Slimy, Back Ally, Gutter, Politics. Why

The latest and lowest gutter campaigning… Why?




This post is worth nearly 1700 words, and to get anything out of it you will have to be committed to reading it.  Then you can do your own thing.

There is a Native American wisdom on getting a full picture from many different perspectives which, as most Native American wisdom.  There once was a wise old shaman, who responding to a young braves question about an opinion; “form a circle, then lay an Eagle feather in the center, then ask each of those in the circle to describe what they see, from these perspectives you know the true eagle feather.

Another truism, is: when putting together a jigsaw puzzle picture, you first start at one corner, then another, adding the other pieces to fit in each, with each corner, you can build a frame, then filling it in piece by piece; until you have the full picture.

I love to study people, and their behavior.  There was a time when people considered what the outcome would be before they acted, perhaps today, in our hi-tech world we have left out the simple little cautions and react rather than respond with an evaluation of information pieces fitted together and forming the whole picture, or at least looking at something from various perspectives to know or understand what something really is.

We should really consider all things before we take something a face value.  There is little integrity remaining in the press, newscasts, personality opinions, and especially concerning what is coming from the political elite, who are famous for hiding behind the First Amendment when asked to give an account.  Stupid has been contagious and now is near an epidemical portion in the news, and political arena of our nation.  Integrity is an unknown language, and it is their own end, which justifies the end. 

Seems that everyone wants to be like the old TV commercial, “When E.F. Hutton speaks, everyone listens.”  We have a President, and a government along with the press, and news networks who actually believe their own lies about American values.  Perhaps I should qualify that, (what our values once were), once upon a time, our values were based on solid integrity, and sound ethics; not what we have today where there is little integrity, and our ethics is whatever works for you.  The millennial generation’s idea of ethics and values, rest on the delusion of “The end which I desire, justifies the means.”  It has been going on for the last several decades, but it seems to be reaching an apex of delusional slimy septic corruption.

We have come a long way baby, and I am not talking about Virginia Slims.  We have come a long way, in the wrong direction; and like a snowball, we are gaining size and speed on our decent into a bottomless pit of global socialism. 

Here is the way that I see the RNC/Fox “stop Trump campaign.”  This is the third time I have written this opinion, but didn’t take my own advice of issue perspective, doing my own research, and putting the pieces together.  It is still quite long, but should you bear with me, it may give you something to think about and research, piece by piece, then assemble your own understanding.  Then you may be able to go singing into the voting booth “I can see clearly now – the rain is gone.” 

When people were just thinking about getting into the race, Fox, and the so-called pundits for the GOP were talking up who they would support if they would get into the race, Bush (first choice), Ryan, Paul, Rubio, Perry, Walker, Jindal, Graham, Pataki, Santorum, Fiorina, Gilmore, Christie, Huckabee, then we have the ones that the RNC actually didn’t want. Cruz who would be easy establishment, and then from outside, none government, Ben Carson, and above all stop Trump first.  There were several on the list that I would have voted for in a heartbeat, but needless to say, we are now down to a three-way race, that can go only one way — Cruz or Trump.  Two candidates that the establishment does not want, nonetheless, they are the only two that the Republican voters want.

Before Cruz left, the campaign had digressed to the level of real gutter politics, with everyone and their dog slinging mud in all directions, like little kids in elementary school, calling each other names, in order to get a reaction nastier than before.  This really reduced some of them to no character, and reflected their frustration as being tagged a loser.

About the second grade I was introduced to my first “fair fight” for “manly persona,”  a later friend of mine and I were in a battle of words and not much more but it was called a recess rumble on the playground where the combatants set out the rules of engagement, which if followed it would be not much of a fight even for third graders, it was similar to a Native American woman’s circle dance, quite common among the Southwestern Navahos.  Here on the playground, it consists of two angry boys, circled about by a large number of spectators, generally shouting “Hit him,” just shouting it; not making any difference to which combatant, but I guess the individual kids knew who he/she supported, but few would ever say they were for the loser if there was one.

Generally, it was not just a spontaneous confrontation, it took an agitator to get the two to engage in this circle dance with their fists up and to the ready, while they gave their fiercest stare and saying back and forth, “Ya chicken, you swing first.”  By the sixth grade I had learned the best way to cut the dance short was to make sure I threw the first punch, around the halfway point of the dance.  I won several fights, and lost a few.  Later in the Army, I found it was a great tactic and it is called the surprise factor.   Of course, the “Sunday punch” is not found in the rules of engagement, except in politics. 

Now after around a thousand words we come to the meat of the story, slimy political campaigning on steroids.  We have now the two contenders, who have been doing the circle dance and like a prizefighter they started out with some rules of engagement, now however, the is no rules, and the two have become so angry and frustrated, they can’t tell a friend from an instigator, and it is getting quite dirty.

I have been watching some of the real instigators for several years, and can look at the feather from many different angles or perspectives, and of course have my understanding of what I am looking at.  You on the other hand, may or may not have stepped back, and went through a process of identifying who the agitators are and come to your prospective deduction, and have your own understanding of what you are looking at. However, if you are sold on who you support, by not actually doing the process of prospective deduction, to find the true object of your inquiry, and to support the person you feel you want to support, then you are just standing in the crowd saying “hit him,” and at the end of the day, you sadly find out that you are a victim of the agitators.

I believe at this point in time, we have been looking more at the ideologies, and motivation of the agitators, than actually at the combatants.  A couple of months ago, I posted some remarks to some of the agitators posts from both camps, and said, “It is okay to like both of the guys.”  Because I did like both of them, then the process of which side of the divide each was starting to reflect, not based on what they said, or the rhetoric coming from their so called supporters were so vehemently saying.  But instead I started looking at the supporters, and who they were and what their actual motivation was.

Both men are at a point that they need to stop reacting the way their supporters want them to react, and start responding in a different way.  The agitators incognito as supporters are the real combatants, and haters, which are using them for their own gain, their own ideologies; in the long run one side of the division will have their way, then throw both men under their ideological bus.

In the long run, those who have the ideology of the RINO Establishment. Will destroy the RNC, regardless of the outcome of the convention; unless of course the RNC allows the winner to run on the “New Republican ticket” and go all out to support that ticket.  Anything less, and the party fails.  The establishment knows and already have contained Cruz, to abide by the establishment rules, the establishment has been in control of both houses through their leadership.  On the other hand, they know they cannot control Trump, so Cruz who was elected as a “Tea Party” anti-establishment Republican, was thrown under the establishment bus, when he stood his ground against the Democrats, and Obama; They earned the acronym RINO, which they have managed to make a little more politically correct as “establishment” and hijacked the name “Conservative” rather freely, in an attempt to connect with the Republican Base.  However, they must keep this battle going, and use no rules of engagement, because with these two, who are predictably “hit me and I will hit back only harder,” with enough fuel they will keep the fire blazing and neither one will have a “Clear majority” and even if one does, that does not mean the RNC will honor that rule. 

The real fight and slimy gutter back ally politics is not between Trump and Cruz, they have been unfairly put face to face, doing the circle dance with their fists up, calling each other bad names.  The real fight and slime is from the Republican divide.  And at this point, there is really nothing that your vote will do to change that; except to keep politics as usual, or not.  

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