Is There Anything Right?

Good Morning, (TGIF)

Ready to Crumble
76% agree — we are headed in the wrong direction

This morning as usual, my wife calls it border-line eccentric routine, I set down at my desk with the intent of reading my 60 – 70 emails, looking over the news feeds, and reviewing the posts made by those few souls who have chosen to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  This morning I decided to sneak up on the routine, and check out just the headlines, then briefly scan the posts on the Facebook and Twitter gadgets.

That should be enough of a break in my pathetic routine to send me into on-line information shock for some time.  However, I looked at the headlines, and posts, kicked back and gazed into the soon to be obsolete iGoogle page, into the infinite world of ‘Al Gore’ who invented this mess.  Instant information, and from that instant information one may deduce that the Nation is falling apart.

it is within reason that the liberal ideologies which are based on hot-air science and reasoning; the “conservative progressive”, (which is an oxymoron), are after the same thing only with different road-signs; both culminate in the exact same elite cesspool of greed, power, and self-importance.

Both seem to support the same thing only go about it in different ways; it is no shock really, as it is something that has been apparent for decades, but not quite as obvious as over the past half-century.

At that time, the progressives were hiding under the auspice of conservatism.  The liberals were born under the banner of the war on poverty, which was a disaster from the get-go, and the proof is in the human carnage left in its wake.  It soon devastated communities and only developed into a political plantation enslaving the people to a new slave master.

Now we have another liberal plan that is poised to bring more devastation and enslavement, only to destroy the middle class citizens, it is called the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, which is followed almost immediately by “Amnesty” for millions of illegal aliens.  The AHA (ObamaCare), nationalized healthcare is failing before it is even fully launched.  Nonetheless, Obama begins his campaign for amnesty, so the American citizens are forced into the shell game that I have spoken of often.

Obama is already attempting to divide the opposition by name-calling, and pointing out the untrue points of the conservative opposition while failing to address the basic reasons why there is so much real opposition to amnesty; first basic fact is they are here illegally!  They have been illegally (steeling), taxpayer money by fraudulently taken advantage of state programs for the needy legal citizen.  They illegally take advantage of programs that legal immigrants waited in line for; and the true agenda for amnesty is to broaden the liberal voter base.  The liberal politicians will create more government programs that are designed to fail the people, but line the coffers of civil rights activists.

Illegal is simply illegal, which of course, means nothing to Obama and his minions who historically do not follow the law anyway!  The law is the law, what needs to actually happen is that the law be enforced to the letter, secure the border, and then reform immigration to shorten the line for legal immigration!  It has nothing to do with the workforce, or with the multitude of special interest concerns about doing something right.

I was sitting here in front of the glaring monitor screen, allowing my agitation level exceed the safe point, when another gravely important problem surfaced, the nearly successful attempt to forget the plain wrong and illegal misconduct tragic events go unaccountable; Fast and Furious illegal gun running scheme of the President and DOJ.  Next, the Benghazi murders, again because of illegal gun running by this administration and the President.  That “scandal” is being talked about only because of conservative opposition to Hillary’s presidential aspirations.  The IRS, NSA, is being buried in yet more executive privilege claims; now a new investigation into the failure of the web page, that was supposed to launch ObamaCare on the citizens who really don’t want it.

All in all this morning is going along very well, and just a reminder that this nation is going to hell in a liberal, Marxist, socialist handbag, unless the patriots and real conservatives keep on keeping on to stop this madman from completely destroying our free republic of the United States!

Just up this morning from Fox News poll, 76% of the registered voters polled, think that the nation is headed in the wrong direction, (my emphasis), the same poll showed a nearly 25% loss in democrats approval, that is a hit on Obama and the Pelosi/Reid liberal base.  Reid has had his marching orders handed to him, and so what does he promote “everyone, except privileged Republicans want tax increases”… go figure.

Tax increases will figure in on the ObamaCare and the Amnesty fiasco as well, so why not do as Obama is doing, and double double down on the things that will hurt this country while he still has three years left to do it.  He will try to do it by hook or crook, unless congress gets the will power to actually stop him and put his sorry behind in jail.

It is not enough to bring damage to the first and second amendments of the constitution’s Bill of Rights, but the whole constitutional government!  He has the audacity to start the take-over as we speak.  That is what tyrants do …


R.S. Helms