Empty …

There Is No One In The House


Empty Heads Can Not Fill An Empty Chamber


When did you last study the lists of headline news stories coming from your news feeds? It is getting to be an act of terrorism to post these ‘teaser headlines’ many of them have no relevance to the story, but they sure get your attention from the headlines. Most of the feeds are guilty of this even the conservative news outlets, such as Fox News, Town Hall, The Blaze TV, and many conservative blogs.

Perhaps, I have a psychiatric or the dreaded (not being derogatory), “personality disorder”, there is a long line of people who believe I do; nonetheless, I become frustrated when the media will not stay on point! The mainstream media purposely buries any type of follow-up, for political gain. And the few reliable news sources are nearly always sidetracked by these diversions of none issue, meaningless baits.

With the Obama “scandals”, which involve many more than this fraud community organizer excuse of a president we have, can manipulate at one time. Trouble is while we weed our way through the tars, we may never have a smoking gun connection to Obama, the closest would be a Czar or a cabinet member; it is the reason for the Eastwood empty chair.

No one has paper or tape linking him with any one, it will be hard to prove, but with the scandals, there has to be accountability! We know and understand that it takes congress a long time to get anything done, but years slip away with this stuff, and we find ourselves in the same spot.

There is a saying, “if you keep doing the same thing you have always done; expecting a different outcome, it is the definition of lunacy!” That is congress, and the reason they maintain a 12% — 17% approval rating in doing their job. In the private sector, they would be on welfare because they would not be able to keep a job; it is the relative factor in putting in a term limit, just as they do with corporate boards. Most of the members of congress act as if they are brain-dead, but they are not, they are smart enough to be elected, and re-elected until the cows come home, or they step down.

Except for a few “lionhearted” politicians in congress, who show the grit to go against the established progressives, (both Republicans and Democrats), and actually represent their constituents full time, not just before elections, when they fall back on blaming someone else for their cowardice and true politician nature. It is my contention that the major issues such as they based their campaign promises on, will be forgotten if politicians continue to be politicians.

Politicians, in most part, do not want accountability for any wrongdoing regardless of who did it, because “what goes around – comes around”… and their main purpose is to stay in congress a lifetime, and do not want to be called names by the liberals. Therefore, they will make a “flash in the pan” confrontation on a diversionary issue from the press propaganda in order to create the illusion that they are working for their conservative vote base.

If a business ever tried to operate with employee job ratings of what we see in congress, not even a union could save their lazy deadbeat performance. Not so in congress, they give themselves raises and bonus’ on a regular basis, and one of the worst offenders Nancy Pelosi, made the air-headed statement that “to cut her pay would take away her dignity”, (my paraphrase, but accurate). First fact, she has no dignity to start with, she would have to have something in order to have it taken away.

Today… the things just keep coming at us, and it does no good to complain (you and I), because there is no one listening. Nevertheless, come election perhaps our votes will be heard with all the other complainers who do not like what is happening, and not liking being ignored by our congress who will not do what they were elected to do.

Get informed and vote the lazies out

R.S. Helms