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Do Not Forget

Bryan Terry

 By:  R.S. Helms

It has been a long time since the American people, whom the government is to be answering to, has had much news on the status of the death of a U.S. Border Agent killed on the border during a encounter with some smugglers.  I am not sure what type of smugglers they were, drugs, people they leave in the desert to die, or perhaps they were actually involved with A.G. Holder’s gun running operation, “fast and furious”.

fast and furious 004 holder obama
They Can’t Even Run Guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel

The last I remember hearing about it, was Obama’s involvement and that he was up to his earlobes in the show staring Holder and Congress.  Nevertheless, this is how the POTUS works, he gets the press going on some other issue with the Republicans, fast and furious, and the death of one of our brave border agents will fade into the dusty hot desert.

Perhaps, congress is working, (somewhat), on the situation, if for no other reason except, some are up for re-election.  Some enquiring minds may be asking questions from both sides of the isle.  Nearly three days past, and there was an multi-agency investigative report and some congressman laid into ICE but all of this mess is because the trio at the top, kept trying to lay blame on the lower agency heads, and bad communications with Holder.

For sure, the MSM will not make much of the stories, for one simple reason … Obama wants this gone, as silently as a possible; why?  Could it be that it would mean his job as head of the list of the ten most dangerous men in the world.

Some will say it is poor taste, to create a picture as I have, however, it is far more of a travesty for our congress to be bullied and not hold Obama – Holder accountable.  It is far more horrific to think of the ugly face of death, because of slick, sick, politicians will not get to the bottom of this, and hold the top guns accountable.

How many more have been misused and killed by our Justice Department, Homeland Security, and the POTUS?

How many more Mexican Nationals will be slaughtered in the desert?

cold storage ...
Nearly 200 illegal immigrants died trying to beat the desert in Arizona

How many more who have hired their smuggler, spending their life’s savings to enter illegally, only to find a deadly hostile desert; with no water, death can and will happen in just hours.  This whole immigration thing is not just about Mexicans trying to have a better life.  What they have in Mexico makes earning $7.50 great money, and they are not afraid to work.  It is about the others as well, drug cartel, gunrunning, white slavery, from most all parts of the world, it is about terrorists, and people who would do us great harm.

Although, border jumping is down some, it is because the Mexican nationals started weighing the costs, the U.S. economy in the trash for the past five – six years, more are staying home.  That is except for the Drug/smuggling, white slavery, and non-Mexican illegal aliens, combined, their number is increasing.

Gangs, Street Thugs, Drug Pushers, Killers.
Gangs, Street Thugs, Drug Pushers, Killers.

It is not just guns on the border, it is U.S. guns in Mexico killing innocent Mexican Nationals as well but who was involved in running guns?  A small town, small neighborhood, most of the neighborhood boys and girls was invited to a birthday party for a fifteen year old boy.  many homes along the street had people in the front yards of their homes; a gang, (most believe cartel), walked down the street with AK’s and automatic pistols firing at random killing seventeen young people and wounding several more.  The weapons used, was linked to the gun running activities of our A.G. Holder and POTUS.

After the failure on the Mexican border and Benghazi, (who knows how many more?), it would stand to reason that an intelligent person would give up on running guns.

The American people should hold those responsible for the stupidity of their actions, and then force congress to hold them accountable. The border must be secure to make it not so much of an ideal crossing to carry on illegal activities!  I think Obama does not want any border restrictions, after all, he is all for a borderless “world citizenry”, watch how the UN will be taking away, our individual constitutional rights with Obama hammering for every UN treaty they can think of; just to make all countries equal.

There is border reform that can be made, and start weeding the illegal aliens out, while deporting every one currently crossing illegally.  The borer needs securing not only for the cost to the states and healthcare, but for the tremendous loss of life that the US now has.

man taking the chance for his two nephews
Pray the Border Patrol picks them up

We need to secure our borders immediately!  Because when Obama agrees to the UN Weapons Treaty, Obama will have given the UN authority over our sovereignty and our constitution, the one world citizenship will be here.  Does Barry have the power to give authority over the constitution?  I don’t believe he does.

More on the UN item, after more research, along with the unbelievable ammunitions HLS is buying up… wonder what color their helmets will be?

Until next time

R.S. Helms