Step Back and Get Honest!

An open letter to whoever

Dear Whoever,

Should you be easily offended, or easily provoked to violence, and are my FB friend, Tweeter friend, G+ circle connection, or a LinkedIn friend. You might go ahead and unfriend me and delete this post from your computer because your home may be raided and your computer taken from you and held against you.  If you are a Liberal Troll you may as well read it and perhaps by the mercy of God you can wake up; the same goes for the supporters of the “new” Establishment RINO Republican Party, (same as the Establishment arm of the Democratic Party), because the fight has never been about Cruz and Trump, it has been about the Establishment RINO elite against Cruz and Trump, but until Cruz pulled his Esau trick, and sold his soul for his inheritance (politically speaking), okay so now I have offended the Christians who are so full of themselves that they think they can read God’s mind in the matter of who is a good Christian and not; it is the gift of discernment that allows us to say who is a godly person.  Click, there went a good number of my friends, and BB “Before Beck” I would have had to walk out with you.  (and to think that I am trying to be as easy as I can on my friends), but guess they will just have to get over it.  See, there I offended some more folks who don’t like someone being blunt.  Okay enough of this trying to get those folks who may be offended by a blunt demeanor to click off, I like my friends and actually don’t want them angry with me; (see even thinking about my friends … still boils down to me).

The reason for this is I am trying to eliminate the amount of time I spend with my blood pressure up, arguing with the foul mouth Trolls (some are actually paid by liberals), who are like zombies, spinning the same spin trying to get people so mad that they lose sight of the issue and their point.  It will be better for me if I simply reply and comment to people and friends who contribute without the four-letter word, and gross cursing and personal derogatory spin with all the cursing and lying; seems like they are always picking a fight.

Now that I have said that, let me say this, and it is the essence of the message, or in a big part, it is primary to what we need to do in order to stand up for the free Republic we fondly call a “free constitutional sovereign nation,” with a “representative” government made up of sovereign States “United” together for the common good of all the “people,” not for the common good of politicians and special interest activists.  Somewhere in the mix from about the time of John Quincy Adams it started going South because Andrew Jackson felt slighted when he lost the election to a deal Adams made with the Speaker of the House.  Not to say Jackson would have been better, but no, it just postponed his vile “Indian Removal Act” and the subsequent Trail of Tears. Just to say this, that politicians started nearly from the start to shuck their way along and get around doing things like the framers designed and intended.

But the problem we face today is as none ever before, the problem we face today is global socialist citizenry and what it will and has done to the values and principles that made America great.  without repeating the first part of my upcoming book, I will fast forward our political history to the last five presidents.  And the ideologies of their staunch supporters, many being fed by their own narcissism.  It is all about self, our pride and egos.

We first learn something from the characters of the Apostles, and Saul of Tarsus.  For the Bible student we know that Saul of Tarsus was an enemy of the fledgling church, hunting down Christians and putting them in prison, slavery, even executing them.  A man despised by the Apostles; if this was ever a weak point in their faith and trust in Jesus, this guy, Saul was surely at the top of the early churches ‘terrorist’ list.  The Apostles had every right to hate him, why?  not that he was a religious man, he said “I am Pharisee’s Pharisee, and the chief sinner among the sinners.

Okay after his conversion, of which was a very spectacular event that left him blind and his militia dumbfounded.  Jesus confronted Paul about him kicking against the pricks which would indicate that Jesus had been trying to get him to stop being the tool of the Pharisees and join him in his work.  Saul recognized Jesus a Lord, and there was a conversion right down to an instruction to go the city, a man by the name of Ananias come and pray for him, then told Ananias to pray for Saul (Paul) because of his blindness.  Note that even after Jesus chose Saul, the Apostles did not accept him, and even Ananias questioned Jesus’ instruction but submitted to his will.

My point is this, Jesus chose Paul the most unlikely person to do a work that the others couldn’t, the questioned his conversion, (Christianity), they didn’t want to accept Paul because they had a perception that Jesus had to change.

Today, I ask each Christian – if you were transported to Damascus, and asked to support Saul of Tarsus to be used of God to do the work with the Gentiles how would you vote not knowing the rest of the story of Paul the Apostle? Truth no you would not no more than I would.  Jesus does not ask for your permission or for you to qualify Trump in order to use him.  Often times in the Bible God uses the least likely to get the job done. Just like the Apostles had to do, they had to step back from their own self and look at what needed to be done, and believe God if it is God’s will to make America great again.

Our problem is that the nation and we as Christians has allowed evil to take control, and in doing so we have a nation that has not only turned its back on God, but lost our values and principals, wake up! I know you have your favorite issue project, abortion, homosexuality, murder, guns, lawlessness, and your narcissism, your being so full of yourself, has caused you to do just what the corrupt establishment RINO Republicans have wanted you to do, accept their ideologies and agendas where they only care about themselves, not about you. And that is why you need to step back, take a deep breath clear you head, and count the cost.  It is not about you and the RINOs anymore!  It is all about restoring America.  It is about ridding the corrupt, greedy, self-exalted politicians who dictate what they say is best for you, and use the tail to wag the whole dog.

Folks we are in serious trouble, our freedoms, our constitution, our soverignty, and we have allowed it to happen.  A huge problem is a government that has grown so large that the people don’t count, and the only thing that counts is global citizenry at any cost.  Christian, liberal theology is one of the greatest problems.  Yet it has turned many Christians heads, and blinded them with the false teachings, by false teachers and false prophets to where American Christianity is laughed at, and solid Christians have been reduced to the classification of “Evangelical” because they hold fast to the authority of the Bible – infallible, and inerrant, divinely inspired, and the correct translation is the Holy Spirit of God, and not understandable, nor accepted by non-Christians.

Christians, get out of yourself, you may not like Trump because he does not approach your pet issue like ‘you’ think he should, take abortion, most anti-abortion activists believe that it should be abortion should be abolished, I do as well, but there is going to have to be a process to get it done, one way is defunding abortion clinics, which he is for, that is just one step to get the overall job done, … it might take several presidents to actually abolish abortion, it will take an act of congress, that is why congress must change, or be replace with men of integrity and moral values, who cares less if it offends people as long as it is a benefit to the nation, the majority, not a minority, so my simple reply is get out of yourselves and clearly look at problems and their immediate danger.

Christians stop right now of being Christian Pharisees, and every Christian is not going to meet your personal criteria of who is a better Christian, because guess what, 99% your idea of what a Christian is going to be wrong, with what Christ thinks, after all, by you placing your qualifications on someone, you have stepped over stepped Jesus’ requirement.  And have fallen yourself, but by the grace of Jesus you have really been returned to his expectations, of not being perfect in this life.

Non-Christian conservatives, it is the same message, you are at fault for allowing corrupt self-centered politicians to re-define conservatism to what they want it to be, why? because they won’t have to bother with pandering to the Republican base as it once was, that is why we now have a reformed conservatism, Regan conservatism, Tea Party conservatism of good patriots, and not so good patriots, while they are trying to justify the “New” Republican Party, led by the establishment RINO self-serving elites in congress today, corrupt to the bone.

Now to ‘pop bubbles’ or expose some delusions.  That RINO is not politically correct therefore we have to justify these slime-ball politicians by promoting a different word, like “establishment” then try to justify establishment as not a negative term, but positive, by saying the establishment “conservative” is merely the wonderful character of the politicians that are “willing” to work with the establishment liberals to arrive at a common good, and that is done by the skillful application of “experience and compromise,” in a way that is a good but not really, it should be “the experience of compromise is what makes us the most money and the most votes, making us more powerful.”  Which to me defines corruption, and “We the People” lose out, a freedom is limited for the majority in favor of a minority, a law is changed hurting the majority but benefiting a minority, at time allowing targeting of a majority by a minority.

On the Republican side aisle RINO is the correct word for establishment conservative self-serving politics.

So as long as they control the leadership of the Republican Party, we lose… because we cannot change the things that are sinking this ship we once called the greatest free republic in the world.  But it will take people to step back clear their heads, count the actual cost of getting out of ourselves long enough to do the right thing for our nation, and our faith.

Too those of you who are so under the delusion of lie of a promised utopia I am sorry because it will take a miracle to move you; and you don’t believe in miracles.  But you have allowed the mainstream media, and people like Glenn Beck the false prophet to help you into the zombie you are, and for the Christian if you be still, you may find that God is God, but in any case, we all are at the junction of destruction, and whichever way we go, it will be in the divine will of God, who knows the mind of God?  He may not be finished with his chastisement and dividing the sheep from the goats so that we can once again be the greatest nation on earth, helping with his world-wide harvest, before he totally takes his hand off this celestial globe.

Christian before you condemn Trump for not being Christian enough, and praise Cruz for being the Christian you want, better take a good look at Cruz, if you are a Christian who is okay with promoting gossip, baring false witness, and more, then what makes him any better Christian than trump and more fit to lead?  And what makes him more qualified to take on corruption if he is corrupt.

For the conservative, what makes Cruz more conservative than Trump?  Could it be his ideology of establishment and his willingness to support the agenda of the establishment?  Funny then that would make him more of an insider establishment politician than a conservative.  Remember it is the corrupt establishment that has redefined the conservative values, and principals.  And that is what the We the People are so angry about.  Security, sovereignty, freedom and liberty “equally” applied, all the intent of the constitution, making our nation a democratic (majority) free republic of a union of sovereign states, led by representation of all the people and not just special interest groups (Trump was one), and minority and social minority activists.

I believe that Ted Cruz was not on the short list for the Republican candidacy but being used by the RNC to take the fight to a “Brokered Convention” as Romney said he supported last fall, which leads me to believe he or Lee was the pick, thus the appearance of Glenn Beck in his paid for stumping of Cruz and his phony prophet BS and slam against the evangelicals in not listening to ‘their God’ rant, and his phony disappointment with conservatives.  The continued fight and now the Romney third party run threat, only benefits a few, the media hacks who are “Political analyst … more money, establishment self-centered politicians like Romney, and his political elite establishment leaders who see Trump as a threat to re-election; the wellbeing and security of our country and you, is not a concern they have.

And now I refuse to fight with the liberal and establishment trolls infesting the social media who refuse to be civil and refuse to come to grips with their ego. Nevertheless, I will support those who support unity, protecting their insistence that the voter’s vote count.  And their support of the winner of that vote.  Them I will support and encourage as long as they don’t fall into the trap of uncontrolled outrage and lose their cool with cursing and hollow threats.

For those of you who stayed to the end, thank you and God bless you.

R.S. Helms.


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