ANNOUNCING: Veteran’s Tales, a website for Veteran’s by Veterans

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It is my studied opinion that this will help veterans and serving members of our military, better cope with some of the effects of PTSD. One of the causes is that we feel secure in communicating the Tramatic esperience with brothers who better understand the stress born of battlefeild tramua. it is not a sole cure, but, it has a potential to help.

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Below is a post from our friend and fellow patriot, Vassar Bushmills, who is collaborating with fellow veterans (as you will see below) on the creation of a website and forum open to all veterans.

The website will be called “Veterans’ Tales” and its purpose is to provide a venue for veterans, to share their stories, concerns and their voices.

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I’m extra pleased to announce the launching of a new website, by veterans for veterans, called “Veterans’ Tales”. I’ve been fortunate to join with Allen Ness, US Army Paratrooper, Master Sergeant, Retired, and Dave Poff, aka Haystack from fame, to form a new 501 (3) c website, “Veterans’ Tales”.

I’m really excited about this program because it seems veterans have no place where they can go and share stories with their mates. And the world.

A lot of lost history there, and we mean to…

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