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It’s Time To Make the Church Great Again!

Some backbone needed! … Apply at the Cross of Jesus.

As I go through the email each day, I have started to eliminate 95% of it, because the election is over and the people have chosen President Elect Donald Trump.  Nonetheless, the Mainstream Media (including Fox, TownHall, and the almost forgotten Blaze of the GB network), simply have the conservative Social Media, in most part simply going over the manufactured news, time and time again, and the more it goes forward the more fake it becomes.  People need to simply see that liberal socialism is in serious trouble in the nation, and just make a stand for making America great again, then simply commit to boycott the organizations and business’ that keep this crap alive.  If you do not react to their mindless stupidity, their evil values.  Stop watching the liberal BS on TV they will not win.

For conservative fundamental Christians, we absolutely must drop the anxieties of the world; grow some spiritual backbone, because the Church of our Lord Jesus is in serious liberal trouble as well.  Nevertheless, Jesus left us some wise counsel on how to deal with the broken church. 

This is a sermon which I preached Sunday before last, and it brought a good response of true Christians, that I am posting it as an obligation of request.

Excited about what God is going to do with the Christian church

in our nation…

Sermon Preached by Rev. R.S. Helms… 11-20-2016– Community Baptist Church.  W. Monroe LA.

There are some things that Christians should not talk about in church, or so it would seem.  One is the vile godless condition of our political front.  It is like a septic pool filled with toxic poison, that draws wretched mankind to drink of that poison, thinking that it is a fountain of utopia, a mystical world of bliss and peace; heralded by the enticing evil wicked beckoning call of the Sirens.

The nation has been under spiritual attack for a long, long time.  and politics is perhaps, the number one thing that has been polluting the pool.  Politics has been growing more and more corrupt and vile.  But it did not get that way on its own, remember, this nation started out with an overwhelming majority of Christians, escaping the rule of the British Crown and the Anglican Church.  They came in hope and promise of their religious liberty, which became a stumbling block to the accelerated corruption of a progressive government.  The Christian values that put character in the very fiber of this nation. soon stood in the way of the political corruption’s progress.

The Christian church was listening to the choir on Sunday morning and for the rest of the week they were listening to the seductive call of the Sirens beckoning the saints to die in the septic pool of corruption, and that is what I would like to address this morning, and time is slipping by.

The intent of the message this morning is for you to look forward with an excited expectation of what God is going to do in his church across this nation, nonetheless, it requires committed and dedicated Christians to do the work.

It is what we may not see that is killing us.  From what I see, Community Baptist Church, is a wonderfully blessed church, we have a pastor who truly loves the Lord and his people and solid in his biblical doctrines – he preaches the word in truth and in the Spirit, the people are not all stuffed with narcissistic pride.  You, and look around you, you are real people who love the Lord Jesus, just regular people who love the Lord gathering together in such a sweet fellowship, and we are not alone, there are many more such churches just like us, we are of the majority in our denomination.  But sometimes, it is the things that we don’t see in the Christian church that is dangerous to us.  So, first the list of the churches of Asia Minor, two of which, Jesus had no quarrel with, he had no condemnation, only commendation, …

Revelation, chapters 2-3. Please. … if you will.

I love this church, and our Pastor Danny, and I find this church is more like the church at Philadelphia, only commendation, no condemnation, so this morning the Lord simply had me stop by on my journey, and give a caution, a caution to watch, and be very careful for we are headed for some good times and some rough times, as I believe God has something great for us to be part of, the revival and restoration of his people the church of Jesus Christ.

  1. Jesus gives us a warning.

The first three chapters of revelation is where Jesus connects the beginning of the end, to the end of the church age, that time from the forming of the church, which took place at the ascension of Jesus.  The seven churches represent seven actual churches, and metaphorically the church throughout time as it cycles through these conditions.  It is used for the local church, and each individual Christian as they are the church.

The Seven Churches of Asia Minor and what they were noted for:

  1. The church at Ephesus – The Loveless Church –loss of motivation, but mostly the loss of their love for Jesus.
  2. Smyrna – The persecuted church – good works, and poverty for Christ’ sake. – No Condemnation.
  3. PergamosThe Compromising Church faithful to Christ – but Tolerance of those promiscuous persons who taught the doctrine of Balaam and the Nicolaitans.
  4. Thyatira The Corrupt Church – Tolerant of the false prophetess Jezebel and her wicked practices.
  5. Sardis – The Dead Church – A reputation for life but, in reality, were dead.
  6. Philadelphia – The Faithful Church – faithfulness to the word of Christ… no Condemnation
  7. Laodicea – The Lukewarm Church – They were neither hot nor cold, and were sickening to the Lord.

These are the church conditions; the churches are both historical and typical.  They refer primarily to the actual condition of the several churches indicated, and now are intended to be used for the instruction, encouragement, and warning of the Church and Churches throughout all time; or the Church age.  They are the measuring plum, which God gave us to see what condition the Universal Church of Christ is in, our Denomination, our local church, and seriously our individual condition.

A month or so ago, I knew that this election would come down to one or the other candidate.  It would not matter so much who would win, because I was thanking God for whoever won, I just was excited to have it over, knowing whichever the winner, God had a plan for the outcome.  And now that it is finally over, except for the crying… God has a plan for the nation, and a plan for the church; both are opportunities.  Both, are opportunities of restoration, revival, and even more so another great awakening.

Should the election have come to a different end, then God would allow the nation to continue in a seemingly death spiral; until our people woke from their slumber or delusion and cry out for god.  But he would have the plan for the church the same plan for the church, either the outcome, Revival, to bring about an awakening – and I for one am so thankful that I have been allowed to see his mighty hand set to revive his church. – one could say I am excited in my thanksgiving because I know that God has a plan.  We chose who the president would be, but I knew, that God would use whoever we chose because he had a plan for the church, and a plan for the nation.  I am happy with the outcome because of what he is committed to do, and one of the most important to me, is he will protect our church.  He will protect the church.

The Southern Baptist Convention had a split in 1991 over the claim of theological and philosophical differences, this division started 12 or so years earlier with the ‘moderate’-liberal faction.  The split created the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and at that time it was called moderate/liberal Baptists. I will not get into all the Christian denominations in the nation; however, so that no one gets the idea that my beloved Southern Baptist Convention, is not without its share of liberalism, it should be known that our convention does have some liberal theologians, teaching in our seminaries, and in our leadership, perhaps it has to do with the political correctness that has been used to not only persecute Christians, but to get them to jump into liberal theology, or try to hold the flock from going liberal.

One thing I will say is that Jesus has given us the eyes to see, and the Holy Spirit has given us the ears to hear (spiritual ears), that we may understand and recognize what condition his church is in at any given time.  In America and around the world, we have more than a multitude of “Christian” branches, groups, cults, denominations, and that is why I am so thankful that God put seven churches at the beginning of the book of Revelation and the Apostle John as the journalist (if you will).

Today we still have the seven churches in the Bible, and praise God we have the Holy Spirit who quickens our spirit and convicts us into participation; not of this world but of the Kingdom of God and merely as sojourners are we, on our way home.

Now two churches (remember the church is the people), that I will briefly look at this morning.  I trust you will find a study Bible or commentary and look at these churches as conditions of today, and what God will require from his people to fix the broken Church, even if our church is not broken, we will need to pay attention and get excited about what God is going to do.  Then again, he may do nothing, except let us continue along the broad path, the Bible tells us that the broad path leads to destruction.  Personally, I pray for revival … revive us again lord Jesus!

I believe, there are people in this church, which are anxious … some a lot … some not so much, about not only the vileness of the campaign cycle, and now the unrest and vile thuggery of protesters.  I can understand, — it takes a special godly man like brother Danny, to project the peace of God as he does.  I don’t want to project anxiety, or fear – that is wrong, but perhaps hope in Jesus for those who feel anxious, and fearful of the future.  God is still God, he is still on his throne, and still, he will quiet the raging sea.

  1. The first Condition.

The churches at Pergamos and Thyatira, …

Pergamos: The Compromising Church.  Why should I call it a compromising church?  Well, my, my, my … it is a church that is faithful to Christ, nonetheless, at the same time is tolerant of those promiscuous people in the congregation.

  1. Please notice that Jesus is telling Paul to write to the angel of the church not the world, it is a concern in the congregation.  Not the nation.  during the campaign, some of the notable Christian leaders, were making it known who they were supporting, and some were condemning them for giving Trump a slide, or tolerating his sin… well, — Trump was not running to be head of the Christian church, … and, we are commanded to be forgiving, his sin of lust is a forgivable sin. So, ask yourself, why would a Christian leader publicly denounce, pastors willing to forgive the actions of someone eleven years prior?  But apparently, some are better than God and just will not forgive. They use words like tolerate sin, not knowing if Trump who is perhaps a different denomination (Presbyterian), and don’t feel he needs to confess his sin to anyone but God or like a whole lot of Christians don’t think their sin is sin. … but he could have done that at any time during the last eleven years.  I don’t know and neither do they.  One reason that we listen with the ears of God not those of some denominational leaders.  Although they are supposed to be our leaders, and examples, they at times sound more like Pharisees.
  1. b. King David, committed lust, he committed adultery, he committed murder. David confessed, to God, he confessed and repented of the wrong, and God forgave him and called David a “Man after my own heart” …
  1. The church at Pergamos, was tolerating promiscuous persons within the congregation. This is what upsets Christ is to have his church compromising the faith, and allowing sin to be tolerated IN the church. The condition of the church, was allowing promiscuous persons, and or false teachings, it was allowing meat sacrificed to idols, it was a plea for freedom in the church to take part in the idolatrous rites, and for introducing heathen orgies into the Christian ceremonies. The doctrine of these antinomian teachers was “the doctrine of Balaam” because, like Balaam, they prostituted their influence to the seducing of God’s people into idolatry and impurity. The similarity of this doctrine and that of the Nicolaitans is obvious; —- but that of Nicolaus (which is equivalent to “conquering the people”) is intended as similar doctrines is only conjecture. Fact is, there were two sects side by side at Pergamum is the meaning of this passage; and though their doctrines were alike in being, to control the people by the people’s compromise.

Church, we need not compromise on the faith, nor on the word of God being inerrant and infallible.  If you believe one verse, you must believe them all, if you fault one verse you must fault them all … oh well it is a good book and some of it may help me through this life.  That is the difference in conservative “traditional orthodox” Christian theology, and liberal theology.

The second Church of my selection

  1. Thyatira – The Corrupt Church.  Again, we have the word Tolerance – Tolerance of the false prophetess Jezebel and her wicked practices.  The church, condition, here projects the word suffer and there is a right and a wrong suffering, — a… the suffering of tribulations, or persecution, — and the suffering or tolerating — allowing a whole lot of wrong to go on.  The church at Thyatira had both, and the rebuke is aimed at the wrong.  The enduring of tribulation, (persecution) is commended, while the toleration, or enduring, of evil is rebuked.  It is not said that Jezebel receives sympathy or encouragement, but merely that she is let alone; her wickedness is left unchecked, and that is sinful.  It is not worthwhile to speculate as to who this individual woman is, she was there and she may be a person or a false doctrine.  It is my studied opinion that Jezebel is not her real name but a symbolical name of reproach, and what her actual name and status was we have no way of knowing.  Whatever, what is critical in this church is the suffering of this as false doctrine, akin to that of the Nicolaitans and to the doctrine of Balaam.  Whatever the detailed difference may be, all three made ‘Christian liberty” a plea for antichristian license which claimed to be above the moral Law.  And she taught and seduced.  This is an independent statement and not be made to depend on the “thou sufferest.”  In the original language, the word for seduce, and lead astray, is the same and used often in the ‘active’ sense, in Johns writing. Here it implies seduction into error of a very grave kind.  Be it fornication (literally) or metaphorically to mean spiritual sense of idolatry.  The Christian church needs to look at itself, and not fail Christ by allowing false doctrines and worldly influence and persecution to corrupt the foundations of our faith.


In closing,

  1. Please remember, that compromise leads to corruption, and vice-versa, and as the church we must look past the plea of liberalism as Christian liberty; Christian compassion and tolerance, and hold fast to the doctrines of the word of God; if we compromise on one doctrine of the Bible we corrupt the whole thing. And that relates to our salvation by grace alone, in faith on the work of our Lord Jesus. You, yes each professing born again Christian must affirm the Bible as being the very word of God, without error — being infallible in its instruction and teaching, which is interpreted by the Holy Spirit…  and so far it is still valid in the Southern Baptist Statement of Faith. … what you need to do is examine yourself and our church, and other churches and denominations to see if that is in their personal and church statement of faith.  If it is not? Then why not?  Where did you first compromise on your Christian faith?  And why? … has the liberal world intimidated you to compromise on the Word of God?  … thank God he is a God of second, third, fourth, 7 times 70 forgiving grace.  Do not be afraid of the liberal world calling you hurtful names, and slandering you and your faith!  It is time to pick up your cross and grow a backbone and stand firm in the faith of the Apostles!  A bunch of liberal theologians, preachers of false prophecy, teachers of false doctrine, are not going to intimidate me!  I will stand unto my death for the cause of Jesus and the justice of God … my faith in ‘the faith’ in the belief and conviction of the Holy Ghost on my heart.

Folks … we must fix The church — starting with me, then our church, then the universal church. it is broken and only God can fix it, but he will use only the willing, committed Christian the true disciple of Christ.  The nation is badly broken, and it will take God, working through Trump, and a willing congress to fix it and make it great again; and it cannot happen unless the church goes into revival and sets the stage for a great awakening,  when the delusional and misled people see God at work restoring His church, cleansing it from the liberal theological lies.  then it can happen, and God will heal our land.

My sincere caution to our church is to examine ourselves, and cling to the Bible as our authority, it is inerrant and infallible and we are to test any other doctrines and church traditions by the scripture. We need to prepare our hearts for true Christian revival, unity, and the authority of God’s word.  God said you are either with me or you are against me.  There is no middle ground, you are not to be luke warm, or simply halfway committed to Jesus, it is critically important that each of us have a personal love relationship with Jesus, and if you have never surrendered to Jesus, if you have never known that personal love relationship with him, please take care of that business right now, you don’t know when we will be taken; and that will be too late.  It is that urgent, and such a simple free thing to do. I will open the alter for you to come and pray, or to take care of business with God.

Deacon of the Week, would you please close in Prayer for us all.


Get Over Yourself… Please.

Step Back and Get Honest!

An open letter to whoever

Dear Whoever,

Should you be easily offended, or easily provoked to violence, and are my FB friend, Tweeter friend, G+ circle connection, or a LinkedIn friend. You might go ahead and unfriend me and delete this post from your computer because your home may be raided and your computer taken from you and held against you.  If you are a Liberal Troll you may as well read it and perhaps by the mercy of God you can wake up; the same goes for the supporters of the “new” Establishment RINO Republican Party, (same as the Establishment arm of the Democratic Party), because the fight has never been about Cruz and Trump, it has been about the Establishment RINO elite against Cruz and Trump, but until Cruz pulled his Esau trick, and sold his soul for his inheritance (politically speaking), okay so now I have offended the Christians who are so full of themselves that they think they can read God’s mind in the matter of who is a good Christian and not; it is the gift of discernment that allows us to say who is a godly person.  Click, there went a good number of my friends, and BB “Before Beck” I would have had to walk out with you.  (and to think that I am trying to be as easy as I can on my friends), but guess they will just have to get over it.  See, there I offended some more folks who don’t like someone being blunt.  Okay enough of this trying to get those folks who may be offended by a blunt demeanor to click off, I like my friends and actually don’t want them angry with me; (see even thinking about my friends … still boils down to me).

The reason for this is I am trying to eliminate the amount of time I spend with my blood pressure up, arguing with the foul mouth Trolls (some are actually paid by liberals), who are like zombies, spinning the same spin trying to get people so mad that they lose sight of the issue and their point.  It will be better for me if I simply reply and comment to people and friends who contribute without the four-letter word, and gross cursing and personal derogatory spin with all the cursing and lying; seems like they are always picking a fight.

Now that I have said that, let me say this, and it is the essence of the message, or in a big part, it is primary to what we need to do in order to stand up for the free Republic we fondly call a “free constitutional sovereign nation,” with a “representative” government made up of sovereign States “United” together for the common good of all the “people,” not for the common good of politicians and special interest activists.  Somewhere in the mix from about the time of John Quincy Adams it started going South because Andrew Jackson felt slighted when he lost the election to a deal Adams made with the Speaker of the House.  Not to say Jackson would have been better, but no, it just postponed his vile “Indian Removal Act” and the subsequent Trail of Tears. Just to say this, that politicians started nearly from the start to shuck their way along and get around doing things like the framers designed and intended.

But the problem we face today is as none ever before, the problem we face today is global socialist citizenry and what it will and has done to the values and principles that made America great.  without repeating the first part of my upcoming book, I will fast forward our political history to the last five presidents.  And the ideologies of their staunch supporters, many being fed by their own narcissism.  It is all about self, our pride and egos.

We first learn something from the characters of the Apostles, and Saul of Tarsus.  For the Bible student we know that Saul of Tarsus was an enemy of the fledgling church, hunting down Christians and putting them in prison, slavery, even executing them.  A man despised by the Apostles; if this was ever a weak point in their faith and trust in Jesus, this guy, Saul was surely at the top of the early churches ‘terrorist’ list.  The Apostles had every right to hate him, why?  not that he was a religious man, he said “I am Pharisee’s Pharisee, and the chief sinner among the sinners.

Okay after his conversion, of which was a very spectacular event that left him blind and his militia dumbfounded.  Jesus confronted Paul about him kicking against the pricks which would indicate that Jesus had been trying to get him to stop being the tool of the Pharisees and join him in his work.  Saul recognized Jesus a Lord, and there was a conversion right down to an instruction to go the city, a man by the name of Ananias come and pray for him, then told Ananias to pray for Saul (Paul) because of his blindness.  Note that even after Jesus chose Saul, the Apostles did not accept him, and even Ananias questioned Jesus’ instruction but submitted to his will.

My point is this, Jesus chose Paul the most unlikely person to do a work that the others couldn’t, the questioned his conversion, (Christianity), they didn’t want to accept Paul because they had a perception that Jesus had to change.

Today, I ask each Christian – if you were transported to Damascus, and asked to support Saul of Tarsus to be used of God to do the work with the Gentiles how would you vote not knowing the rest of the story of Paul the Apostle? Truth no you would not no more than I would.  Jesus does not ask for your permission or for you to qualify Trump in order to use him.  Often times in the Bible God uses the least likely to get the job done. Just like the Apostles had to do, they had to step back from their own self and look at what needed to be done, and believe God if it is God’s will to make America great again.

Our problem is that the nation and we as Christians has allowed evil to take control, and in doing so we have a nation that has not only turned its back on God, but lost our values and principals, wake up! I know you have your favorite issue project, abortion, homosexuality, murder, guns, lawlessness, and your narcissism, your being so full of yourself, has caused you to do just what the corrupt establishment RINO Republicans have wanted you to do, accept their ideologies and agendas where they only care about themselves, not about you. And that is why you need to step back, take a deep breath clear you head, and count the cost.  It is not about you and the RINOs anymore!  It is all about restoring America.  It is about ridding the corrupt, greedy, self-exalted politicians who dictate what they say is best for you, and use the tail to wag the whole dog.

Folks we are in serious trouble, our freedoms, our constitution, our soverignty, and we have allowed it to happen.  A huge problem is a government that has grown so large that the people don’t count, and the only thing that counts is global citizenry at any cost.  Christian, liberal theology is one of the greatest problems.  Yet it has turned many Christians heads, and blinded them with the false teachings, by false teachers and false prophets to where American Christianity is laughed at, and solid Christians have been reduced to the classification of “Evangelical” because they hold fast to the authority of the Bible – infallible, and inerrant, divinely inspired, and the correct translation is the Holy Spirit of God, and not understandable, nor accepted by non-Christians.

Christians, get out of yourself, you may not like Trump because he does not approach your pet issue like ‘you’ think he should, take abortion, most anti-abortion activists believe that it should be abortion should be abolished, I do as well, but there is going to have to be a process to get it done, one way is defunding abortion clinics, which he is for, that is just one step to get the overall job done, … it might take several presidents to actually abolish abortion, it will take an act of congress, that is why congress must change, or be replace with men of integrity and moral values, who cares less if it offends people as long as it is a benefit to the nation, the majority, not a minority, so my simple reply is get out of yourselves and clearly look at problems and their immediate danger.

Christians stop right now of being Christian Pharisees, and every Christian is not going to meet your personal criteria of who is a better Christian, because guess what, 99% your idea of what a Christian is going to be wrong, with what Christ thinks, after all, by you placing your qualifications on someone, you have stepped over stepped Jesus’ requirement.  And have fallen yourself, but by the grace of Jesus you have really been returned to his expectations, of not being perfect in this life.

Non-Christian conservatives, it is the same message, you are at fault for allowing corrupt self-centered politicians to re-define conservatism to what they want it to be, why? because they won’t have to bother with pandering to the Republican base as it once was, that is why we now have a reformed conservatism, Regan conservatism, Tea Party conservatism of good patriots, and not so good patriots, while they are trying to justify the “New” Republican Party, led by the establishment RINO self-serving elites in congress today, corrupt to the bone.

Now to ‘pop bubbles’ or expose some delusions.  That RINO is not politically correct therefore we have to justify these slime-ball politicians by promoting a different word, like “establishment” then try to justify establishment as not a negative term, but positive, by saying the establishment “conservative” is merely the wonderful character of the politicians that are “willing” to work with the establishment liberals to arrive at a common good, and that is done by the skillful application of “experience and compromise,” in a way that is a good but not really, it should be “the experience of compromise is what makes us the most money and the most votes, making us more powerful.”  Which to me defines corruption, and “We the People” lose out, a freedom is limited for the majority in favor of a minority, a law is changed hurting the majority but benefiting a minority, at time allowing targeting of a majority by a minority.

On the Republican side aisle RINO is the correct word for establishment conservative self-serving politics.

So as long as they control the leadership of the Republican Party, we lose… because we cannot change the things that are sinking this ship we once called the greatest free republic in the world.  But it will take people to step back clear their heads, count the actual cost of getting out of ourselves long enough to do the right thing for our nation, and our faith.

Too those of you who are so under the delusion of lie of a promised utopia I am sorry because it will take a miracle to move you; and you don’t believe in miracles.  But you have allowed the mainstream media, and people like Glenn Beck the false prophet to help you into the zombie you are, and for the Christian if you be still, you may find that God is God, but in any case, we all are at the junction of destruction, and whichever way we go, it will be in the divine will of God, who knows the mind of God?  He may not be finished with his chastisement and dividing the sheep from the goats so that we can once again be the greatest nation on earth, helping with his world-wide harvest, before he totally takes his hand off this celestial globe.

Christian before you condemn Trump for not being Christian enough, and praise Cruz for being the Christian you want, better take a good look at Cruz, if you are a Christian who is okay with promoting gossip, baring false witness, and more, then what makes him any better Christian than trump and more fit to lead?  And what makes him more qualified to take on corruption if he is corrupt.

For the conservative, what makes Cruz more conservative than Trump?  Could it be his ideology of establishment and his willingness to support the agenda of the establishment?  Funny then that would make him more of an insider establishment politician than a conservative.  Remember it is the corrupt establishment that has redefined the conservative values, and principals.  And that is what the We the People are so angry about.  Security, sovereignty, freedom and liberty “equally” applied, all the intent of the constitution, making our nation a democratic (majority) free republic of a union of sovereign states, led by representation of all the people and not just special interest groups (Trump was one), and minority and social minority activists.

I believe that Ted Cruz was not on the short list for the Republican candidacy but being used by the RNC to take the fight to a “Brokered Convention” as Romney said he supported last fall, which leads me to believe he or Lee was the pick, thus the appearance of Glenn Beck in his paid for stumping of Cruz and his phony prophet BS and slam against the evangelicals in not listening to ‘their God’ rant, and his phony disappointment with conservatives.  The continued fight and now the Romney third party run threat, only benefits a few, the media hacks who are “Political analyst … more money, establishment self-centered politicians like Romney, and his political elite establishment leaders who see Trump as a threat to re-election; the wellbeing and security of our country and you, is not a concern they have.

And now I refuse to fight with the liberal and establishment trolls infesting the social media who refuse to be civil and refuse to come to grips with their ego. Nevertheless, I will support those who support unity, protecting their insistence that the voter’s vote count.  And their support of the winner of that vote.  Them I will support and encourage as long as they don’t fall into the trap of uncontrolled outrage and lose their cool with cursing and hollow threats.

For those of you who stayed to the end, thank you and God bless you.

R.S. Helms.

Spiritual Warfare… Serious enough for the takedown…


Spiritual Warfare 000


spiritual-warfarePerhaps one of the most common Bible study themes in print and in use today.  Spiritual warfare needs to be understood and confronted daily, it is one of the essential understanding for the Christian of all times, over the past 2000 plus years the Christian has been subjected to the battles or skirmishes with evil not knowing or understanding what is going on.  As Christians believe that Jesus Christ won the war that freed all sinners from the bonds of sin, we fail to see the validity of constant warfare.

Now as far as the nonbeliever, who mocks the Bible and the Christian Faith, you may as well delete the link, and start your own in opposition and mockery.  My prayer for you is that God forgive you for you know not what you do.  The purpose of this series is not to debate over faith, nonetheless, if you manage to get past the opposition and stick to it, perhaps, you may realize the truth, seek God’s forgiveness, and find peace in your troubled soul. (We all have to go through a time of reckoning).

It is my prayer that this series may awaken even one sweet soul from the slumber of luke-warm Christianity to revival and vibrant involvement in restoring the Christian faith in the world.  Jesus actually does not need our help; He could do it with just a purposeful thought.  Nonetheless, we are called to defend, and be warriors of the faith; and it is my contention that we are the body of Christ, which means we become His physical body in this world.

This study will apply scripture to what is going on in this world, and has been since Adam and Eve.  To be even more dated it began when Lucifer decided to be greater than God, and elevate himself above the Throne of God.  Good and evil, then existed, even the most avid Atheist will concede to this understanding.  Bad and good have faced off since that time, Atheist must dig deep to find reason not to believe this first little truth that separates.

Next, we must understand that while some would like to rile against the suggestion that there is a physical or material realm and a ‘supernatural’ realm and generally go into such a fit of repudiation that they accuse us of believing in myths and fairytales, to which I reply ‘what – ever.’

Here it is in a nutshell, the natural world consists of thing we can see, touch, smell, understand and manipulate,  (Jim Norman ‘ETERNITY, God… Natural vs. Supernatural WordPress)  in the natural, things are limited to things and conditions, (natural laws), which are in nature present or produced by nature with natural laws and elements.

The supernatural therefore indicate things and conditions, (laws) that contain all things outside the natural realm or order.  Now, it stands the test of human reasoning, that the supernatural realm contains spiritual characteristics, Dr. Norman also wrote, and I agree, “it is not likely we can learn much about spiritual truth by studying and evaluating natural activity.”

“If eternity exists it rises above all we can see and swallows the known universe like a huge whale gulping a single plankton.  If eternity is a reality and has spiritual characteristics, how presumptuous am I to demand that it be understood and interpreted in natural terms alone?  That is like studying the behavior of fleas to learn more about the nature of elephants.  How presumptuous is the notion that the natural and supernatural cannot touch each other?” “That is like saying we cannot be touched by a bullet we do not see.”

There truly is a “supernatural realm” it is the unseen, and untouched.  The natural being the lessor of the two realms, furthermore, the natural realm cannot intrude into the supernatural, however, the supernatural has the power to intrude into the natural.  Knowing then, that the supernatural realm is the dwelling place of supernatural beings or spirits, (good and evil) can intrude on our natural world and influence – even control the lessor natural laws.

In the situation of the Garden of Eden, we find the fall of man and the death of the spirit of man, and simply because the spirit is dead man cannot communicate with God.  However, God can communicate with man.  It is this supernatural natural intrusion that God communicated, or spoke to His prophets of old.

However, man could temporarily atone for sin through sacrifice.  We now live in the second and final covenant, the covenant of grace through faith in the imputed sacrifice of Jesus Christ find permanent atonement, and the “Ye must be born again” experience resurrects the dead spirit within, that we have renewed a loving relationship with God.

Now this I will say at the cost of being criticized, ‘if you are lost your prayer, or communication with God is in vain.  The only prayer God hears from the lost, has to be from the heart, and it is the prayer of repentance.’ If a person is lost, Satan has the right and authority to come and go, in and out and control your life.

If you are lost there is no such thing as spiritual warfare.  It is little wonder the Christian and the Bible are so hated in this world, simply because Satan does not like to give up authority and ownership to God.  Spiritual warfare is against the Christian and the Christian witness.  It is through that witness that the Holy Spirit works to convict of sin and bring a lost soul to repentance and faith in Jesus.  It is at that point that the human spirit is resurrected and Satan relinquishes his ownership.

Likewise, it is the point where spiritual warfare begins.  You may be one who says “God is love” and live with that, God is love, he is also a holy and just God, who by necessity, is God of wrath and judgement.  For example, we may look no further than the nation of Israel, set to wonder in search for God’s promise of a land flowing with milk and honey, being led by God through a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of smoke by day. Why would God not just take them straight there, after all, he judged their rebellion at the prolonged wait for Moses who went up the mountain to receive the Law, and the earth swallowed up many?

God’s judgement and wrath at work, nevertheless, he brought them to the shore of the river Jordan, and again they rebelled at the exaggerated report of the spies, save but two.  Judgement of His nation brought the wrath of God to the point that He relented from destroying them, but put them to wander for 40 more years, until all whom above the age of 20 would parish in the wilderness, it took a completely new generation to claim the Promised Land.

God continuously culls his children, from the nation of Israel and the old covenant to the children of today in the new covenant in Jesus Christ.  Separates the chaff from the wheat, although today, it is through persecution and spiritual warfare.

The war in which we are engaged, must be understood as primarily a spiritual war.  Good and evil, the primary cause is unseen in part, because it is spiritual and therefore it spills over into the natural world we live in.  In the book of Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10 – 13 … “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of devil. … For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.”

This is where the spiritual war spills over and intrudes the natural realm, this globe, and the humans, which inhabit it.  First, we notice that the Apostle wakes up the audience and brings them together.  God through Paul is saying “WAKE UP” because now this war is in your laps.  Of course, there are good people who are aware that wrong is wrong, if they believe or not, but have bought into the lies, from the pits of hell, and are in a slumber while for the past half century evil has slowly crept into our little piece of the world.

Speaking to the Christians God is saying “be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  We as Christians have access to the supernatural power of God through Christ Jesus.  We are to put on the armor of God, so we can stand against the methodeias Gr. (methods) of the devil.  Primarily we do not battle against the other humans, because they are in the natural order and the weaker than the supernatural.  We do battle against the principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this age.  The world leaders who are under the control of Satan, through their human nature.  The enemy is by far the stronger; the supernatural strength is superior to any natural strength we encounter.  World history tells what has been going on from the time of Eden, I doubt if one can find a span of time when war has not been over greed, lust, and envy just to name three of the deadliest evil motivations for war (religion is the most deadly and still is).

Against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places does not mean a geographical or physical place, it means the supernatural realm it eludes to the spiritual experience of God’s people.  In the spirit we are at heaven’s gate, where our hearts are filled with heavenly thoughts and feelings; the statement before us is simply this, even in such a place with our fullest experiences, or humble service to God, we are not immune to the attacks of the spirits of evil.

I contend that the United States is a Christian nation, it has always been so, and it is a Christian nation with nearly every world religion represented among our citizenry. Over the past several decades that topic has been a cause for division and has been a weapon used to help persecute the Christian church.

Persecution of the Christian church comes in many forms. It has been somewhat victorious in removing our moral values from our nation.  Some of the values evolved from ideologies and not biblical doctrine.  In fact, our society proved some to be more harmful to a free society therefor paving the way for enemy to use sound doctrinal values as weapons against us.

The spiritual war has been going on since before the ink was barely dry on the Constitution. It in most part has been fought by covert warriors on both sides of the line, needless to say, the battle became more obvious at the end of the second world war, and a new weapon was laid in the hands of the enemy; the drive for global peace.  The role of the United States became that of the peacekeeper, and that has not stopped us from being involved in war.

Where the spiritual warfare becomes the bloody warfare is the leaders of the world doing what they want to do.  Of late, leaders are either displaying more of their evil hearts, or Satan is creating a major push in his offensive strategies because he understands more about his time coming to an end than we do.

Some of the “evangelical” Christians (myself included), are sensing a major event, and we are seeing the start of the separation of the sheep and the goats, or the sifting of the wheat and the chaff.  Could be a major revival or awakening among the Christians.  I have no idea, except I do not know the mind of God and therefore would only be adding to the flame of speculation.

I feel led to offer this series, so that perhaps one soul can see the urgency of the knocking at the door, and let Jesus in to dine and sup with him.  Maybe just maybe, if we understand just how real it is, and the real problem is mostly out of sight, but actually 90 percent of the cause, we can deal with how, as an individual, can do the most positive work …


Thanks R.S. Helms