When Evil Came To Town

Evil Came to Sandy Hook Elementary

Remember The Children

By R.S.Helms

Two weeks before Christmas the scene would be excited children with presents under the tree, parents worried if they had provided their families with an adequate and festive Christmas.  The tone set at school would be one of festive holidays and fun times ahead.  There was more likely an atmosphere of well being in the small “bedroom community” of Newtown Connecticut as parents left for work and the children were just getting settled in for their day of school.

That sounds like so many communities across this great nation, but it was not going to be that way for this community expecting the jolly old elf to make an appearance in just a couple of weeks; little did they know or expect that instead of Santa, it would be pure evil about to interrupt their tranquility and holiday excitement.

It is not really known what transpired at the home of Ms. Nancy Lanza, except this is where the carnage begun, as this evil controlled young man of 20 years and identified as Adam Lanza shot his mother Nancy in the face, then left the residence, took his mother’s car and her guns, drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School, and two days later no one really knows why he chose this “gun-free” facility, but he did.

Once at the school, Lanza forced entry into the building, as the police investigators piece together a more definite time line, it is believed that he entered the office, where he was confronted by the principal who tried to stop Lanza and was shot dead for her effort.

From that point it is believed many teachers were alerted to something being amiss, by means of the public address system; broadcasting the gunshots and screams, as a custodian ran through the halls attempting to warn the teachers to hide their children.  Some teachers hid the children in closets, in the bathroom, in coveys, and telling them to keep very quiet, while the children were crying because of an unfamiliar feeling of fright.  Some of the children just wanted to go home, others wanted to just hug their moms; all, (including the teachers), were frightened.  This was supposed to be a safe bubble for children and the ones who are charged with teaching them.

Meanwhile continued gunshots echoed through the hallways of Sandy Hook Elementary as the evil insanity moved through the building.  A frantic 911 caller was near hysteria as she was reporting the gunfire, “shots being fired in the school!” and help was on its way.  As the story continues to develop, we hear the communications of the first responders to arrive on the scene and move into the building without hesitation, their order is to go after the shooter, follow the broken glass, the blood, the spent cartridges, and go in the direction of the gunfire.

They communicate the scene as they move through the building, and it must have been one of the worst ever witnessed by the law enforcement officers going past the bloodied bodies of the children and adult victims.

In a closet a teacher has barricaded her students huddled down and quiet, while in fierce terror they listened to the gunfire, waiting on someone to come and rescue them.  Then it came as they heard the shuffling feet and voices of the police.  Then the knocking on the closet door as the officers attempted to have them respond, yet they kept still until one officer slid his badge under the door.

For some of the children, huddled together in their classrooms the sound of rescue never came, instead, they heard the sound of a crashing door and the sharp deafening report of a long gun or assault rifle.  A children of innocence, who will not have the opportunity live out their life, and grow old surrounded by family, perhaps children of their own was something that should have happened but never will for the 20 who would not be going home.  The innocence of childhood snatched away by the spawn of Satan, on his evil rampage.

For some of the children being evacuated from what was supposed to be their daily safe harbor in a world of madness, strife, and evil; they was instructed to put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them, and “close your eyes” as not to have innocence shattered by the evil carnage they had to pass through.

20 Children and 6 Adults

20 innocent children aged 6 and 7 years old, 6 adults, teachers mostly along with some of the staff, made up the final victim count.  Then the mother of the 20 year old young man, and the young man himself dead, the mother a victim, the son a victim, of sorts, but a victim of totally depraved evil.

For two days this reporter has heard more on gun control and it’s political agenda, and very little on the cause of effect.  From time to time a voice over the radio or TV will wonder what happened, or what can we do to prevent it from happening again?  The President said that a lot of things must be looked at, but offered little more.

For our communities, we must keep in mind the little children, their adult fallen who were taken from their families, and pray for the families who must be going through the nightmare and grief.

Each Person Has Their Personal Grief

We know not what they are going through, not even some of us who have lost a child or even a loved one, we may understand but each person, each parent has their own emotion, unique and unlike our own.  We as individuals and communities must pray for their lament, comfort, and healing, (what can be had).

The rest of the story and opinion will have to wait for another post, because we are at the suffering point in the story and any further comment would be inappropriate and reflect a callousness that our culture has come to think of as normal and common.

Our prayers do go out for the families.   God’s mercy be with you.

R.S. Helms