Condition of Our Present State


The Condition of Our Present State.   …Part One.


By: R.S. Helms 7/12/2020


Well, I have had such a horrible time getting an Agent to handle my Book, “A Splintered Nation and a Broken Church,” which I will continue to push and work on a sequel or continuation of the same story.  So, I thought that I would put some of my research, according to the chronological order, plus my studied opinion on what the current weekly or daily issues may be sensationalized by the not-so truthful media. (corrupt Luciferian liars all).

A whole lot of globalists and socialists (some come from the Republican side of the political spectrum, as has been seen during the past 4years).  The hatred for Donald Trump has been going for 5-6 yrs. But the hatred for the conservative Christian, white middle-class America.  Of course, it has been going on for decades; however, it slowly accelerated from the time of Johnson through succeeding Presidents, some corrupt some not. 

But back to the intent of this series of blogs.  A Splintered Nation & A Broken Church provided a quick history of our nation, of our politics and the Christian faith, and the corruption of politics, politicians, our Christian faith, and well, of course, the people. The new book will take it forward from George HW Bush, through Obama’s administration, while playing through Trump’s first term, and what has been happening since 2016.

Meanwhile using my current research, and apply articles to our situation or condition of our nation and “We the People” in terms of the violent Luciferian socialist terrorism, in our health, our finances, our safety on the streets of our nation. 

      First, we were hit with 3-years the most ludicrous behavior from the Luciferian socialist [paid] radical protests of the left against the President of the United States, Special Prosecutor investigation into Russia colluding with the Trump campaign, impeachment proceeding by a couple of the most radical representatives in the House.  Headed by Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Secondly, the press, or rather the Mainstream Media, with the leaked fake news about the investigation, Corrupt District justices, blocking everything Trump was trying to do.

Thirdly, with no indictment and evidence produced by the House sham of a Kangaroo Court, two fake charges against President Trump the Senate had to put on a circus trial of an impeachment, which exonerated President Trump. However, in Nov – Dec. 2019, we start to hear a rumbling of a new flu virus in China.  Trump even informed Congress of the possibility it getting to the United States but, that he and the CDC & WHO would be on top of it.

Fourth, how the press manufactured a panic, using the “Event 201” ideology put together by Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation – John Hopkins [Blumberg Center for Health Security], and the World Economic Forum, “the strategy that could control and stop a pandemic.”  A view of the pandemic from the common level, and according to the ‘fake news’ would have anyone in a knee-jerk panic, and all that is visible is just that, a serious and debatable deadly dangerous virus, however,  if you hunt down the proper information and the people involved it is a whole different story.

Fifth, once Obama was elected, one of his motivations was to send the nation into bankruptcy, both the national debt and consumer debt.  Establishing and deliver the Agenda 21 treaty to the UN.  Obama failed to accomplish this task during his first term, nor the second term.  However, he did succeed in putting his ‘civilian army’ The bureaucratic government, what we named ‘Deep State’ and the Democrat Congress in place to protect each other, the global money resources and press to support his Coup d’état.  It is not even a Pelosi-Obama coup. It is Clinton-Obama, with a ton of Luciferian socialists, or better DemonRats, to organize and lead the paid Luciferian Cabal against the President, his supporters, the Constitution, and our sovereign nation.

This (‘Obama’s Civilian Army’)  was laughable when he mentioned it, or at least most people thought so.  But as time passed, it has become quite apparent that what he started doing in his first term, he nearly succeeded during his second.  The Deep State, of course, so it brings up how much damage did he accomplish in the rest of the bureaucracy beyond national intelligence and the DOJ.

Obama and Hillary managed to get the whole of the Democrat (Luciferian global socialist) Party.  They are under the delusion that if the United States becomes a socialist nation, they will become numbered among the elites and perhaps have a spot in the central committee.  What the cabal, (Social Groups), of paid activists, do not consider is, that should this nation become a socialist union, they will not be free to do as they wish, and the culture will become transformed–just not as they may hope.  Many of the radical groups of the cabal, which were weaponized during the Obama assault on our Constitution and the citizens of this nation and used our money to do it, will be out in the cold.  During Obama’s second term he along with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formulated and planned a future “Coup d’etat” with the leadership of the ‘Deep State’ supported and defended by the Democrat Politicians, motivated by the worse-case senerio that Hillary would lose the presidential race.

As we read about the impeachment, the virus, and now the violent riots by the thugs from ANTIFA and BLM supported by Democrat Mayors, Governors, and all of the Democrats in Congress, This started during the Ferguson riots of 2014 which at the time, had Obama, the DOJ involved behind the scenes with the ‘stand-down’ order that everyone was claiming no knowledge, reminds us of the Benghazi affair and the stand-down orders from Washington, oh yes that was when Obama was asleep in his room, and Hillary was instructing Susan Rice, on the Sunday lie tour of the major fake news networks, however, the loss of brave Americans and Ambassador Stevens.

What I have been trying to say since 2009 is that the government is so corrupt, (vile and rotten) politicians.  About how the church has allowed themselves to be bullied by politicians and the bureaucracy into liberal and liberation theology – that denies the authority of the Bible.  Everything is now dictated by political correctness.  But I will let God deal with those who chose to step back in the spiritual warfare raging in the Christian Church; as far as that goes, I will let God handle the whole mess.

My job is to try to carry the message to come against the Luciferian corruption infesting His Christian nation and His Christian Church.  I will keep doing the research, connect what dots I can, and keep writing my Opinion pieces and suffering ridicule as being a ‘conspiracy theorist’—praying that God continues to supply and praying that God will open eyes and keep us from the hell that looms in the twilight of tomorrow.

God bless you all, and God’s will be done.  But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everlasting stream.” (Amos 5:24)

R.S. Helms

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