Who Really Cares?

Who really cares 00

I hope during this time, (more than a few days) that we can come together, at least in prayer, and humble ourselves before the Lord – confess our sin – and pray in His name, He will hear us and heal.

 It is my prayer this evening for our loving God to, yes, forgive my sin, the sin of unrighteous anger, and contempt for those who show no true compassion, and heal the ravaged heart of my neighbors in the Northwest.  Heal the wounds on the bodies, which are suffering, and perhaps asking why this could happen?  And Lord bring same to those that will use this occasion to divide and accuse your people before your throne, because Jesus you have taught us not to bring such shame on ourselves, but nowhere have you told us not to put that humbling shame on those who follow the darkness of this world.  Receive home those who laid down their lives in martyrdom for your namesake.  Moreover, give comfort to those who morn in loss, and lay them in your loving arms until the day in which we shall all join them and rejoice in your glory. Further Lord, for the family of their loved one who carried out this act of evil darkness, that their eyes be opened, and they can recover and not be harmed from the shame of the darkness that is this wicked world. In Jesus name, amen.

Before the gun smoke cleared the area around the 3000 to 4000-student community college just North of Roseburg, Oregon. A small 22000+ population city, where not unlike Sandy hook, was witness to the face of evil, as evil moved in and slaughtered innocent people, young adults through senior adults fell at the hands of evil personified as a gunman.  I agree with the Sheriff, I do not want to use the name of this evil person, so unless I cannot skirt it, it will be the only time I use it.

Obama, reacting on the assumption that he had to respond immediately or face the usual criticism of not responding except to those he wanted to politicize.  Jumped right out there to make the best of a crisis.  However, this time he did not have time to get into his theatrical temperament and tell the speechwriter what he wanted to get across, Obama being all about Obama opted for the theatrics, so the writer winged it, and followed the modus operandi of Obama.

In view of his disastrous week at the UN and not being able to deliver on past agreements and being put down by Putin, then shamed by what a real leader looks like with Netanyahu’s facing down the anti-Semitic global leaders, in the most powerful speech made in the entire UN conference.  This could be a breath of fresh air for Obama, so in his narcissistic self-important style manned the podium at the Whitehouse, and caused a firestorm for the press. (starved piranha feeding on a leg of lamb).

All the mainstream news was already in a feeding frenzy trying to gather details that Sheriff John Hanlin was not about to give out until he was ready.  I believe that was the wise thing to do, it makes sure the victims are respected, which I believe was his motivation.  It also helps eliminate misinformation, which is what the press thrives on, especially when someone else makes the mistake.

That may have hurt the Obama spin, because no one had any misinformation to give him.  Nonetheless, some of the facts gathered at the scene were not mentioned during the speech because they were of no advantage to the Obama intent.  Moreover, it forced the press to limit their reports to the truth, which they reluctantly reported.  I say reluctantly because after Obama setting the political talking point it allowed the gathers of information to report the misinformation to go along with the Whitehouse and politicize the tragedy.

Other than, the normal platitudes offered by the mainstream media, the only heartfelt sincere compassion to the families and loved ones came from the conservatives and just main street people on social media.  It showed on NBC tonight; as there was no effort put forth for the truth, other than platitudes recognize the injured families and their loss.  These platitudes set the tone for Obama’s double down on the ‘commonplace’ of tragedies committed with guns.

There was nothing said about the targeting of Christians, or that the gunman was black (mixed race), or that he was at the least an Islam supporter.  However, that would have been against his rhetoric, and continued division of Americans.  It is going to take a lot to fix what his empty promises, rhetoric, and ideological agenda has caused already.  Moreover, it will take more than him and all his advisors can come up with to overcome the disastrous week he had at the UN.

Americans are a unique breed of people.  I care less about the polarization in our nation, in times like these we come together to help one another overcome those things that disastrously wreck our lives. To help others through the tough times with prayer, encouragement, finances where needed, and just a simple word of compassion and caring.  It would be nice if we came together over the political issues wrought by the same people who we hire to go to Washington and work for us.

Politicians are of a unique breed as well, which tell us what we want to hear but after they catch their ride to the Beltway, they only try to convince us that it was some other politician’s fault, and make a good argument to send them back.  Faced with RINOs who are nearly as bad as the liberals (Not much difference in the ideologies of darkness), to seat a new Speaker of the House, and that draws attention away from the real tragedy at Umpqua Community College, which you may have noticed less mentioned in the media.

There are only a few things concerning the world in which we live, that if not changed we shall perish as a free nation.  Most important is the extent of division, which we find ourselves.  It is not totally the liberals fault but our own fault collectively.  We must take ownership of the condition we find ourselves.  Our apathy, our greed, our envy, perhaps it is our personal pride, desires, lust, materialism, we as a people have allowed corruption in government to take its hold and control over our lives.  It has made a victim out of each of us, in order for it to prosper and succeed we must remove the victim nation syndrome.

Because of greedy corrupt politicians, we have allowed the pursuit of voter people blocks to remove our once great moral values making it more possible to live with each other.  In addition, we allowed the politicians to operate without integrity, while demanding they show political protocol and political correctness, least they should offend a victimized people group.  Giving the minority control over the majority.  All for votes, it set the standards by which we live.  It set the pace for race division, poverty, class division, sexual preference division, all of which took away the moral values, including the value of human life.

In place of healing and uniting the politicians all the while only accelerated the division, hate, anger, and frustration, and instead of compassion, we have name calling, bullying, rage, and all the results of an out of control liberal Marxist government.  It is spilling out to an unusual extent of violence, corruption, anti-God anti-morality.  It is nothing to do with the guns, but everything to do with politicians feeding the special interest groups represented in votes.  When politicians and people replace moral values with the ideology that we are, free to create and develop our own morals. The problem is when one people group tries to make everyone adhere to their particular moral values.

I know the spin… that Christians wanted to impose their values on everyone else.  “Force their religion on everyone”.  Not so, the ones who cried the loudest was people that were enraged at the notion that someone would have the nerve to call what they were doing wrong.  Lying is wrong, it does not matter if it produces what is thought to be a good end, no the end should justify the end.  Stealing, murder, rape, sodomy, all good okay with evil people, however, for the social wellbeing it never turns out well.

Think of the fight over abortion, it has been down every avenue of defense, yet all the lies, all the manipulation, has only taken the value of life away from normal people.  Once that happens evil people with evil agendas will do what the delusional butcher did in Oregon; no value of human life, contempt for God and good, it had to be a long delusional life, to come to that.

There are reasons that Obama announced his ‘dropping by’ to speak to the families of those victimized by such a malfunctioning delusional individual who rained terror down on the fine folks of Roseburg.  It was to draw attention to his previous speech making the shootings political, and make it more political by interjecting “commonplace” into the tragedy.

Of course this brought another round of media feeding frenzy to bare on the people of Roseburg.  They (some on TV interviews) responded that they felt he was using their grief to campaign for gun control, and one gentleman said he would stay at home.

As the media vied for coveted interviews with the families and of course, some were against and some were for Obama’s visit.  It became apparent that Obama was not going to respect the families, but actually double down, hoping to garner more support for the opportunity.

Fox News timed their interview just right for their portion of the RINO audience that would be the interview with the Mayor and another gentleman, who had to try to walk a narrow line.  Remember he and the council want to be reelected, so he could not badmouth the folks that did not want him there, and with the political advantage of Washington money to help with town.

“It is the President of the United States, so we want to show the courtesy and respect for the office”.  Well-said Mr. Mayor, except the man (?) occupying that office has disgraced it more than any other president has and there have been some real bad presidents.  He has created an office of low esteem, he himself has defiled the dignity, and integrity of the highest office in the nation and what was the most powerful.

He has divided this nation on all fronts, and not sparing your city, he has divided its citizens; neighbor against neighbor.  Nonetheless, Mr. Mayor you and the council have helped him do it, by not standing up for the families and loved ones of your community.

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