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What would a real campaign against gun violence look like?

by Jon Rappoport

December 6, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Now that we know cold weather, snow, blizzards, expanding sea ice, war in Syria, the resurgence of the Taliban, the reappearance of Brian Williams, the escalation of anti-Islam rhetoric, the popularity of TMZ, and the attacks on Hillary Clinton are all the result of global warming, how long can it be before gun violence in America is linked to tree-ring data from the Middle Ages?

To forestall this last conclusion, I offer, as a public service, a sketch of what a real campaign against gun violence might look like. I’m not just talking about homicides, but criminal wounding and maiming as well.

Such a campaign does not depend on whether you believe there should be more guns, fewer guns, or no…

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