A Splintered Nation a Broken Church



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A Splintered Nation and A Broken Church is a book which will hopefully encourage the reader to get involved in restoring our nation to an independent sovereign Constitutional Republic. You must admit that our nation has been on a very long journey towards its demise, what started out to be a sovereign Constitutional Republic, with the founders being Protestant Christian, putting in place moral values, integrity, a Constitution demanding and guaranteeing freedom, equality, and a limited government for the people and by the people. The book sort of hop-scotches through the research concerning the history of our politics and political corruption, resting at times on some major misconceptions and turning points as corruption consumed the political landscape of our nation.
Do you find yourself wondering how and why we find our nation in the state that that it is? know when it started, know how simple political rivalry turned into political parties, with specific ideological agendas and how those agendas evolved into one global liberal socialist party, or socialism the new face of the Democratic Party. A long progression and evolution since its founder Andrew Jackson. With the election of Lincoln, a former Whig turned Republican to get elected, the Republican Party gained it permanency as most Whigs went Republicans. Nonetheless, both parties are corrupt and the common link of corruption is illicit gain both monetary and political power. The book explores the fullness of intent for their corruption and vile behavior, their vile corrupt conspiracy to control the people.
Control and power have established the Shadow Government that is a huge and grossly oversized bureaucracy of unelected officials, departments and agencies that control the people by regulations, the Shadow Government is protected by corrupt politicians of both parties, primarily the global socialists… the new face of the Democrat Party. President Trump ran with the Ideal of draining the Swamp, thinking it meant both the “Deep State” and corrupt Congress. However, the Swamp is the corrupt Democrats and the RINOs who have moved in the direction of money and political power. The size of our government is a mockery of what the founders envisioned in the Constitution. The book looks at the liberal conspiracy against the Protestant church since the 1960s and why should the liberals with the objective of taking control of the nation and now the ultimate objective of a North American Socialist Union and a powerful part of the Global Socialist Union. Research has revealed problematic conditions existed that could not be ignored but must be eliminated or made of no relevance, and that is where Protestant Christianity comes into the picture. The church is broken into two main theologies, liberal and evangelical or liberal and biblical theologies, regardless, the research reveals the division which liberal theology denies, the truth of the Bible it teaches about sin. The Bible is the basis of our moral values, integrity and the character of our culture is Christianity. However. from the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s United Nation’s Charter and the liberal activists of the 1960s exposes the real conspiracy of socialism 2009-16 as it was accelerated by Barack Obama, or Barry whatever the only President in our history who demonized the Bible believing Christians.
The research links politics and the church. It also links the Civil Liberties Act, originated with the Kennedy brothers, then the assassination of John allowed Johnson to implement the Act and take it for his accomplishment and opening the door for minority groups such as the ACLU, LGBT, NAACP, Communist Party of America, and the liberal Press, Nation of Islam, all of which were recruiting people groups for Democrat votes. All a little pushy and all joining in against the church, the Second Amendment, law enforcement, border security, The Boy Scouts, the Military, our Flag and all patriot or Christian expression even Christian cake decorators. However, it was the church and Christian values, ethics, integrity woven into the American Dream. The use of political correctness and the freedom of speech is for liberals only. Black-white-red-yellow-whatever, racism is the biggest tool in the liberal box, intolerance and sexual abuse, (the most hypocritical tools) and further against the church is the favorite of bigotry and a fantasy God and fantasy religion. A lie is now the truth, and vile activity including thuggery violence and breaking the law is only wrong if you are a Christian or conservative.
Things really accelerated since George HW Bush and his push for the socialist union and the UN. There has never been a viler and more lawless as Bill and Hillary Clinton, then George W. with his revenge war on Iraq, when he should have gone to Afghanistan. Obama brought a new attempt to destroy the nation in civil unrest, and violent thuggery. The real eye opener is in research, not what is reported in the “Mainstream News” and liberal social networking. Researching exposes links, and it is up to the researcher to explore those links, see where your candidate stands then vote, and yes, your vote does count. Secondly, by the nature of the beast proper research will give the individual an opinion, and everyone needs a studied opinion to help discern the players and the direction they are headed. I pray the book encourages you to research and be educated enough to protect your mind against the onslaught of evil wrong, against the socialist agenda for your freedom. In this book I hope you find enough material to spark your interest to step back and do your own research. Stand for the truth and don’t compromise on the truth or your faith, even though they call you closed minded, therefore, you won’t be suckered into believing the lies.

“When you reject the truth, you will believe lies.” 

You will become a slave to liberal socialism.


A Lot of Talk



aa 03-10-2018 (2)

The liberal press and the politicians in Washington DC are burning up the airways utilizing every communicating venue possible to pimp the evil tragedy of the Parkland, FL. high school. I have posted on Bob’s Opinion, an initial post on the crisis, (Culture not Guns), but since then I have reblogged numerous posts all about the gun, and the post analytical autopsy of the situation that seems to be normal in all mass murders. Just talk of what needs to be done about it, and it all comes down to more fighting over gun legislation.
It changes nothing, just adds another chapter in the growing volumes of failed legislation anti-second amendment gun control, in a bogus attempt at stopping the meaningless slaughter of our school children, and for that matter the slaughter of all our citizenry. It remains just a lot of talk, and no effective action.
First, we must understand it is not the weapon that may be used. It is the foundation of our American culture it is our Moral values, relating to our integrity, ethics and Christian principles plus more as we enumerate them, even sparking something as a light in the dimming canyons of our minds. Nonetheless, one cannot expect our American culture to be what it was even 40 years ago, as the decaying effect of evil has slithered forth, mostly unnoticed, until the past four Presidents. (yes, I said the last four, plus the several before them).
During the 1960s, the government put themselves in the position of taking on the personal responsibility of the masses, (people), it basically was a great power grab that started the establishment of a powerful shadow government, infesting the over-indulging bureaucracy who creates regulations that become the same as the laws of our nation. It is the shadow government that has the real power and assumes, through that power, the personal responsibility of the people.
People who still take their personal responsibility seriously, are the ones that hold on to their moral values, integrity, and religious principles. These are the American citizens who are patriotic, who are proud to be American, they respect the flag, our anthem, and to honor our military men and women, and see to it that our veterans are properly taken care of.
Americans who have personal responsibility, understand the reality of a key factor of our freedoms. “With freedom comes responsibilities, with responsibilities comes accountability.” It is the people’s responsibility to hold the corrupt lawless politicians, celebrities, news media, and the shadow government accountable for what they do and say.
Gun control laws is not going to stop anyone from killing, and it is not within the power of Congress to take any constitutional right away from the responsible citizen. The power of government is to hold irresponsible people accountable. And to stop irresponsible people from killing other people before it happens. That is the only responsibility required of government in view of gun control.
The corrupt politicians, celebrities, mainstream media, and protected liberal people groups, need to accept their personal responsibilities and professional ethics or be held accountable for how they act, what they say, and their general attitude of being above the law. And they need to be held accountable for pimping tragic and horrific mass murder incidents.
Fact is, just as with gun ownership of the second amendment brings with it personal responsibilities. Just as the free speech and the freedom of the press of the first amendment, also brings personal responsibilities and with responsibilities come accountability. Holding irresponsible people accountable does not allow for removing Constitutional rights and freedoms form the citizens.
Thanks … R.S. Helms

Part two, will be on the prevention of mass murder.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder





Maxine waters -- retard





COULD IT BE… that liberalism has become a severe mental disorder?  Yes, it is my studied opinion that it has.  We need not go any further back in time, the origin of ‘globalization’ and the failed League of Nations, which had absolutely no cooperation from the member nations, in stopping the Second World War, or what some refer to as “The Great War.”

After the Allied Nations put that one to bed, the same cry for a world peace organization arose, but what to do about it became the question, after the failure of the League of Nations.  So, the Apex of power colluded over the question to find some sort of global league to ensure sustainable global peace.

What happened, was perhaps well intended, but has evolved into a global socialist organization, which some people call “One World Order,” and that very-well may be, however, I prefer what it actually is at this point, “Global Socialist Union” which has evolving power over the constitutions of the worlds nation.

What started out seemingly a good thing, has evolved into an evil tool for Satan and his hosts to rule the world.  Liberalism and socialism has been his tools since before they were even a concept of rule, and were designed to control mankind.  Satan has used the appetites of the depraved human nature to capture man’s soul.

Therefore, what we have termed as a mental illness would be better defined as an evil delusion; just as God has said he would do, that he would send a strong evil delusion upon humankind.  It is apparent that such is the case due to the actions and behavior of the intended subjects.

First, I once again, draw your attention to the “Seven Deadly Sins.”  Then, seven in Proverbs, (Pr.6:16-17). Ga. 5:19-21, and Re. 21:8.  All toll they add up to a grand total of 38, and given the whole Bible we will assuredly find beaucoup more. Too many more, however, these 38 seem to be embedded into the very fabric of our corrupt politicians; and it is little wonder that he has used them to apply the vile depraved delusion to the minds of liberal Americans.

To the minds of the millennials who have been fed a daily five-course meal of liberalism from the time that the babysitter turns on the TV to do the babysitting, oh yes, it does continue through the primary and secondary public schooling, while the latch-key time after school became the normal routine until the poor child is sent off the liberal college.

Mind you that this started out slowly as being an acceptable method of raising a child.  Because the greed which had become quite natural to the depraved human nature, as “keeping up with the Jones’” became the trend, and keeping ahead of the curve socially was in-vogue.

As Christians in the 60s until the present we simply stood back and opened the door to an evil, Satanic attack known as liberalism; not only on our nation’s moral integrity, but to the principles which has made this nation the greatest in global history.  However, I blame shallow Christians who slowly compromised the faith.  That slow compromise, like the snowball effect it has reached its maximum size and weight and is ready to blow apart before it reaches the bottom of the hill.

Liberalism fell under a global delusion that has eaten most of the brain away, leaving the victim looking like a shag-nasty politician, thinking that moral values do not apply to them, and they lost their integrity before it had a chance to develop.  Leaving the victim acting and talking like they are suffering from some sort of stupid, completely detached from any sort of reality, and it is getting hard to tell any of them apart; simply because they all sound alike … with the same message.

A prompted message of stupidity, which leaves one thinking just how dumb was the constituency that managed to vote them into office, although some of the more stupid remarks have managed to come from the liberal federal judges.  Just simply read some of their “stop Trump” briefs that they have filed.  Not even trying to camouflage the bias, non-legal opinions, instead of basing their brief on law they make it up as they fly over the coo-coo’s nest.

We do not have to list them, although Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Brown, Ryan, McCain, and a couple of RINOs who are just as worthy of the mental condition is beyond help, some have passed beyond the vail of insanity into simply stupid loud-mouthed traitors conspiring to make the US a member nation to the new Global Socialist Union.

I have a little thing that says “Gone Squatchin,” and it is how I am starting to feel.  Might as well go Squatchin because even the --Gone Squatchinconservative pages, FB Friends, and Tweeter are posting the same mems and making the same statements.  I do love each one of them and I will hit like, even comment and repost some of, but it seems the real conservative Christian is simply not being heard in Washington DC, only when they are looking for more money for some campaign project or fake promise is the only time that I get email from any of them.

Liberalism has done its number on our young people, now called millennials our liberal school system on the federal level have sold them a real bill of goods, while dumbing them down they have made anti-Christian zombies out of them… (not all of them many, are good people).

Liberalism has broken Christianity with many denominations turning to liberal theology, or even liberation theology.  Why the big compromise?  Shallow Christians who like to claim they are Christian and are not, people who want so hard to be accepted socially, that they are willing to compromise on their trust in the Bible, but would rather put their trust in some charlatan charismatic motivational liberal speaker, and to heck with Jesus or the Bible. whatever makes Christianity easy.

In today’s climate, being a conservative Christian is hard, if you believe in the Bible as being the living Word of God. We are targeted by the trendies be them on the homosexual bandwagon, or the save the Muslim world band wagon, maybe you blamebible-american-flag all our major issues such as illegal aliens, or illegal thugs from the black hoods, on Christians who are intolerant of such evil slime-bags, with their gangs, and absolutely vile behavior of the want-a-be homo, or maybe the Muslims who want to turn our nation into another sand-pit from hell.

Well, just keep following after the liberals who want to kill each other, over drugs, and Mohammad following goats, they look like a goat when they yell and scream in protest to change our legal system to one that mutilates young girls, beats women, and rapes women when they are not cutting off someone’s head or burning them alive.  Liberalism believes laws are for everyone but them, like some of our politicians, where a traitor is made a hero, and they spit in the face of our wounded military returning home.

Keep following the flag burning protestors who are blocking traffic and tearing up people’s cars, hell, beating up people, killing police, burning down their neighborhoods, looting and burning their business’ that serve them; that is as long as some vile evil old socialist billionaire keeps shoveling out the money to the liberal community organizers.  And this is the land of the free who elects a half-breed from Kenya who happened to excel in “community organization” then plays the game to implement his own Deep State to obstruct anything his successor tries to do to make this the country it once was … independent, sovereign, and a Christian nation,

big foot 000Sort of makes me want to go squatchin, because liberalism here in America has made the quantum leap to being a mental condition and I for one am really tired of hearing from them on the fake media.  Going Squatchin… anyone want to come?  We can chase a Squatch, while the crazy liberals self-destruct


Thanks for putting up with my rant… and should you feel like it please send this to one of the fake news outlets in your area.Baby Expressions


R.S. Helms.


The Times That Try The Souls of Americans


Happy Fourth of July





Me 003 Times that try the souls of   


R.S. Helms… 7-4-2017 post


I am putting the finishing pages to my book manuscript, and it impressed me to put most of the Christian moral issues at the end of my book, that way my focus can be better applied to the subject material.  The political issues and timeline was kept at the front, and it was a battle to stay focused on political issues starting with the founding fathers, the political parties and ideologies, that was mostly research, however, where the two, Politics and Religion met in the middle, was a whole different thing; focus was out the window beginning with the party primaries, especially the GOP.

The book, as I have mentioned in prior posts, was started over a year ago and was to be completed prior to the 2016 presidential vote, and was to be a tool to prompt the people to do their research on candidates and become an informed and involved voter.  Well so much for well-intended plans, but it does not change the subject content of the book.  As a matter of fact, it has become more of a tool to hopefully prod the American people to get informed through their own research and not simply by what the mainstream media, or celebrity writer tells you.  You, by necessity, must dig deep to uncover the truth, whether it is about your Christian (or spiritual life), or about your politics; both are critically entwined and are directly involved continuously in our journey through this life.

In the twilight years of our life these genres, (Politics and Religion), become of more interest to the individual, perhaps because of how each personally affect us and our well-being.  And our experiences of life reveal just how the younger generations seem so out of touch with future realities.  It is the younger generation’s seemingly lack earnest consideration of ideologies might weigh in the outcome of the ever influential “trends” that plague mankind.

Liberalism knows no restraint or respect of any limitations.  It has a cause and will do anything at any time to achieve the purpose of the cause.  Liberalism has been a large contributor to the present age of conspiracy, and was the origin of demonizing the word conspiracy; bringing the word itself into open ridicule by anyone who seeks any connecting of truth and fact to finalize the intent of any organization or group. Except of course, when they use conspiracy to demean or disrupt a conservative movement.

Liberals use “conspiracy theorist” as a weapon against anyone seeking the true motivations of groups who are engaged in violent and non-violent bullying tactics to silence the voice of opposition through ridicule and defamation.  Liberalism now is one of the worst threats to the security, and well-being of our nation as a sovereign independent and Christian nation.

We have started our great celebration of independence the infamous Fourth of July weekend, where the BBQ grills will be cranking out hotdogs, hamburgers, and steaks.  Family chefs will be producing tons of potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, iced tea, lemonade, and cool-aid, beer will be consumed by the thousands of gallons, and tons of iced watermelon will be consumed. Then when night falls, the fireworks start, in every town and burg, (some cities have outlawed them this year), in opposition to the Trump “Make America Great Again,” but that won’t stop some individuals from using them.

It will not just be the conservatives who celebrate the long weekend, liberals will be just as celebrant as anyone, even though they will use the time to protest against the nation, our flag, and our American way of life.  Nonetheless, the true heart of America is exposed when liberals and conservatives drop all the hype of our troubled politics and nation; when a true crisis or disaster hits, the Americans show their grit and come together to help their neighbors, they unite and give all to help fix what is broken.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have been called that many times.  It used to bother me, call me a Bible thumping evangelical, that I will wear it as a badge of honor, or perhaps, an old whitey a cracker, an intolerant bigot, racist, these I still have a bit of a problem with, however, I have an issue with anger as it is.  Therefore, I will continue to connect the dots in my research and investigate the connections in relationship to the overall liberal agenda; in politics, religion, and the destruction of the greatest nation that has ever existed in the history of our planet.

I don’t think we should worry about keeping up with the other nations of the world at our demise, or even in our risk of becoming like everyone else, that is not advancement it is demotion as a global leader.  And as for Christianity, I will not compromise the faith, our biblical doctrines, and our belief in the authority of the Word of God, as the standard by which all things are to be tested; including liberal Christian theology, and worldly ideologies.

In closing, I would like to introduce into the mix something else that most conservatives have as a trait, void in liberalism, and that is: “Common Sense” … it that thing which is the result of mixing 1/3rd knowledge, and 2/3rd wisdom, give a person common sense, and that applied to any given situational debate is what reveals the right and the wrong solution to the issue.  Therefore, for the Christian to come to the right judgement of an issue, is first prayer, involve God – He don’t mind – as a matter of fact He loves to be involved in all of our issues, Prayer is us inviting God to help us reach the right conclusion the right action; then we must research the issue, and lay bare the meat of the issue, research and investigate the people who are pushing the issue, and test the issue with Scripture and pray for the intent of the issue to be exposed, apply common sense, and research the possible future outcome..  Make your own mind up employing the communion with God asking for the peace only he can provide about your decision or action.

Today is the Fourth of July, celebrating the 241st year of our independence from Great Britain, and although not a perfect nation as far as our history goes, but a nation with the greatest Constitution and amendments (Bill of Rights), through our history we have managed as a nation to pull together and overcome the sad things, continuing in our freedoms.

Nonetheless, our nation finds itself in a far worse situation than it has had to face thus far, simply because there is more of us and more seriously diversified issues, because, in the normal course of growing, we have failed to keep our eye on our independence and the meaning of freedom, instead, we have allowed our values, and our heritage to be taken away, mostly by trendy activists, and our over-stuffed bureaucracy, which has been fined tuned with radical liberalism who’s agenda is “global citizenry and global socialism.

Here where a radical liberal trendy group of individuals have not only been able to embarrass themselves but our nation, liberalism has taken the intent of the Constitution that all are created equal, and through liberal power mongering politicians created a Constitutional crisis, where the “civil liberties” of one group can usurp the Constitutional rights of another.  Where the “shadow government” (liberal bureaucracy), have deemed it necessary to delete our history and heritage, or allow it to be used as a weapon against our citizens.

A land where we are not free, and the brave are made out to be evil, where the law is no longer respected and obeyed by the liberals, but used against the citizens who are still “clinging onto our Bibles and our guns” and as one presidential candidate, (Barrack Hussein Obama), coined the phrase in 2007, (or about that time).  a nation where the radical liberals have created a new Democratic Party, and along with that the whole of the Democratic Congress, has created a new “acceptable speech ideology called political correctness.  This determines what is “Hate Speech” by who is using it.

The acceleration of destruction has become more than apparent over the terms of the past four presidents, beginning with George HW Bush, through Barrack Hussein Obama, escalating at a greater speed with the presidencies of Bill Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama; Obama being the worst in the history of the United States.

Over the past eight years, this nation has become more lawless and more divided, on every front, over every issue than in the history of our nation.  Two of the hardest wars a nation can suffer is a civil war, and a religious war, our civil war was fought in the middle of the nineteenth century, and it is still being fought activists on each side, the actual religious war started with the election of Barrack Hussein Obama, and is still in its early stages.  It is a war with Islam, a real war the shadow government will not recognize as a war, but water it down to a war on terrorism, yet relocate millions of enemy refugees across the nation, and the war on illegal aliens, is one that should have never been, except for Barrack Hussein Obama.

We are fighting a war against the liberal destruction of our economy and Christianity, we are fighting a gender war fueled by the liberal war on Christianity, we are fighting an internal liberal Christianity war against conservative Christianity, we are fighting a war against the moral values and principals which made this country great; we are fighting a war against the destruction of our Constitution; spending trillions of dollars to shatter the nation and send it further down the dark hole of liberal socialism and Marxism.

America, it is time – far past the time to put a stop to this madness, we must tap into our moral fortitude and put an end to the on-slot of liberalism and the “Global Socialist Union” and think about what freedom really means to you and to me.  We must defeat the liberal “Shadow Government” that is working for the U.N., and take our country back. With the European Union, as a crystal ball to see our short-term or near future, we must fight liberalism from all aspects.  I would suggest the eradication of liberalism and globalization but that may be too harsh even for some of our conservative and Christian friends.

We need to metaphorically take up arms and see to it that our liberal congress and liberal shadow government is replaced, that includes all establishment RINOs, put any liberal and RINO involved in the shadow government on trial and put them in jail for conspiracy to incite sedition and treason, enforce our laws, both on the national level and the municipal level. Secure our borders, and deport all illegal aliens with no amnesty, no alien dreamer rights, if they want to be with their babies – take their babies with them when they are deported; they all need to stand in line like everyone before them.  We The People, must move Islam and Muslim beyond religion, and make it a religious state; like Israel and the Jewish Faith.

No more sanctuary cities, states, and non-compliance with federal laws, in such cases the Governors and Mayors should go on trial and be locked up as not complying with federal laws.  Any university, college, and school district that does not comply with federal law, or continues to encourage students and faculty to riot or block access to conservative points of view, to be defunded until they comply, (just as they did with the desegregation laws), if necessary, send in the National Guard to keep the peace.  I mentioned metaphorically speaking to “take up arms” … that is Metaphorically, until the actual “take up arms.” becomes a reality.  Conservatives are the Majority, 38% to 23% and those hiding behind moderate need to make up their minds as there is really no sitting on the fence in the issue of making America Great Again; for all Americans, and that is our rights and freedoms.  A democracy is the majority rules, and we need to keep it that way.


Thanks for your support

R.S. Helms



Or who is the Mainstream Media; Nancy Pelosi, Chucky-boy Schumer & their Democrat Puppets


Over the past three years the American people, especially the Conservative Patriots, have undergone the evilest, vilest, demonic attack that has been perpetrated by socialism against people.

Evil is truly fueled by hatred and fear.  Hate and fear, unfortunately, the Democrat Party has become totally consumed by hatred and fear-mongering to the point that the demons and demon-possessed amongst the cabal of socialist delusional followers have almost destroyed the Democrat Party.  It is not only the party that they have destroyed they have nearly destroyed our way of life, of our liberty and our sovereignty.

They have become pure evil, fed by the cabal, politicians and the infamous twice rotten Mainstream Media.  Without such a valueless press trying to hide behind the “Free Press” clause.  What the new liberalism (socialism) does not understand, is, with the rights and liberties guaranteed in our great and wonderful Constitution, comes personal responsibility… Yes, individual personal responsibility.

The liberal politician from the top down to the dogcatcher, have always used fear-mongering during campaigns, where they also showed more than their normal hatred for their conservative opponents.  But over the past several decades that changed especially with the first run of Obama.

Now speaking of Obama and his hand-picked liberal-socialist-Islamic bureaucracy or rather a deep state, from circuit court justices, and the management of all the agencies and departments.  In the last two years of his last term, his administration was far more successful than the average citizen thought.  He was far more successful in building his own personal Deep State (Shadow Government), and by the time President Trump entered the race, Obama and Hillary were ready to react.  The problem being they reacted (jerk-knee) without employing much wisdom.

Spying on the Trump campaign, hastily creating a conspiracy between Trump, his campaign and Russia.  So, even with their strategy of voter fraud (their standby and well-used tactic), the slimy politics by the RINOs and on the other side was the DemonRat usual manipulation, Donald made short work of the field of contenders, except for Cruz, a very formable Republican candidate, and one I would have voted for if Trump would have been eliminated by all the full-blown Party frenzy.  Nonetheless, Trump won, and immediately the Coup d’état/ cabal went into force; we have witnessed its failure bit by bit.

Now the Democrats think they found the crisis that could do two things, flip the government and bring down Trump.  As Nancy Pelosi and Chucky-boy Schumer are the leaders in Congress, and Pelosi with the majority House has certainly over-shot her delusion of grandeur and power and tried to get away with it, with the impeachment fiasco.

Now something comes along like the Chinese COVID-19 Coronavirus and once again she rallies the Democrats in the House, and Schumer Starts working on the Senate, all Schumer has to do is convince Romey, and other anti-Trump Senators to go with them and the DemonRat Governors and of course, the obvious Mayors who are in a frightful state all the time.

Meanwhile, The Mainstream Media and half of the Social Network sources began with their fear-mongering fake news and, sensationalism created fear and panic in the people, which spread more rapidly and potentially more deadly than the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the panic and the cabal’s insane hatred for Trump, the Constitution, and America, it set off a sell-off on Wall Street, to the point that they were forced to close in order to handle the volume of the sell-off, with ups and downs (mostly downs) is due to the investor’s accelerating panic.  Of course, the constant fearmongering sensationalism from the Mainstream Media has not only put panic on the people but also panic in investors.  In the frenzy of the populace, we have an extreme blow to the economy, and the frenzy to shut down schools, “nonessential” businesses’, restaurants, manufacturing, and travel.

So, you can see why it may take months or more to get our robust economy back, but it will be back, rest assured that it will.  Yes, now that the emergency stimulus bill has been signed by Trump, however, I would like to regress into the past month.

While the DemonRats were doing all, they could do to stop Trump’s plan to get aid to the people who were on the frontline of the advancing pandemic, they fed the press with Trump-bashing BS  just keeping fuel to the fire.  I absolutely believe that anger and hate fuel evil.  As a people, the united states show a long history of people coming together in the time of emergency and disaster; people that didn’t really know each other, but, when people’s backs are up against the wall, people once gave and joined together to meet the needs of their fellow Americans no matter what race, religion or what part of the country they are in.

Since the Obama campaign against Americans, the Constitution, the sovereign Republic, Christian Conservatives, moral values, and the flagship of his vile and evil reign was race division, division of any and all races and people groups creating a huge vile cabal following.

The Shame for which this article is titled is the Democrat Party & RINOs who will do and say anything for power and money, they really don’t care about the people, just themselves and would throw any of their closest to a hungry pack of wolves in a heartbeat if they disagreed with their agenda, but, that’s vile and evil politics.

The shame is we don’t know how many Americans have become seriously ill and even died because of the vile and evil politics in conspiracy with the Mainstream Media taking full political advantage of a grave health emergency to further their coup d’état/cabal to overthrow our President, our government and our way of life.  All this with complete disregard for the health and welfare of our people.

Nancy Pelosi, Chucky-boy Schumer and their puppets along with the Mainstream Media are cumulatively the SHAME of our great nation. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM, if they are not demons from the pits of hell, they are possessed by some of the vilest.


Pray for our fellow Americans our neighbors, and the people around the world that this Chinese Coronavirus plague tsunami will return to the pits of hell, from whence it came. Pray for the peace that only Jesus can provide.  FEAR NOT … Jesus is greater than the Coronavirus.


Nancy Pelosi’s Very Bad Decision To Hold The Country Hostage

She truly shows her sick sociopathic delusion problem with this attempt to further the coup d’etat … coup cabal led by Obama and backed by the UN.

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This is a Democrat wish list, at a time hundreds are dying, thousands are losing their businesses, and millions are out of work.

Source: Nancy Pelosi’s Very Bad Decision To Hold The Country Hostage

Coronavirus (COVD-19)

Thinking Christianly about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

News about the Coronavirus has continued to develop almost hourly over the last few days. Even the most skeptical deniers have had to face up to the fact that billion dollar industries do not shut down events and alter operations in ways that will cost them millions if not billions of dollars without being convinced that the threat is serious enough to warrant such risk. Schools are being closed.

President Trump has invoked the Stafford Act to call for a state of national emergency. State and local municipalities are preparing emergency protocols as experts warn that medical infrastructures will be unable to address all of the needs that are on the horizon. If skepticism is no longer a great danger, panic is.

Remember the God Who Raises the Dead

Christians are not free to give into either. We should be the ultimate realists because we know the real God. That knowledge keeps us from denying facts. It also keeps us from giving into fear. In other words, we must think and respond like Christians to the news of this pandemic and the crisis that is emerging. While that involves many things, at the heart of our response should be an unshakeable confidence in the God who raises the dead.

Our great God loves us so much that He has given up His Son for us. He who did not spare Him, “but delivered Him up for us all, how will He not also freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32) What this means is that since the Lord has already given us the Son of His love, we know that He will not withhold anything from us which we need. He is sovereign. Not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from His will (Matthew 10:29). As George Whitefield once said, “We are immortal until our work on earth is done.”

With that sure hope that comes from knowing that our good and sovereign God has reconciled us to Himself through our crucified and risen Savior, we seek to live humbly, boldly, and wisely in this world of sin, death, and viruses.

Psalm 91 is full of instruction and comfort for God’s people as we do this. The whole Psalm is worthy of meditation, but the first six verses are particularly relevant to our current situation.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” 3 For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. 4 He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. 5 You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, 6 nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.

Christians should seek to “dwell” in the shelter of God and “abide” under “His shadow.” How do we do this? By faith. By taking God at His Word. Believing and remembering what He has told us and what He promises us in Christ. He delivers us even from “deadly pestilence” (vv. 3, 6) and even from the “plague” (v. 10). Does this mean that no Christian will ever die of disease? Not at all. What it does mean is that what Whitefield said is true—God has our lives in His hand and no virus will overrule His eternal purpose, including the day that has been appointed for our death.

This is no license for a Christian to be cavalier or nonchalant about the Coronavirus. We should take proper precautions and listen to medical and governmental authorities that the Lord in His wisdom and goodness has given us. But as we listen and heed wise counsel, and as we take precautions and use the good medical gifts that He has given us (like doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medicines), we do so without letting our trust shift from Him to those gifts. In other words, we must be careful to love and trust the Giver more than the gifts He gives.

That is a challenge that we constantly face, isn’t it? God has been so good to us in so many ways—He has showered us with so many good gifts—that we are regularly tempted to think that it is the Tylenol that takes away our fever and not Him. When we fall into the pattern of thinking like that then when we get sick, our first (and sometimes our only) thoughts tend to be that what we really need is medicine rather than God. This was the sin of King Asa: “even in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but sought help from physicians” (2 Chronicles 16:12).

In and through every precaution that believers take, we must remind each other to remember our God and Father in heaven. Let’s pray to Him, trust Him, and hope in Him as we take appropriate measures in the face of the Coronavirus.

Churches are facing the question of whether or not to meet in their regular gatherings. I have heard from pastors in our local community, state, nation and various places around the world who are grappling with this issue. Some churches will not meet this Sunday. Some will not meet for the next several weeks. Others are asking their members to meet in smaller gatherings in homes. Some have only slightly altered their schedules.

Each church must exercise wisdom in making those decisions and no church should stand in judgment on what any church decides about such pressing issues. The same is true for individual Christians in the same church. During this season of unusual pandemic, some may choose wisely not to gather at all even in small meetings of believers. Others may be equally wise in choosing to gather in such meetings. Through it all Christians should pray for one another and encourage each other to remember Jesus Christ, to resist operating out of fear, and to do whatever we do out of faith in Him and with a desire to see Him glorified in our communities.

Love Your Neighbor

The measures that government officials, businesses, and churches are taking may seem drastic in some ways. But they are being taken as precautions because this virus is so highly contagious. Scientists are still discovering its characteristics and making new recommendations about how to fight it. As Christians, we should do what we can to help prevent the spread of the disease.

That involves taking basic, common-sense precautions which are always relevant:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Use hand sanitizers.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes (and wash your hands again, as appropriate)
  • If you are sick or have a fever, stay home and/or seek medical attention
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthily
  • Forgo hugging and shaking hands for a season
  • Listen to reputable sources for updates about the spread of the virus and how to respond (such as the Center for Disease Control)

Do these things not only for your own sake but also for the sake of others. It is an expression of neighbor-love to take such precautions.

As fear gives way to more and more panic, God’s people must remember to show love to our neighbors—love that is motivated by our supreme love for Him. We can do this because we ourselves been loved at such a great cost and in way that results in being reconciled to our Creator.

So, when others hoard, we share. When others steal, we give. When others hide, we serve. When others give way to fear, we comfort in the hope of knowing that our God loves us, is for us, and raises people from the dead. In our hearts we honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks us for a reason for the hope that is in us; and we do it with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

I have been helped by recently reading an open letter that Martin Luther wrote on “Whether One May Flee from a Deadly Plague.” He was asked that question as the Bubonic Plague came to Saxony in 1527. Among many wise pieces of practical counsel that he gave, is included this admonition to those who came to different decisions about whether to flee or stay.

We must pray against every form of evil and guard against it to the best of our ability in order not to act contrary to God, as was previously explained. If it be God’s will that evil come upon us and destroy us, none of our precautions will help us. Everybody must take this to heart: first of all, if he feels bound to remain where death rages in order to serve his neighbor, let him commend himself to God and say, “Lord, I am in thy hands; thou hast kept me here; thy will be done. I am thy lowly creature. Thou canst kill me or preserve me in this pestilence in the same way as if I were in fire, water, drought, or any other danger.” If a man is free, however, and can escape, let him commend himself and say, “Lord God, I am weak and fearful. Therefore I am running away from evil and am doing what I can to protect myself against it. I am nevertheless in thy hands in this danger as in any other which might overtake me. Thy will be done. My flight alone will not succeed of itself because calamity and harm are everywhere. Moreover, the devil never sleeps. He is a murderer from the beginning [John 8:44] and tries everywhere to instigate murder and misfortune.”

May the Lord enable us all to live like people who know the risen Savior and whose hope is anchored steadfastly in Him.