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It was not long ago that I hinted at Romney gaining the Republican nominee for the presidential race this time around.

Many real conservatives would rather it been someone more representative of the conservative ideologies, which Senator Santorum was more suited than Mitt Romney.  Sad to say the Senator suspended his campaign, however, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are sticking it out to show that they have longsuffering, (some people really like pain).

Although it is not set in stone as of yet, but to my disappointment it does look like the republicans will have some hard fast healing and uniting to get through to pull this off.

First, we will need the support of the Tea Partiers, as radical as we may be to the Liberals, nonetheless, the promises of “contract with America” campaigning that won the House, has not been quite like I thought it would be, and the Republicans are lagging behind a bit, so we do need to see some solid effort.

We are not children and do realize that the Senate’s Harry Reid and the President has promised no pass, or veto on what ever comes out of the House.  But we need to see the solid bills that will reduce the debt and spending, and put jobs back into the American family.  That is why I say politicians are politicians, and don’t think that honesty is a characteristic of many of them.

The Evangelical Christians, who are being demonized by this administration on a continuing basis, now it will become even uglier for both the Tea Party, and Evangelicals. I found over half a million references and pictures on web pages most of which demonize “evangelicals”,

Problem is, unlike the Tea Partiers, many of the Evangelicals will hibernate as usual and I fear many will simply stay home rather than vote for a Mormon.  The focus needs to shift, from knowledge gained from a critics understanding to one of knowledge gained from studying their theological doctrines and beliefs.  Think about it, and you know I am telling the truth even at the risk of scorn from my denomination.

Just keep in mind, many other Christian denominations, have bought into much of the demonization of Christianity by liberals, the ACLU, so-called Atheists, and for the past four and a half years the demonization of fundamental Christianity at the hands of the Democratic leadership in Washington D.C…

The Obama administration, and Obama himself, taking shots at the Christian faith, (especially the Bible belt), Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, the Black Caucus and other liberal groups.  In order to keep these groups of Christians who have abandoned some of their theological foundations for political correctness. The liberal politicians have focused on evangelism, because it is a foundational block in the more aggressive denominations of Christianity.  Therefore, to enlarge the split in orthodox Christianity, political correctness has re-defined the word evangelical, evangelism, and fundamentals to mean something sinister and radically against our government.

We have witnessed, what once was sound biblical doctrine, denominations, have abandoned for the “easy road” Simply because some Christians cannot take the heat of persecution.  Some of the denominations that have adopted the sinful ideologies promoted by politicians,  are near division within their particular denominations.

Point is, liberal politicians will use the difference of Mormonism to further divide Christians, mainly Evangelicals.  They will use the commitment that Gov. Romney has for his faith to either break his commitment, or create division within Christianity.  It all means big blocks of votes.

Meanwhile, back where the rubber meets the hi-way, we better “cling to our bibles” and our sure faith that God will give us strength, because we are going to need it when this fight gets ugly, and ugly it will be.

The criticism of Mormonism will actually not originate in the Christian community.  The question will be asked by NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or one of those heathen commentators; is Mormonism a cult?  At which time any Evangelical Christian Pastor will answer “yes”, from there it will go nuts and really be ugly!

During the Southern Baptist Convention held in Salt Lake City, the evangelicals took a real bad rap from the liberal press, and all of Christianity became an intolerant religion, against Mormons, this is when the liberals were pushing for the recognition of the gay community as a minority and thereby giving them the civil rights under a minority status. The chances being good, that the Mormons would vote with the Christians.

Gays or not, the people involved had to have the same civil rights as any other citizen. The really did not have to have the government name them as a minority to have civil rights.  Nonetheless, Christians who were clinging to their biblical doctrines, were labeled “intolerant!”

Likewise, when the Baptist Convention was held in Salt Lake City, the liberals, thinking they were joining forces with the Mormons demonized the Baptists as intolerant; the liberal push to divide the Christian community included women’s rights.  I remember cartoon characterizations of Baptist men depicted as Neanderthals dragging their women along by their hair.  I am going through this, because being a Pastor; I was quite upset at the lack of Baptist response.

We are intolerant of SIN not people, or people groups, or the freedom of others to enjoy what we enjoy.  The right to worship the way we may see fit, or to sin and have no moral values, or civil responsibilities.   The freedom of speech to call a sin a sin, or argue the point, or perhaps to call a non-Christian religion a religious cult; after all, we Christians are called a religious cult or worse by other religions because we are incorrect according to their beliefs, and we believe differently.  Obama’s administration calls us extremists and Nancy Pelosi has called us terrorists, because if you remember, to be politically correct we had to use the term “Muslim extremists” and not just Muslim terrorist, so the liberals tacked extremists to Evangelical Christians at the beginning, and now it serves the same purpose to just call us evangelicals.

Having served as Pastor in a Baptist church in Utah, I found that many Christians did not have an in-depth knowledge of the validity of their Christian doctrines, and the doctrines that ran common through Christian denominations.  I knew of the problem of witnessing to the Mormon people, after all, many of my family, and many of my friends are Mormon, I was raised most of my life in Utah and know that just as the fundamental Christian “Bible Belt”, has good people it also has bad.  Do I think Mormonism is a religious cult? by it definition, yes, and I also know that they believe different in their theology.

In order to help my congregation have a better understanding of the Christian doctrines, as well as a better understanding of Mormon doctrines, I started a Bible study on the difference between the two, because you cannot witness to a Mormon by attacking what it is they believe, it only closes the door.  The best is to communicate a difference in doctrine, by using what they teach, not what someone else wrote about what they believe, then agree there is a difference, next ask questions.  This study has now become a two-book project, one a Bible study, the other a companion book, the Bible study is Mormon friendly, the companion book is more critical and less friendly.  It is called Orthodox Christianity vs. Mormonism, (the difference).

It is correct jargon for a Christian pastor to call Mormonism a cult, but it is not correct to have televangelist, and pastors call them the devil, or that they have horns, and the list goes on.  There is a great gulf of difference in Christian theology and Mormon theology; however, small is the difference in values.  It is my studied opinion that Mitt Romney will not try to push or favor the Mormons over anyone else.  It would be counter productive for him and the Mormon Church for him to do so.

The Mormon people are good people, they believe in strong families, morals, values, ethics, freedom, and fought side by side to keep this country what it is.  With its, (United States), values and ethics as being foundational to our Republic; and they served us well.  There is some things that I don’t like about Romney, however, if he does pull this off, and it looks like he will the fight will be on, and sooner or later his religion will be an issue, and in all respect for our Baptist leaders, the word “cult” will be used.  I want my readers to know this: although the word is a correct word, a better response would be something like, “the LDS (Mormons), believe different than I do, however, we do agree in many areas of government and values.”  That way we will not be brought to division in the Evangelical Christian community.  The way is narrow, and the going will be hard, more over, remember this, you are not calling him to be your Pastor you are voting for him and his social and governing ideologies outside of religion.  Of course, religion has a great influence on ideologies; however, it being my studied opinion, they differ very little from what I want in presidential representation and leadership.

He tends to lean somewhat moderate, however, that could turn out to be a plus.  Do not let the devil rob you of your right and duty to vote.  Of course, I hope that the Republican wins the white house, but we will have to have a conservative majority in the House and Senate to get our nation back on track as the greatest nation in the world.  So no matter if you are voting for Senate, House, or President do not let the Obama socialist, liberal machine silence your vote or your voice.  Keep in mind, if you are a conservative, liberal, independent, or a little of all of them.  If you love your country, with its good and bad, with the freedoms people enjoy without even considering them, then you have the choice.  If you would like to see it more like Greece, Spain, France, Iran, the old USSR, Germany or most of Europe, or the Middle East, you still have a choice.  Pastors should not tell you who to vote for, but to vote for the person most fitting to the principals that you believe and try to practice.

Liberals will attempt to split the conservative Christian vote over the Mormon issue.  Don’t let the devil rob you of your vote!  It will happen if you let voting for a Mormon be an issue.  Mormonism is not a threat to the nation, however, Sheriah and socialism is a real threat, it is not picking the lesser of two evils, it is not comparing apples to apples, and finding the least rotten.

Voting Choice


It is however, a vote to salvage and attempt to repair our nation, and salvage it from European style Socialism, only worse, — Egypt comes to mind.