Will Justice ever have a chance?

Will the REAL Trayvon Martin be revealed in the liberal press, (or even fox)?


The media has lost all thought of what is right and good journalism, it has brought the race division to a new high.  The lopsided coverage of the tragedy concerning the shooting death of a seventeen year old youth, Trayvon Martin, in Sanford Florida has been a disgrace to the journalism profession. 

The initial coverage was slow and sided, the pictures were not representative of either person, but they were wonderful for the promotion of a race division.  What else was needed was the so-called “Reverend” Al Sharpton, President Obama, the NAACP, and the “New” Black Panthers, and “Reverend” Farrakhan.  It was obvious that a few were not there, maybe because they didn’t want the negative backlash that could possibly come.  By the end of the week we had the Black Panther,s  friend in the administration AG Holder weighing in on the white racist injustice practiced in Stanford.  The liberal press was having a hay-day. 

My concern is not about who did what to whom at this point.  My concern is about the press and those who instigated what the press ran with.  What they salivated over was the racial character put forth by the racist activists who wanted their 15 minutes of exposure in order to claim their activity on behalf of the minority.  They demanded the arrest, and imprisonment of Zimmerman, regardless if the evidence was there to legally arrest and detain or not.  That is exactly why the police involved the District Attorney the same hour Zimmerman was making his statement.  Then the race issue moved to the State level, and on to the Whitehouse, Attorney General, Holder and the FBI.  In addition, the press ran pictures of an innocent looking 13-year-old Trayvon Martin, along side an old bad guy booking picture of Zimmerman for nearly a month.

The press had the race issue out and they ran with it, and are still running with it.  The press gave up the opportunity to demonize the Christian community, (Atheist’s rally), in favor of deepening the race separation in the nation.  However, it was never a loose situation for them, either way they would demonize white conservative Americans because it will become issues during the presidential campaign, believe me on this.  The press is starting to arouse ill feelings about homosexuals, mandatory supply of birth control by employers, and religious institutions for their workers, this is aimed at the Roman Catholic Church, which will raise problems within, pitting the faithful against the liberal activists, and trust me, they will cast the liberal activist priests under the bus.

I believe this has been a tragedy, and my prayers go out to the parents and loved ones of Trayvon Martin, I can not imagine their pain.  Nonetheless, I criticize and condemn the press coverage, for the harm they have done to the people of this nation that are working hard to bring race issues to a close.  I pray for the police, and the honest law abiding citizens Sanford Florida, and the conservative white population who have been used by such racists as Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, the Black Panthers, the President, Attorney General Holder, and most of all the Liberal Press across the nation, who are using this to further their causes.  We are a nation of laws, nonetheless, this administration has voiced their position on race issues and the law, from the day President Obama took the oath of office, which he never intended to fulfill, as admitted by his Attorney General Eric Holder.  When asked his intention and excuse for not going forward with prosecuting the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, “it would not serve our people,” (in context, with the African-American community).  Where is the outrage over Muslim persecution of Christians?  Is it, a liberal bias media?  Where is the apology to Israel for betraying thier trust?  It does seem there is no ethics of fairness in media, and liberal double standards. 

there will be more and better posts coming soon, this is on my mind and getting used to WordPress this is a great site, so far, to establish a blog.

So the question stands, and perhaps a challenge to the liberal media, when will we hear about the real Trayvon Martin?  It takes an idiot to believe the American public is so stupid, as to believe in the portrait painted by the liberal media of innocence, as pictured in the photographs of a loving 13 year old.  His death is a tragedy, it is more than that it is insanely wrong,  but to stir the poo pot of racism to an all time high since the riots, the KKK, and the skin-heads is even more wrong!