The importance of evidence–Theory of Relativity–Einstein

This is a great story on Einstein, and published in a forum that I seldom visit, simply because it is a “dot gov” link… but from time to time they do have some good articles….. None the less I wait until “” posts a link….. 🙂

Looking back to when the General Theory of Relativity was verified by reliable evidence.

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Dr. Pinault jumps in

I really like this blog, and what they do. I generally don’t comment because of the unbelievable number of liberal cool aid drinking trolls that work it like they are getting paid to disrupt honest conversation and input. so I hope you enjoy as much as I do…

Another new critique of the warmer crowd crusade.

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The Tail Wagging the Dog


Tail Wagging the Dog pic


By:  R.S. Helms

This is as stupid as the actual consideration of the tail being able to wag the dog.  Nonetheless,    it is the goal of the liberal/progressive ideology to socialize the great free Republic of the United States of America, which can only be accomplished by allowing the tail to wag the dog.  Conspiracy theory perhaps, and again perhaps just plain conspiracy, problem is the conservatives have allowed honest inquiry into an issue by connecting dots to be labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and those who engage into such things as “conspiracy theorist whackos” in an attempt to intimidate honest inquiry.  Federalists, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, truly proud and free Americans, have been replaced by liberal, socialists, who have became the dominate power in all aspects of our free society.

The piece, which I have posted in the “religion” section of my web site, will give some of the theological change in Christianity.  Changes that necessarily needed to occur to challenge conservative Christianity in the marketplace, or what has become known as, “Main Street America”, I will not argue, some of the bad things that happened in our nation; slavery, corruptness in the Capitalist free market, nor will I dwell on the conservative Americans who freed the slaves, or the impact conservative Christianity and Christian values that organized and boycotted against capitalists who engaged in promoting immorality and corruption, which crept into our free market system.  Unions were wonderful and their formation was to protect workers, honest work for a fair wage, and worker safety, without gouging the consumer, consumer protection was needed because the unions failed to address that.

In this series of the “Tail Wagging the Dog”, I would like to explore several areas of concern; I will be connecting the dots, so to speak, while presenting questions concerning liberal theology, black liberation theology, Atheism, and progressivism as the weapons of the enemy (Satan), to destroy the greatest nation in the history of the earth, a Christian nation, “one nation under God”, of course, it would be stupid to be in such denial as to try to promote the idea that over the two hundred thirty some years, we had it totally right, but one of the things that made us who we are is that we were always able to fix the problems. Undeniably, the sovereign states have done a better job, at taking care of the problems than our oversized, overstuffed; overpowering, overpaid, federal bureaucracy    has been able to do.

The federal government has, for decades, failed in nearly everything they have started.  At a point in time they set out to protect our borders, they protected the constitution, they won a civil war over rebel Southern democratic states to free the slaves, they provided the power to integrate the same Southern states, nonetheless, they failed in their attempt at the Civil Liberties Act, instead of guaranteeing constitutional rights they opened the door for the progressives to fill their coffers and control a voting bloc of the impoverished Black and Hispanics.

Nonetheless, it was about that time that the anti-Christian facet of our population launched their campaign to demonize the once respected moral and ethical values of our nation.  Values which were coveted and feared by other nations; our values started to be identified, or linked to the Christian roots of our nation and slowly they became non-existent and even offensive to some; that some, that minority of the population, the tail of the great nation, was empowered to wag the dog.  It has been several decades in working to what we see now, therefore, we would be stupid to say it is the present administration’s fault.  On the contrary, the present administration became emboldened to be the most aggressive liberal administration in our history.  Why should this be?  Could it be, the tail is wagging the dog?

Could it be, that the dog has lost its backbone and is cowering to political correctness, the hypocritical liberal socialists and progressives?  Could it be, that the leadership of this administration sets under a Marx-socialist, racist, narcissistic, inapt leader?  One who attempts to deceive and divide the nation in every aspect, good or bad, our nation’s leader is looking to destroy our nation from within.  It only makes sense if we understand the principal of the Pied Piper, and the people are mystified with the Obama charisma and brainwashed by other liberal leaders of incompetence, leading blinded citizens and illegal aliens, to the slave chains of the Washington Plantation.

I do suppose the part that is most upsetting about the past four presidents, is their push for political power, and central power of government to the presidency.  Of course, that would mean a modified Constitution, or a powerless Constitution, which would be subordinate to the international law, i.e. the U.N. and the U.N. Agenda 21.

The move from a constitutional sovereign Republic is more difficult than anticipated, especially when the tail wags the dog.  Unlike what the socialists wanted to believe in the concept of the tail wagging the dog, it would show how the constitution would need updating, and of course, Obama has found out that just because he is president and thinks that he can do what he wants and shows it in his continual disregard for the constitution, and the balance of powers.

With congress, we have the House of Representatives with a Republican majority and within that Republican majority; we have either a majority of progressives or a mixed majority of progressives and spineless bureaucrats, “establishment Republicans”, and some actual conservatives who have the spine to stand toe to toe with Democrats and the President and push back as they try to push their agenda forward.  In the senate, we have a majority of Democrats and in part, on the Republican side of the aisle we are saddled with progressive Republicans; that are equal to most liberal Democrats, just a different vision.

It matters not who is President they all want to grow the government, and for too long the government has grown, spending more and more money, and intruding more and more into the lives of the main street citizen, leaving us with less freedoms than the administration before.  Nonetheless, the Obama Administration has had a different kind of agenda, and he put it on fast track as soon as he took office.  The Obama agenda is built around his narcissistic personality, which controls most of what the man does.  Lying is no problem with Obama, because he believes differently than even radical liberation liberals believe.  He believes he is the sovereign and sole power of the United States, and that belief is the end plan and goal for his administration.  We will be left with a dictator that will make it into the top five worst dictators of the world, Qaddafi, Mugabe, Saddam Hussein and other madmen.

However, we were warned during his first presidential campaign; all the voters who heard with their ears him telling everyone he would change the way things are done in Washington; how many of you would like to have your vote back now.   There was a state in the news this past week that passed a bill that rejected Shari’ah or Sharia law, which was overturned in a federal court.  Just a start from his Muslim Brotherhood, (CAIR), connections here in the United States, and if the Atheists, Homosexuals, black liberation Christians, think that the white Evangelical Christians are going to have it bad, wait till later, our children and grandchildren will not have a free choice in the matter.  I feel it will be Shari’ah Law, and that is happening right now.

Obama is building a massive civilian army, with the Homeland Security, IRS, FEMA, BLM, NSA, CIA, and the FBI; through the Justice Department he is training most of the Police, Sheriff, and State Police to help out, even giving them heavy weapons.  If the man actually makes it — as a free nation — we are in deep do-do.

One of the found comments often heard by Pastors as they minister to the elderly, especially those who are more homebound, “Yes the Lord knows all about it,” and for me, I would smile and nod in agreement; the same little phrase of faith comes to mind as I watch the tail wag the dog, “Yes, the Lord does know all about it,” and the day of reckoning is at hand and I am sure, as sure can get, He will one day soon restore our nation.

I often think of the 14th verse of Second Chronicles:  “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  It instructs us to be enthusiastically receptive of God in our prayers for our nation, He will hear from heaven, He will forgive our sins as a nation, and He will heal our land!

I believe God, and I believe He is going to start the process of restoration through our votes, then through our obedience and faithfulness.  If we think about it, God has always had a remnant of the faithful who have not compromised their faith; it is that remnant, to whom I write, because we need to humble ourselves before our creator, and PRAY. …

Thank You…