Answer to a Letter

Republished on Bob’s Opinion from Canada Free Press by: R.S. Helms

For God and country. God Bless America!

My Answer To A Letter

By Ray DiLorenzo ——Bio and Archives

Answering a Letter to the Editor is a departure from my normal charge, but this letter had to be countered, especially on this Memorial Day weekend.  I guess I could have answered in the usual Letters column, but decided it was too important to have on the back page.

The Stand Up America US Foundation newsletter, besides our direct emailing to thousands of our subscribers around the world, appears intact and separately in other publications.  Several days ago, we received a letter at 2:04 am local time from one of our favorites, Canada Free Press (CFP), in response to our article, Eve of Destruction.  CFP is a fabulous medium, spreading love of God, America, and freedom in both America and Canada and, no doubt, around the world.

With no indication where it originated.  I have reproduced the letter here:

America is an evil, psychotic country. It is corrupt, it’s inhabitants materialistic, uneducated, shallow, and phony. Unfortunately, young people of the world overpay homage to the U.S., wearing jeans and tee shirts with ridiculous slogans printed on them. Hamburgers, s’mores, sex obsessed culture, land of the free, home of the brave? Really? Mental instability dominates with violence and senseless killing, unknown to other areas of the world.

I am going to assume, in my best Montana lingo, you’re not from around here.

Let me respond… Are some Americans evil?…Yes, we have our share, but none of them have killed 20 – 30 million people or started a world war.  Europe and Asia have had quite a few world-class mass murderers, including Mao at 45 million people, while millions of mesmerized Europeans and Asians cheered. Are some of us psychotic?…Yes, but unlike Europe, we have very few attempting to lead the planet into a one-world dictatorship under the guise of climate change.  And we know who they are. Are there corrupt people who were born and reared in America?…Sure, with too many of them in government, but we try to keep it down to a minimum.  Do young people the world over overpay homage to the US?  I don’t know, maybe.  Are too many Americans sex obsessed?…Probably, just like everywhere else.  Do we love our hamburgers?…You bet.  Again, just like everywhere else.  Smores?… Never had one.

The United States has been and continues to be under cultural attack, mostly from influences outside our country.  Since early in the 20th century, these influences came mostly from Europe.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was not limited to just Russia. Bolsheviks spread communist theology throughout Europe advancing their poison, especially in the twenties.

While Hitler was in the process of taking over Germany and the whole of Europe, emulating Italy’s fascism, communist agitators had a different idea for Germany. Instead of Fascism, they preferred Communism, and set up a school of Marxism, The Frankfurt School.  Fascism and Marxism are very similar. Instead of the government taking over the means of production, fascism prefers to dictate to the industries what they will produce.  They are both socialistic, atheistic, and autocratic.  It has always been interesting how the Left accuses the Right of fascism when the Left does fascism so well. 

Hitler was not going to have any competition so he had the communists deported, the Frankfurt School closed.  Most of these intellectual communists then found a home to, guess where?  America.  They settled into many of our most prestigious universities, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, etc.  The universities thought they were giving their students a taste of other worlds, but instead were given indoctrination. These foreign professors knew they had to break down our culture to destroy our country.  Almost 100 years later, they have taken over the entire education system, spreading their hatred of God, freedom and the American way.  The Left now has the media and Hollywood, since they employ many of the graduates.  They have much of the government for the same reason, and certainly a major political party.  They went a long way toward destroying our values and now these same voices condemn us for the culture they helped create.  Pure evil.

All while we slept.

What we see now is the result, a breakdown in our culture and mores, what they wanted…a breakdown of the family unit, what they wanted,… a breakdown in the value of life, what they wanted,… the crushing of our education system- teaching hatred, what they wanted,… and a breakdown of our belief and trust in God, definitely what they wanted.

When the Davos bunch with their New World Order (just the old order reissued) comes for your home, your family, your possessions, your freedom, with the same tired promises of fantasy island, what are you going to do?  No doubt, you will riot, throw rocks and watch as a new Kristallnacht invades the reality of those unwilling to bend to their will.

Americans have always been a generous, fair-minded, and ambitious but down-to-earth people. Anyone with any amount of drive will have the best chance for success here.  We have the best of freedoms and the most hallowed of all, the right to defend yourself. We don’t believe royal blood is any different than ours. We are terrible at subservience. Yes, we have temporarily lost our way, because of a bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers. We even seem to have lost some of our freedoms, but the sleeping giant is quickly awakening and it is not in a good mood.  Americans have always paid the price of freedom. 

We fought in two world wars we didn’t start, but sure as hell finished them and unlike Russia that seized half of Northern Europe after the last one, we didn’t ask for anything after. We will probably, someday soon, when we get real leadership, look at the world, see it for what it has become and save it once again and ourselves.  For God and country.  God Bless America!