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Republished by R.S. Helms … Bob’s Opinion. 4.24.2022 … from Canada Free Press, article by: Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh 4.23.2022

Department of Education indoctrination agenda to turn America’s students into global citizens beholden to the globalist master plan of the U.N. and the World Economic Forum

Advanced Cultural Marxist Society

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By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh —— Bio and Archives April 23, 2022

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We already live in an advanced cultural Marxist society even though half of the country is still lulled in the false sense that we are still a Constitutional Republic. We have archived documents in museums that state that we are, but we have lost this Constitutional Republic bit by bit over the last 40 years to judicial activists on the bench, corrupt politicians elected by ignorant citizens, legal aliens, and illegal aliens who do not speak English nor know the history of the United States.

The political class at the helm of our country for almost five decades have made and passed laws to benefit themselves, their quest for power, their Wall Street rich donors, socialist billionaires, corporate powerbrokers, the NGOs lobbyists with deep pockets, donating to their political campaigns, the technocrat radical left who runs this country from their keyboards and blue screens, staffed by third world geeks who do not care about the “democracy” they espouse because they come from countries where democracy does not exist, just naked socialism, corruption, oppression, and crime.

Seventy years of brainwashing in our American schools are finally paying off for the communist globalists

People whisper to their friends that they do not like what is going on, but they are too afraid to speak out or question anything for fear of losing their jobs, licenses, public shaming and ridicule. Cultural communism is here, it has taken over our country, but people are threatened and shamed into silence, submission, and compliance.

Our western culture is being torn apart by its own people, half of whom do not realize that they are doing the bidding of the global communists who have been salivating for decades to take over the only superpower still in the way of globalism, the United States of America.

To reach this point, globalists have painstakingly cultivated and brainwashed the educators in this country, public-school teachers and the academia, to deride and fundamentally destroy our culture and history and to inculcate into American students’ feelings of hatred for their country, their families, and our American culture.

The globalists, with the help of American teachers, have transformed young generations into pliable communist drones by giving them grants, free college tuition, writing and printing their College of Education curricula, donating huge sums of money to foundations in the most influential colleges in the U.S. and educating young foreigners and American young people as social activists, hard core communists who will stop at nothing to destroy their own country and culture and dismantling this nation.

Seventy years of brainwashing in our American schools are finally paying off for the communist globalists. Colleges like Columbia, with refugees from the Frankfurter School in Germany, have been churning out American communist educators for seven decades and their descendants are the teachers in your children’s schools today.

Educators have been focusing on teaching American students not “how to think” but “what to think” since the early 1980s

Nothing is left to chance. It is all planned, highly synchronized and harmonized across the globe by the same corporate fascists and political technocrats. Equality, equity, fairness, social justice, BLM violence, Antifa violence, attacks on white people from the supine mainstream media, getting their precise and identical orders from the Democrat Party machine, envy, violence, racism against white people, ridiculous and unfounded accusations of white privilege, demonizing the rich, the successful, the smart, demonizing our history, setting races against each other, young against the old, it was planned long ago to destroy society from within.

The struggle of the last two years, social distancing, lockdowns, rules, destroying small businesses, the middle class, protecting large corporations, was not a struggle against Covid-19 virus but a struggle to protect the virus of communism and allowing it to explode to better transform our republic into the planned cultural Marxism. Law-abiding individuals sheepishly complied. By the time people woke up to the ruse, it was already too late. There is no going back, and nothing is reversible. There is no new norm – it is the communist globalist norm run by the United Nations and planned in the boardrooms of organizations like the World Economic Forum.

Educators have been focusing on teaching American students not “how to think” but “what to think” since the early 1980s. A U.S. Department of Education publication dated June 1983, “Computers in Education: Realizing the Potential,” deplored the students’ old-fashioned values, attitudes, and beliefs: “Recent studies in science education have revealed that students approach learning with many prior conceptions on their life experiences, which can be obstacles to learning. We need to understand why students’ conceptions persevere so strongly and how they can best be modified.”

Honest subject matter teachers who did not wish to become “facilitators of political and social indoctrination” were viewed as stumbling blocks and “they needed to be retrained to focus on individual needs rather than on content areas” in order to further “the Skinnerian International Curriculum, necessary for the United States’ participation in a socialist one-world government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century.” (Charlotte T. Iserbyt)

The radical transformation of America that Obama spoke about five days before his inauguration was facilitated by the “radical transformation of America’s classrooms from places of traditional cognitive/academic learning, where intellectual and academic freedom flourish, into experimental laboratories for psychological (attitude and value) change, using modern technology (the computer for individualized instruction and for administrative management systems) in conjunction with the totalitarian theories of Professor B. F. Skinner and other less well-known social engineers.” As he famously said, “Operant conditioning shapes behavior as a sculptor shapes a lump of clay.” (Charlotte T. Iserbyt)

These educators have been poisoning the minds of American children for decades

Generations of children have been Skinner’s lumps of clay whose behavior and minds have been shaped by the Department of Education “educators” into citizens who hate their own country, their flag, their borders, their language, their history, and their culture.

These children are the American adults today who fly the Ukrainian flag in support of a country they do not know anything about, whose history they do not understand, but are determined to defend its borders, language, and culture from afar while they are content with their own American culture being destroyed from within.

These educators have been poisoning the minds of American children for decades that competition is selfish, and students should be taught collectivism, not individualism.

The Common Core curriculum has further dumbed down the educational system across the nation with its infamous common core math to make most students incompetent in STEM fields. The lockdowns of the last two years have exacerbated the lack of teaching and learning in public schools under the guise of fear of a deadly virus.

Victor Davis Hansen wrote so aptly in How America Became La La Land, that “America of the last 14 months resembles a dystopia. It is becoming partly the world of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, partly the poet Homer’s Land of the Lotus Eaters. Nothing is working. And no one in control seems to care.”

There are a few good teachers left, active and retired, who do care, but their voices are drowned out by the army of Socialist Democrats marching to the band of the Department of Education indoctrination agenda to turn America’s students into global citizens beholden to the globalist master plan of the U.N. and the World Economic Forum.

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh — Bio and Archives | Comments

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Ileana Writes is a freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life Support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle

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