Still There is Hope

Still There is Hope



If My People Who Are Called By My Name


Many Christians are expressing their lack of faith as lack of hope, the hope that the United States is beyond the hope of repentance and returning to a free constitutional nation.  This Sunday morning, our Pastor had our patriotic Fourth of July service on the 7th, but it of course was a blessing to this old preacher’s ears.  We have a church that lets the pastor be the pastor and preach what God has for us hear.  It is not a politically correct church, guess that is what makes us a very blessed congregation, where the preaching is the forth-telling, (the correct interpretation of the gift of prophecy), of God’s word and preach the word in the truth and Spirit, even though at times it is politically charged.

However, it is my opinion, to address the heathen about salvation, and the carnal Christian about commitment and walking the Christian walk, it is an impossible task to accomplish unless the man of God deals with the sins of people and the sins of a nation!

We have enough charlatans preaching the false doctrines of liberal, liberation, and progressive theologies enabling more and more Christians to just sit along the bank and watch real preachers and Christians try to swim against the current.  Political correctness in our churches has paved the way for liberal theology, for liberation theology, and progressive Christianity.  All these call sound biblical conservative theology the religion of the dark ages, and religion of antiquity, which to me, is saying ‘come on God catch up to us’ and fit into our plan, fit into our new accommodating religion.

Second Chronicles. 7:14… “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  God still speaks from the Old Testament and here he is saying to us, (Christians in the United States), He will heal our land.  You see I still believe that the United States is a Christian nation, and that he will heal this great land.  We need to humble ourselves, and seek his face, pray, and that is all-inclusive as Christians in this nation.  When we change our ways, and seek his face then he will hear and heal our land.

Problem is simple, are the Christians really tired of saying enough is enough, or are we willing to  stand on the sidelines, watching conservative patriots and Christians swimming against the current of political correctness?  On the other hand, are we as Christians ready to commit to changing our ways, (or better, change our lives), and get right with God and seek his face and pray for the healing of our land?

You may ask where do we start?  We can start by voting, register and vote, really want to turn our country around, and get God involved, vote conservative, informed conservative, not all who call themselves conservative remain conservative once in Washington.  The campaign will pander to the most likely votes, we need to do our homework and look at the candidates, if we do our homework before we vote, and we will vote the change makers into power.  We will vote the progressives out of power, “We the People” will once again be the boss, and they will be our employees.  Christians spend a lot of money; therefore, do not put your money in places that appose our values, and the American way of life.  Businesses go where the money is, and they support the ideologies of those who spend the money, but they will not be supporting my adversary with my money.  I do not have any but what I do get I will spend with those who support a conservative, constitutional government, and what is right.

Abraham was visited by three men, one of which was perceived by Abraham as being the Lord, they came and the Lord promised Abraham a son, (we all should know that account).  then they were leaving to bring judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, the one lingered back, and allowed Abraham the opportunity to intercede on the behalf of the two cities.  First was spare the cities if 50 righteous men be found, then 45, then 30, then 20, and finally 10.  Where do you think God will finally settle on the United States?  Half, a third, a quarter, of the population being found righteous, and where will you find yourself counted?

Christians we need to do our part, and starting now!  Before, God settles on a number of righteous people to be found.  The nation must turn from our evil ways, humble ourselves, pray and seek His face.


R.S. Helms

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