Why Change the Name?

Social Security …. Ohhh Wellll……


 Why Change the Name?

By: R.S. Helms

Somewhere in the vastness of the unseen government tricks and games, a decision was made to change the name of Social Security. It will no longer be Social Security Act of 1935, but instead, Federal Benefit Entitlement/Payment. So who cares?

It is apparent that the politicians do care, especially during the election cycles. The politicians on both sides of the isle use social security money to fund some of the pork legislation coming out of Washington. However, not only some of the pork legislation is financed from the Social Security “trust” fund. a comprehensive in-depth study shows, at times some of the other social related spending is coming out of the Social Security trust fund. Food Stamps, Veterans Benefits, other forms of welfare, such as the 208 housing scam, some areas of Medicare, and the new Medicade expansion, under the Obamacare health care plan.

Some states have seen the government scheme to pay for it, and knowing that the federal funding will only be for a short while, then reverting to the states to pick up the whole tab. If the Social Security Act of 1935, can be established under a new name, it leaves only the imagination, as to what can happen next. I believe that Obama will find a way to use Social Security trust fund money to pay for some of his national mandatory socialized healthcare mess.

However, the name change, so far, has been less than noticed, and to some politicians the less press the better. Reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi “we don’t have to read it, we don’t have to know what is in it to vote, we can came back and find out what it consists of.” From the time, Americans start work, until they reach retirement age they pay, as individuals, as well as the employer into the Social Security trust fund. Each paycheck, you put 7.65%, your employer coughs up 7.65% (total 15.30%), of your gross earnings for that pay period, and each pay period you work until you retire or die.

that money goes into the Social Security Trust Fund, then the government “invests” money from the trust fund into government bonds, which pay for other things, infrastructure, and welfare, not just Social Security benefits. So how does it feel to think Harry Reid could have used our Social Security Trust to pay for the Nevada “Cowboy poet’s festival?” In truth, and when used the way it is misused, the government is getting 15.30% additional tax per employed worker.

Over the period of the past 3 and a half years, the bonds have lost a good deal of their return value, that is why everyone is looking at the value of the dollar, the more they print the less value. All that money borrowed from China is backed by government bonds. The Social Security trust is hemorrhaging our non-tax money, our retirement or retirement supplement, through government inflicted stab wounds.

During the period of 1982 – 2009 Social Security took in $2 trillion more than they paid out. The Social Security/OASDI is estimated to produce $31.6 Trillion in surplus by 2085, so when the politicians tell us that Social Security is broke; they are simply lying to us. They will produce chart after chart showing that the government is spending most of its revenue from taxes on Social Security benefits; it is just paying back to the trust fund, or meeting the required payment on the bonds that are not worth face value. Of course, they will never include an itemized breakdown of what they call Social Security benefit expenditures.

By putting Social Security under another name, Federal Benefit Entitlement opens the door for cutting, under the Entitlements. They have already put the language together, by calling it an entitlement! Social Security is not an entitlement; it is a government mandatory savings account for retirement and retirement supplication. Nonetheless, early on, the additional benefits were added on and included: spouse and dependant benefits, disability, Medicare, and the list goes on. Most entitlements should either be cleaned of their corruption and fraud, or shut down. They are doing very little for the people who really need them, but offer more and more ways to defraud as the community organizers and activists find the loopholes. Social Security disability certainly needs to be purged of the fraud, and now that the computer is so widely used, many on disability can be retrained into just about any field and become self sufficient, making more than on disability.  Unemployment extension should go back to the regular payment limits, and not put the burden on the taxpayer, but leave it with the contribution of unemployment insurance that the employer pays into for each of his employees.

For the retirees, no one has your back; AARP has been “debating” these concerns for more than two years, according to Barry Rand. Nonetheless, AARP will fall in line and follow Obama, just as they did with the health care, telling the seniors who are members that Medicare would not be messed with, and of course, that turned out to be a lie, but AARP is doing just fine, making nearly seventy percent of their profits from insurance sales. Which is a nice income package for the fat cats running the organization and the stockholders, or do they have any stockholders.

Social Security does need some tweaking and maintenance, some holes patched up here and there, it needs some strong purging, and a watchdog. Therefore, the government cannot use any of the money for any reason, except for retiree benefits, any attachment to the word benefits would have to be approved by a civilian board and then an act of congress, not a presidential order, or a regulatory agency.

Social Security is our money, and apparently, government cannot be trusted to keep it safe for our children and their children to come. First off, the politicians do not need to rename it as something that it really is not! we need our President and congressional leadership to start telling us the truth, stop lying and cooking numbers, trying one scam after another to get what they want, regardless of the cost.

The latest Rasmussen poll has congress’ rating at 7% for doing a good to excellent job. If you had that sort of approval rate on your job, your employer would fire you! The government has gone wild, and using your money to get there. So watch the horizon, the issue with turning over your constitutional rights to be subject to the U.N. is only the beginning of no constitution and merging into a global socialist government controlled by the U.N.

R.S. Helms.

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