America Wins The Fox News Debate.

The “FOX NEWS” Republican

Conservative Hatchet Debate

R.S. Helms
R.S. Helms

I know I am not a Charles Krauthammer, (I like Charles a lot), nor any star political analysts, found on any number of the conservative and RINO, Progressive, Republican news feeds.  You know the ones, yeah you do, the ones who think they are the “worthy ones” to speak up for guys like me who are just everyday white, conservative, Christian living in the South, (But soon to be in the Rockies—Utah to be precise).

Nonetheless, my point is, I recognize that it is the people like myself, who those in power people really don’t consider in all the “Beltway club” BS that fills the TV networks, and online news feeds, who are under the delusion of being creditable because they happen to be more capable of spinning Liberal and Progressive ideologies without detection.  NEWS FLASH… there are more people like me who actually care more about our God, and our great nation, than the other-way round and don’t care.  Wake up, stop letting the liberal and RINO progressives keep telling us how stupid we are.  We are not stupid, and this is where it all needs to be stopped… of course, unless you like the abuse.

However, I have been trying to write, blog, comment, social media content for several years now, and to no avail.  however, being 73 yrs. young, I am too set in my ways to give up on what is right and good, and lay down with the Liberal and Progressives, who are worried more about global citizenry where every nation will be socialized, and equality will only be divided by the elite and the common.

I think mainstream Americans are just tired of being so divided that we are unsure of what public bathroom to use.  Political correctness has created a new dictionary, aside from what the millennial generations have invented to keep their parents from snooping.  Words have changed in their definitions and use.  Moreover, if you don’t want to offend someone, (which may get you jailed depending on what you say), you need a new pocket dictionary like you are in a foreign country or something.

Last night’s Fox News Republican Primary Candidates Debates, accomplished so much more than Fox News ever dreamed about.  I respectfully disagree with Charles Krauthammer’s pick for winner in favor of Gretchen Carlson’s “America the big winner” analysis.  Which I believe is absolutely the best and most meaningful analysis coming out of Fox News all day.

Nonetheless, the debate accomplished, (for me anyway), several conformations, and some important issues that needed to be established early on.  It confirmed that Fox News is all about the “New Republican Party” of Progressive establishment.  It actually has few sound conservatives on their team and none of which being impaneled last evening.  That Fox is as much against Trump as they are against Obama and the Tea Party conservatives.

Although they talk more favorably of Cruz, Huckabee, and Ron Paul than I suspect they would like.  Jeb Bush and Rubio would be their winning ticket.  Jeb Bush is an extreme Progressive, and Rubio, who run and won as a Tea Party Republican changed his mind an unbelievable 180 degrees on immigration, foreign policy, ObamaCare, Common Core, and some other bad deals, (I still am unsure about his intentions.

Jeb Bush would be a disaster for the conservative Americans, not as bad as Hillary, but bad news… Christie from NJ would be like getting an Obama clone, only a tad more girth.  We really need someone with the intelligence of Ben Carson, who cares really cares about people and our country, yet is too gentle hearted to mash on the vermin liberal/progressive agenda and ideologies.

On the clear candidate winner, (which Fox News may deny), Trump gained, and partly due to the way Fox News panel zeroed in on the Trump Target.  He did not pick a fight last night, but took their fight to them when they would try to catch him off guard.  I watched embarrassed Fox News personalities get red-faced, as Trump just kept pushing back; point is they knew he would not just brush of the attempt.

Trump told America what they want to hear especially straight forward without being politically correct.  Will he follow up, and start putting plans together to actually restore the nation?  I do not know, time is still a commodity that the politicians have, never the less, as Trump told Megan Kelly, “I don’t have time for political correctness, and our country don’t have time either.”

I fault Trump, (and it most likely will cool my support for his campaign), I feel he should have left the feud on the stage of the debate, but he continued to ramp it up, and it did not need to be.  Personally, Trump has nearly caused me to do as I did Kelly some time ago, only watch her show when I know whom she is going to have as panelists, and the “talking points”.

However, if nothing else I will give credit to both Fox News and Trump, it will come down to forcing the conservative vs. progressive division in the GOP.  Someone is going to have to stand up in the GOP, admit it is now progressive, and have been heading that way for decades.  For me a political progressive is as bad for this country as is a Marxist liberal.

The debate showed who the conservatives are, or profess to be, who is progressive socialist.  In addition, we still have time to weed out the phonies and liars, and go for the ones who are serious about putting this country together again.  Republicans, you have a decision to make, conservative or progressive; we will not have another, unless there is a convention of states that will clean out the “established politicians” and get us back on track.

Then what do I know? Except we need fixing, and the dog needs to wag the tail again; instead of the tail wagging the dog.

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