R.S. Helms 01




Rev R.S. Helms

Part One


My Pastor hit on a great sermon this morning that can be applied to our present condition of our Christian nation, the greatest nation in the history of our planet.  Although I will not use his sermon, what he said to us dealt more to the church and the individual; however, I do believe some of the points are appropriate for the Christian as well as non-Christian.

The parable manner of the teaching struck a chord with me and I hope it does with you as well.  I basically wrote this to post in the Black Robe Regiment, a website for Christian patriots and Christian clergy along with Christian lay people who care about this nation; just wish we all spent more time here but it is a definite challenge of time for much involvement, and yet it would perhaps be one of the best places to spend time.

Perhaps it is due to the general nature of multi-denominational, and several different theological views, that we hesitate to spend the time in dialogue over the concerns of our nation, which although common and central for discussion and encouragement, may lay cause for divisions.

For me, I have always held to the idea of where difference is an issue, I promote the practice to ‘agree to disagree’ and move on to the common theological ground to discuss issues.

Okay, now moving on, to the story (parable, my parable).  It preaches a good sermon, and just a great “reach out and touch me moment” for Christian patriots.  During this Christmas season and the decades old “reason for the season” and the debate (battle), of anti-Christ, commercialism, which is not spilled over with more “bah-humbug” about the wrong day, and Christians should not celebrate, because of old testament festivals and pagan festivals.

Nonetheless, when I was still a Grinch, and let all the grumbling sort of spoil my season, I got all wrapped up in such irrelevant joy robbing dribble that I actually could not enjoy Christmas.  Coming from a poor family, and watching my dear mother struggle to make Christmas as special as she could, only to see her disappointment and her feeling of defeat, I determined not to go through the same thing, so I actually found myself in worse condition, just plain miserable, and miserable to be around.

Even after Jesus took over my life, the attitude hung around for some time.  Nonetheless, the miracle of Christmas slowly replaced the misery with joy and celebration.  Perhaps that is why I do not get caught up in all the debates over it all and just simply celebrate Christmas, and the miracle of Jesus’ birth, and the festivities of the season; the peace and joy that is simply a natural peace and joy, a blessing beyond understanding.

This part one of “What We Learn From The Wise Men,” is primarily for a long overdue post in the Black Robe Regiment, a good time and place to seek forgiveness for a lot of inactivity.  In addition, it is a fine post for my blog with the seasonal flair and admonition of setting your Christian attitude for peace and joy.

A time when we all need to stop complaining about all the various negative misconceptions and negative false narratives, which Satan employs every year round bout this time, to rob Christians of their peace and joy in the Lord.  It is time to forget about our narcissistic human nature, and enjoy the festivities of the Lord Jesus.

It only takes a bit of a Christian attitude adjustment, it doesn’t hurt, and people may actually begin to enjoy your company.  Not dampening their joy by watching you in your suffering through whatever trivial issue that stole your blessing.

My dear friends, it makes no difference what day of the year, the commercialism, or anti-Christ in Christmas demagoguery that the world can through at us, the impulse to go in debt, and the frantic search for the right gift, the over abundancy of toys and gifts to our already partially indoctrinated children, and let the Spirit bless you in your peace and joy… you remember, that catchy little phrase once found in many greeting cards, peace and joy, and good tidings, to you and suddenly there may appear angles singing and praising God.

Who knows, with the right heart, the Grinch and Scrooges may join in and be blessed.

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