How Deep Does it Go?

How Deep Does It Go?

The piece is written and published as a “fiction” article because I am 80 years old and depend on Medicare to pay for a disease that does not go away, it just gets worse.  So, I will tell you a story about my experience with the Obamacare death panels and the legal freedoms of Pharmacies and Insurance providers to change doctor’s prescriptions and scheduling practices, like the death panels that Sarah Palin talked about when Pelosi was passing a partisan National Healthcare Act, without any Republican review, or vote. 

It was named Obamacare because it was his bill and he had to make a few adjustments to it for it to pass the muster of the Supreme Court.  It was in fact a socialist scheme to control healthcare and bought and paid for by the big players in the healthcare industry and the DOJ who authorized industry mergers and collaboration (Conspiracy) to take place within the Medicare Network, which was paid for by Social Security, when you retired and took your Social Security you were automatically enrolled in Medicare part A and B, with part D, you had to enroll yourself. You were supposed to be advised about enrolling in Part D and if you failed to enroll you would have to pay a penalty and that penalty would be forever.  The problem is that they did not give you any details about being penalties, how they worked or actually who would be the insurance provider, (WellCare), or what the premiums would be.  it would have made a great deal of difference in people who seldom needed insurance for prescriptions and did not opt into part D at the time but needed the premiums in their paycheck more.

The whole Social Security has been raped and robbed by the government, (Congress and spend-thrift presidents).  Medicare was once a fairly good plan, but slowly it has become corrupt, and we all know who supplies the laundered graft that goes to the hidden accounts and spouses’ businesses.  but one thing is absolute and that is nothing moves in Washington without money and greedy politicians. 

That is the reason we find our healthcare in the shape that it is, and we either accept it or we do without.  The same with the Social Security that the federal government owes Billions of dollars, perhaps a Trillion or so, it is why Social Security payments and benefits are the first items on the budget that they want to cut.  Just cannot find a way to justify putting Seniors on welfare food stamps and find another way to give millions of dollars to the illegal aliens, (oh, did I not tell you, that I am not fond of political correctness?).

However, it is time to move on with the story, and reminding you that this is a fictional story, although from time to time I shall be giving some additional information showing my personal experience with CVS, Obamacare, and insurance providers.

At one time I trusted the healthcare profession, but when my family doctor gave up his practice and went to work on the farms and driving farm equipment and trucks.  He quit because of Obamacare’s setup where all patients’ files were put on the computer and then Obamacare could and does change the treatment of the patients. And he would have done it their way, hence we have the Obamacare panels prescribing the treatment when they do not know anything about the patients, never met them, nor do they care, they make their money by visit, which is why they spend little time with the individual and try to get more individuals in.  The patient’s then visit is with the nurse and staff, and that is where my story starts to get complicated.

I would go to the doctor (now part of the local medical group). He gave me a prescription for my COPD, which would be filled by national outlet that billed Medicare and not insurance, they would call when it was time for a refill, and ask how much I had left, and would there be a need for any nebulizer needs.  I would give my order for the next 30 days and it was delivered in a few days, which was really going smooth for several months until a pharmacist and Nurse Practitioner changed one of my meds for a more expensive one and changed my dosage to another to compensate for what was in the new one just cost me more money.


Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was pulling all sorts of dirty politics to get the ‘National Healthcare Act’ passed, (over two thousand pages of Obamacare), through congress, which she did without a single Republican vote, she told congress you will have to vote on it to read it.  at any rate, it passed, and Obama was trying to roll it out, but he hit a few snags, where he wanted it to be a single-payer system, and you either signed up or a tax would be imposed.  The Supreme Court disagreed, and he had to move it to give people a choice of insurance plans and the bill would be put under a new Medicare program called Medicare Advantage, but everyone would have to sign up for Medicare, which did not go as well as Obama had hoped for and now we have Socialist Medicare as the implementation of the National socialist Healthcare, with the price continuing to climb with penalties and higher rates deducted from the seniors’ Social Security. 

Obamacare is what made it possible for the socialist WOKE corporations to skate on the thin ice of breaking the Constitutional rights of the people, big Insurance, and pharmacies to say just a few, who have recently been sued by some pharmacy and patient adversaries groups, but the Federal Trade Commission with a 2-2 party-line vote decided not to open a probe into Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), concerning the reimbursement rates set by the PBMs. Seems that the PBMs have been accused of price-fixing in favor of the PBM-affiliated Pharmacies.  Wonder why the decision was what it was?

In my case, I was deprived of one of three nebulizer medications for my COPD and unable to prove it was punishment one time they gave a reason for the rescheduling because I had been late in picking up my Rx, I was penalized for over a month. Once I was reduced to full price for a one-week supply for several weeks, while they tried to sort out what Rx they were supposed to be using.  At present I have two that I have to wait on until March, one is I picked up my 90day subscription but was only given a one-week supply, yet never was given the 90day supply, can’t complain much there because I was only charged for the one-week, However, the insurance will not pay for the remaining 85 days supplies that were supposed to have been issued. 

I had complained to pharmacy customer service about a year prior to being messed about by the ‘pharmacy team,’ and at this point in time, I feel as though I have jumped from the frypan into the fire.  I envision more problems between now and October 15th when I can completely change it all, I will most likely stay with Walmart pharmacy and build from there. 

My next move is to put pressure on state and federal Representatives and Senators to try to get something started.  Pressure needs to be brought on the Federal Trade Commission’s prob on the close tie that the major pharmacies, insurance companies, and their affiliated PBOs on the pharmaceutical corporations in price-fixing, therefore, driving the cost of medications up and pushing local hometown pharmacies out of business.  ObamaCare’s network of pharmacies will not allow them into the network.  The same “Preferred” doctors list is in effect, doctors have to belong to a “Medical group” in order to continue a practice where Medicare is taken, … contrary to Obama’s promise that “you’ll be able to keep your doctor.”  Many doctors have been forced to give up their practice.  My doctor is one of the finest practitioners there is, and rather than go along with the Death Panels actually prescribing the care and treatment of their patients, he chose to give up his practice and go to work for the Hospital then went on to doing farm work and a bit of welding, he said he enjoyed it but then found an opportunity to get back into medicine and be able to resume his practice the way he wanted to do it.  You remember doctors who actually got to know their patients and treat their infirmities with real care, who take the time to explain what is happening.  Guess some would call them good old ‘country doctors.’


Yes, unfortunately, every article or story must have a conclusion, a conclusion.  A conclusion serves several purposes, one. To stop the author from rambling on and on… two. To give the author a tidy place to close while he still has something to say, without too much redundancy, of which I have already mindlessly overreached. 

So, just how does this all tie into the grand scheme of the United Nations Agendas 21 and 2030?  Simply the control of healthcare globally and a giant step for the Obama Coup d’état to fundamentally change the United States, from a sovereign Republic of the free Constitutional Republic governed by the People of each sovereign state, and the only power that the federal government has is that given by the people, not I repeat not visa-versa.  The rights of the people are spelled out in the Constitution and the constitutions of each of the states … but, most importantly, the people the citizens own this nation, not the federal government, we all of us green, blue, black, white, yellow, brown, red, Anglo, African, Hispanic, those who are actually citizens either native or born here of American parents, or those who have entered here looking for freedom and perhaps a part of the American Dream, for themselves and their families; our forefathers who stood in line and entered legal, worked hard.  Yes, even those who suffered the horrific slave trade were held back because of the color of their skin.  The Natives of this land who were killed off and rounded up like wild cattle and put on reservations raped their holy lands and when needed moved them from promised reservation land, and like the black, kept the hard thumb of the government on them as though they were savages and animals.  The Civil Liberties Act of the Kennedy’s changed some and was put in place by Johnson after Kennedy was assassinated. 

Yes, we are the greatest nation on earth and in history, and yes again, we have had some dark moments, but not coming from the people, but from greedy politicians, corrupt unelected bureaucrats at all levels, and the civilian army of which Obama boasted of.  The corrupt politicians now pushing Obama’s Socialism are the scum of the Washington Swamp.  They do not care a flip what happens to the people of our country as long as they keep raking in their ill-gotten gain, like the pay-to-play scheme of the Clintons.  Could it really be, that they actually believe they are above the law?  Well, when they are caught with their hand in the cookie Jar and nothing ever happens, we begin to wonder.  But for decades the American people have been being brainwashed to believe that the government is our God, and omnipotent, the left and RINOs have draped a veil over the mind and eyes of the people, a vail of delusion, the delusion of some sort of fanciful socialist utopia.

This is the driving force behind socialism, brainwashing them into accepting it as the new normal, once we accept any one of the various areas of their socialist change like healthcare, education, climate change, and the way that Obama race divided the nation has been without equal.  Not only in race but in religion, gay lesbian transgender, political parties, all with the intent of disruption of society.  Socialist and progressive leaders in our congress, justice system, have been ripe for a civil war for the past decade.  Then came COVID-19 and the pandemic … perfect putting everyone under a manufactured national health emergency.  Yet open the borders and shut down the supply chain and then draconian mandates.   The economy has crashed, and inflation has nearly reached hyperinflation.

At this point, there is little hope for the seniors, the poor black, brown, white, and native Americans, our children PreK-adult.  Our small businesses, hometown pharmacies, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are all in the untrustworthy hands of our government, or should I say our shadow government and shadow president, Obama. 

I am 80yrs young and have been around the block, and seen some evil things, but I have never seen anything like that has to take place in our Christian nation.  The death panels of Palin are not just her fantasy – but have come to fruition in the ObamaCare, central medical records are a reality and I believe they are a killer.  The teams that use this medical information use it to change care and treatment as they wish, in other words, what your doctor types into his little tablet go into your medical record and the teams, be they pharmacy, insurance, or both.  I might be very wrong, but I don’t believe so, after over a year of having my breathing medications messed with by the pharmacy and insurance, what they are doing and are able to do is not just criminal but evil as well. 

The doctor and I did not think I would have to start oxygen therapy for some time yet, but my late Christmas present was a $3500.00 test to see how my lungs were doing, and not doing so hot, they had the oxygen bottles and machine in my home the next day.  So it is rather hard to not think that it was the “Pharmacy Team” who advanced me from an early stage two to the start of the final stage.  And not to be too redundant, I blame their actions for the problem I am now going through.  But I know the ending, and what a glorious end it is.  No more tears, no more, sickness, no more pain, I will be in the arms of Jesus, and I do hope that he says to me “well done my faithful servant.”

I have done my absolute best not to name names in this letter, however, in subsequent articles and comments I may have more evidential facts, and then I will move from fiction to non-fiction expose.  Meanwhile, I will continue to do my research, I have more facts to pile on the stack that I have already put together.

Until next time, keep your powder dry, and watch your top knot.  Stay safe and don’t listen to any more COVID-19 propaganda, or the Climate Change lunacy.

Read your Bible, love Jesus and God bless you all.

R.S. Helms