Phony Scandals

Phony Scandals


 Bring a sandwich, this is a LONG post

An imaginary statement to the President, his lying cronies in the Whitehouse, Federal Judges, the Justices of the Supreme Court; to the Senate, emphasis on Harry Reid, Mitch O’Connell, and to the full congress, emphasis on Boehner and Pelosi.  To the shameless liberal media and their blatant conspiracy to lie, mislead, and promote the liberal ideologies of this administration.

For the excessively few who read my blogs and really think, I am bad enough not to pass them on, especially where they have resources to get them noticed by major conservatives in the broadcast industry.  I do not worry about the NSA because they read it before anyone, except Google or other counterfeit social networking groups, who keep track of political correctness. And to the ones who host my blogs, although they do better if someone can afford to upgrade their blogs from the freebee to the pro, and more noticeable and promotable programs; however, I am at their mercy, and grateful for the freebees on my $650.00 a month income.

Personally, I do not think I am that bad of a writer, especially reading some of the mainline commentators, and some of the noted conservative bloggers, but that may be just a bit of narcissism oozing out.  Nevertheless, it does give me an outlet for my frustrations while I am writing a book.  With all that said, and emphasis on my main targets, politicians and the liberal media, I shall continue on a very serious point.

In the last year, I have posted at least six relevant blog posts on two separate blog hosts, concerning these “phony scandals” so I have a stake when it comes to the spit in the face from our politicians; I say spit in the face, because it is more of an insult than a slap in the face.  Nonetheless, it is as a rude jester compared to the blatant dishonoring insults our government is dishing out to the Terry family, the families of the Benghazi American sacrifice for the Obama agenda.  the flat out insults to the thousands of families who have lost their loved ones in the military, and those heroes who have lost limbs and suffered at the hand of their commander in chief.  Who is never going to admit his treasonous behavior in enabling his Muslim Brotherhood to support the terrorists who we are supposed to be at war with;  “phony scandals?” Shame!

th (3)December 15, 2010, a United States Border Agent was murdered at the hands of the Mexican drug cartel operatives inside the boarder of Arizona.  His name is Brian Terry, a real name, belonging to a real American.  He has real American parents and family, he is not just a mishap of a failed Bush Administration operation.  First, it is my studied opinion that you Mr. President revised the operation to fit with your agenda, you sir, authorized the operation through your hand picked racist radical friend Erick Holder.  For you to deny any firsthand knowledge is simply another lie in a multitude of lies.  In addition, when you sir, tire of exposure to the people you serve you spend a $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 to vacation your family.  At least you have your entire family to vacation, The Terry family don’t have that, thanks to you, and the cronies you have put around you to lie for you while your absent; which you are most of the time.  Nevertheless, you have the audacity to continue to insult your victims’ families!  It has been nearly three years since Brian Perry was murdered, and still there is no accountability, only arrogant disregard!

Embassy-Attack-and-Ambassador-Stevens-Death-Linked-to-Department-of-Homeland-Security-Propaganda9-11-2012, a place called Benghazi where ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with real Americans Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, were murdered at the hands of Muslim jihadist, with bold ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  while you slept all comfy, and supposedly unaware of what was happening half-way around the world, I guess in a way that is the only truth you have ever spoken concerning this murder.  On the other-hand you knew before hand and must have given instructions to someone, perhaps even, (most assuredly), to your Marxist Secretary of State.  a superbly bad liar, hillary-clintonHillary Clinton, of course she would have to worry about her subordinates herself, but the message as I picture it, was — if things go wrong, don’t involve our military, just stand down. Then you and sweetness did a bad job of covering it up.  Even denied the President, which you helped into power, of Libya when he reported it was a terrorist attack with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nonetheless, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, are real people, Americans serving under a bad administration, not just the victims of a spontaneous Muslim demonstration against a video, that started in Egypt.  That was the lie you and sweetness delineated for weeks, even after the facts came out and your lips almost gave away, the day following, “it appears to have been a terrorist attack, but we won’t know until we complete our investigation.”

Remember, you sent the FBI to investigate an unsecure crime scene … where a news reporter found a diary the following day, … where Muslims were photographed carrying boxes of documents from the scene… you do remember, and how you gave a speech to the United Nations claiming it was a response to the video.  The lies were enough disrespect for those who serve you; a real cheap shot to their families, and to a Nation you were entrusted to lead and protect!

Now you have stepped out and really insulted everyone except Harry Reid, and your witch in reserve Nancy Pelosi, and the liberals who continue to support you.  When you say, “Phony scandals,” it is a purposeful tactic to continue widening the gap in the two parties, now that the time has come for another debt-ceiling hike.  I guess the Zimmerman, Martin, incident was not of a race-card ploy to avert attention long enough, so you had to go out and with the phony liberal only campus crowd, with a phony “return to the economy” speech, you Mr. President had to disrespect people, with this low-life attempt to bury serious scandals, (problems), to get what you want.

These are not phony scandals!  Benghazi alone is treasonous at the least!  Add dead and wounded Border Agents you are complicit to murder.  They are not to be brushed off with what is very phony distractions by you, and not by congress, like civil unrest attempts by race baiting, and your boy Trayvon Martin, and Zimmerman will not work out, as you wanted.  Although your racist friends, Sharpton and Jackson are out there continuing to run their mouths about race over the tragic situation, nonetheless, they continue with your lead on making this a racial incident.  Over the past several years, you all have nearly worn out the effectiveness of the antiquated “Race Card”.

Disrespect is all he knows
Disrespect is all he knows

With the IRS, NSA, problems, they are real, real attempts by your administration to ignore the constitutional rights of the citizens.  The discrimination against conservative entities to apply for tax exemption is serious and blatantly denying the constitutional right to privacy by having the NSA spy on the citizens.  The motivation behind these is the phony aspects, the disregard for constitutional rights of “we the people”… guess that would be filled under your agenda and ideologies.  So where do you get off attempting to coerce and intimidate congress and the people of the United States, by calling serious problems with your leadership, phony?  People, real people have died; even innocent Mexican nationals in Mexico, for your agenda and lies.  Sir do not disrespect the American People any more with your BS, that is serious and not phony.

Disrespect, and laugh it off...
Disrespect, and laugh it off…

So laugh it off and spin it how you want, “we the people” have politicians in congress, and they are nearly corrupt as you, some, like Pelosi, Reid, McCain, and Boehner have come close but not quite as bad.  What we do have, is a spineless bunch of politicians who will try anything for votes, and especially now that mid-term elections are coming.  There might be a few from both sides of the isle who are sincere about serving their country and constituents, who would be worth the vote; otherwise they are a bunch of spineless, mentally challenged, stupid’s who are not above doing anything to stay in their cushy jobs!

Your crew at MSMBC is doing you a favor nor the African-American community with their continued race baiting rhetoric and blatant lies.  Chris Matthews, is one of the top contenders for your praise sir, he needs to fact check his rants before he opens his mouth, about your good qualities.  mostly because good qualities will not gather any DNC votes based on what you have actually done, the American people, even the liberals are not as brain dead, as Mr. Matthews would like to believe we are.

Thing is, STOP disrespecting the dead who died, their families; the military, and the American people by calling your scandals and diversions phony!  You own them, and like I said; stand up like a man, not a cowardly dog blaming someone else.  Please note, I have no animosity towards dog’s , but in lieu of better synonyms; dog was good, it gets my message across and is still legal to use in net postings.

People, American citizens, and soldiers have died and been maimed for your phony butt, it is time that you started to show respect for the American people, and America – after all you like to be called Mr. President – it is time you started to act like one!

Congress in both houses, it is time that you stopped pretending to care about your constituents and the great Americans who, (God only knows why), put you in office with pacific duties and responsibilities, it is time to stop worrying more about getting votes, and push back.  Stop pretending to care, and hopping that over time and a few diversions people will forget about the investigations into these serious scandals; they will not!  Though the liberal press and even conservative talk shows will lose focus, the people will not, and if you cannot multitask and take care of business, – you are in the wrong job –.

Boehner 001It is very evident from your approval rating, (70 plus % disapprove), you are definitely being paid too much, and have too many benefits; otherwise, it would be more important to serve the people, rather than be so self-serving.  The dead, the families, our military who have died, and been maimed, and the American people deserve more respect than your cowardly apathetic behavior!

It besets my understanding, to have men, (used lightly), cower to the blame, and name game that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, even Boehner with his tears and spineless sell out character, spew out, to intimidate you into doing what they want you to do!  Have you no pride, or better, real character, character that befits the office?  I do not see it exhibited but by very few.

To my readers, is it not about time to stop allowing our elected politicians from further disrespect and intimidation?  That is how they enslave us to larger and larger government, enslave us to the corrupt politics, which is destroying our nation, our beliefs, our values and principles.

The politicians continually tell us we are brainless, and do not know what this country needs; only they do.  However, when election time comes around, they set up a façade that they will represent us and protect our nation; they have a thousand excuses, and point a thousand fingers, all in a spirit of deception and fraudulent representation of their true character.  They prostitute themselves for the vote, and another four years to enlarge the government and control our lives.  For me, it is the time to put a stop to it all, they should make a salary, which would represent the average salary of the labor force, any increase in salary, or benefits, including retirement needs to be approved by their state district by vote.  That may stop some of the charlatans, and frauds from applying.

What I think has happened with the current administration is, we have encountered a new bold push of liberalism and tyrannical control over the nation!  It has set a precedence of intimidation and bulling, it has set a precedence of anti-American behavior, and it has set a precedence to disrespect individuals, the American people, and our laws.

I saved the photos for the end, that we might be mindful of our fallen, their families, and our troops, for their sacrifices!  …  In all humility … Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Phony Scandals

      1. I am now Following your blog; You are in the Line Up.
        Excellent article, and I thank you. I post numerous articles as to bring as many good and well written articles from conservative bloggers together, that people can see that we are not some solo individual in left field, whistling in the wind.
        When here on Long Island, NY, there is any emergency, we go door-to-door and gather men, together we care for elderly and each others property from storms, etc., and before very long, we have assembled many. I am going around gathering conservative bloggers. I truly hope that readers will visit your page and you will gain some readers. This is how we gain strength. Many people believe as we do, and think as we do. My page is self-explanatory when you look at the header on my page.
        Together, it is the People, who are the true defenders of our nation and we will point out a direction for the nation that will prosper it and our people.
        Thank you, again.


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