Enough is Enough!

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COULD IT BE, time for the grass-roots patriotic conservatives (including you fellow “Born again true” Christians) to get up off the recliner, roll up your sleeves and do something about all this BS mind control agenda and ideologies running chaotic in our streets? 

There is not a news source on TV or the Newspapers that is any better than MSMBC, and Huffington Post; like water they have sought the course of least resistance, and the lowest point possible before going down the sewer.  The internet is the only hope for any sort of proven, verifiable, truthful news.  And it is getting harder to find straight forward truth as numerous once good sites like Town Hall, just becomes another pep-rally source for corruption and evil control of our once great nation.

Yes, you armchair patriotic witty-mouthed ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’ who in most part don’t even say the right thing, just what sounds good, and other than that, remain nice and comfortable on your over-stuffed recliners feeding the narcissistic craving of the global establishment, and the global socialist liberals that we are running our country today – and for the past five presidents.

For decades’ real conservatism is being eaten away by the human nature with its vast evil appetites brought on by its total depravity.  Real conservatives and conservative ‘born again’ Christians have fallen asleep and like Rip Van Winkle some are starting to wake up, asking what’s going on?  What’s going on is the devil like a roaring lion has been going about seeing whom he may devour, and devouring us in the name of peace and unity, political correctness, not to mention, redefining words and ideologies of true the sovereignty of a free Republic.

Slowly this evil has been at work, creeping over the landscape of our nation like a creeping plague.  Inch by inch like a giant shadow slowly spreading out from cities to towns from the populated East and West coasts devouring the very integrity of our nation.  it has been happening for centuries, ever so slowly and from time to time there has come along, real leadership with the true heart for America, for greatness, freedom and the American people, while none were perfect leaders, with perfect backgrounds their integrity and character was strong and good, which set them apart.  However, since the late fifties an evilness has been slowly eating the minds of good people, however, not to the magnitude of the last eight years.

Nonetheless, Regan was the best of the presidents, Kennedy a big player but a proud and strong American but played the black voter, and only because of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, and his powerful opposition to “equal but different” Democrats of the South, (Segregation Laws), which had spread into the North nearly as much.  He ended segregation, but Johnson stole his legacy by signing the Kennedy “Civil Rights Act”, None the less Nixon was impeached for doing his wrong dealings which are but a fraction of what Clinton (Bill and Hillary) actually did, Gerald Ford was worthless except for pardoning Nixon while all the Nixon gang went to prison.  Jimmy Carter was just not slick enough, or perhaps too dumb about his globalist “unity” love BS.

George H.W. Bush, is where we really start seeing a phony globalist at work with his million points of light rhetoric, and his establishment mindset.  Clinton is simply controlled by his evil nature and Hillary, being above the law, and Marxist liberal he is, had the sense to go from extreme liberal to moderate and wind up with a budget surplus, but started the total disrespect for the Office.  George W. Bush was handed Islamic Terror of 9-11 and demanded swift action, it is no secret that Iraq had WMDs but that was not exactly the reason for his war with Iraq, his was a war of revenge for the 1993 assassination attempt on his dear daddy.

Problem with the WMDs being the motivation of taking out Saddam Hussein is that he broadcasted it to the world weeks and months before the strike.  He played with the Democrats in congress trying to get congressional approval, then, with the reluctant U.N. trying sanctions and other sidetracking methods to attack the Islamic terror organization Taliban in Afghanistan, meanwhile Saddam simply moved his WMDs to Syria and bury the manufacturing hardware somewhere in the desert.  I have no doubt that the Bushes’ loved the United States, however, that does not justify their establishment global politics.

Obama, is another kind of global socialist, more evil, and truly hates America.  He is a Muslim and not so good Liberation theology Christian.  Obama could care less that people call him dumb, inapt, global socialist, because he is of a wicked heart and a proficient bully who will lie on demand, blame everyone else, and has worked his way of blame to intimidate the American populace, and in doing so dumbed down most of America.  He has divided everyone and continues to work his evil as he takes the nation towards a global socialist union.  he has reduced our military, and demoralized our strongest troops and brought us to the point of destruction from without and from within to accomplish his goal.

One lesson he learned well, which most megalomaniac narcissists do; the teaching of Jonathan Gruber, “the American people are stupid and will believe what you tell them”.   That statement is a standalone statement of stupidity which has been used to browbeat good people into acting like zombies, or string puppets with the evil of liberalism its puppet master pulling their strings. He is out of control, and so are the liberals and establishment globalist RINOs.

Meanwhile those who stand against him are being bashed in the media, (which he controls) through rich and powerful global socialists top one percent rich.  The news media (including Fox’s Murdoch) play puppet masters over the American populace.  Not to mention those who are brainwashed and going along with this madman but who continue to support the madness in politics by supporting Hillary Clinton, she is a scaggy version of Obama on steroids.

I am tired of the Glenn Becks, and Bill Crystal, the O’Reilly, and Kellies who are only interested in the dollars, of lying and trying to keep people dumbed down on the American truth.  The façade is over and with the help of God putting energy to the ones who talk the talk but are most comfortable sitting in the recliner with a cool one thinking they are cool, but are not.  They make a fair cheering section, but are being used by the globalists to keep the spin going.  Stand up and be counted worthy of being an American Patriot.  Stop the stupid thinking and stupid baseless hope.  Where will you go should Hillary Clinton be elected?  American was once the only safe harbor in a chaotic world, we are perhaps at our weakest in our history, but still the only safe harbor, free as long as we protect our freedom.

The real Tea Party needs to stand up and be counted as the patriots they are, we need to clean up our mouths and partner with the 1&2nd amendment people, partner with Christians, partner with true Americans and say enough is enough and mean it, all the bullying in the world is not going to make me sit down and be silent any longer, don’t stand on the sideline get active and by all means vote!  If you don’t know what Republican to vote for, ask the Tea party, (that is if they will stand up and separate themselves from the counterfeits that seem to be everywhere. We truly need God fearing true Americans in office, not the phony promise breaking RINOs more interested in their pocketbooks and power than the sovereignty of our great nation buying in and selling out to globalism and special interest groups.

I am saying we need to take the advice of the Apostle Paul, he admonished the congregation about the taking of the Lords Supper, now listen to what you are reading – it is important that you not lie to yourself. In 1st Corinthians 11:27—29   (27), “Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.  (28) But let every man (men & women) EXAMINE himself, and so let hi m eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.  (29) For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lords body.

I know we are not at the communion (Lords Supper), However the word “examine” is the focus, because we need to examine our heart to see what is really in there, you cannot escape your own truth, try as hard as you might in covering it over with platitudes of justification.  The bare naked truth is there, either you are or you are not a true freedom loving American patriot or you are not.  Of course, there is a lot wrong with the nation, there was decades ago, but compared to what we have today it is nothing.

Even the Atheist of Atheists knows there are two things in this world, good and bad (good and evil) and we as a free sovereign nation must change course, and put the nation on the good course in order to survive in freedom.  You know in your heart that we must get back to where we were, even in all of our imperfection we had hope within the American spirit.  absolutely we made great progress, and we should desire to progress more, but please understand that what has been happening in this nation’s progress is wrong for decades, we surely don’t disregard our values, our once great culture our greatness as a nation because some corrupt evil and wicked politician or mogul says we are wrong!  We cannot allow political correctness to brainwash us any longer, we as conservative Americans must stand on our two legs like men have done before us and walk the walk, put action to our words “Enough is Enough”, Put congress on notice … not to be bullied by this administration and liberals any longer do the right thing and put the law breakers out of business.  Use the power of impeachment and make it work, for the liberals and RINOs who stand in the way vote them out ASAP, our politicians need to stand up and be Americans, the press will always be chained to the globalist moguls as mere pawns in their army of destruction.

We don’t need to grab up our gun (as of yet) nor a baseball bat, but march and protest if need be, boycott if need be, but whatever you do, don’t stoop to their level of violence and rioting.  Use your power to vote and vote in those who will not be shy to impeach someone.

But it is time to stand up and be counted, America first.

R.S. Helms, and this is my humble Opinion.

Dallas Mourns


I begin, with a sincere, heartfelt condolence to the families, loved ones, and friends of the fallen Dallas policemen, who sacrificed their lives that the community of Dallas would be safe.  I will spend time in prayer for you the families and loved ones who are morning your personal loss.

I pray not for their behalf, but for yours, your comfort, and peace to come over you as you grieve with a broken heart.  You are the personal side of the character of our law enforcement officers, and as such, deserving of our prayers, I am part of the mass who are effected by the tragic loss of such selfless public servants.

Recognizing the vast differences in the essence of our loss, makes it my Christian obligation, and my civic duty, to join you in the mourning and prayers during this time, fitting to remember our servant heroes, and to honor them in memorial.  I thank them for their service, and know that the community of Dallas will be far, far, less safe in the days to come, because their commitment to protect will not be in place.  The nation and the world will be less safe as this simply emboldens the enemies of our communities and our wellbeing to continue to bully, intimidate, and terrorize the innocent into submission.

I would never presume to say I understand how you feel because no one can, as each relationship is unique to the individuals, however, I, at best, can in all humility extend the love of Christ our Lord, with whom these fallen heroes are with, and likewise our own personal losses are under His love to us.  It is proper to mourn, and we all must respect that and join you in our own capacity and respect.

May God keep you in this time of loss, and bless you with those who will comfort you.

R.S. Helms

Slimy, Back Ally, Gutter, Politics. Why

The latest and lowest gutter campaigning… Why?




This post is worth nearly 1700 words, and to get anything out of it you will have to be committed to reading it.  Then you can do your own thing.

There is a Native American wisdom on getting a full picture from many different perspectives which, as most Native American wisdom.  There once was a wise old shaman, who responding to a young braves question about an opinion; “form a circle, then lay an Eagle feather in the center, then ask each of those in the circle to describe what they see, from these perspectives you know the true eagle feather.

Another truism, is: when putting together a jigsaw puzzle picture, you first start at one corner, then another, adding the other pieces to fit in each, with each corner, you can build a frame, then filling it in piece by piece; until you have the full picture.

I love to study people, and their behavior.  There was a time when people considered what the outcome would be before they acted, perhaps today, in our hi-tech world we have left out the simple little cautions and react rather than respond with an evaluation of information pieces fitted together and forming the whole picture, or at least looking at something from various perspectives to know or understand what something really is.

We should really consider all things before we take something a face value.  There is little integrity remaining in the press, newscasts, personality opinions, and especially concerning what is coming from the political elite, who are famous for hiding behind the First Amendment when asked to give an account.  Stupid has been contagious and now is near an epidemical portion in the news, and political arena of our nation.  Integrity is an unknown language, and it is their own end, which justifies the end. 

Seems that everyone wants to be like the old TV commercial, “When E.F. Hutton speaks, everyone listens.”  We have a President, and a government along with the press, and news networks who actually believe their own lies about American values.  Perhaps I should qualify that, (what our values once were), once upon a time, our values were based on solid integrity, and sound ethics; not what we have today where there is little integrity, and our ethics is whatever works for you.  The millennial generation’s idea of ethics and values, rest on the delusion of “The end which I desire, justifies the means.”  It has been going on for the last several decades, but it seems to be reaching an apex of delusional slimy septic corruption.

We have come a long way baby, and I am not talking about Virginia Slims.  We have come a long way, in the wrong direction; and like a snowball, we are gaining size and speed on our decent into a bottomless pit of global socialism. 

Here is the way that I see the RNC/Fox “stop Trump campaign.”  This is the third time I have written this opinion, but didn’t take my own advice of issue perspective, doing my own research, and putting the pieces together.  It is still quite long, but should you bear with me, it may give you something to think about and research, piece by piece, then assemble your own understanding.  Then you may be able to go singing into the voting booth “I can see clearly now – the rain is gone.” 

When people were just thinking about getting into the race, Fox, and the so-called pundits for the GOP were talking up who they would support if they would get into the race, Bush (first choice), Ryan, Paul, Rubio, Perry, Walker, Jindal, Graham, Pataki, Santorum, Fiorina, Gilmore, Christie, Huckabee, then we have the ones that the RNC actually didn’t want. Cruz who would be easy establishment, and then from outside, none government, Ben Carson, and above all stop Trump first.  There were several on the list that I would have voted for in a heartbeat, but needless to say, we are now down to a three-way race, that can go only one way — Cruz or Trump.  Two candidates that the establishment does not want, nonetheless, they are the only two that the Republican voters want.

Before Cruz left, the campaign had digressed to the level of real gutter politics, with everyone and their dog slinging mud in all directions, like little kids in elementary school, calling each other names, in order to get a reaction nastier than before.  This really reduced some of them to no character, and reflected their frustration as being tagged a loser.

About the second grade I was introduced to my first “fair fight” for “manly persona,”  a later friend of mine and I were in a battle of words and not much more but it was called a recess rumble on the playground where the combatants set out the rules of engagement, which if followed it would be not much of a fight even for third graders, it was similar to a Native American woman’s circle dance, quite common among the Southwestern Navahos.  Here on the playground, it consists of two angry boys, circled about by a large number of spectators, generally shouting “Hit him,” just shouting it; not making any difference to which combatant, but I guess the individual kids knew who he/she supported, but few would ever say they were for the loser if there was one.

Generally, it was not just a spontaneous confrontation, it took an agitator to get the two to engage in this circle dance with their fists up and to the ready, while they gave their fiercest stare and saying back and forth, “Ya chicken, you swing first.”  By the sixth grade I had learned the best way to cut the dance short was to make sure I threw the first punch, around the halfway point of the dance.  I won several fights, and lost a few.  Later in the Army, I found it was a great tactic and it is called the surprise factor.   Of course, the “Sunday punch” is not found in the rules of engagement, except in politics. 

Now after around a thousand words we come to the meat of the story, slimy political campaigning on steroids.  We have now the two contenders, who have been doing the circle dance and like a prizefighter they started out with some rules of engagement, now however, the is no rules, and the two have become so angry and frustrated, they can’t tell a friend from an instigator, and it is getting quite dirty.

I have been watching some of the real instigators for several years, and can look at the feather from many different angles or perspectives, and of course have my understanding of what I am looking at.  You on the other hand, may or may not have stepped back, and went through a process of identifying who the agitators are and come to your prospective deduction, and have your own understanding of what you are looking at. However, if you are sold on who you support, by not actually doing the process of prospective deduction, to find the true object of your inquiry, and to support the person you feel you want to support, then you are just standing in the crowd saying “hit him,” and at the end of the day, you sadly find out that you are a victim of the agitators.

I believe at this point in time, we have been looking more at the ideologies, and motivation of the agitators, than actually at the combatants.  A couple of months ago, I posted some remarks to some of the agitators posts from both camps, and said, “It is okay to like both of the guys.”  Because I did like both of them, then the process of which side of the divide each was starting to reflect, not based on what they said, or the rhetoric coming from their so called supporters were so vehemently saying.  But instead I started looking at the supporters, and who they were and what their actual motivation was.

Both men are at a point that they need to stop reacting the way their supporters want them to react, and start responding in a different way.  The agitators incognito as supporters are the real combatants, and haters, which are using them for their own gain, their own ideologies; in the long run one side of the division will have their way, then throw both men under their ideological bus.

In the long run, those who have the ideology of the RINO Establishment. Will destroy the RNC, regardless of the outcome of the convention; unless of course the RNC allows the winner to run on the “New Republican ticket” and go all out to support that ticket.  Anything less, and the party fails.  The establishment knows and already have contained Cruz, to abide by the establishment rules, the establishment has been in control of both houses through their leadership.  On the other hand, they know they cannot control Trump, so Cruz who was elected as a “Tea Party” anti-establishment Republican, was thrown under the establishment bus, when he stood his ground against the Democrats, and Obama; They earned the acronym RINO, which they have managed to make a little more politically correct as “establishment” and hijacked the name “Conservative” rather freely, in an attempt to connect with the Republican Base.  However, they must keep this battle going, and use no rules of engagement, because with these two, who are predictably “hit me and I will hit back only harder,” with enough fuel they will keep the fire blazing and neither one will have a “Clear majority” and even if one does, that does not mean the RNC will honor that rule. 

The real fight and slimy gutter back ally politics is not between Trump and Cruz, they have been unfairly put face to face, doing the circle dance with their fists up, calling each other bad names.  The real fight and slime is from the Republican divide.  And at this point, there is really nothing that your vote will do to change that; except to keep politics as usual, or not.  

Who Really Cares?

Who really cares 00

I hope during this time, (more than a few days) that we can come together, at least in prayer, and humble ourselves before the Lord – confess our sin – and pray in His name, He will hear us and heal.

 It is my prayer this evening for our loving God to, yes, forgive my sin, the sin of unrighteous anger, and contempt for those who show no true compassion, and heal the ravaged heart of my neighbors in the Northwest.  Heal the wounds on the bodies, which are suffering, and perhaps asking why this could happen?  And Lord bring same to those that will use this occasion to divide and accuse your people before your throne, because Jesus you have taught us not to bring such shame on ourselves, but nowhere have you told us not to put that humbling shame on those who follow the darkness of this world.  Receive home those who laid down their lives in martyrdom for your namesake.  Moreover, give comfort to those who morn in loss, and lay them in your loving arms until the day in which we shall all join them and rejoice in your glory. Further Lord, for the family of their loved one who carried out this act of evil darkness, that their eyes be opened, and they can recover and not be harmed from the shame of the darkness that is this wicked world. In Jesus name, amen.

Before the gun smoke cleared the area around the 3000 to 4000-student community college just North of Roseburg, Oregon. A small 22000+ population city, where not unlike Sandy hook, was witness to the face of evil, as evil moved in and slaughtered innocent people, young adults through senior adults fell at the hands of evil personified as a gunman.  I agree with the Sheriff, I do not want to use the name of this evil person, so unless I cannot skirt it, it will be the only time I use it.

Obama, reacting on the assumption that he had to respond immediately or face the usual criticism of not responding except to those he wanted to politicize.  Jumped right out there to make the best of a crisis.  However, this time he did not have time to get into his theatrical temperament and tell the speechwriter what he wanted to get across, Obama being all about Obama opted for the theatrics, so the writer winged it, and followed the modus operandi of Obama.

In view of his disastrous week at the UN and not being able to deliver on past agreements and being put down by Putin, then shamed by what a real leader looks like with Netanyahu’s facing down the anti-Semitic global leaders, in the most powerful speech made in the entire UN conference.  This could be a breath of fresh air for Obama, so in his narcissistic self-important style manned the podium at the Whitehouse, and caused a firestorm for the press. (starved piranha feeding on a leg of lamb).

All the mainstream news was already in a feeding frenzy trying to gather details that Sheriff John Hanlin was not about to give out until he was ready.  I believe that was the wise thing to do, it makes sure the victims are respected, which I believe was his motivation.  It also helps eliminate misinformation, which is what the press thrives on, especially when someone else makes the mistake.

That may have hurt the Obama spin, because no one had any misinformation to give him.  Nonetheless, some of the facts gathered at the scene were not mentioned during the speech because they were of no advantage to the Obama intent.  Moreover, it forced the press to limit their reports to the truth, which they reluctantly reported.  I say reluctantly because after Obama setting the political talking point it allowed the gathers of information to report the misinformation to go along with the Whitehouse and politicize the tragedy.

Other than, the normal platitudes offered by the mainstream media, the only heartfelt sincere compassion to the families and loved ones came from the conservatives and just main street people on social media.  It showed on NBC tonight; as there was no effort put forth for the truth, other than platitudes recognize the injured families and their loss.  These platitudes set the tone for Obama’s double down on the ‘commonplace’ of tragedies committed with guns.

There was nothing said about the targeting of Christians, or that the gunman was black (mixed race), or that he was at the least an Islam supporter.  However, that would have been against his rhetoric, and continued division of Americans.  It is going to take a lot to fix what his empty promises, rhetoric, and ideological agenda has caused already.  Moreover, it will take more than him and all his advisors can come up with to overcome the disastrous week he had at the UN.

Americans are a unique breed of people.  I care less about the polarization in our nation, in times like these we come together to help one another overcome those things that disastrously wreck our lives. To help others through the tough times with prayer, encouragement, finances where needed, and just a simple word of compassion and caring.  It would be nice if we came together over the political issues wrought by the same people who we hire to go to Washington and work for us.

Politicians are of a unique breed as well, which tell us what we want to hear but after they catch their ride to the Beltway, they only try to convince us that it was some other politician’s fault, and make a good argument to send them back.  Faced with RINOs who are nearly as bad as the liberals (Not much difference in the ideologies of darkness), to seat a new Speaker of the House, and that draws attention away from the real tragedy at Umpqua Community College, which you may have noticed less mentioned in the media.

There are only a few things concerning the world in which we live, that if not changed we shall perish as a free nation.  Most important is the extent of division, which we find ourselves.  It is not totally the liberals fault but our own fault collectively.  We must take ownership of the condition we find ourselves.  Our apathy, our greed, our envy, perhaps it is our personal pride, desires, lust, materialism, we as a people have allowed corruption in government to take its hold and control over our lives.  It has made a victim out of each of us, in order for it to prosper and succeed we must remove the victim nation syndrome.

Because of greedy corrupt politicians, we have allowed the pursuit of voter people blocks to remove our once great moral values making it more possible to live with each other.  In addition, we allowed the politicians to operate without integrity, while demanding they show political protocol and political correctness, least they should offend a victimized people group.  Giving the minority control over the majority.  All for votes, it set the standards by which we live.  It set the pace for race division, poverty, class division, sexual preference division, all of which took away the moral values, including the value of human life.

In place of healing and uniting the politicians all the while only accelerated the division, hate, anger, and frustration, and instead of compassion, we have name calling, bullying, rage, and all the results of an out of control liberal Marxist government.  It is spilling out to an unusual extent of violence, corruption, anti-God anti-morality.  It is nothing to do with the guns, but everything to do with politicians feeding the special interest groups represented in votes.  When politicians and people replace moral values with the ideology that we are, free to create and develop our own morals. The problem is when one people group tries to make everyone adhere to their particular moral values.

I know the spin… that Christians wanted to impose their values on everyone else.  “Force their religion on everyone”.  Not so, the ones who cried the loudest was people that were enraged at the notion that someone would have the nerve to call what they were doing wrong.  Lying is wrong, it does not matter if it produces what is thought to be a good end, no the end should justify the end.  Stealing, murder, rape, sodomy, all good okay with evil people, however, for the social wellbeing it never turns out well.

Think of the fight over abortion, it has been down every avenue of defense, yet all the lies, all the manipulation, has only taken the value of life away from normal people.  Once that happens evil people with evil agendas will do what the delusional butcher did in Oregon; no value of human life, contempt for God and good, it had to be a long delusional life, to come to that.

There are reasons that Obama announced his ‘dropping by’ to speak to the families of those victimized by such a malfunctioning delusional individual who rained terror down on the fine folks of Roseburg.  It was to draw attention to his previous speech making the shootings political, and make it more political by interjecting “commonplace” into the tragedy.

Of course this brought another round of media feeding frenzy to bare on the people of Roseburg.  They (some on TV interviews) responded that they felt he was using their grief to campaign for gun control, and one gentleman said he would stay at home.

As the media vied for coveted interviews with the families and of course, some were against and some were for Obama’s visit.  It became apparent that Obama was not going to respect the families, but actually double down, hoping to garner more support for the opportunity.

Fox News timed their interview just right for their portion of the RINO audience that would be the interview with the Mayor and another gentleman, who had to try to walk a narrow line.  Remember he and the council want to be reelected, so he could not badmouth the folks that did not want him there, and with the political advantage of Washington money to help with town.

“It is the President of the United States, so we want to show the courtesy and respect for the office”.  Well-said Mr. Mayor, except the man (?) occupying that office has disgraced it more than any other president has and there have been some real bad presidents.  He has created an office of low esteem, he himself has defiled the dignity, and integrity of the highest office in the nation and what was the most powerful.

He has divided this nation on all fronts, and not sparing your city, he has divided its citizens; neighbor against neighbor.  Nonetheless, Mr. Mayor you and the council have helped him do it, by not standing up for the families and loved ones of your community.

Dreams That Speak


When Dreams Speak

Dreams Speak
Dreams Speak




Everyone who dreams, has the occasion to dream lucid real-life dreams.  I had such a dream last night about an opportunity to tell Obama to get out of my home, to get his dufuss companion and get out.  It was a dream where my hands did not work well, so I could not make a fist to strike the dufuss he had there lying for him, or get hold of him.  I was, however, able to shove them out the door, to his waiting secret service agents, and instead of a limo, he had an old ghetto cruiser pimpmobile.  But in the dream I had the chance to really call him a liar of liars, traitor, narcissistic, schizophrenic, Muslim communist, evil madman  whose ideologies, and agenda is set on destroying this nation, at which his dufuss said I was surely a cracker racist.

I guess God allowed this dream to happen to release all the built up frustration and fretting over this mindless puppet of Ayres and Soros, no one, not even Hillary could be so stupid.  Ayres and Soros, think we are so stupid that we would let the bully browbeating Marxists go on without catching on.  I don’t care how much money they have, or how they got where they are, thinking the American people are stupid enough to buy into what Obama is pushing, is in itself stupid.

Nonetheless, I will be bringing some of the more stupid thinking and corruption coming  out of Washington, compliments of the liberal Democrats, and the progressive Republicans, (if there is a difference).  A reminder on occasion, concerning the Benghazi affair, (murders), and as much as possible about Fast and Furriest, (Brian Terry), and the illegal alien, dope smuggling, senseless Mexican deaths in the desert, and the amnesty crap being hashed about in Washington.

I will work some short inspirational and “where the rubber meets the highway” Christian posts on my blogs, (pbsreligionandpolitics.blogspot.com) (rshelms.wordpress.com/) please visit these, and join me on my website, (p-bobsopinion.com) …  I think you will like the page, as soon as it is complete, with the counseling and links all in place, with the various photo albums it will be a good simple place to visit.

Nevertheless, for now, I plan to spend more time on my book, which deals with the trap of poverty.  About the evil rape of an entire social sub-culture, of the mind games that are played, the fraud that fills the fat coffers of the elite at the expense of the taxpayer’s dollar.  The victimization of the elderly who are at the mercy of the thugs with hoodies,  The drug culture minions, who enable thugs with so-called ganstas, snare the people who are then, held hostage to addiction.  The mentally challenged who join the homeless throngs who complete the dehumanization of all who find themselves in the steal-jawed trap of poverty.  The blockade erected by the liberal so-called civil rights activists, like the phony clergy with their fraudulent organizations and the cheap liberal politicians, keeping some great non-profit faith based programs out and away from the ghettos and helping free people from this tragic lifestyle.

Nonetheless, I cannot afford to allow this present political mess to consume my life and the time needed to do the work God has called me to do.  Preach the Gospel, (through my blogs and webpage), finish my books and exposing these devils for who and what they are!  Lastly, try to stay up with the Washington’s elite “beltway club”, expressing my opinion, and passing on some great and good conservative posts.

You see, my dream spoke loud and clear to me, as I was able to tell Obama off to his face, and call him out on his ideologies, and the dufuss’ that wallow in the hog slop at his feet.  I am still active but not as frustrated and uptight over the absolute evil embodied in Mr. & Mrs. Obama.  In addition, the members of his administration and the liberal – progressive politicians will occasionally be honored with my opinion, (like honoring vipers in the grass).  Still I will continue to voice my opinion and I do not care if it offends a bunch of Muslims, gangstas, liberal civil rights activists, corrupt preachers, and politicians and their union thugs.

I am so tired of good honest American people trying to achieve their own American dream, while the Marxist Liberal/Progressives Beat Us To Death, With Lies, Intimidation, Sleazy UN Deals, Making Horrific Pacts With Rogue Nations That Want Us Dead, Instead Of Supporting Our Allies,    Heads Of Our Government give us More Corruption, While Charging Us More To Do It.

WAKE UP AMERICA!  When we disagree with the liberal or progressive agenda, WE ARE NOT, Bigots, Uncle Toms, Cracker Racists, Evangelical Fundamental Christian Extremists, Gun Loving Terrorists, Homophobes and Islamofobes, Who Do Not Care If We Have Dirty Water and Air.  We actually are just the opposite and real patriot, constitutionalists, and Christians who love our country and our God.  Granted some of us are not Christians, but there is still hope.

We Are  Red, White, Black Yellow And All Shades In Between, We Are Native American, Heinz 57 White, Mexican, African, European, And Possibly Some Space Aliens, But Whatever We Are, Or Where We Came From We Love The Good Old USA — We Are Americans Trying To Keep Our Nation Free And Protect Our Rights In The Process.

Thanks … R.S. Helms

Fix The Problem




The Washington Naval Yard rampage, is only a day old and my heartfelt prayers for the victims and their families have and are going before the Lord.  My deepest thanks to the multitude of brave young men and women who responded to this senseless tragedy, thank you.

With that said, I would like to address this post as more of an open letter to all the politicians, activist, and especially to Obama and his administration.  FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM!  I do believe that anyone with any brain cells at all can add one plus one equals two, add one more and you have three, and so on.  Nevertheless, it does seem to me that all the anti-gun activists do not have the sense that God blessed the goose with!  However, let me be redundant again and say in the simplest of terms; mental problems are the connecting points, and do not let the liberal psychologist, and psychiatrist make their bid for people’s rights, that ice is getting problematically thin.

People have rights, and I believe those rights have to be protected to the fullest degree.  Someone who is suffering from a mental disorder, or simply going through a mental condition or stress, have those rights and they should not be infringed, but perhaps therein lays the problem.  It is for sure the gun; (weapon) is not the problem.  It is helping those who need it, and locking them away in some institution subject to the abuses and lack of knowledgeable people who experiment more than cure or help the individual is not the answer.  That is the answer of antiquity and has no place in our society.

In the rash of “mass homicides”, there are two factors that stand out; mental problems, and terrorism.  Now notice I never mentioned guns as a prime factor.  It is not the gun, explosive, knife, machete, poisonous gas, baseball bats, or any other weapon that operates on its own, it does take an individual to wield the instrument to cause death, and no one instrument is worse than the other, death is death, just some methods are quicker than others.  Preventing someone from wanting to kill another person should be the primary concern, a single person or as many as that person can kill; in the long run it all adds up to a great number of innocent people getting killed that did not deserve it.

In the incident of “mass murder”, if it be Sandy Hook, Columbine School, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, Gabriel Gifford, (collateral damage), or other workplace homicides; two common denominators stand out.  The perpetrators were either terrorists or mental disorder people.  It is okay, and we are encouraged to report suspicious situations and people, it is even okay for the law enforcement to immediately, intervene to avert the situation.  Nonetheless, it is not okay to profile an emotionally or psychologically disturbed person and report their “strange” or anti-social behavior to authorities for intervention and getting the individual the psychological evaluation and help they may or may not need to avert another killing rampage.  It is not something police will or even, at times and circumstance, can do.

I understand, and support individual rights and snagging someone up and putting them in a facility where they are subject to abuse and experimental therapies by uncaring unqualified people are of antiquity and rightfully banned.  Nonetheless, could it be that the law is over compensating for the past treatment of people subjected to ignorance of dealing with the mentally ill or mentally challenged, and emotionally perplexed individuals who were just trying to cope with what life had dealt them?

Trying not to condemn people with mental health issues, I do believe that we need to fix the problem that liberals try to stay away from, mental health don’t create votes in most part.  The Republicans on the other hand, want to stay away from the issue of mental health, because they don’t want the liberals to call them a name, like being against people who are mentally handicapped or worse.  Nevertheless, something has to be done!  In defense of the mentally handicapped they need intervention at times just because of their problem, the families need help because they do not know what to expect next, but dare not ask for it because of social bullying and labeling and fear of the treatment of antiquity.  Of course they all love their loved ones, and want to protect them the best they can; nevertheless, it is like helping a loved one who is an alcoholic, you can’t unless they want the help.  The laws are in place to protect the individual while intervening; even with patient confidentiality laws, and restrictions.  There is a lot of laws that help the situation, but most people don’t know them or are afraid to use them.

Apparently, it is not hard to put together a psychological profile, one that would be sufficient to have law enforcement petition a judge to have the individual put in a hospital thirty-day evaluation.  Why is it not being carried out?

It is apparent that the government would rather do something to take away our 2nd amendment rights, (that are proven ineffective), not for the protection of the citizens, or as this administration loves to put it, ‘to protect the children’, in order to get votes, the agenda is uncaring about protecting our citizens or they would secure the border; they don’t care about the children or they would abolish abortion.

I just heard on the news that a Louisiana State Trooper saved a distraught woman’s life.  It was reported to law enforcement that a woman was standing on a interstate overpass, when the trooper arrived he talked the woman away from the edge of the overpass and into his patrol car.  During the conversation she admitted, she was going to jump, (reasons were not disclosed), and they put her in a hospital for psychological evaluation; so it can and is being done.  However, she had to say she was thinking about taking her own life, I think the law reads, “Talking about” that they are thinking of doing harm to himself or herself, or another person, before this action can be taken.

Why is the law not expanded to family or close personal friends observing abnormal behavior or crisis conditions such as extreme stress and depression, or any indicator that the person is experiencing a mental crisis?  Most people cannot determine how or if there may be an escalation of the condition; regardless, the individual needs help.

Not saying that all should be slammed into a mental ward at the local hospital, but evaluation by a “qualified” therapist or psychologist to determine if there is a potential of escalating conditions then a judgment can be made if further institutional evaluation is required.  Nonetheless, the individual would be in the system and monitoring can be easily achieved, perhaps resulting in less killing rampages like the Naval Yard.

I am not saying that this idea is the one; however, I am saying that there is a way to get the mental cases of the streets where they can obtain their weapon of choice, and commit carnage on innocent people.

The federal government should lead the way, with laws that open avenues for identifying, evaluating, and treating individuals while protecting individual rights and freedoms.

Gun control laws are not going to fix the problem, and the money spent by the government to campaign for gun registration by the president and liberal law makers, would be better used in finding a way to

fix the damn problem!

R.S. Helms


The distraction game

Fast and Furious – Benghazi – IRS – NSA

The Economy – Obamacare—Reduction of Military — ?



Just short and to the point, and perhaps a reminder for us not to get caught up in all the media hype. 

The media hype over the race-instigated trial of Zimmerman, and the race-promoted media madness over the not guilty verdict.  True it is something to keep our eye on, but coupled with the Amnesty Bill (without boarder security), the egotistically outrageous waste of taxpayer money, for a family trip to Obama’s homeland, common core, gay marriage, and Farm Bill (with expansion of food stamp limitations), it is nearly enough to forget some really important things that are not right!  They need to be reconciled, and brought to account, then we can turn our attention to some of the more recent items and get them solved, with all the attention being focused on what has become a daily or weekly thing should rise a flag on what are they trying to slip past the people?

This administration and congress are playing the American people like a slide trombone, delineating us to be what they must think we are, stupid as a sack of hammers.  How many times do they draw from that well before it runs dry, before we wake up and say, sorry bud, but we are not as stupid as you would like us to be!  Do not be misled and sidetracked by the liberal media, they are playing us for fools!  We need to demand that some of the most important issues of responsibility and accountability be taken care of before the next primary, and mid-term election!


R.S. Helms