Corrupt Politics– Corrupt Church


It’s Time To Make the Church Great Again!

Some backbone needed! … Apply at the Cross of Jesus.

As I go through the email each day, I have started to eliminate 95% of it, because the election is over and the people have chosen President Elect Donald Trump.  Nonetheless, the Mainstream Media (including Fox, TownHall, and the almost forgotten Blaze of the GB network), simply have the conservative Social Media, in most part simply going over the manufactured news, time and time again, and the more it goes forward the more fake it becomes.  People need to simply see that liberal socialism is in serious trouble in the nation, and just make a stand for making America great again, then simply commit to boycott the organizations and business’ that keep this crap alive.  If you do not react to their mindless stupidity, their evil values.  Stop watching the liberal BS on TV they will not win.

For conservative fundamental Christians, we absolutely must drop the anxieties of the world; grow some spiritual backbone, because the Church of our Lord Jesus is in serious liberal trouble as well.  Nevertheless, Jesus left us some wise counsel on how to deal with the broken church. 

This is a sermon which I preached Sunday before last, and it brought a good response of true Christians, that I am posting it as an obligation of request.

Excited about what God is going to do with the Christian church

in our nation…

Sermon Preached by Rev. R.S. Helms… 11-20-2016– Community Baptist Church.  W. Monroe LA.

There are some things that Christians should not talk about in church, or so it would seem.  One is the vile godless condition of our political front.  It is like a septic pool filled with toxic poison, that draws wretched mankind to drink of that poison, thinking that it is a fountain of utopia, a mystical world of bliss and peace; heralded by the enticing evil wicked beckoning call of the Sirens.

The nation has been under spiritual attack for a long, long time.  and politics is perhaps, the number one thing that has been polluting the pool.  Politics has been growing more and more corrupt and vile.  But it did not get that way on its own, remember, this nation started out with an overwhelming majority of Christians, escaping the rule of the British Crown and the Anglican Church.  They came in hope and promise of their religious liberty, which became a stumbling block to the accelerated corruption of a progressive government.  The Christian values that put character in the very fiber of this nation. soon stood in the way of the political corruption’s progress.

The Christian church was listening to the choir on Sunday morning and for the rest of the week they were listening to the seductive call of the Sirens beckoning the saints to die in the septic pool of corruption, and that is what I would like to address this morning, and time is slipping by.

The intent of the message this morning is for you to look forward with an excited expectation of what God is going to do in his church across this nation, nonetheless, it requires committed and dedicated Christians to do the work.

It is what we may not see that is killing us.  From what I see, Community Baptist Church, is a wonderfully blessed church, we have a pastor who truly loves the Lord and his people and solid in his biblical doctrines – he preaches the word in truth and in the Spirit, the people are not all stuffed with narcissistic pride.  You, and look around you, you are real people who love the Lord Jesus, just regular people who love the Lord gathering together in such a sweet fellowship, and we are not alone, there are many more such churches just like us, we are of the majority in our denomination.  But sometimes, it is the things that we don’t see in the Christian church that is dangerous to us.  So, first the list of the churches of Asia Minor, two of which, Jesus had no quarrel with, he had no condemnation, only commendation, …

Revelation, chapters 2-3. Please. … if you will.

I love this church, and our Pastor Danny, and I find this church is more like the church at Philadelphia, only commendation, no condemnation, so this morning the Lord simply had me stop by on my journey, and give a caution, a caution to watch, and be very careful for we are headed for some good times and some rough times, as I believe God has something great for us to be part of, the revival and restoration of his people the church of Jesus Christ.

  1. Jesus gives us a warning.

The first three chapters of revelation is where Jesus connects the beginning of the end, to the end of the church age, that time from the forming of the church, which took place at the ascension of Jesus.  The seven churches represent seven actual churches, and metaphorically the church throughout time as it cycles through these conditions.  It is used for the local church, and each individual Christian as they are the church.

The Seven Churches of Asia Minor and what they were noted for:

  1. The church at Ephesus – The Loveless Church –loss of motivation, but mostly the loss of their love for Jesus.
  2. Smyrna – The persecuted church – good works, and poverty for Christ’ sake. – No Condemnation.
  3. PergamosThe Compromising Church faithful to Christ – but Tolerance of those promiscuous persons who taught the doctrine of Balaam and the Nicolaitans.
  4. Thyatira The Corrupt Church – Tolerant of the false prophetess Jezebel and her wicked practices.
  5. Sardis – The Dead Church – A reputation for life but, in reality, were dead.
  6. Philadelphia – The Faithful Church – faithfulness to the word of Christ… no Condemnation
  7. Laodicea – The Lukewarm Church – They were neither hot nor cold, and were sickening to the Lord.

These are the church conditions; the churches are both historical and typical.  They refer primarily to the actual condition of the several churches indicated, and now are intended to be used for the instruction, encouragement, and warning of the Church and Churches throughout all time; or the Church age.  They are the measuring plum, which God gave us to see what condition the Universal Church of Christ is in, our Denomination, our local church, and seriously our individual condition.

A month or so ago, I knew that this election would come down to one or the other candidate.  It would not matter so much who would win, because I was thanking God for whoever won, I just was excited to have it over, knowing whichever the winner, God had a plan for the outcome.  And now that it is finally over, except for the crying… God has a plan for the nation, and a plan for the church; both are opportunities.  Both, are opportunities of restoration, revival, and even more so another great awakening.

Should the election have come to a different end, then God would allow the nation to continue in a seemingly death spiral; until our people woke from their slumber or delusion and cry out for god.  But he would have the plan for the church the same plan for the church, either the outcome, Revival, to bring about an awakening – and I for one am so thankful that I have been allowed to see his mighty hand set to revive his church. – one could say I am excited in my thanksgiving because I know that God has a plan.  We chose who the president would be, but I knew, that God would use whoever we chose because he had a plan for the church, and a plan for the nation.  I am happy with the outcome because of what he is committed to do, and one of the most important to me, is he will protect our church.  He will protect the church.

The Southern Baptist Convention had a split in 1991 over the claim of theological and philosophical differences, this division started 12 or so years earlier with the ‘moderate’-liberal faction.  The split created the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and at that time it was called moderate/liberal Baptists. I will not get into all the Christian denominations in the nation; however, so that no one gets the idea that my beloved Southern Baptist Convention, is not without its share of liberalism, it should be known that our convention does have some liberal theologians, teaching in our seminaries, and in our leadership, perhaps it has to do with the political correctness that has been used to not only persecute Christians, but to get them to jump into liberal theology, or try to hold the flock from going liberal.

One thing I will say is that Jesus has given us the eyes to see, and the Holy Spirit has given us the ears to hear (spiritual ears), that we may understand and recognize what condition his church is in at any given time.  In America and around the world, we have more than a multitude of “Christian” branches, groups, cults, denominations, and that is why I am so thankful that God put seven churches at the beginning of the book of Revelation and the Apostle John as the journalist (if you will).

Today we still have the seven churches in the Bible, and praise God we have the Holy Spirit who quickens our spirit and convicts us into participation; not of this world but of the Kingdom of God and merely as sojourners are we, on our way home.

Now two churches (remember the church is the people), that I will briefly look at this morning.  I trust you will find a study Bible or commentary and look at these churches as conditions of today, and what God will require from his people to fix the broken Church, even if our church is not broken, we will need to pay attention and get excited about what God is going to do.  Then again, he may do nothing, except let us continue along the broad path, the Bible tells us that the broad path leads to destruction.  Personally, I pray for revival … revive us again lord Jesus!

I believe, there are people in this church, which are anxious … some a lot … some not so much, about not only the vileness of the campaign cycle, and now the unrest and vile thuggery of protesters.  I can understand, — it takes a special godly man like brother Danny, to project the peace of God as he does.  I don’t want to project anxiety, or fear – that is wrong, but perhaps hope in Jesus for those who feel anxious, and fearful of the future.  God is still God, he is still on his throne, and still, he will quiet the raging sea.

  1. The first Condition.

The churches at Pergamos and Thyatira, …

Pergamos: The Compromising Church.  Why should I call it a compromising church?  Well, my, my, my … it is a church that is faithful to Christ, nonetheless, at the same time is tolerant of those promiscuous people in the congregation.

  1. Please notice that Jesus is telling Paul to write to the angel of the church not the world, it is a concern in the congregation.  Not the nation.  during the campaign, some of the notable Christian leaders, were making it known who they were supporting, and some were condemning them for giving Trump a slide, or tolerating his sin… well, — Trump was not running to be head of the Christian church, … and, we are commanded to be forgiving, his sin of lust is a forgivable sin. So, ask yourself, why would a Christian leader publicly denounce, pastors willing to forgive the actions of someone eleven years prior?  But apparently, some are better than God and just will not forgive. They use words like tolerate sin, not knowing if Trump who is perhaps a different denomination (Presbyterian), and don’t feel he needs to confess his sin to anyone but God or like a whole lot of Christians don’t think their sin is sin. … but he could have done that at any time during the last eleven years.  I don’t know and neither do they.  One reason that we listen with the ears of God not those of some denominational leaders.  Although they are supposed to be our leaders, and examples, they at times sound more like Pharisees.
  1. b. King David, committed lust, he committed adultery, he committed murder. David confessed, to God, he confessed and repented of the wrong, and God forgave him and called David a “Man after my own heart” …
  1. The church at Pergamos, was tolerating promiscuous persons within the congregation. This is what upsets Christ is to have his church compromising the faith, and allowing sin to be tolerated IN the church. The condition of the church, was allowing promiscuous persons, and or false teachings, it was allowing meat sacrificed to idols, it was a plea for freedom in the church to take part in the idolatrous rites, and for introducing heathen orgies into the Christian ceremonies. The doctrine of these antinomian teachers was “the doctrine of Balaam” because, like Balaam, they prostituted their influence to the seducing of God’s people into idolatry and impurity. The similarity of this doctrine and that of the Nicolaitans is obvious; —- but that of Nicolaus (which is equivalent to “conquering the people”) is intended as similar doctrines is only conjecture. Fact is, there were two sects side by side at Pergamum is the meaning of this passage; and though their doctrines were alike in being, to control the people by the people’s compromise.

Church, we need not compromise on the faith, nor on the word of God being inerrant and infallible.  If you believe one verse, you must believe them all, if you fault one verse you must fault them all … oh well it is a good book and some of it may help me through this life.  That is the difference in conservative “traditional orthodox” Christian theology, and liberal theology.

The second Church of my selection

  1. Thyatira – The Corrupt Church.  Again, we have the word Tolerance – Tolerance of the false prophetess Jezebel and her wicked practices.  The church, condition, here projects the word suffer and there is a right and a wrong suffering, — a… the suffering of tribulations, or persecution, — and the suffering or tolerating — allowing a whole lot of wrong to go on.  The church at Thyatira had both, and the rebuke is aimed at the wrong.  The enduring of tribulation, (persecution) is commended, while the toleration, or enduring, of evil is rebuked.  It is not said that Jezebel receives sympathy or encouragement, but merely that she is let alone; her wickedness is left unchecked, and that is sinful.  It is not worthwhile to speculate as to who this individual woman is, she was there and she may be a person or a false doctrine.  It is my studied opinion that Jezebel is not her real name but a symbolical name of reproach, and what her actual name and status was we have no way of knowing.  Whatever, what is critical in this church is the suffering of this as false doctrine, akin to that of the Nicolaitans and to the doctrine of Balaam.  Whatever the detailed difference may be, all three made ‘Christian liberty” a plea for antichristian license which claimed to be above the moral Law.  And she taught and seduced.  This is an independent statement and not be made to depend on the “thou sufferest.”  In the original language, the word for seduce, and lead astray, is the same and used often in the ‘active’ sense, in Johns writing. Here it implies seduction into error of a very grave kind.  Be it fornication (literally) or metaphorically to mean spiritual sense of idolatry.  The Christian church needs to look at itself, and not fail Christ by allowing false doctrines and worldly influence and persecution to corrupt the foundations of our faith.


In closing,

  1. Please remember, that compromise leads to corruption, and vice-versa, and as the church we must look past the plea of liberalism as Christian liberty; Christian compassion and tolerance, and hold fast to the doctrines of the word of God; if we compromise on one doctrine of the Bible we corrupt the whole thing. And that relates to our salvation by grace alone, in faith on the work of our Lord Jesus. You, yes each professing born again Christian must affirm the Bible as being the very word of God, without error — being infallible in its instruction and teaching, which is interpreted by the Holy Spirit…  and so far it is still valid in the Southern Baptist Statement of Faith. … what you need to do is examine yourself and our church, and other churches and denominations to see if that is in their personal and church statement of faith.  If it is not? Then why not?  Where did you first compromise on your Christian faith?  And why? … has the liberal world intimidated you to compromise on the Word of God?  … thank God he is a God of second, third, fourth, 7 times 70 forgiving grace.  Do not be afraid of the liberal world calling you hurtful names, and slandering you and your faith!  It is time to pick up your cross and grow a backbone and stand firm in the faith of the Apostles!  A bunch of liberal theologians, preachers of false prophecy, teachers of false doctrine, are not going to intimidate me!  I will stand unto my death for the cause of Jesus and the justice of God … my faith in ‘the faith’ in the belief and conviction of the Holy Ghost on my heart.

Folks … we must fix The church — starting with me, then our church, then the universal church. it is broken and only God can fix it, but he will use only the willing, committed Christian the true disciple of Christ.  The nation is badly broken, and it will take God, working through Trump, and a willing congress to fix it and make it great again; and it cannot happen unless the church goes into revival and sets the stage for a great awakening,  when the delusional and misled people see God at work restoring His church, cleansing it from the liberal theological lies.  then it can happen, and God will heal our land.

My sincere caution to our church is to examine ourselves, and cling to the Bible as our authority, it is inerrant and infallible and we are to test any other doctrines and church traditions by the scripture. We need to prepare our hearts for true Christian revival, unity, and the authority of God’s word.  God said you are either with me or you are against me.  There is no middle ground, you are not to be luke warm, or simply halfway committed to Jesus, it is critically important that each of us have a personal love relationship with Jesus, and if you have never surrendered to Jesus, if you have never known that personal love relationship with him, please take care of that business right now, you don’t know when we will be taken; and that will be too late.  It is that urgent, and such a simple free thing to do. I will open the alter for you to come and pray, or to take care of business with God.

Deacon of the Week, would you please close in Prayer for us all.


Enough is Enough!

AGENDA 00-1122013952-United-Nations---US-Flag


COULD IT BE, time for the grass-roots patriotic conservatives (including you fellow “Born again true” Christians) to get up off the recliner, roll up your sleeves and do something about all this BS mind control agenda and ideologies running chaotic in our streets? 

There is not a news source on TV or the Newspapers that is any better than MSMBC, and Huffington Post; like water they have sought the course of least resistance, and the lowest point possible before going down the sewer.  The internet is the only hope for any sort of proven, verifiable, truthful news.  And it is getting harder to find straight forward truth as numerous once good sites like Town Hall, just becomes another pep-rally source for corruption and evil control of our once great nation.

Yes, you armchair patriotic witty-mouthed ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’ who in most part don’t even say the right thing, just what sounds good, and other than that, remain nice and comfortable on your over-stuffed recliners feeding the narcissistic craving of the global establishment, and the global socialist liberals that we are running our country today – and for the past five presidents.

For decades’ real conservatism is being eaten away by the human nature with its vast evil appetites brought on by its total depravity.  Real conservatives and conservative ‘born again’ Christians have fallen asleep and like Rip Van Winkle some are starting to wake up, asking what’s going on?  What’s going on is the devil like a roaring lion has been going about seeing whom he may devour, and devouring us in the name of peace and unity, political correctness, not to mention, redefining words and ideologies of true the sovereignty of a free Republic.

Slowly this evil has been at work, creeping over the landscape of our nation like a creeping plague.  Inch by inch like a giant shadow slowly spreading out from cities to towns from the populated East and West coasts devouring the very integrity of our nation.  it has been happening for centuries, ever so slowly and from time to time there has come along, real leadership with the true heart for America, for greatness, freedom and the American people, while none were perfect leaders, with perfect backgrounds their integrity and character was strong and good, which set them apart.  However, since the late fifties an evilness has been slowly eating the minds of good people, however, not to the magnitude of the last eight years.

Nonetheless, Regan was the best of the presidents, Kennedy a big player but a proud and strong American but played the black voter, and only because of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, and his powerful opposition to “equal but different” Democrats of the South, (Segregation Laws), which had spread into the North nearly as much.  He ended segregation, but Johnson stole his legacy by signing the Kennedy “Civil Rights Act”, None the less Nixon was impeached for doing his wrong dealings which are but a fraction of what Clinton (Bill and Hillary) actually did, Gerald Ford was worthless except for pardoning Nixon while all the Nixon gang went to prison.  Jimmy Carter was just not slick enough, or perhaps too dumb about his globalist “unity” love BS.

George H.W. Bush, is where we really start seeing a phony globalist at work with his million points of light rhetoric, and his establishment mindset.  Clinton is simply controlled by his evil nature and Hillary, being above the law, and Marxist liberal he is, had the sense to go from extreme liberal to moderate and wind up with a budget surplus, but started the total disrespect for the Office.  George W. Bush was handed Islamic Terror of 9-11 and demanded swift action, it is no secret that Iraq had WMDs but that was not exactly the reason for his war with Iraq, his was a war of revenge for the 1993 assassination attempt on his dear daddy.

Problem with the WMDs being the motivation of taking out Saddam Hussein is that he broadcasted it to the world weeks and months before the strike.  He played with the Democrats in congress trying to get congressional approval, then, with the reluctant U.N. trying sanctions and other sidetracking methods to attack the Islamic terror organization Taliban in Afghanistan, meanwhile Saddam simply moved his WMDs to Syria and bury the manufacturing hardware somewhere in the desert.  I have no doubt that the Bushes’ loved the United States, however, that does not justify their establishment global politics.

Obama, is another kind of global socialist, more evil, and truly hates America.  He is a Muslim and not so good Liberation theology Christian.  Obama could care less that people call him dumb, inapt, global socialist, because he is of a wicked heart and a proficient bully who will lie on demand, blame everyone else, and has worked his way of blame to intimidate the American populace, and in doing so dumbed down most of America.  He has divided everyone and continues to work his evil as he takes the nation towards a global socialist union.  he has reduced our military, and demoralized our strongest troops and brought us to the point of destruction from without and from within to accomplish his goal.

One lesson he learned well, which most megalomaniac narcissists do; the teaching of Jonathan Gruber, “the American people are stupid and will believe what you tell them”.   That statement is a standalone statement of stupidity which has been used to browbeat good people into acting like zombies, or string puppets with the evil of liberalism its puppet master pulling their strings. He is out of control, and so are the liberals and establishment globalist RINOs.

Meanwhile those who stand against him are being bashed in the media, (which he controls) through rich and powerful global socialists top one percent rich.  The news media (including Fox’s Murdoch) play puppet masters over the American populace.  Not to mention those who are brainwashed and going along with this madman but who continue to support the madness in politics by supporting Hillary Clinton, she is a scaggy version of Obama on steroids.

I am tired of the Glenn Becks, and Bill Crystal, the O’Reilly, and Kellies who are only interested in the dollars, of lying and trying to keep people dumbed down on the American truth.  The façade is over and with the help of God putting energy to the ones who talk the talk but are most comfortable sitting in the recliner with a cool one thinking they are cool, but are not.  They make a fair cheering section, but are being used by the globalists to keep the spin going.  Stand up and be counted worthy of being an American Patriot.  Stop the stupid thinking and stupid baseless hope.  Where will you go should Hillary Clinton be elected?  American was once the only safe harbor in a chaotic world, we are perhaps at our weakest in our history, but still the only safe harbor, free as long as we protect our freedom.

The real Tea Party needs to stand up and be counted as the patriots they are, we need to clean up our mouths and partner with the 1&2nd amendment people, partner with Christians, partner with true Americans and say enough is enough and mean it, all the bullying in the world is not going to make me sit down and be silent any longer, don’t stand on the sideline get active and by all means vote!  If you don’t know what Republican to vote for, ask the Tea party, (that is if they will stand up and separate themselves from the counterfeits that seem to be everywhere. We truly need God fearing true Americans in office, not the phony promise breaking RINOs more interested in their pocketbooks and power than the sovereignty of our great nation buying in and selling out to globalism and special interest groups.

I am saying we need to take the advice of the Apostle Paul, he admonished the congregation about the taking of the Lords Supper, now listen to what you are reading – it is important that you not lie to yourself. In 1st Corinthians 11:27—29   (27), “Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.  (28) But let every man (men & women) EXAMINE himself, and so let hi m eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.  (29) For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lords body.

I know we are not at the communion (Lords Supper), However the word “examine” is the focus, because we need to examine our heart to see what is really in there, you cannot escape your own truth, try as hard as you might in covering it over with platitudes of justification.  The bare naked truth is there, either you are or you are not a true freedom loving American patriot or you are not.  Of course, there is a lot wrong with the nation, there was decades ago, but compared to what we have today it is nothing.

Even the Atheist of Atheists knows there are two things in this world, good and bad (good and evil) and we as a free sovereign nation must change course, and put the nation on the good course in order to survive in freedom.  You know in your heart that we must get back to where we were, even in all of our imperfection we had hope within the American spirit.  absolutely we made great progress, and we should desire to progress more, but please understand that what has been happening in this nation’s progress is wrong for decades, we surely don’t disregard our values, our once great culture our greatness as a nation because some corrupt evil and wicked politician or mogul says we are wrong!  We cannot allow political correctness to brainwash us any longer, we as conservative Americans must stand on our two legs like men have done before us and walk the walk, put action to our words “Enough is Enough”, Put congress on notice … not to be bullied by this administration and liberals any longer do the right thing and put the law breakers out of business.  Use the power of impeachment and make it work, for the liberals and RINOs who stand in the way vote them out ASAP, our politicians need to stand up and be Americans, the press will always be chained to the globalist moguls as mere pawns in their army of destruction.

We don’t need to grab up our gun (as of yet) nor a baseball bat, but march and protest if need be, boycott if need be, but whatever you do, don’t stoop to their level of violence and rioting.  Use your power to vote and vote in those who will not be shy to impeach someone.

But it is time to stand up and be counted, America first.

R.S. Helms, and this is my humble Opinion.

What We Learn From The Wise Men

 Wise Men

Story By: R.S. HelmsR.S. Helms 01


The Story of the Wise Men, the Magi who traveled from the East, guided by a star, seeking the new born king of Israel, is a part of the Christmas story that has a variety of meaningful applications, just as the part of the Shepherds tending their flocks, and the story would not be complete without all the parts, it is sort of like a four-part play, being played on the stage of the world.

Nonetheless, we have Wise men, who knew of the prophecies of the Israelites, and more so the prophecies concerning their coming king.  They searched the heavens for a sign, then, behold… a star appeared.  One that they had never seen before, and strangely far brighter than all the others.  Guess it was one of those “WOW!” moments that happen from time to time.

The gospel of Matthew records this story as follows:

Matthew. 2:1-12

1 Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem,

2 saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

3 When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

4 And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he inquired of them where the Christ was to be born.

5 So they said to him, “In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written by the prophet:

6 ‘But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, Are not the least among the rulers of Judah; For out of you shall come a Ruler Who will shepherd My people Israel.’ ”

References for Matthew 2:6


7 Then Herod, when he had secretly called the wise men, determined from them what time the star appeared.

8 And he sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search carefully for the young Child, and when you have found Him, bring back word to me, that I may come and worship Him also.”

9 When they heard the king, they departed; and behold, the star which they had seen in the East went before them, till it came and stood over where the young Child was.

10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.

11 And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

12 Then, being divinely warned in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed for their own country another way.

Now back to the “WOW!” moment. The wise men saw the Star and had a decision to make,” hmm what should we do?” “Perhaps we should write about it, no, that would most likely not be read, and people might make fun of us…” I have it, we will travel there and take some worthy gifts to this new king, so okay let get our party ready invite the Magi who are interested in making a trip… Ah … how far did you say it was?”

I doubt if the wise men’s decision went like that, no not at all, they knew they would undertake an impossible journey, it most likely would not have been just three Magi on three finely decked out camels; but rather, a whole caravan, and they would be crossing the desert. Heat and wind, long distances between water and rest. Some scholars say the journey would have been between six months to two years.

They committed to embark on a journey, their guide was a star, and their destination was the baby Jesus. They wanted to see him, reach out and touch him, to worship him, and give gifts, they knew what their destination was, and the divine star to guide them. All though the journey would be overwhelmingly hard at times, it would be the reward of their destination that would give them peace, joy, and understanding.

The wise men knew where their journey was taking them…   might I inquire of you; do you know where your journey is taking you? What is the object of your destination? Is your destination Jesus the Lord?

With every journey there is a path or road that we travel in order to reach our destination, however, with this road there is many roads leading from the main thoroughfare, some are plainly marked as danger dead end do not enter, yet many enter and are lost. Other roads are marked as necessary detour, and will give signs to get you back on the main road to your destination.

The wise men detoured from their course, it was a detour of necessity, the customary protocol would be that anyone of high prestige, when entering another country, would go and pay tribute to the king, and give their purpose for being in the country, remember this was in Jerusalem and they were not yet to their destination.

We may find ourselves somewhere along a detour from our main path. Could it be, that the Christians along with the rest of America, find ourselves on a detour of necessity? The makeup of the United States has been changing for decades, subtle nudges became obvious shoves, such as the removal of Judeo-Christian values and ethics. The removal of any sign or mention of God from the public square, opening the floodgates to all kinds of social behavior. The global demonization of our nation, our power, our culture, our ethical values, our constitution, and at every chance our citizens. All of this is coming from our administration. The president is the most lawless, most anti-constitutional, most anti-Judeo/Christian values, most anti-American culture spawn of Satan that has ever sat in the Oval Office. Our President has willfully by intent and self-admission “changed” our nation.

Of late, the past seven plus years, we no longer are experiencing shoves, but rather, the shoving became hard pushing towards a one-way dark destination. A destination that will remove our sovereignty, our constitutional and freedoms, our personal wealth, land, and worse yet our personal freedom to worship as we see fit. There is nearly nothing left of the 1st and 2nd amendments, and others are being shattered. Our nation, like it or not, is in the position centered on an unstable keg of high explosives.

Perhaps a divine star is guiding us now down the road well marked “necessary detour”, or could it be that the sign reads “do not enter, danger and darkness ahead”? know this I am not going to let on that most is doom and gloom, for it is not, not until we give up on God. When all else is lost He is not. It does not matter anymore if someone is black, brown, Christian or not. It is time that we come together in one heart and one mind and defeat the darkness.

With the wise men, they ask of Herod where the new king might be found, and after Herod conferred with his advisors and they told him generally in Bethlehem, the city of David. Now this is another point. Herod told the wise men to return and tell him so he might also go and worship him. What do you think, did Herod lie to the Magi? Of course, he did he did not want to worship Jesus he wanted to kill him.

The President, his staff, the liberal—RINO, progressive politicians, have for decades been lying to the people. More now than ever before, the progressive movement believe the people are stupid, (I call it the ‘Gruber’ mindset), it says, you can lie and tell the American people anything and they will believe you…

Our national security is nearly nonexistent, open borders, gangstas and black racist charlatan ministers of bad theology, leading activist protesters calling for death to cops, and white people, tens of thousands of Muslims some citizens, some not. Millions of illegal aliens, some really bad, some not. A demoralized military, the Islamic Middle East is on fire, and ISIS “Islamic Terrorists at war with the United States, and our president would rather attempt to demonize anyone who does not agree with his Muslim refugee plan calling us bigots, than to address our Muslim extreme threat to our national security.

That is the road detour in which the patriots, Christian and non-Christian alike find ourselves, we are black, we are white, we are brown, yellow, red, purple green. We must realize we are all precious in God’s sight, and unite and reclaim our nation from the vile evil darkness that has nearly overcome us.

My journey, at this evening time of life, is that of the wise men, we have similar destinations, theirs was to see the king, to reach out and touch him, to worship him. My destination is not unlike many Christians to be with Jesus to reach out and touch Him, to worship and praise Him, to lay crowns at his feet, and to spend the rest of eternity with Him. That is where my journey is taking me. If I do not make it past this necessary detour, my destination remains the same, and Jesus knows where I am to be found, He knows my name.

So again, where is your journey taking you? What is your destination?

Merry Christmas from my family to yours 

Thoughts for Today part one

Thoughts of Today…

Part one

R.S. Helms

Yesterday, I wrote a column on the worse situation that has cast a wicked shadow over Washington DC. Therefore, it casts its shadow over the whole US and effects all of us. I usually spend time going over two to three hundred emails, 50% of which are advertisements, even from current events news feeds, I go over the news headlines of four Web sites like MSN, Town Hall, Drudge Report, and Fox News. Now being completely disgusted and feeling a tad ill, I go back to the Bible and my daily devotional. This brings me back to earth and allows me to briefly go over Face Book and Tweeter, and see how things are going with my friends, looking with some anxiety for those who are encouraging and who I love and care for, I start the task of putting a meaningful column together for an occasional post.

Last evening, I found a couple really profound and meaningful devotionals from Dr. Charles Stanley. Truly, in many ways he is America’s Pastor. If you are so inclined, his “In Touch Ministries” is where to look for the devotional.

Nonetheless, I found myself being more of a conservative political activist rather than actually pleasing God. Although I will still write some activist opinions, of course, I am a conservative political activist, writing what I hope would make it to some politician’s reading list. However, generally what I write is not what they want to hear or want their supporters to hear. Nonetheless, I do give appropriate praise where it is justified.

I believe that we live in a Christian nation founded on biblical principles, starting with the Ten Commandments. The first four, command and instruct us to how we are to live in a relationship with God and how to please God; I call these the vertical relationship commandments. The following six are given that we may live peacefully among other human beings. These are what I call the horizontal relationship commandments. All ten are simply basic laws, the legal foundation for all free people.

However, the Ten Commandments, guide a free civilization or culture, and is the most obstructive element in a tyrannical socialist regime, and there lay the liberal and progressive ideology’s war on the Christian faith. Over several decades the persecution of the Christian faith, has covertly removed critical elements from our culture; it has as well, added some elements detrimental to our very freedoms.

In the beginning, the war on Christianity was rather covert, or stealth in nature with subtle changes, and when noticed for the first time it became a matter for the Supreme Court, on “separation of church and state”, unfortunately the Supreme Court changed the intent of the meaning of church and state. Therefore, anytime liberal and progressive ideologies face challenges it goes to the Supreme Court to exercise a misinterpreted First Amendment of our Constitution. I say misinterpreted because they wrongly interpreted the intent, of church and state. However, that is a whole other debate, which we may never see in congress but does go to cause.

I use the term covert or stealth, as the mode of operation for progressivism in the political and religious elements of our great free Republic of the United States of America. Therefore, you can see plainly the intent of our forefathers, as they set to paper what is the rights and freedoms of our people, and to limit the size and authority of the government, and in turn allowed more power and control of the states being more aware regionally, to the needs of the people.

Nevertheless, I will remind you of some of the things that have resulted in the liberal and progressive quest to satisfy their unquenchable thirst for money, power, and control of the people, and the size of government. We have lost our values, and played favoritism to the sinful nature of mankind.

In the beginning, God created all things and nothing was created that was not created by God. Fair religious statement I should think. Which brings me to the discourse on “Who then created evil?” I must stand on my prior statement that God created all things and nothing was created except by him. Evil was not created, it is the result of rebellion.

God created the hosts of heaven, all at one time, genderless, yet a being with a free will, in order that the hosts of heaven my experience the love of God, and freely choose to love him in return. He created the hosts of heaven in echelons and at the top was Lucifer; Lucifer then considered himself to be equal if not higher than God, however, God said no, and Lucifer rebelled and convinced a third of the hosts of heaven to follow him and not God; evil now entered the equation.

God created man in the image of God, “holy”… however; he gave man a free will, to choose freely to love and in that love to obey him. Put them in a utopia, the Garden of Eden. Gave them one simple law, not to eat of fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, the tree of life.

Lucifer, referred to as the serpent, deceived the woman, and caused man to sin, it was then that man fell from his created state of a holy nature and took on the nature of sin. Evil, through a little chain of events had entered the world through the Devil who enticed eve, by appealing to her natural appetites, the fruit looked good to eat, and then he affirmed the law, (one rule), by twisting what God actually said. ‘Surly God will not kill you, but rather, you will become like God, knowing good and evil’.

That is sort of like politicians and charlatan preachers who first lay blame on someone else then appeal to the sucker constituency, (the American people — you and me). They entice us through our natural appetites. Just as Satan attempted to sway the resolve of Jesus, he quoted scripture; he made promises of power and wealth, and enticed him with food.

St. Augustine of Hippo, made the point of the nature of man, which was elaborated on by John Calvin, but so simple it is often overlooked in the quest of understanding human nature; human nature is simply put as being “totally depraved”, another word is evil, debauched, immoral, corrupt, wicked, degenerate, decadent, dissolute. In Calvin’s theology, he simply put it as “Total depravity of man”.

The Atheists agree that there exists good and bad, evil and good, right from wrong. Therefor I submit that the causation of war is actually the ongoing war against evil. Throughout the history of the Old Testament, wars ravaged mankind. Right from wrong, good and evil, when lust for what a man has and another has not, kings and kingdoms fought over land, wealth and control; it has never deviated from the natural appetites of man, and we know the condition of man’s fallen nature too well, total depravity restraint.

To put it bluntly, the ‘holy war’ has been continuous from the time Lucifer told God he was equal, even above God. From that time the devil has known his fate, he by necessity, would be the big loser. Man has the capacity to do well, and demonstrated in the random acts of kindness, honesty, morality, and helping others in need; one does not need Christ to do good. One does not have to be a heathen to do bad, for we all have sinned, (been evil), and come short of the glory of God, yet Christians have hope in the resurrection of Christ, that through confession and repentance, I have the opportunity to again be pleasing to God.

In our modern or postmodern world, we are looking forward, and not paying attention to the past, unless it is to associate various positive achievements with what a plan forward would require. When moving forward without an adequate plan there is failure in achieving the goal. Its only common sense let alone biblical wisdom, to count the cost, to build on a firm foundation and more, which reflect the mind of God. An ill devised plan is ruin and reflects the mind of evil.

Would you hire a contractor to build your new home, and started work with the wrong set of plans? No I doubt it, yet we hired a president who has been leading this nation with the wrong set of plans; his evil plans, to set the nation equal with the worst in the world.

He is very clever, cunning, charismatic, deceitful, and evil as his master Satan. Full of self-pride, and will resort to anything in order to have control. Human nature’s appetites have robed his soul, and only a third of congress has enough spine to stand up to his ideologies and agenda to bring the greatest nation to its knees.

Our President continues to press forward with his evil plan to destroy our free nation, while building on his egotistical pride; he is the Pied Piper leading his blinded liberal and progressive captives skipping down the pathway to self-destruction. He does it by breaking the constitutional law separating the three powers of government, and a liberal progressive congress too spineless, or too stupefied to stop him.

Everyone is with the mindset, just hang on; in a year and a half, we will have a new President that will fix the mess. That is stupid thinking, it is the way he wants them to think, it keeps them divided three or four ways. It is that type of thinking, which will help him finish what he set out to do; make this a Marxist style socialist republic, without constitutional liberty and freedom. He will accomplish making this country equal with the rest of the world, ready for redevelopment under the authority of the United Nations… (It would not surprise me if Mr. Obama were not setting the way for him to become the Secretary General of the U.N.).

Does Obama hate the United States? I really do not think he hates the United States any more than any other nation, however, his actions prove he does not love or respect the United States, its constitution or its people. Black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue or purple, Christian, Jew, Reformed Muslim, Gay, Atheist, liberal, or conservative; just the ones that worship him, and he has been known to throw them under the Obama bus or feed them to the wolves as needed.

However, taken from the “back when” years, there was a radio show Inner Sanctum Mysteries, the squeaking door and “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men — The Shadow knows. Of course, most of you are not going to date yourself, as pre TV … I don’t mind, they were still on in the 50’s but we were too poor for a TV. Radio, on the other hand, filled my young head with the horror of evil mankind. I really did not have a reference point of actual relevance until the ministry.

Nevertheless, the question stands, moreover, it comes home to roost in our liberal and progressive politicians. As for the charlatan preachers, deceived by their own ambitions preach legitimacy to the Godless aggression of Liberal and Liberation Theology. The outright false interpretation of “social justice” as a biblical doctrine of Jesus is not even close to what Jesus taught, nor the intent of the teaching.

So what evil lurks in the hearts of man? The fruit is in the pudding, it is just that simple analogy, and the character of the man is measured by what he does. The Bible says that bitter water does not flow from a sweet spring, nor does a lemon grow on a sweet plum tree. (My paraphrase). Inspect the fruit and you will know what is in the heart of a person.

“The World Will Hate You”.

The World Will Hate You…

R.S. Helms
R.S. Helms

Jesus told us in the gospel of John, (15:18) (“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you”). There is several areas if concern, which I would like to address today. First off, the lie which has been perpetrated against the United States for several decades, and at present is propagandized by the liberal left wing of the political spectrum and the President of our nation along with his minions and global citizenry brain washed spokespersons rendering Obama praises.

This is a Christian nation it was founded as such, continuously been such, and now it remains a Christian nation with a multitude of religions because they are guaranteed freedom to practice their faith as they see fit. The intent of that First Amendment guarantee is that the government is forbidden to mandate a national religion. So as a Christian, and a Southern Baptist Pastor (ret.), I am so happy to claim “we are an un-mandated Christian nation. So “We are not” or “We are no longer” a Christian nation is a lie from the pits of hell, and has been used by less than 5% of the citizens to promote the ongoing persecution of Christianity in the nation in favor of Atheists, Muslims, Homosexuals, and other anti-Christian groups.

So now, perhaps you can understand where I stand on that issue, and if you disagree fine, that is also your right. If I have made you mad, or offended you, get over it and move on to some other blog that is also your right and free choice. Up front, I do not care what you may call me, whatever name you can think of, I have already been called, and it very well may offend me, but I will get over it. However, it will not intimidate me. Nonetheless, I do get rather upset, when a slim minority of homosexuals, carve out an agenda, and force the majority to declare them a minority so they have the opportunity to force their sexual preference on the majority. Including our children in our public schools. The religious beliefs of our enemy are promoted at the expense and forced tolerance upon the other religions. The same thing with other groups just because it is politically correct.

Christian persecution is now legal, encouraged by our President, and if Christians say anything, they may be sued or jailed for “hate speech”. Christians cannot, or will not push back. However, I believe God allows it, and we have yet to see real persecution. Nonetheless, as with the ancients, God will only allow it long enough to sift the chaff from the wheat, and who knows, and I doubt I live long enough to see it, but there may be another Gideon moment, and let not your heart be troubled, there will be a remnant to carry on.

We have a nation that is so far divided at every front, that no one knows for sure what they really stand for. It is the reason that some once solid Christian denominations have moved to the liberal left in their theology. It is the reason for making it clear where I stand politically, and taking this opportunity to write to Christians so they may examine themselves with a critical eye, and see where they fit into the revelation given by Jesus. The seven churches of Asia Minor were actual churches, so the revelation given to their condition was a literal warning to the church that applies through the church dispensation. It cautions the church as it cycles in and out of conditions. The church is people and therefore the message is relevant, spiritually, to individuals as they attempt to walk the Christian walk.

This time of year, Christians tend to hear a lot about the suffering savior, however, many are deaf and blind spiritually. Caught up in the world that they just do not see what Jesus did for us, and when they do have a most difficult time to think he did all that for me; what am I willing to do for him? Some realize they cannot stay committed enough to weather the little storm that ripples the water. They find it easy to compromise, yield to the ways of the world, and follow false doctrines. Doctrines dictated by political correctness and evil people who are doing the will of the devil, deceiving, corrupting, and destroying.

Now on to the church, it is my plan to post six separate posts on two blogs. There will be five commentaries on five churches of Asia Minor, from chapters two and three of John’s Revelation, there is seven churches but two of them Jesus has no fault. Five of them Jesus points out their fault, and warns of his judgment should they fail to repent.

We pray, we fast and pray, yet at times it truly seems that the prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling, or that Jesus has taken a holiday, but consider what Jesus said, “that we pray amiss” and he is not wrong, we pray for his intercession, we pray for strength, we pray for him to change the hearts in this nation. He hears and starts to answer, only he feels abandoned when he turns around to see we have not gotten off our knees to put work to our request. As Christians we must be willing to trust Jesus fully, and participate in our request. Most of the time, outside of a miracle, Jesus demands our trust and participation.

To be truthful, the church today is in a sorry condition, and it is my studied opinion that things are going to get worse before getting better. The church today is divided and compromised to the point that it is hard to find a local church or denomination that has not compromised the tenants of the faith systematically until it is hard to recognize they are Christian.

Nonetheless, this exercise in visiting the seven churches as seen by Jesus may lead to more defined short studies, which are needed to identify our faith crisis and do something about it. Keep in mind, if we faithfully work on our problem, God will be able to work on the rest.

Jesus Wrote on the Ground

The Supreme Court decided public prayer at a public meeting was constitutional. That is a great decision on their part; however, it has some of the anti Christians, anti God people hopping mad. There have been many posts and comments from both sides of the argument, many yeas, and some nay. Bear in mind however, that both liberal and progressive bureaucrats have had their negative comments. For me, I am rejoicing in the Lord over the victory, they would not get so “red-faced” if it did not hit home.

After reading a cartoon posted in the TownHall conservative webzine, I commented about something about how prayer in public reveals the sin of those listening. That reminded me of a sermon I once wrote and delivered, “Jesus started to write on the ground”, it comes from the book of John 8th chapter and verses 3 —11.


We Do Not Like Jesus Exposing Our Sin
We Do Not Like Jesus Exposing Our Sin


Couple of points, concerning SIN our sin and how God always points it out for the Christian it is by convicting, wrought of the Holy Spirit, and for the heathen, it may be through the conscience, providing they understand right from wrong, and what their value of right and wrong dictate to their conscience.

The Supreme Court found that public prayer prior to a public meeting is not unconstitutional that seems like a small victory for the Christian but it is a victory nonetheless. Whenever we yield to the presence of God, it will convict us of our sin. When the person who may be among those conducting a public meeting, who wants to invoke God’s blessing and peace on a meeting, all who attend the meeting must examine their own hearts, even though it may be through their hatred. Perhaps it may be that God can use that very hatred or denial to cause the heathen to ask, “Why do I deny God?” Why, at just the mention of His name or the sight of a symbol am I so offended?

Please keep in mind, what may seem like a victory for the religious freedom activist, may just be the reason for the adversaries of Jesus to cause problems and disrupt, bully, or try to intimidate good people.

You see, as I once preached, the scribes and Pharisees wanted to test Jesus on the Law of Moses, and Jesus stooped down and started to write something, as if he was not hearing them, they persisted and pressed their point on judgment and condemnation. However, He got their attention when he said that the one who is without sin throw the first stone, (my paraphrase), then stooped down, and started to write again. Their focus was drawn to the ground, and to their shame, Jesus exposed them. It is my studied opinion, that Jesus was writing each of their names and the sin they were holding; shamed they must have dropped their stones and went away, older men first, and then the younger.

Point is God knows your sin, if you want to believe in Him or if you choose not to believe in Him; and I guarantee he will uncover your sin, He is the only one who can condemn you, and He already has, so if I point out someone’s SIN I am not judging or condemning, just writing in the dirt, observing the product of someone’s moral values, (inspecting the fruit). Am I hypocritical? Yes, because I am a sinner saved by grace, do I sin in thought and deed? Again, yes and I will always until the day I die and then I will be able to say, “I can sin no more, because I have been made complete in His image, and there will be nothing to tempt me to sin. Meanwhile, Jesus will keep writing in the dirt, exposing my sin to me as well as to a heathen, because He loves me as well the heathen.

In conclusion, when we come to a meeting that prays before it starts, I thank God he is involved, and when a group of people come together friend and foe, prayer brings us into the presence of God in a way that Jesus stoops down and writes in the dirt, reminding us that he knows our hearts, and will expose it’s darkness. Perhaps that is why Washington Bureaucrats don’t like to start off their meetings with prayer, oh they used to start sessions daily with the Chaplain offering prayer, but not so much the meetings and hearings, so they just continue to feed their own interest with lies, false promises, manipulation, bullying, and just plain stupid compromise to get what they want; it is both parties, and from what I see only a few brave souls have stood for what is the actual best for the nation. God bless them.

I wish that before hearing each case, and when then close for deliberation, there would be public prayer at the Supreme Court; I know that they (most of them) will not spend any time in prayer in their private deliberations.

No one has ever escaped God’s judgment and condemnation without watching Jesus stoop and write in the dirt; it is what we do when he does, do we walk away, or do we turn our wicked ways over to Him?

No one wants to see Jesus stoop down to write in the dirt.

The Compromising, Accommodating, Christian Church

The Compromising, Accommodating Christian Church 


By R.S. Helms



I read an article from Townhall magazine, entitled “The currently cowardly church needs a mega dose of the rebel spirit. Written by Doug Giles, it was a good article and one that I have been expressing for over the past decade.  Where Mr. Giles  seems frustrated about the Evangelicals being ‘cowards’ and letting the left continue to remove the integrity of the country, the founding principles, morals, and ideologies of personal freedom, and responsibility.  It is difficult but right to call it like it is, and to expose the true character of the believers, and those who only play church!


The article is well done and ‘spot-on,’ although this article takes a different path to the same destination the intention is similar.  The intention is to light a fire under the pantaloons of, not only the Evangelicals, but also the Christian church as a whole!  Mr. Giles started his column with an excerpt from the Declaration of Rights, Maryland. (“Whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind. –Declaration of Rights, Maryland”).


The Christian church has been under attack for six plus decades, and that which started out very subtle, un-threatening, conversational points of debate, gained momentum and before long began to erode the foundational principals, which the nation was founded on.  Over time, the moral principles and integrity of this nation was in bankruptcy! 


The persecution has continued at an ever-quickening pace, and it is more vicious than ever before.  The liberal attacks are multi-purpose, as they hit several areas to further divide the Christian community.  Whole denominations have fallen to the pressure and Christian hatred, delineated by special radical interest groups riding on the coat tails of the liberal and progressive ideologists and movements. 


If one should notice the rhetoric against the “evangelicals” over the past several years, in an attempt to finish off the Christian power at the voting booth.  Now with every election, (always the most important), the church becomes more and more the church of compromise, accommodating the ideologies of the world, not Christ.  Rev. 2:12, starts the letter from Christ to the church at Pergamos, (the church of compromise), a church that let sin influence their faith because they compromised in order to accommodate evil.  What is the price to be loved by everyone?  That everyone speaks well of you, or don’t speak of you, which would be better?   There is no utopian Christian church!  No matter if this nation was founded on Christian principles, morals, and integrity, no matter if this nation is known worldwide as a Christian nation, persecution has, and always will be present, that is a promise of God, and I do hope that His grace will not allow the persecution to be what it was in the past.


For the past five years, the largest protestant denomination in the world, Southern Baptist, has watched a slow exodus of members, and while they keep trying to figure it out, they will continue to exit.  Nonetheless, in large part is the persecution, along with a denominational leadership that has not visibly stood their ground and defended the faith to those who are doing the persecution.  They continue to hold fast to the faith, and the integrity of solid Christianity, however, have not showed any backbone against the enemy in our own government.  If they continue to be silent, people will leave.  All the remaining members will be satisfied with holding to more traditionalism and “church-religion ideologies” than actually living the biblical doctrines.  Standing firm in the faith, and not worry about being politically correct; if that is what they want, then that is what they will get, they may as well go the way of the PCUSA, and then leftwing liberals will leave them alone.


In this world today, we are headed helter-skelter for a one world religion, as well as a one world government, of which the United States would never join as we stand. However, if we are to go the way of the present administration’s ideologies it will require the changing of our culture’s faith in Christ, to no biblical faith.  That is not something that lays somewhere in the distant future; it is now, as the church becomes more and more a church of compromise and accommodation. 


We have essentially lost most of the last two generations of young people, who would have carried on in the faith.  The Christian faith needs to forget all about the doctrines of man, and stand firm in solid biblical doctrine calling sin, sin and not something else, stand up to those in this administration who belittle and persecute Christians, ignoring Christian liberties and rights.  This president tried the temper of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, with this mandatory contraceptive supply for those who work for a church concern.  If that individual’s faith is such, that she can comfortably sleep around, then it is her responsibility to supply her own contraceptives, she has the freedom to choose that lifestyle, and with that freedom of choice comes the responsibility.  It is not the freedom of presidential power to take away the churches religious freedom!  Let’s see how the Supreme Court handles that part.


Christianity is the heritage of our nation, and that should still be, Christianity does not need to compromise the faith’s truths to accommodate something else.  if the symbolism of the Judeo-Christian faith offends an Atheist, or a Buddhist, perhaps a Hindu or Muslim, that is simply too bad, the Christian church must not compromise to accommodate.  When the remarks of the President demean, or belittle the Evangelical or “Bible clutching – gun toting” citizen of the southern “Bible-belt” Christian, don’t compromise your commitment to Jesus to be His witnesses, to accommodate such ignorance.  Open our mouths and say something, especially when He comes back and would like people think he is a Christian for the vote.


First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke to attendees of the African Methodist Episcopal church about Jesus and American politics.

She compared voting and political action to Christian faith.  “It’s kind of like church,” she said. “Jesus was out there fighting injustice and speaking truth to power every single day.”  She went on; “Democracy is also an everyday activity.  Being an engaged citizen should once again be a daily part of our lives.” … (From Bethany Blankly’s article Preaching Politics in Church; Religion contributor)….


Compromise to accommodate evil, is what happened when that AME church allowed her to use the church pulpit to lie, (be misleading) to the congregation, about Jesus and His adult ministry.  Is it any wonder that the young Christians are turning to the world, is it any wonder why, once solid denominations are compromising the Bible and their faith to accommodate the world?  If I wanted to be pleasing to the political power, in order that they would not include me in their campaign to make Christianity irrelevant, nullifying the morals, principals, and integrity which made the character of this nation great, and gave its citizens true freedom, then I understand their choice.