The necessity of poverty

The Necessity of Poverty

By: R.S. Helms.

All about votes, money, and power

While rewriting the rewrite of the rewrite of my book dealing with the problems of addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness, in the ghetto setting, with all the tentacles reaching into the already impoverished neighborhoods of our subculture, which traps and enslaves its people.

Poverty affects all races, all religions, and all subcultures of the United States, however, when we address poverty, all minds turn to the African-American.  This is not because they are largest ethnic group in poverty, nor the largest ethnic group, the Hispanic has now taken number two spot.  (white non-Hispanic 64%; Hispanic 16%; Black non-Hispanic 12%; Asia 5%; Native American 1%).. it is impossible to get any sort of good figures on the percentages on poverty, not that there is not a lot of numbers available, but each group has their own set of numbers, depending on what cause they are following or who did the research.

The civil rights activists are drawing excellent salaries, (six figures plus), and the community organizers getting a good salary great benefits, and what are they organizing?  The organizers are teaching and aiding in how to commit fraud using government-funded programs; they teach and organize against moral values, against community responsibility, neighborhood responsibility, and family.  They show how to make the most on welfare, food stamps, section eight housing and the list goes on.  Some of these programs are very good and legitimately help people who are determined to escape the new slavery they are trapped in.

To escape the trap of the new slavery, the people need to stop listening to the propaganda spewing forth from the mouths of the very ones that are supposed to be helping them.  From the theological aspect, the African-American community needs to run from the so-called pastors and churches that are endorsing liberal theology, liberation theology, and Atheism, which is the foundation of the ACLU.

The African-American community should stop listening to the organizers, congressional ‘black caucus’, name calling African-Americans as “uncle toms”, just for speaking out to encourage others to move beyond the entitlements, work hard, get a real and honest earned, education and pursue their American dream.

above all don’t listen to me— I am only a “cracker” conservative Christian who is concerned about African-Americans, Hispanics, and white folk, who are actually impoverished, trapped and exploited for the “common good.”  Where all you are doing is lining the pockets of phony civil rights activists, who are making over six figures for doing nothing constructive in combating your poverty;  politicians, liberal/liberation theology pastors, civil rights activist, and the black radical bully organizations – Black Panthers – NAACP – Nation of Islam – community organizers and their organizations, as was ACORN, as well as the progressive white Republicans trying to get as many poverty votes as they can; even if it takes lying, cheating, stealing, and what ever it takes.

Alternatively, some liberal politician is trying to sell you another program, or promise you some sort of utopia through a social government and you giving up your vote for them, white or black.  Nonetheless, do not listen to me, get up from off your butt and dig into what is happening.

Votes and greed is the motivation, and it is on your backs that they do it.  They have taken your family values, neighborhood, community, even your children, the schools, law enforcement; but worse yet, self-respect.  Changed your culture’s pride, and will.  It cannot do anything but trap you in your poverty.  I have just told you who the “new slave masters” are and how poverty is a necessity for them to continue to be the new slave masters.  Don’t you think it is time for another emancipation fight or would you rather just live the way they want you to live?

It is sad, that the African-American, and now the Hispanic communities, have been terribly manipulated for personal gain, and politics; there is no real hope left.  It is sad when 28% of Americans are being used, and enslaved to liberal leaders for evil purposes.

What we see on the mainstream media does not make sense.  We see a black mob of militant protesters protesting against the police and school administration for not providing laws and security against the street gangs intimidating and bulling the children.

Then last evening in our neighboring parish, the news was broadcasting a similar black mob of militant protesters protesting against a school that instituted a “zero tolerance” policy against fighting on the school property, and that zero tolerance policy called for a trip to the sheriff’s jail, not a trip to the principal’s office and a note to the parents.

“Blacks are being singled out” – “its racial discrimination”, that is the cry of the hypocritical lazy big government brainless slaves that protest and race bait everything that comes along.  Want a law, then will not obey the very law or policy they wanted; — it makes no sense.  “racism” is the key tool used in the nasty separation or division of the races, not the everyday black, white, Hispanic, or Native American.

It is the people, which are being used by the liberal—progressive government and phony religious clergy members, who keep the race issue the major divisive tool keeping America split, and the poor even poorer.  The day will come when the poorest of our nation will no longer have the right to break away from the situation and make something out of their lives.  The “middle class” will be no longer, and we all will be just like the rest of the world!

One thing further, I would like to say that it is not a black vs. white issue, it is not a rich vs. poor issue, actually it is not a left vs. right issue; it is however, a spiritual battle, God vs. Satan battle, evil vs. good battle.  It is the name of the battle that Satan the tempter has been engaged in since Eve took the first bite of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden.

The tree of life and of death, the same lie, (surely, you won’t die), the same tempter, (Satan), just different pawns to play the deception game; his scripted deceitful leaders who promise – a utopia, and what they do and what we do has to be for the common good.  It is a lie; the only common good is only common to the elite leaders and politicians of the global government.

I know that the masses are not as stupid as the liberal movement tells us we are, I know that the hopelessly impoverished trying to survive the ghetto are not as dumb as the civil rights activists and politicians make you think you are,  it is time to stop believing the lie.  It is not flesh and bone that we battle, but the evil and corrupt of the world!

I know that I will be called a Bible nut, conspiracy whack o, racist, Christian Bible thumper, or whatever the liberals want to call me; any more, that does not bother me.  True the government has been corrupt for decades, politicians who are honest and truthful are rare, but that does not mean that the truth is a bad thing; however, in politics it is irrelevant because the end justifies the means”.

Although, it does say that those who don’t want the truth, must be first, hand-in-hand with evil, but, the truth will shine as a light and expose their sin.  Dismiss me as you wish, there are plenty of liberals who will sing your song.  Nevertheless, you and your song will be thrown under the dreaded “bus” at the whim of this administration, or liberal – progressive congress, “for the common good” of the party.  On the other hand, should I say the common welfare of evil.

Poverty is necessary for the politicians, to broaden their voting base, you know the empty promises of making it better.  It is necessary for the civil rights activists, such as Al Sharpton, who has several dummy corporations some are “for profit” just to have avenues of legitimacy in order to justify his six figure plus income, then still he manages to be messed up with tax evasion.  Jessie Jackson, The Black Panther Party, The Nation of Islam (Louis Farrakhan), The NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus, and numerous organizations such as “volunteer America”, ACORN, and others.

Their voting base, their power, their racism, their “Black liberation theology, and “social justice” movement all need the poor black people, and now the push for the Hispanic poverty bloc, which will add something like 20 million liberal votes, so look out for the bus.  Do not think that Obama will not throw the black American under the bus to get additional liberal votes to carry his ideologies forward.

This is the same man that said he could no more detach himself from his pastor,(rev. Wright), than his grandmother… where is his pastor now?  Within weeks, he had thrown Pastor Wright not only under the bus, but also to the wolves!

Lie to me once, shame on me, lie to me twice and shame on you – nonetheless, we all know they cannot lie to God and not be held accountable.  Yes, — and you know I am telling the truth, — there is a necessity for poverty; and we may never break through the chains and truly set the people free; and then maybe it is because the people don’t want to be free?

The misuse of the Bible and Social Justice, the promise of redistribution of wealth, coming from the fraudulent so called civil rights activists; the empty promises of the corrupt politicians, is making the necessity of poverty, more like the ‘the new slaves’ and the ones doing it is the new slave masters.

Once the people come together, and stop the name calling and race baiting stupidity, the quicker God will work out the injustices, and the dream of the greatest African-American leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, will be the base of moving forward as a culture and society.

It has been twenty-five plus years, to get back were we once were, after making some fair progress.  Do not expect to make up that gap without some tough hard work, and sound leadership.  Poverty is the new slave master, the old slave master needed a civil war to free the enslaved, we need God and an understanding of what it is that we are fighting.

We are fighting spiritual wickedness, the prince of the air, principalities and darkness of this world.  With the liberals it is always “the end justifies the means” so there is no rules, except their rules, it is not going to be easy for the African-Americans, or the Mexican-American to do, but it needs to be done, one must look at the truth, stop believing the lie, move forward with commitment, resolve, and hard work; from that you will be free and the opportunity to achieve your dream will be yours.