiff Kangaroo Court), where Schiff makes his own rules to justify a bogus outcome of impeachment. And the liberal’s ideology of whatever rules and constitutional laws they break don’t matter as long as the means justify the outcome, and their out of control passion (sin) shows in their words and bodily behavior like their eyes, and gestures, their lying words, their made-up rules for secret hearings, and rules of who can and cannot ask questions or present evidence or testimony, shows that Pelosi and Schiff could very well be demon-possessed along with other politicians like Romney, Ryan, Waters, and every Democrat on the roster of evil.

It is time to call it like it is … an evil conspiracy for a political coup d’état controlled by demons of the elite.

Again, thanks for reading … leave a comment

R.S. Helms

How About Those Politicians?




How About Those Politicians?


Before I go further with my blog posts on the divisive, vile and evil behavior of the Socialists in Washington DC and why it exists.  I must go back to the basic cause and effect of all wars.  What was once the serious topic of sermons and important teaching of Christianity, and that is Spiritual Warfare.  Liberalism has slowly made that war irrelevant in the Christian walk and mocks it in our witness.  Perhaps irrelevant may be a little harsh, however, even a tad overstated it is part of the problem we have with liberal theology or liberalism.

Liberalism or Liberal theology is cancer that has been growing in Christianity for the last 150 – 200 years, perhaps longer if we are to take into account other sects that have popped up for centuries.  And continue to this day, Modernism, New Age, liberal theology and liberation theology.  Sound Systematic Theology reveals the Authority of God and the Authority of His Word.  The imitation Christianity by liberal theology just offers an escape for the false professors of Christ as Savior.

For 4 or 5 decades, few preachers expounded on the supernatural, world of spirits, God, Angels, and it is the home of Heaven and Hell.  Satan and his fallen Angels are there but separated from God.  It is the place where the spiritual war began, the place of origin for our spiritual warfare.  I know that some Christian don’t believe in Satan, nor his fallen angles, but of course they don’t hold to the authority of the Bible, it’s inerrancy it’s infallibility it’s God-breathed or divine inspiration, it is now soul freedom to interpret its meaning for yourself, your situation. That the Bible is outdated, and so is the doctrines and values.

Spiritual Warfare against the saints is real and it is 24-7 if you are a born-again-Bible-thumping Christian, you are the center of the never-ending war against God’s creation.  Satan knows he will never own our soul but our witness and relationship he can interfere with, put a speedbump in our faith in Christ and our first love can be stolen.  And for the unbeliever, through false Christian sects, modernism and liberal-liberation theologies will rob eternal life with God through false salvation, with a false Savior.

Liberalism teaches there are no absolutes but only what you feel, there is no sin, only what you feel, if you are a good person there is no evil, man’s nature is actually good and not sinful or depraved.  You are your own righteousness; evil is a figment of the Christian imagination from the indoctrination of the Bible which is only relevant as the freedom of the soul uses it to our individual need or crisis.

Personally, and if I was a slacker Christian the liberal, liberation, fake Christianity would rather appeal to me, show up for church, say a few amen’s give a tithe to the speaker, for reading a sermon, which in many cases was written by some other liberal with just enough Bible in it to twist into a preaching point.  Careful not to get heavy on the supreme authority of God, and His wrath as a holy and just God.  God, being all love only is not what the Bible teaches, but the Bible also reveals to us the whole truth of God, who is the supreme authority and in Him, there is no change He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.  God is Holy and therefore is obligated to punish as well as, love.

Since Satan first devised in his heart to rebel against God and be greater than God almighty, he has been at war, more than a war of rebellion against God, but a spiritual war against God’s creation, mankind, and using every evil tool at his disposal he deceives, lies, and even possesses mankind with his demons and imps to destroy and possess the heathen, and to weaken the faith and commitment of the born-again believers.  With the Christian, i.e., actual born-again Christians, the war is against our testimony, our commitment to be a witness for Jesus, if Satan can deceive us to sin, to fall short in thought and actions, then convict of our guilt, then deceive our minds into following after false teachers, false doctrines, and false religions.

Soon, weak in faith people begin to follow after false prophets – charlatans who use and misuse, who seek out the weakly committed, and weak troubled seeker who is most vulnerable and steal their hope, their vision, their lives and in many instances their salvation, and the Christian, their intimate love relationship with Jesus, and provide them with an ‘easy Christianity.’



The Politicians



Politicians have a long history of corruptness, it is perhaps the epicenter of people falling away from integrity, moral values and ethical service.  Actually, it is around 1790 that differences in opinion within Washington’s cabinet started to differ, Hamilton supporters and Jefferson supporters, (Hamilton … Secretary of Treasury and Jefferson … Secretary of State.  But by less than a year into Washington’s second Term we had the beginnings of the poisoning of the mind, a horrific transition, like a locomotive pulling a long train, slowly with a few jerks rumbling down the length of the monster.  By the time Andrew Jackson was in position, he divided the Democrat-Republican Party and formed the Democrat Party, the Republicans became the Federalist Party.

Personal corruption tactics are operational evil game-plans devised at the foundation of time by Satan, and is played out in the natural, (physical) and supernatural, so as recorded in the book of Genesis … Genesis 2-3 the war for Adams mind went through Eve. … The players were the Serpent (Satan), Eve, Adam and God the supreme authority and holy.  God created them in His own image, in His image created he them.  That was in the image of holiness, they were created holy and with only one commandment or law to keep.  The vulnerability of man’s mind and free will or free choice along with being the crowning mark of God’s creative work, made this couple whom God had put in a holy and most beautiful garden, made man the number one target of Satan in his unwinnable war with God both spiritually and physical.

There is no difference in the basic rule of engagement with Satan.  Over the eons of time since  mankind felt the swift hand of God’s judgement and death entered on the scene, both the death of the human spirit, holy nature, and yes, physical death.  A wonderful way for Satan to be victorious in the battle, but not the war.  Man’s human nature is totally depraved, and the Bible teaches about the depths of which that depravity has saturated our souls.

The corruption runs deep in politics.  Political corruption began accelerating under the socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd President and his “New Deal” which grossly expanded government and put millions of men to work, to work for the government. Some of the programs were good and some were simply socialist.  Court packing, to get his various ‘new deals’ and other political munitions installed in the government and a show for employing women and blacks but allowing the Jim Crow laws to continue in the Democratic South.

After the Second World War, he drafted and built the framework for the United Nations, which we find is nothing more than a socialist organization which took the place of the worthless League of Nations.

Fast forward to George HW Bush who said, while addressing the General Assembly of the UN, “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.”  And since that time the corruption in politics accelerated, however, with the Democrats and RINOs, the “peddle to the metal” acceleration in their quest for money and power hit a new meaning to warp speed.

Clinton brought a new meaning to lawlessness.  Slick Willy was and is a sexual pervert and opened up his madness to the world.  Of course, he was impeached for lying to congress, however, was not removed from office.  Meanwhile Hillary made a mad dash for money and when leaving the Whitehouse, she took the silver.

The George W. years were not much better than his socialist father’s.  The boldness of the Muslim Jihadists in the Middle East, and the Twin Towers attack put George W. right where he wanted to be, to declare war on terrorism.  He had a choice, to actually go after the head of the snake or take out Saddam Hussein, of course he had and manufactured WMDs and the UN gave him enough time to ship it all to Syria, (areal video’s showed caravans moving the stuff).  But George W. was after Hussein’s blood for attempting to assassinate dear old daddy for the Gulf War.

He won and took Iraq, however, it put us behind the curve with the aggression in Afghanistan, The Democrats went to war with George W.  and the treatment of prisoners of war, … George W. was smart, he was a socialist like his father, but was bridled to a slow pace because of the war.  Enhanced interrogation opened the door to redo the intelligence community, especially the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security.  Political corruption started to go deep, and some politicians made hundreds of millions in dirty or shadow money.

Obama beat the sox off of McCain, however, it is my opinion and the opinion many Republican Conservatives that McCain ran to lose. McCain was a traitor during the Viet Nam War, and became a traitor to the Republican Party.  One of several progressive globalists who have been uncovered over the past decade.

From day one, Obama had a socialist agenda to flip the nation into the North American Socialist Union, and signing onto the UNs Global Socialist Union, which would allow the vision of George HW Bush, to allow the UN the power to usurp authority over the Constitution and the sovereignty of the United States. The North American Union would be like the European Union, even borderless.

Obama tried and achieved, social restructuring through total social and civil division, make everyone dependent on the government.  Lower standards of schools, remove values and moral responsibilities, promote sexual depravity, fix banking regulations to enable the government to grab your money, create social two class system of elites and commons.  Grab land, money, education, and create social chaos to put in a national martial law and flip us to a socialist nation.  no elections by the people but by a central committee, one religion of Islam, and on source of law and that would be based on Sharia Law.

Obama packed the “Deep State” or rather the Shadow Government with socialist, globalist, and Muslims, encouraged illegal immigration and flooding the nation with illegal aliens, impowered gangs, and the lawless to help tear down our social society, our constitutional free Republic and turn it into a real hell-hole.  Then I wonder how socialism will meet the needs of the people.

The LGBT(Q) will not fare well with a new value system like Islam, Women?  Women will in reality become that second-class person at the beckon call of their male gender masters.  As a matter of fact, all liberal socialists (globalists) should research and read what Islam says about Sharia Law, and then read the Sharia Law.  Think what our socialist justice system would look like with a Sharia Law foundation?  We would all be crying, just that all the so-called Civil Liberties radical activists would be crying the loudest.

So, now how about those politicians?  What makes them so vile and corrupt?  Could it be, their own demons controlling their minds and insidious drive for riches and power?  Could it be, their own demons have so deluded their thinking and replaced integrity and values with one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins?

It certainly looks like the Democrat Party is producing the fruit of the evil bush a bush of demons and doctrines of demons.  It is more than inconceivable that they are so lost in their own corruptness that they are blinded to the reality of what they do.

Thanks for your company on this journey.

R.S. Helms