The Compromising, Accommodating, Christian Church

The Compromising, Accommodating Christian Church 


By R.S. Helms



I read an article from Townhall magazine, entitled “The currently cowardly church needs a mega dose of the rebel spirit. Written by Doug Giles, it was a good article and one that I have been expressing for over the past decade.  Where Mr. Giles  seems frustrated about the Evangelicals being ‘cowards’ and letting the left continue to remove the integrity of the country, the founding principles, morals, and ideologies of personal freedom, and responsibility.  It is difficult but right to call it like it is, and to expose the true character of the believers, and those who only play church!


The article is well done and ‘spot-on,’ although this article takes a different path to the same destination the intention is similar.  The intention is to light a fire under the pantaloons of, not only the Evangelicals, but also the Christian church as a whole!  Mr. Giles started his column with an excerpt from the Declaration of Rights, Maryland. (“Whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind. –Declaration of Rights, Maryland”).


The Christian church has been under attack for six plus decades, and that which started out very subtle, un-threatening, conversational points of debate, gained momentum and before long began to erode the foundational principals, which the nation was founded on.  Over time, the moral principles and integrity of this nation was in bankruptcy! 


The persecution has continued at an ever-quickening pace, and it is more vicious than ever before.  The liberal attacks are multi-purpose, as they hit several areas to further divide the Christian community.  Whole denominations have fallen to the pressure and Christian hatred, delineated by special radical interest groups riding on the coat tails of the liberal and progressive ideologists and movements. 


If one should notice the rhetoric against the “evangelicals” over the past several years, in an attempt to finish off the Christian power at the voting booth.  Now with every election, (always the most important), the church becomes more and more the church of compromise, accommodating the ideologies of the world, not Christ.  Rev. 2:12, starts the letter from Christ to the church at Pergamos, (the church of compromise), a church that let sin influence their faith because they compromised in order to accommodate evil.  What is the price to be loved by everyone?  That everyone speaks well of you, or don’t speak of you, which would be better?   There is no utopian Christian church!  No matter if this nation was founded on Christian principles, morals, and integrity, no matter if this nation is known worldwide as a Christian nation, persecution has, and always will be present, that is a promise of God, and I do hope that His grace will not allow the persecution to be what it was in the past.


For the past five years, the largest protestant denomination in the world, Southern Baptist, has watched a slow exodus of members, and while they keep trying to figure it out, they will continue to exit.  Nonetheless, in large part is the persecution, along with a denominational leadership that has not visibly stood their ground and defended the faith to those who are doing the persecution.  They continue to hold fast to the faith, and the integrity of solid Christianity, however, have not showed any backbone against the enemy in our own government.  If they continue to be silent, people will leave.  All the remaining members will be satisfied with holding to more traditionalism and “church-religion ideologies” than actually living the biblical doctrines.  Standing firm in the faith, and not worry about being politically correct; if that is what they want, then that is what they will get, they may as well go the way of the PCUSA, and then leftwing liberals will leave them alone.


In this world today, we are headed helter-skelter for a one world religion, as well as a one world government, of which the United States would never join as we stand. However, if we are to go the way of the present administration’s ideologies it will require the changing of our culture’s faith in Christ, to no biblical faith.  That is not something that lays somewhere in the distant future; it is now, as the church becomes more and more a church of compromise and accommodation. 


We have essentially lost most of the last two generations of young people, who would have carried on in the faith.  The Christian faith needs to forget all about the doctrines of man, and stand firm in solid biblical doctrine calling sin, sin and not something else, stand up to those in this administration who belittle and persecute Christians, ignoring Christian liberties and rights.  This president tried the temper of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, with this mandatory contraceptive supply for those who work for a church concern.  If that individual’s faith is such, that she can comfortably sleep around, then it is her responsibility to supply her own contraceptives, she has the freedom to choose that lifestyle, and with that freedom of choice comes the responsibility.  It is not the freedom of presidential power to take away the churches religious freedom!  Let’s see how the Supreme Court handles that part.


Christianity is the heritage of our nation, and that should still be, Christianity does not need to compromise the faith’s truths to accommodate something else.  if the symbolism of the Judeo-Christian faith offends an Atheist, or a Buddhist, perhaps a Hindu or Muslim, that is simply too bad, the Christian church must not compromise to accommodate.  When the remarks of the President demean, or belittle the Evangelical or “Bible clutching – gun toting” citizen of the southern “Bible-belt” Christian, don’t compromise your commitment to Jesus to be His witnesses, to accommodate such ignorance.  Open our mouths and say something, especially when He comes back and would like people think he is a Christian for the vote.


First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to attendees of the African Methodist Episcopal church about Jesus and American politics.

She compared voting and political action to Christian faith.  “It’s kind of like church,” she said. “Jesus was out there fighting injustice and speaking truth to power every single day.”  She went on; “Democracy is also an everyday activity.  Being an engaged citizen should once again be a daily part of our lives.” … (From Bethany Blankly’s article Preaching Politics in Church; Religion contributor)….


Compromise to accommodate evil, is what happened when that AME church allowed her to use the church pulpit to lie, (be misleading) to the congregation, about Jesus and His adult ministry.  Is it any wonder that the young Christians are turning to the world, is it any wonder why, once solid denominations are compromising the Bible and their faith to accommodate the world?  If I wanted to be pleasing to the political power, in order that they would not include me in their campaign to make Christianity irrelevant, nullifying the morals, principals, and integrity which made the character of this nation great, and gave its citizens true freedom, then I understand their choice. 

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