Fox News’s Outnumbered Co-Host Andrea Tantaros Was Abruptly Taken Off The Air

Go Figure…. Fox News the “Fair and Balanced” is actually getting rid of all the hosts who are not with the establishment…

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Andrea Tantaros speaks her mind and it might be that tendency that now has her abruptly removed from Fox cable news. She was on Outnumbered Monday and that was the last she has been seen with Newser reporting that there were problems with her contract.

If it is about her contract, it could relate to how she promoted her new book.

According to TVNewser, Fox News is saying that “issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract” and so while she is still under contract, “Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off.”

This comes just a day after Tantaros’ new book, Tied Up in Knots, was released by HarperCollins.

There are rumors that Karl Rove and Dana Perino don’t want her contract renewed….

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BlackLivesMatter Founder Won’t Get That Cushy Government Job He Wanted

He asked for suggestions? I would look closely at trying Syria, here they need some more Black thugs…. and there it takes no brains…

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BlackLivesMatter Founder Won’t Get That Cushy Government Job He Wanted

DeRay McKesson, a Black Lives Matter trouble maker, opportunist, looting expert and leftist, lost big in the Baltimore mayoral primary. Trump won more votes in Baltimore than he did. McKesson won 3% of the Baltimore vote at 3,077 and Trump won 3,950….

HuffPo thinks it’s because McKesson didn’t have enough local name recognition. It would never occur to them that they know exactly who he is – an agitator who had no problem with the criminal activities in Baltimore last year[…]

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McKesson’s legacy will forever be the burning businesses and homes of Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri, to name a few….

DeRay McKesson's Legacy 385 x 262

In the meantime, this race baiting destroyer of Urban America is job hunting.

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Great reading on this site… Helps the mind to rest a bit… Thanks


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Parents demand privacy protection after school approves transgender bathroom use

Your conservative Christian vote is the only way to stop this mess on a state level… It is time the Dog started to wag the tail again.

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EAG News by Victor Skinner

Gender confusion

OCALA, Fla. – A Florida school district is protecting the privacy rights of its students by requiring that transgender students use the bathroom that correlates to their biological sex. A new transgender policy under review by the Marion County School Board would restrict transgender students to school restroom facilities based on their biological gender, rather than “gender identity,” and would go into effect on Wednesday if officially approved at Tuesday’s meeting, the Ocala Star Banner reports.

The resolution, discussed by board members Thursday, states that transgender students are “not a protected class under federal or state law or under Marion County Public School policy,” according to the news site.

“Male and female users of MCPS single-sex facilities reasonably expect not to be exposed to persons of the opposite sex while using those facilities.”

The issue surfaced after a Vanguard High School teacher alerted principal…

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