John Kerry Secretly Bypasses Congress and Sends the Muslim Brotherhood Another $1.3 Billion Gift


This is what’s going on with the TERRORISTS, !!  Why does this continue to go on?  Because we have no real conservatives in congress, just a bunch of lying POLITICIANS.


John Kerry Secretly Bypasses Congress and Sends the Muslim Brotherhood Another $1.3 Billion Gift.

Suckered Conservatives

Have Conservatives Become So Stupefied, or Just Suckered?

The conservative, (?), Republicans need to step back and look at the whole battlefield, not just the latest muzzle-flash.  Can you imagine a battle commander who loses the war because he spent the time and energy attempting to exploit and scrutinize each cannon muzzle-flash on the front line of the enemy?   He loses the war while attempting to win the newest conflict.  And that is where the Republican politicians are finding themselves.

Let’s look at the list of battles over the past four years; then look at the position we as conservative – freedom loving – constitutionalists find ourselves.

We have the unresolved:

These items were the promises of the mid-term campaign talking points, which elected republicans to congress; but dropped for various reasons

  • Black Panther voter intimidation scandal
  •   The national debt, (17 trillion).
  •   Deficit spending.
  •   Jobs
  •   Obamacare (socialized medicine).
  •   Boarder Security
  • Law suit against Arizona for their own immigration law.
  •   Illegal Aliens (still coming illegally and increased drug smuggling)
  •   ICE agents killed in Mexico by Mexican drug cartel (American guns involved).
  •   Bryan Perry (boarder agent killed by drug smugglers using American DOJ supplied guns no one held accountable, and at present, for all practical purposes forgotten. )
  •   Fast and Furious DOJ gun running operation.  (to date no one held accountable)
  •   Arab Spring foreign policy partnered with Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt elects a Muslim Brotherhood president against assurance they would not.
  •   Middle East breaks out with several wars, and Iran threats of nuclear arms of mass distraction
  •   Benghazi terrorist attack killing 4 Americans, wounding several more, (present hearings stalled or slowly moving forward).
  •   North Korea flexing muscle, (threats of nuclear strength).
  •   Constitutional right to bear arms, (gun control issues — liberals continue to stealth campaign).
  •   IRS, (Overstepping authority targeting conservative groups and people).
  •   NSA, (invasion of privacy by a government agency millions of American citizens, constitutional right to privacy, illegal search without probable cause, lying on a search warrant).
  •   Military anti-Christian agenda in military.
  •   Gay marriage fiasco, over civil rights.
  •   Energy policy failures costing billions of dollars
  •   General economy

This is only a partial list of the problems that the politicians wish would go away.  On the Republican side, they hate to be called bad names by the administration and liberal buffoons who do not have the intellect to be original to somewhat truthful in their remarks, especially when they get caught with their socialist drawers down around their hob-nailed boots.

The Obama primary training camp motto is “When we get caught, start something else to distract from the first”.  Problem is, they are being caught too many times to have a good cover-up in place, (that would do no good because of the failed Benghazi cover-up).  So just call names and a few Republicans to go along with a hang’em high response in the name of national security, meanwhile the past stays in the past!

Well, it works! … remember Bryan Terry? … the Border Patrol agent who was murdered by the drug smugglers using weapons supplied by the gun running efforts of our administration and where is the investigation now? It has been sense December 2010, and congress is going to let the administration tell them how and when to investigate it.

The Obamacare, is going to happen if we leave it just as it is; a halfhearted attempt to do a bill knowing it will not make it through the Harry Reid controlled senate should not be accepted as a real effort to shut it down.

Benghazi, is slipping fast into the abyss where Bryan Terry’s investigation is sinking.  This is another tragedy and it goes far beyond “just another terror attack”, it goes to the Oval Office and another one of his schemes gone bad.

The IRS… boy, how they would like that to go away before it is discovered how widespread this abuse of power goes.

The Verizon/NSA constitutional rights violation, without probable cause or due process, this one is global, so blame game has to work; we need to know why no one is accountable.

The point I am trying to make is that while we are concerning ourselves with the latest Obama crisis and rhetoric nothing much is really happening on the other critical concerns.  How many average Americans are as concerned about the economy now as they were, say, October last year?  Benghazi October last year, or health care, (Still untouched and continuing forward),

Truth is the average citizen, who is now starting to wake up from a slumber of political unawareness, who always believed they were free, and protected by the constitution and “honest ethical” politicians, are waking to the madness of a tyrannical government.  The little alarm clock that went off nearly too late, is some of this madness has spilled over and touched them in their personal freedom, or particular comfort zone.

They are the ones that agreed with the government propaganda and helped put down people who are engaged in exposing what is going on.  People who don’t have thick skin, and find it terrible to be called names, people who go along with the “political correctness” machine creating and eliminating words from our vocabulary and creating laws on “hate speech”.  I hate any hate speech, but detest those who think it is okay for them to use it, but not okay if someone else uses it.

The “race card” has been played on every issue of Obama ideologies that he tries, and so often by the epitome of racists, (black racists), that it is going to need re-coloring soon.  Nonetheless, these aggravations are just the result of unchecked government.  Conservatives are not Republican, liberal, libertarian, or progressives.  Just thought I would add that little bit, because the political rhetoric has made it synonymous with Republican just as liberal is synonymous with progressive, and they are not.

Nevertheless, it does matter as we see our elected representatives not represent their constituents and fulfill the promises they made during the campaign.  The constituents then find themselves waking from the slumber, and needing something done to stop this train-wreck government from getting any closer to destruction.

At one time while on the Republican bubble, being the conservative party, I made some bad choices based on the candidate being Republican, only later to find they were actually progressives.  Then after being rudely awakened that they were liars in their campaign just like the liberal demarcates, so I looked at the differences in Republican, Conservative, Progressive, Independent, and libertarian.  Okay, I knew that a politician is a politician, if he/she claim conservatism then I know what to look for and listen to as they develop their campaigns.  I know what resources to go to educate myself on the primary candidates, so I have my own little vetting process, which I apply to each; it is not a 100% but better than being apathetic and believing what they say.

So I find myself wondering ,(at my age we have a lot time to do that, and it does take longer), have the conservatives, or professing conservatives become stupidified, or  just plain suckered into reacting like Obama wants, instead of going after the truth, finding the administration’s involvement, then holding them accountable.

By holding them accountable I mean, an apology and an insignificant punishment is not going to cut it with this socialist tyrannical bunch of thugs and liars, who hate America and all that has made us great.

Stay focused on the task at hand, not letting any negative problem slip into the abyss.  We need to unite as honest hard working American citizens and demand that congress actually do what they said they would do and not accept insignificant meaningless gestures of pacification; hold their feet to the fire!  We are the generals standing back and looking at the whole battle, not just the muzzle blast from various cannons, we need to keep all the cannons noted and pick them off one at a time.

Of course, the only thing I can do is unite with conservatives through some of the groups that promote ideologies that I agree with,.  They are the ones that do the boots on the groundwork, and get the mass mailings, mass fax, and mass phone calls, hold rallies, lobby efforts, and in general use the millions who think as I think on some of the issues, combining the voice and playing hardball with the politicians to get the job done. Then the politicians pay a little more attention, they react out of fear for their jobs.

The reserve of possible politicians, still need to be considered for empty seats, that I know is coming.  we need to replace the two-faced phonies who hid their true beliefs and joined with the progressives and far left liberals to go after their real agenda.  I hate being disappointed in a turncoat politician more than one who fought the good fight and lost at least that is one that represented those who sent them to do the job.

Politicians like John Bonher, John McCain, Paul Rand, Rand Paul, Marko Rubio, and the list goes on.  They just need to be fired!  Chris Christie was  like a bull dog with a slab of bacon, showing a fierceness and the backbone needed, nonetheless, he melted like hot butter when Sandy blew in and tore things up; he prostituted himself to get money from the administration, and now is a lapdog Republican for Obama.  People there is hope in unity and common purpose, they will hear us when we become one voice!  And our vote that puts them out of office.

But first we must force them to live up to what they told the people; protect the people and the constitution!  The ones we battle are Americans who believe in the madness of the liberal ideologies, and will stick their finger in your eye, and smile while they do it.  What we need is guts enough to step up and stick our finger in their eye, fight with their weaponry, their tactics, turn their rules of political engagement around on them.  Unite and fight