The distraction game

Fast and Furious – Benghazi – IRS – NSA

The Economy – Obamacare—Reduction of Military — ?



Just short and to the point, and perhaps a reminder for us not to get caught up in all the media hype. 

The media hype over the race-instigated trial of Zimmerman, and the race-promoted media madness over the not guilty verdict.  True it is something to keep our eye on, but coupled with the Amnesty Bill (without boarder security), the egotistically outrageous waste of taxpayer money, for a family trip to Obama’s homeland, common core, gay marriage, and Farm Bill (with expansion of food stamp limitations), it is nearly enough to forget some really important things that are not right!  They need to be reconciled, and brought to account, then we can turn our attention to some of the more recent items and get them solved, with all the attention being focused on what has become a daily or weekly thing should rise a flag on what are they trying to slip past the people?

This administration and congress are playing the American people like a slide trombone, delineating us to be what they must think we are, stupid as a sack of hammers.  How many times do they draw from that well before it runs dry, before we wake up and say, sorry bud, but we are not as stupid as you would like us to be!  Do not be misled and sidetracked by the liberal media, they are playing us for fools!  We need to demand that some of the most important issues of responsibility and accountability be taken care of before the next primary, and mid-term election!


R.S. Helms

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