Lets Be Understandable

Understanding God…

I seldom use a blog post to clarify or justify my theological standing which guides my research and studies.  So, we will cut the chase and simply say this my stand is on Systematic Theology, and the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility and authority of Scripture, (The Word of God – The Bible). The corner stone of Systematic Theology is the Word of God the building stones are writings, sermons, and other sources of credited information concerning the systematic doctrines of the Bible.  I am also a pretribulation and believe that the Rapture will take place at the end of the church age and prior to the Tribulation – a point of disagreement between various individual theologies.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with my theology and simply agree to disagree with their views or their theologies as long as their theologies include the biblical means of Salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus.  Grace alone not of works lest any should boast.  The Bible being the Word of God, without error or fallibility.  In other words, free grace in the redemption of mankind through that small measure of faith that all mankind has to first believe in our Lord and Savior, His teachings, commands, and sayings.  Then I believe they are born again believers or rather Christian part of the body of Christ or the church universal.  We are truly redeemed, justified by the blood of the lamb.

Our differences in theology and personal theologies that are not critical to our salvation and true Christianity.  Our differences have led to deeper studies and understanding of the end product of our so great a faith.  I am, what has been the focus of political and liberal church persecution and separation, Evangelical, conservative Southern Baptist Convention and the latter because of their mission statement (Baptist Faith and Message), their stand on the Bible, and autonomy of the local church and their mission’s involvement worldwide and nationally, (commitment to the Great Commission).  Granted, there is concerns which I have over some of the ideologies and politics of some of the Convention Leadership.  But as Southern Baptist we enjoy a disagreement or, so it may seem.  Maybe that is where I learned to agree to disagree, while disagreeing vehemently about the things that matter to the reconciliation souls to God through Jesus.

Liberalism in Christianity and our politics is, in my studied opinion, evil and is the primary tool which is used by Satan against the true Christian Church, it replaced Atheism, and progressivism, (modernity), I cannot agree what so ever with their politics or theologies.  It takes a marriage of Christianity and politics to renew our values and the integrity of our nation which have been given to the global socialist ideologies of the United Nations, global aspirations that cannot come about as long as there is free independent, sovereign nations and NT Christianity. 

At this point in time only God can do anything about what unity of the Christian church can be brought on by believers, however I do believe it is the responsibility of ever minister who has been called to the ministery to do what they promised God when they accepted their call.  In part, to be a faithful steward of His word, and to fight evil in all of its forms. 

It is not by accident that I write about the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, as I have in the past.  With each series I pray that the series will become more refined and more understood by the Christian reader.  I do realize that those whose ideologies have mingled with their theology and will offer their rejections mostly the Futurist have their view of the Book of Revelation not mentioning the Christian church being in the entire message.  The Seven Churches of Revelation are Jewish communities, which is not supported in scripture.  What can be supported is that there are three divisions and several subdivisions in the Book of Revelation.  The Church is Christian and represents the church universal and its condition at any given time during the church age.  Where most pretribulation theologians agree that the Rapture will take place between the last verse of chapters one, and chapter four thereby creating the first division and the seven years of tribulation.  John was not the one giving the Revelation, it was Jesus and Jesus chose John to be the scribe to rite it down what was, is and is going to be.  Revelation is to reveal or to unveil what was – things that are – and what things are to come unveiling Jesus’ second coming and the establishment of His government for a thousand years.  From verse four, through 22:7 is the revelation proper.  Seven years of God’s final dealing with Israel.  

Nonetheless, it is as I always say – “Do your own research”. The thing that people don’t understand is that the Christian must “Study to show thyself approved” … Not everyone will believe exactly like I believe, and it is not my calling to make everyone accept everything I believe.  I used to tell my congregation “just don’t accept everything I say simply because I said it, but test what I say by scripture.

If your preacher is not preaching Scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, then he/she is preaching self and self alone without the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  and during sermons I would find myself “chasing rabbits.”  Chasing rabbits generally are attempts to better apply the message when little funny illustrations fail to work.  When the truth presented seriously needs to be applied to the hearts of those who hear, it is the Holy Spirit who will give them an understanding not the preacher.  The Holy Spirit will apply the Word to your heart, but the word preached must be the truth of Scripture. 

That is why, I can tolerate the various theologies that lead to Biblical salvation for those who sincerely seek the salvation wrought by Jesus.  Jesus who unveiled the end and start.  Of course, only God is privy to the time, but we will know when it happens.  But, believe me, it will happen.  Meanwhile, this old preacher will continue to do what God wants me to do, continue to preach, (mostly writing now).

Now that is said and done, and I will now proceed with this series of the seven churches and my fight against liberalism/Socialism in the church and in politics.

Thanks for reading … and celebrate Christmas (everyday), first by not getting too involved with the petty bickering and political correctness that generally takes the joy out of any Christian celebration, It really don’t make a difference that Jesus was not born on December 25th, and why the early church at Rome chose to celebrate

Thanks for reading.

R.S. Helms — Bob’s Opinion