U.S. Presidents’ Roles in Supporting Agenda 21 Goals and Initiatives

Good research, and something to really get serious about…

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Rough Draft:

U.S. Presidents’ Roles in Supporting Agenda 21 Goals and Initiatives focusing on issues such as: Treaties, trade agreements, GATT, Doha, Rio 1992, Rio+20, “Free Trade” agreements, International Trade Corridors, Free Immigration Policies, Anti-States Rights, Expanding Central Authority, agenda 21, spending to meet Agenda goals in country, speeches, awards, perspectives on sovereignty, appointments organizations in country, international activist organizations, “Sustainable” Programs enacted. Sustainable terminology, Green Economy, Green Jobs, etc. Lack of Unique approach, relying heavily on Agenda 21 program. Cities adopting Agenda 21. Stimulus funding rewarding Agenda 21 adoption by local governments. Publications supporting Agenda 21. Land taken out of private ownership. Controls on Farms, Resources, etc. Universal Right to Collective Bargaining, labor verses business policies, etc. Social Justice emphasis.

Note: Associations with organizations and individuals do not necessarily indication Agenda 21 loyalty and support level, however extensive patterns of multiple associations may combine to indicate deeper involvement. Each student must research their…

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