Here’s Hope – Jesus Loves You!

Here’s Hope, Jesus Loves You

In the late 80s the SBC came out with a slogan for a new outreach program, “Here’s Hope, Jesus Loves You.”  Put it on paperback New Testaments with the ‘Roman’s Road” witnessing scriptures outlined and marked, just the ticket for witnessing to someone at their door, a handy and effective tool for a few years and helping many Baptist congregation outreach programs lead people to the Lord, that and revive the slipping Christians.   

At that time in East Texas, revivals would last a week at least, the visiting speaker or Evangelist would visit with the pastor, and the schools would have assemblies where the singers or entertainers and Youth Minister and Evangelist would go entertain and talk to the whole school less the students who were of a different faith or simply not interested.  And then pass out a student Here’s Hope Bible and plan a youth night.

Now mind you this is East Texas, in the 80s Bible-Belt America.  But it was a time when conservative Bible-Thumping Preachers were preaching the infallible, inerrant, God breathed Word in the Spirit an in the truth.  People started to fall away from genuine faith in the late 50s and 60s, it was what theologians call modernity or liberal theology, progressive theology, liberation theology, and from where we get the “social justice” ideologies in liberation and liberal theology.

So, what does all this religious stuff have to do with anything we are facing at this point in time?  Well, to some it will not make much sense, but bear with me I believe it will make a lot of sense to the genuine Christian, I pray that it moves in the heart of the Liberal Christian, the person who just thinks they are Christian, and to the non-Christian.  I do not know who is and who is not a genuine Christian or who is, it is not the denomination that makes a person a ‘Born Again Genuine Christian’ it is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and then condition of the love relationship we have with Him; only Jesus and the person actually know.  The rest of us have to look at the fruit, and we still don’t know for sure.

The horrible state of our nation over the past 12 years and 4 previous presidents it has simply been getting worse, and more and more out in the open.  Politicians who are above the law, protecting corrupt bureaucrats; the upper echelon leaders who are unelected yet controlling the nation through all the agencies and departments especially the regulatory, intelligence and justice.  Up until this year the Supreme Court has made or changed more legislation than the congress, (or so it seems).

It took me several decades of watching the Democrat Party, globalism – socialism – and corruption.  I left the Democrat Party and went to the Republican Party but my watchful eye went along to the Republicans, that the decades of global socialist politicians (RINOs) were attempting to change the face of the Republican Party, So I left the Republican Party for the same reason I left the Democrats, their political focus was greed – power – and globalism.  So, I just registered with no party.

It has taken a long time to get in the present chaotic mess we find ourselves.  It will take a long time to right the ship.  I saw a sign during Trumps first campaign, that said “God can’t fix this.”  Well I disagree, God can and will right the ship.  However, he will not just intercede politically, but right the Christians who have turned their backs on the Bible and God Himself.  You see, liberal Christianity has done just that and has been a huge stumbling block for genuine Christians.  And the nation has lost most of its integrity, moral values, and fairness, by Christians who go along to get along.  Going along to get along is compromising the Christian faith to get along with the liberals.

The Christian ethics have went out the window, and we have allowed Atheists and anti-Christians to establish an anti-Christian society by taking God out of the public square, out of our education, out of our courts, and out of the workplace.  They have established a Godless political correctness and used the political power to bully genuine Christians to move to liberal Christianity. 

Congress, the Supreme Court, local and federal politicians have tried to eradicate Christianity while promoting Islam, banning Christianity in our school system and teaching Islam, and socialism because of political correctness, a totally corrupt bureaucracy and a president (Obama) who tried everything within his power to bully genuine Christianity into compromising the Word of God, and the Christian faith.  It worked, somewhat, many Christians across denominational lines went totally liberal in order to get along.

The genuine Christian church is people, not a denomination, not a building and not an organization it is made up of individual faithful Christian who are fellow travelers through this old world with all of its stumbling blocks, we frequently fall down but we get up with the help of the Lord Jesus and move on toward our permanent home which is prepared for us.  And we will find rest in the Lord Jesus with no more pain, age, sorrow, sickness, or such struggles like we now have.

These are the Christians who have been praying fervently and continually for God to return his grace on this land, his grace on this government, his grace on the people.  These are the Christians that are far from perfect but will be made perfect in Jesus.  These are the Christians that understand and end their prayers with your will be done, and are ready to yield to His will, even if it means more suffering, but willing to say God give me grace and make me strong in this hour.  

Christians who know that we are to search ourselves in truth and Spirit, for the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth that is in us, as ugly as it may make us look.  We know that we confess this to the Lord and ask forgiveness with a repentful heart and he will hear our plea and give us grace and forgive our sins, He will forget our sin.

In Revelations, chapters 2 – 3 we have John’s record of the Revelation of Jesus our Lord.  7 churches in Asia Minor, 2 of which had no condemnation whatsoever, however, the remaining 5 had compromised their love relationship with Jesus and the faith.  One church fell from its first love, one had the reputation of being alive (on fire for Jesus) but were actually dead spiritually, two were too tolerant about sin and false doctrines, and one was luke warm, which Jesus said he would spew them from his mouth, or vomit them up, out of seven churches Jesus was only happy with two.  Now remember I am actually talking about the church as people, individual Christians.  Read about them in the book of Revelation 2 – 3 and see where you fit? 

Before you go pointing the bony finger of accusation at the liberals and the socialist for removing God from our nation, could it be that the Christians allowed it to happen?

God would not have been removed from our nation unless the Christians allowed it.  Liberal theology would not have grown so big so fast if genuine Christians had not compromised their relationship with Jesus, and the faith.  So, when I read of Christians and Christian leaders bad-mouth Christians for being bigots or intolerant, not accepting Islam, or false doctrines and false teachings, of getting mad because we want to have closed borders and proper immigration laws.  Then I no longer question what fruit it is I see coming at us from the Luciferian socialists who are claiming Christianity; where they read and twist scripture, then wonder why God is not answering prayers.  It don’t seem like He is answering when we only want Him to answer the way we wish, not the way of His will, because it could be very easy to lose hope, and in a way prayer that ask and expected to be answered the way we want it is unfaithful prayer, and prayer without submitting and surrendering to God’s will only show how far you have drifted from your relationship with Jesus.  You really need to repent and take a 160-degree adjustment in your spiritual direction; you need to examine your love relationship with Jesus.

Here’s Hope … yes Here is hope for the wayward Christian who has been chasing after the world and false prophets and false doctrines and modern doctrines of the Nicolaitans.  For the unbeliever?  Here’s Hope the same hope that is in the Christians, and that is: Jesus Loves you and stands at the door and knocks, all you have to do is open it and Jesus will come in and sup with you.  Point is, are you sure that you are sure of the Hope that is in you? 

What the authentic Christian church needs now is a revival of biblical proportions and more.  It is time that the Christians who have turned their backs on God, knowingly on purpose or by simply getting caught up in the world, where dog eats dog and every yuppified ideology of the modern family of ‘moving on up’ and keeping up with the Jones’ has in fact led tens of thousands of Christians away from the fold and sent them following after the world and money – no longer following Jesus in the truth and spirit.  Better, would be that those who turned their backs on God, have most certainly been given over to an evil, evil delusion of Luciferian socialist global utopia.

A revival of the church will bring more and more people to Jesus and those who have strayed they can enthusiastically proclaim Jesus is the Hope that is in them, and the church can pray 2Chronicles 7:14.  If my people (the genuine Christians), who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 

Now between the liberal Christians who are going along to get along, and those who just think they are Christians and turned a blind eye to what has been going on for the past four plus decades, have allowed our nation to fall into such a pitiful state.  But there is one encouraging fact coming out of this election, and that is the historical Christian turn out.  Wish I could say they were all for the conservative side of restoring this nation back to God, but I cannot.

The belief in Jesus should demand a conservative vote from every Christian who still holds the truth of the Bible and the Holy Spirit center in the core of their soul.  A revival of the authentic Christian is critical.  The genuine patriot must make a stand and vote to protect the nation and our constitution.

Think about it and do your part to save Christianity and save our free Nation.

And thanks for reading.

R.S. Helms

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