It’s Up to the Republicans to Stop Obama from Replacing Scalia

Guess I have about enough of politics, and this is just dragging out the end… I have never seen such a bunch of stupid money wasters … and stupid people doing stupid things in my life… just fed up with the whole process…

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Below is Rush Limbaugh’s podcast in its entirety. The podcast begins with Limbaugh sharing his personal memories of Justice Scalia.

At approximately 09:35 of the podcast, Limbaugh calls out Barack Obama’s agenda to appoint “the most committed leftist” on the Supreme Court and “shift the balance of the court” for nearly two decades.

“Will the Republicans stop Obama? Will they TRY to stop Obama?”

Limbaugh also discusses Saturday night’s GOP debate, Donald Trump and the GOP establishment’s pundits such as George Will preaching Trump’s funeral. The establishment still does not get it.

23:16 of the podcast:

The Rush Limbaugh Show


Let me just reiterate. We’re gonna get into this in detail, by the way. I’m gonna share with you some of the comments that are out there. We’ll discuss all the different analysis about Obama and the replacement for Justice Scalia, but it’s really gonna come down to…

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This is a good read for you who have children at home or otherwise. Thanks Victor for the post..

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By Victor Uyanwanne

Some parents often use unkind words on their children, without caring much about the negative effects such words have on them. Researches have shown that yelling at children or speaking harshly to them negatively affects their self-esteem.

Apart from speaking unkind words and yelling at their children, some parents go as far issuing unnecessary threats too. For example, imagine a dad who lashed at his son in a very strong voice, “….I will disown you.”

That’s really unfair to the child! Forget whether the dad meant it or not, that’s not the issue here now. We know that many angry parents who threaten to disown their children never get to do so. But why use such a threat?

 Truth be told, when a parent threatens to disown a child over some irregular behaviour, or for whatever…

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PRICELESS: A jihadist’s FAILED attempt at hurling molotov cocktail

That is as stupid as a sack of hammers….

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@Israel Breaking posted the following tweet earlier this week. It is the painful and obviously deadly attempt by a jihadist to throw a molotov cocktail at IDF forces in Jerusalem.

Talk about learning things the hard way. Yikes!

H/t Mad World News.


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