Mind Control is Real


By: R.S. Helms  Bob’s Opinion 5.18.2023

Before you read this opinion story, you would do well to read the ten-page Summary of “The Mind Controllers” wanttoknow.info written by Armen Victorian.

Could it be, that mind control through HAARP technology is why people seem so bizarre and crazy? Of course, it is.

All a person has to do is read the headlines and a couple of the more bizarre stories about the left and their cabal of special interest groups, and listen to a few leftist interviews on mainstream media and social media to ask yourself: “What planet did this lunatic come from?”  But for the Demonized “Conspiracy Theorists” trying to write an opinion, some of the most bizarre statements simply offer new open doors of research and dot-connecting.

I have been researching critical evidentiary documents and articles by research scientists just to support my opinion on the government’s involvement in the radical winter weather we have been experiencing across the nation and the world, and global warming, (climate change).  My research led me to various government projects and programs, one which stood out is HAARP, and according to the foundational patent awarded to Dr. Bernard Eastlund, as I read the patent application and the apparatus’ capabilities, as I explain in more depth in my weather control article, however, the capabilities concerning psychological manipulation as a historical war weapon was absolutely using the HAARP apparatus is beyond belief.

As a Christian Psychological Counselor, I have a real interest, Because the application of secular psychology is in of itself, messing with the brain, not just the brain but the very soul of a person, Christian or not.  However, when you add a government program it becomes a disaster for the people involved.  Although the officials at the HAARP project deny there is nothing more sinister than radio research for enhanced communications for the military and the public worldwide.  It is not a benign radio research apparatus, far from it.  Its capabilities are far-reaching however, weather control and mind control are the two that interest me at this point in time. 

Some of the “what if’s” that I will use to ask my questions, are: Emotions control, love and hate, anger, fear, and aggression, … that will do for now.  Have you ever wondered why over the past several decades, people have become bitter?  Not just angry or mad, but bitter?  Could it be that people have been brainwashed to the point of accepting anything and everything? Over the past several decades, have you noticed how crazy people have become? in what they say and how they say it?  It is beyond Obama’s dumbing down of America, it is beyond moral and any other restraints that people would normally possess in knowing right from wrong. 

Look at the rapid expansion of just the mobile telephone, everyone has one, and they don’t leave home without it.  I was at the doctor’s office the other day and noticed how the eighteen other patients in the waiting room were occupying their time while waiting, their thumbs were a blur on the phone’s keyboard, they were either texting or playing a game on their phone.  People walking down the street, or market, are looking at their phones, not paying any mind whatsoever to the people around them, or dangerously not paying attention to the traffic as they walk around like zombies looking into another world.

I can recall the 80s when some denominations of born-again Christians were campaigning against video games like “Dragons and Dungeons,”  and now that is just a fresh beginner’s game, but addictive, nonetheless.  Our children are being conditioned with far-left and socialist brainwashing as young as toddlers.  TV and advertising are another means to brainwash children and adults as well, TV advertising has been a means of brainwashing since the beginning.  Remember the “elevator music”? of the 50s warnings went out to beware of the subliminal messaging contained in the music, it consisted of silent sounds that we did not hear … consciously but the message was received loud and clear in the subconscious mind.  Brainwashing can occur during four of the five normal electromagnetic brain waves, mostly during the Alpha and Theta (3&4), and brainwashing, on purpose, has been taking place since the forties by the Government.

Today, we call it mind control, mind manipulation, conditioning, grooming, and gaslighting, all of which is being conducted by the government.  It is a “different stroke for different folks,” and the only real defense against it is having a love relationship with Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Tin hats and foil clothing do not help.  Could it be that this is nearly the only real explanation for why almost half of the population of America seems so helplessly stupid or crazy?  It is my studied opinion that it does.

HAARP has the capability to manipulate these electromagnetic waves.

Once we are conditioned, we are subconsciously susceptible to HAARP manipulation, of mood, and receptive to specific remote psychological hypnotic conditioning, simply, remote hypnosis and post-hypnotic suggestions.  Hypothetical examples would be when Obama wants his shadow government to push for gun control, we see an uptick in mass shootings, and armed gang confrontations with innocent people being injured or killed, all because of the use of firearms.  However, we are seeing an increase in people using vehicles, knives, and even baseball bats.  We see more police confrontations where weapons are used and police personnel uses lethal force, (firearms) to put the person down.  Nonviolent marches turn into riots with opposing groups using firebombs, looting, bricks, hammers, and yes firearms to destroy communities and neighborhoods, and anyone who gets in the way.  We see the uptick in violent crime against people with opposing views, even being endorsed by some congressional members, and the war against Christianity because of our biblical view on homosexuality and sexual identification.  It does seem as though there are no moral or ethical values left in America.

It is my studied opinion that all the madness we are living with each, and every day, is a result of brainwashing in our educational system, and our socialist political leaders.  Our political leaders are not exempt from being conditioned in socialism and Marxism, at least those who are left and extremist for the cause, for the Obama cause. 

Do I think that the government is still in the mind control business?  They sure are, and they have been since the second world war, our government has made the lines very foggy when it comes to what is going on in the US intelligence activities, but in 1947 the intelligence activities have been government-wide basis with the implementation of the “National Security Act of 1947” and in 1949 congress enacted provisions allowing the CIA (Agency) to use confidential fiscal and administrative procedures, and exempting the CIA from many of the usual limitations on the expenditure of federal funds.  Congress also exempted the CIA from having to disclose its locations, names, officials, titles, salaries, or number of personnel employed.  Congress in 1949 in all practical intent and purpose weaponized and made the CIA unaccountable for anything they were doing, and the agency’s purpose was mind control, one of their top priorities and they have been working hard on propaganda and mind control since.

It has been documented mainly by program, and the research paper that I have tends to concentrate on LSD, and other “chemical and biological weapons/research for security purposes, however, it does indicate a broad field of chemical and biological elements involved in project Material Testing Program EA1279 (1957).  Other programs going back to 1963 and earlier, as early as the Nuremberg Trials, since that time there have been numerous CIA black programs funded by black budgets.  Some of the more notable are the code-named Bluebird (1950), to Artichoke, MKULTRA (1953), MKSEARCH, well into the 70’s.  The then Director of the CIA, Richard Helms, ordered the total destruction of any and all MKULTRA records.  The end of the Korean War and the return of the POWs encouraged Western intelligence to delve even further into mind control techniques.

With the HAARP apparatus and its abilities, it is little doubt that the CIA has not added the weather to their arsenal of secret weapons.  It is my studied opinion that the CIA and DoD have been using this against human populations, yes, even American citizens without the target subjects being aware.  Some of the more noticeable targets have been Russia and the Middle East.  The WHO and WEF used it against the World during the COVID Pandemic, with fear, and panic.  If our nation (NSA, CIA, and the whole of the Shadow Government) was willing to use MKULTRA, MKACTION, MKNAOMI, ARTICHOKE and, BLUEBRID, would research and develop methods to manipulate minds, they would certainly use HAARP technologies to covertly control the minds of the socialists’ agenda in our country against American patriots, Christians, and conservatives to accomplish whatever it is that they are trying to do to our nation.  “Fundamentally Change America.”  That is the Obama Coup, the Obama Shadow Government, (Deep State), and now the trending WOKE people.  They have been conditioned (Brainwashed), and awaiting the next their next trigger. 

R.S. Helms

Thanks for reading … pass it on.