NFL Players Protest

I Must Say…


R.S. Helms 9-28-2017

With the most recent go-around of attacks on the presidency of our nation, rather, against the Trump administration and the patriotic conservatives which most have a conservative Christian faith. A faith that believes in the inerrancy, infallibility and the authority of the Bible. The conservative patriots who are now called ‘nationalists’ who believe that the nation is a sovereign nation, and the greatest sovereign nation in the world.
In our history, we have had our fair shares of deep troublesome valleys of which we the people have managed to overcome. That is until liberalism has taken a new partner, a partner most foul, it is ‘globalism’ or in my studied opinion it should be called ‘Global Socialist Union’ (in order not to give the current activities to elude to the ‘one world government and one world church’ of the “Antichrist and the Beast” of the book of Revelation, which would only give opportunity to further use the Bible passages to belittle Christians as believing in fairy tales.
I believe that we live in the last days, just as Christ said that the day is near, which was over two thousand years ago. It is true that we live in the last days, and we are now witnessing the beginning of the climax of the Church age, and Christ could simply be separating the goats from the sheep. Just a studied opinion on my part, however, I do not want to give cause for the anti-Christian and anti-Bible liberals to bash solid conservative Christianity or fundamental Christianity, however, I will boldly and if necessary, aggressively stand firm in my faith.
Over the past decade, the aggression against conservatism became more and more accelerated especially over the past nine years. Eight, even more than ever in the war to control the world and the people who dwell here.
However, during the course of our nation’s history our sovereignty and the sovereignty of the western world has continued to be more at risk, and what would have been manufactured issues over government policies the more focused the battle became. It is what happens when social liberals stay in power too long, allowing them to put in place a deep state, or shadow government unequaled in any Socialist nation and we just happen to be a sovereign democratic republic, with our unfailing constitution; there lays the necessity for a radical liberal “shadow government.”
The shadow government is the bureaucracy the leadership of the agencies of the government of the departments, where the heads are appointed by the president, and until Trump he had the prerogative to fire them, except now the liberals and RINOs have decided that they must have a committee hearing and protect the corrupt leadership. Which at this point … Obama used his last term imbedding the moles, leaks, and obstructionists in a fine-tuned Shadow government and it was by his own admission that he did it to remain in control of the government regardless who took the Oval office.
Money, next we have the unquenchable lust for money. Greed motivated politicians who are in the business of deceit and cheating their way to votes. Most are the most despicable bottom feeders that the swamp can grow. Aw and the shadow government gets ultra-rich by one of the over 200 primary Soros organizations, and it’s seven plus secondary organizations. Of course, some of that is filtered down to liberal and RINO politicians, in addition to what the key Soros organization (Open Society Foundation) puts out there in direct contributions to the super-PACs. No telling how much is direct deposit to an untraceable off-shore account.
Where I lose some of my confidence in the Trump agenda is when I see how the hundreds of organizations supported by the Open Society Foundation, are activated as protest issues, and how the network interacts with each other and obstruct, even subvert the law and the course of constitutional process.
It is not Soros alone but we have the Koch Brothers, Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Hurst, Rupert Murdoch, Astor, and more, with the lessors being Clintons, Bush, McCain, Obama, and a host of politician puppets, a great number of Congress, some of the SCOUS, and congressional leadership. When people start to do their research, they make a mistake, of not following the money, none of the Shadow Government, or corrupt politicians who protect them, can operate in a lucrative financial vacuum. You see, the political power has an unquenchable thirst for money and will do anything to get it. However, the illicit trail of individual wealth, is almost impossible to connect.
We have to identify the sources of the money, then follow it down through the various organizations and foundations super-PACs or even crony corporate interests.
When one stands back and takes in the whole view, we see the forest and not just the up-close trees, problem is the forest we see is as terrifying as an evil mythical dark forest. Our fear arises from the shear dark density, in our real-life maze of corruption and sedition it is overwhelming to try to figure out what connects at any given political issue or liberal outrage protest. Like freedom of speech, freedom to be a homosexual, freedom of the press, and the list goes on, however, the Constitutional Amendments guarantee these freedoms, one thing that the liberals fail to do, and that is to interpret the Constitutional and Amendments properly, and fail to pay the price for those freedoms, … personal responsibility.
The Soros Open Society Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, Gates Family Foundation, McCain Family Foundation, all freely give grants to liberal globalist organization, and have front organizations that distribute money to civil liberty activist groups. Soros’ Open Society Foundation and his Tides Foundation have the bulk of the controlling organizations and receive money from foreign interests, in a pay as you go scheme sort of like the Clinton Foundation’s pay as you go for political favors scheme that bought and paid for political leaders to work in their favor. I am in the process to see what strings were pulled over the manufactured outrage that is about to bring down the NFL, perhaps through the players union, but something had to threaten the coaches, owners, and the NFL to join the bogus issues of the players disrespectful protests, wonder what ever that could be. their protest issue against the police, against oppression, all the racial issues that Obama and Al Sharpton promoted for racial division have been proven to have no factual truth, what is true is the Black on Black crimes in the ghettos, ghettos controlled by the liberal socialist organizations like the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, and Center for Popular Democracy, led by Soros, and staffed by the former ACORN leadership, it actually was formed in 2012 and consists of old chapters of ACORN.
The whole bit about BLM is to keep law enforcement out of the ghettos where the gangs and drug cartel run free and fancy, the real victims here is not the thugs and dealers, but the black families that are doing their best to survive, but are often robbed for their food stamp card, yet they are expected to take care of the kids of the addicts and gang thugs. The community organizers keep the shackles on the impoverished black and white, Mexican and illegal aliens, to garner votes for the liberal politicians. There are several groups sharing $80 million seed money, while other organizations fund the various protests paying the participants in the protests. Many participants are kept quite busy with the various issues, and of course the Soros funded ACLU is their legal counsel. We can see the black racists part in the NFL player demonstrations, the unity of the teams and players is by union pressure.

Ref: Washington Free Beacon http// and Discover The Networks
Try these and other groups that expose the corruption and liberal socialist networks. Useful information.
Thanks for reading … pass it on
R.S. Helms

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