Woe Is Me

Oh Woe Is Me

Could it be, that the conspiracy theorists have it right? Absolutely!  One thing for sure Republicans have been allowing our nations children to be taught socialism, Islam, and go along to get along anti-Christian and anti-Constitutional Free Republic ethics, morals, and common sense from K-through PhD level.  For six decades our children have been brainwashed and given over to evil delusions of a global social utopia.

 Conservative Christianity have been teaching liberal theology instead of sound biblical systematic theology.  A large portion of good Christians and churches have abandoned the faith of solid biblical Christianity under the authority of Jesus and followed after false doctrines.  Those false doctrines have turned good Christian people away from the true God of Christianity, the great I AM!  Guess what? God does not like that.

Now since 2016 and the election of Trump, the Democrat Party has been doing what ever they please, the joke is they think they are above the law; well, they were above the law until President Trump threw his hat into the ring.  So, Obama spent the whole of the last years of office making sure his civilian army was in place in the deep state, which involved EVERY agency in the bureaucracy of the federal government.  Meanwhile the Democrat Party was starting to get used to owning their true agenda, Socialists with the goal of finishing what Obama started prematurely, to create the North American Socialist Union, like the European Socialist Union and the rest of the world, all under the governing authority of the United Nations.

As the leader of the North American Union, one would think we would have it quite good, but not the case.  Read The Agenda 21 – 2030 and see what is going to happen to the people of the United States will be in two classes the elite and the commoner who will work a job (government) will not own property, and get paid like present-day welfare.  Of course, there will be opportunity to have your own trade business, if you can afford the taxes, there will be no such thing as the American Dream.  All development will be in accordance with Agenda 21 – 2030 even population control (as we have seen in China not many years back).

The UN will have authority over the Constitution, and it will be changed at will by the Central Committee (General Assembly) of the United States.  Socialism will not be like they have been teaching in our education system for the past 60 or so years; it is simply giving the UN everything and there will be nothing we can do about it. The establishment press has published that Biden won the election, but that is really fake news until the lawsuits and investigations are completed.

And regardless President Trump will continue to be president until January 2020. So all the smoke and mirrors threating and bullying will be just that, and the Democrats are fed up with the liberal socialist leadership, and have replaced a lot of the house seats with moderates, and that threatens Pelosi’s radical Luciferian Socialist rule over the house. 

Now, here is something for the Christian patriots to think about, we have been praying every prayer possible during the past four years, especially during the election, but could it be that God has been answering all along?  I believe He has, but in His will.  Jesus prayed so sufferably in horrific agony that his sweat was as big drops of blood, and yet he ended his prayer in submission to the will of the Father, ‘Not my will, but thy will be done.’  We Christians may not like what God is doing in our nation, we may even think that He is not answering our prayers, but he is; we will not see what his real purpose is until we submit to His sovereign will and those who have actually turned their collective backs on God, confess their sins and He will hear and restore our land.

In the Old Testament God delivered Israel into captivity numerous times why?  because they had turned away from Him.  So why do Christians of modernity think when they become more secular and go the way of modern progressive or liberal theology, are they not turning their backs on God?  There is something that modern liberal theology does that should have set off all the warning systems in the heart of a Christian believer.  Like in their statement of faith, or as some call it their mission statement concerning the word of God, the Bible, If you consider yourself a Christian then you believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, infallible and given under devine inspiration to the Authors through God the Holy Spirit, liberal Christianity do not.  If a church does not believe that, but still use the Bible as they wish, or do not wish, then that church cannot be teaching salvation by the grace of God, through Jesus only.  And if they do not have salvation right, then those who think they are saved in such a church are not!  They are thinking they are saved by some other means and are not saved at all.

What of the ones whose church have followed after liberal theology but once was a solid Bible believing church, and was saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone?  The individual is still saved, but nonetheless have turned from God and therefore from the Christian faith as well.  They are the ones which God is trying to get the attention of, to bring to confession and repentance; God is trying to bring them back to the fold.  He is trying to tell us that this is a Christian nation, and He is not a happy God about the direction our nation has been going for decades.

So, if Joe Biden winds up being president, know this: God is not about politics, He is all about bringing a correction to His church and this nation.  The place that God has to correct before the nation can be straightened out, God’s children must see the light and return to the bosom of our Lord Jesus, and get involved in the spiritual warfare that is manifesting itself through our politicians and on the streets of our once great Christian nation. 

As Jesus prayed in the garden “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.”  After confronting the disciples for falling asleep, Jesus went a little farther into the garden and again prayed; “O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink of it, thy will be done.”   He returned to the disciples and found them again asleep, and he went away from them and prayed a third time the same prayer. (Mt. 26:36-44).

I have my lintel and doorposts of my heart and mind painted with the Blood of the Lamb, Christ Jesus, if you don’t know the biblical account of the dipping of the hyssop in the blood of the Passover lamb so the Angel of Death would pass over and not bring the wrath of God’s judgement into the house.

The account of Moses and pharaoh and God’s plagues in the book of Exodus chapters 5 – 13 we have the death of the first-born chapter 13.  No leaven, plus fasting, and the dipping of hyssop in the lamb’s blood and striking it on the lintel and posts of the door, and the Angel of Death would see it and pass over the house. it is as recorded a memorial for Israel to this very day, it is the Passover.

Now today in this Christian nation, could it be that God is dealing in a different way?  I don’t know the thoughts of God outside of the Bible, but throughout the Old Testament God has had some extreme measures to turn His people back to himself, captivity, wandering in the waste land, wars, Persecution; yes some very drastic measures for sure, it is the reason that Israel was anxiously waiting for the Messiah, a mighty warrior king to take them from captivity.  What God gave them was Jesus full of grace and love, God came among His own and they knew Him not.

So what of the great number of Christians who have made a profession of faith, been baptized and all for the wrong reasons, or under a false doctrine such as Christian liberalism, and the multitude of good Christian people who have strayed and followed after false doctrines of man and not the Bible, and are held in bondage to the political world under an evil socialist delusion?  Could it be that God is going to take his nation back to himself, but first take back his children from the fog of the progressive socialist delusion?  I personally think that God’s will may be revealed in the next four years, regardless of who is president after January. 

Lets pray that this chaotic mess of voter fraud is worked out in favor of President Trump, Otherwise we will have two more years of Pelosi and Chuckie Boy, but it will mean the poor will get poorer and middle class may vanish.  Christianity will be brought to a point of Christians going along to get along, which will mean “Bible believing – Christ centered Christians will have to go underground because if they are like I am, I will NOT GO ALONG TO GET ALONG.  The Luciferian Socialists do not have enough time to make me compromise my faith.

The Sovereign Republic of the United States will no longer exist, it will be the leader of the North American Union, A Socialist Union. The United States will be reduced to a third world nation and restructured under the UN Agenda 21 – 2030 plans for ‘sustainable development’ and the public display of Christianity and any display of patriotism will be banned.  Therefore, how much can you bare, because it just may be that God cares more about the multitude of sheep which have strayed from the faith, than how hard it gets on everyone else.

God was and is the foundation of the founding of this nation – a Christian nation a safe harbor for His children.  God did not fail us we failed God.  God did not turn His back on us, no, we as a nation have turned our backs on God.  Regardless of who comes out of this chaos as president because it is God’s will which will be the actual victor; and the Christian who draws close to the bosom of Jesus, and metaphorically paints the lintel and posts of their doors.  The only way Christians can do that is Jesus, keep your love relationship in place and never go along to get along.

Not saying we will not suffer, but remember Jesus suffered and died for you and me, for everyone his love is stronger than anything that comes against us.

As for me, Jesus is my King … Biden will never be my President.

Thanks, for reading.   Oh, woe is me, I am undone and come from a people unclean lips, (Isa. 6).

R.S. Helms

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