I reblog this with an excerpt from my upcoming post entitled “What We Learn From The Wise Men”… “We have wise men from the East. They saw the star and set out on a journey. Some say the journey would be quite long, 6mo. — to two years. At any rate, we know it was a long and hard journey, to reach their destination and purpose. Their purpose was to see the new king of Israel, Jesus the Christ whom the Jewish prophets had foretold. I have a question, for all who claim to be Christian. Where is your journey headed? Our journey as a Christian is to be the same destination as that of the wise men, do you not agree? If I do not follow, or at least do my very best to follow the divine direction which is laid before me through the Holy Ghost, if my moral map and compass has been corrupted by the world, then it is time to make the necessary repairs and get on with that journey.”

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screenshot Microsoft removes God from Peace on Earth song cropped

Microsoft released a Christmas commercial, which aired last week. Re-writing the song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” Microsoft omitted the words, “With God as our Father” replacing it a globalist term “Let peace begin with me.”

The Christian Post by Michael Gryboski

A commercial from Microsoft wherein employees and a child choir sing the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” to Apple employees, omitting the line “With God as our Father.” Technology giant Microsoft has released a commercial in which the popular song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” is performed with the reference to God omitted.

A television commercial posted on YouTube last week featured Microsoft employees and a children’s choir singing the song to employees at an Apple store[…]

Continue Reading, click here… Microsoft Removes God From ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth’ Lyrics in New Ad

Political correctness, anti-Christian or did Microsoft allow the wrong…

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