“The World Will Hate You”.

The World Will Hate You…

R.S. Helms
R.S. Helms

Jesus told us in the gospel of John, (15:18) (“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you”). There is several areas if concern, which I would like to address today. First off, the lie which has been perpetrated against the United States for several decades, and at present is propagandized by the liberal left wing of the political spectrum and the President of our nation along with his minions and global citizenry brain washed spokespersons rendering Obama praises.

This is a Christian nation it was founded as such, continuously been such, and now it remains a Christian nation with a multitude of religions because they are guaranteed freedom to practice their faith as they see fit. The intent of that First Amendment guarantee is that the government is forbidden to mandate a national religion. So as a Christian, and a Southern Baptist Pastor (ret.), I am so happy to claim “we are an un-mandated Christian nation. So “We are not” or “We are no longer” a Christian nation is a lie from the pits of hell, and has been used by less than 5% of the citizens to promote the ongoing persecution of Christianity in the nation in favor of Atheists, Muslims, Homosexuals, and other anti-Christian groups.

So now, perhaps you can understand where I stand on that issue, and if you disagree fine, that is also your right. If I have made you mad, or offended you, get over it and move on to some other blog that is also your right and free choice. Up front, I do not care what you may call me, whatever name you can think of, I have already been called, and it very well may offend me, but I will get over it. However, it will not intimidate me. Nonetheless, I do get rather upset, when a slim minority of homosexuals, carve out an agenda, and force the majority to declare them a minority so they have the opportunity to force their sexual preference on the majority. Including our children in our public schools. The religious beliefs of our enemy are promoted at the expense and forced tolerance upon the other religions. The same thing with other groups just because it is politically correct.

Christian persecution is now legal, encouraged by our President, and if Christians say anything, they may be sued or jailed for “hate speech”. Christians cannot, or will not push back. However, I believe God allows it, and we have yet to see real persecution. Nonetheless, as with the ancients, God will only allow it long enough to sift the chaff from the wheat, and who knows, and I doubt I live long enough to see it, but there may be another Gideon moment, and let not your heart be troubled, there will be a remnant to carry on.

We have a nation that is so far divided at every front, that no one knows for sure what they really stand for. It is the reason that some once solid Christian denominations have moved to the liberal left in their theology. It is the reason for making it clear where I stand politically, and taking this opportunity to write to Christians so they may examine themselves with a critical eye, and see where they fit into the revelation given by Jesus. The seven churches of Asia Minor were actual churches, so the revelation given to their condition was a literal warning to the church that applies through the church dispensation. It cautions the church as it cycles in and out of conditions. The church is people and therefore the message is relevant, spiritually, to individuals as they attempt to walk the Christian walk.

This time of year, Christians tend to hear a lot about the suffering savior, however, many are deaf and blind spiritually. Caught up in the world that they just do not see what Jesus did for us, and when they do have a most difficult time to think he did all that for me; what am I willing to do for him? Some realize they cannot stay committed enough to weather the little storm that ripples the water. They find it easy to compromise, yield to the ways of the world, and follow false doctrines. Doctrines dictated by political correctness and evil people who are doing the will of the devil, deceiving, corrupting, and destroying.

Now on to the church, it is my plan to post six separate posts on two blogs. There will be five commentaries on five churches of Asia Minor, from chapters two and three of John’s Revelation, there is seven churches but two of them Jesus has no fault. Five of them Jesus points out their fault, and warns of his judgment should they fail to repent.

We pray, we fast and pray, yet at times it truly seems that the prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling, or that Jesus has taken a holiday, but consider what Jesus said, “that we pray amiss” and he is not wrong, we pray for his intercession, we pray for strength, we pray for him to change the hearts in this nation. He hears and starts to answer, only he feels abandoned when he turns around to see we have not gotten off our knees to put work to our request. As Christians we must be willing to trust Jesus fully, and participate in our request. Most of the time, outside of a miracle, Jesus demands our trust and participation.

To be truthful, the church today is in a sorry condition, and it is my studied opinion that things are going to get worse before getting better. The church today is divided and compromised to the point that it is hard to find a local church or denomination that has not compromised the tenants of the faith systematically until it is hard to recognize they are Christian.

Nonetheless, this exercise in visiting the seven churches as seen by Jesus may lead to more defined short studies, which are needed to identify our faith crisis and do something about it. Keep in mind, if we faithfully work on our problem, God will be able to work on the rest.