Truth Bears Out…

Because without America, there is no free world.

Truth-starved seekers will always be on the lookout for Truth Tellers on the Internet.

Just as Our Readers Are, CFP Columnists, Are The Best

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By Judi McLeod ——Bio and ArchivesMarch 13, 2023

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Tucker Carlson and CFP’s Dave Merrick — CFP Photoshop by: Brian Thompson

In this trying trenchant era of Conservative voice censorship, Canada Free Press (CFP) columnists are the best.

I am so proud that rather than ditching all hope and incessantly grousing about being silenced by power-crazed social media bullies, CFP writers are doing just what truckers in the Freedom Convoy are still doing, keeping right on truckin’.

The defiant, deadly ‘Silence by the Rams’ doesn’t work here, only getting the Truth out does, and as we’re seeing of late The Truth Will ALWAYS Out!

Whining doesn’t cut it

Whining doesn’t cut it, readers trying to get by under soaring Inflation have their own problems. Coming up with the Truth is the only way out of a modern-day Internet bullied by Google, Facebook, and all other social media in lockstep with anti-little guy Big Pharma and elected governments.

Even amid all the upheaval, we’re now seeing proof that Google algorithms; runaway government edicts like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s C-11 bill can’t stop the masses from finding out what’s really going on out there.

Proof positive?

Tucker Carlson over at Fox News who proved that the seriously embittered Liz Cheney and her J6 Committee lied about all that never happened on that fateful day of January 6, 2021 in the not so hallowed halls of the supposedly stately U.S. Capitol.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, dramatically shivering in fear for her life, former VP Mike Pence having to be rushed out of the building to avoid physical harm was laid-on hysteria.

Shame on them both in light of what happened to those who were killed!

Capitol Police, seeming to carry out the plans of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, welcomed patriots in, and in the case of Shaman Jacob Chansley, even escorted him through Capitol hallways as if he were a visiting foreign diplomat. Yet, some long 26 months later, he still languishes in a jail cell on a sentence of four years.

It wasn’t five cops who were killed by patriots on that overhyped day, but unarmed citizen, US Air Force Vet Ashli Babbitt—killed by a cop—and 34-year-old Rosanne Boyland of Kennisaw, Georgia, who died in a melee crush even as fellow patriots tried to save her.

Sit down and shut up Chuck Schumer

The screams of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, when the 41,000 hours of video tapes were handed over to Tucker Carlson, were louder than any heard on January 6, 2021.

Sit down and shut up Chuck Schumer, you are too late now that the proverbial cat has been let out of the bag!

When are Schumer, Pelosi, Cheney and the Democrats in charge of public safety on that day going to be brought to justice?

Carlson told his former Fox co-host, Clayton Morris at the independent Redacted yesterday, that he holds no monopoly on the released 41,000 hours of video footage—but wants to share it with all and any media interested in giving the Truth to the masses. He got the footage from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy—all because he asked for it:

“He (McCarthy) said “you need this to be in as many hands as possible.”

“He has said we are going to turn this over to the public. It can’t be soon enough as far as I’m concerned, “Tucker said.


Yesterday CFP writer Dave Merrick wrote about Tucker Carlson’s exposé on the released film footage, headlining his column, InsurrectionGate‘.

Powerful Google suppression won’t stop readers from finding Merrick’s masterful ’InsurrectionGate’, nor any other story posted on CFP.

The Truth is that for all of its loud bluster and muster, suppressed conservatives now have bully Google on the run.

What Carlson and Merrick have really exposed is that Google’s lavish yacht which looks good at first sight, is actually leaking.

CFP is, of course, small compared to the gigantic Fox News, but feisty and fiercely independent while going it alone.

The social media giant which has held us in hostage for so long, might be able to de-platform and de-monetize us, forcing us to search harder for advertisers not under their command, but readers will find the Google suppressed if they come directly to our news sites.

Truth-starved seekers will always be on the lookout for Truth Tellers on the Internet.

Canada Free Press writers (God Bless Them!), who are among the VERY BEST, cannot be Google Gagged.

So long, Big Shot Google!

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Canada Free Press.

Judi McLeod — Bio and Archives — Judi McLeod, Founder, Owner and Editor of Canada Free Press, is an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years’ experience in the print and online media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared throughout the ‘Net, including on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.