RINOs vs. Conservatives


Rino vs Conservative

By: R.S. Helms 

One thing we don’t need is more of this BS Republican fighting going on.  What does it take for the Republican Party leaders to realize that the grass roots Americans are sick and tired of the Establishment politicians in either Party?

It is beyond time to stop listening to the profiteers and establishment politicians, the phony talk show hosts who have no interest except their own pockets and listening audience.  Greed, fame and celebrity power is their addiction, and the fighting and division is making them money, and the more they get into it the higher the ratings.  The façade of them caring about our nation, our constitution, religious freedom, values, and all the counterfeit lies are nothing more than a means to feed their addiction and phony power.

The country is in the toilet and socialism has its hand on the flusher, people wake up and smell the stench of what is happening!  And now is not the time to be listening to some of the people who have won your trust through being cunning and slimy liars.  Presenting themselves as something they are not, promoting politicians who are nothing but establishment politicians.  It frustrates me when good honest people who are tired of politics as usual are being told what and how to think by masquerading frauds.  They are stumping for the “Republican Party” who through the process of evolution have become the party for establishment politics, and counterfeit conservatives.

The reason that a narcissistic, overbearing, loudmouth, billion heir is so popular, is he voicing what it is that we the common people who believe in our nation, our constitution, our values, our faith, our future as a constitutional free republic have been trying to say for a long time, he is connecting with our outrage, disappointment, betrayal, caused by our politicians who are swinging right in with Barack Obama and the UN right into a global citizenry of a global tyranny.  Of course, it follows how the RNC treats those who are supported by Conservative Tea Party entities, the RINOs oppose them when they try to make a difference, hence their acronym, which is well deserved, at least I believe that. 

The Republican party, who is heavily influenced by Rupert Murdoch Billion heir media mogul and owner of Fox News network, has called for a support Trump when it becomes obvious that he is the winner, which don’t set well with the establishment boyz, The Republican Party has been working too hard to change the party into something other than what it was. And the establishment RINOs in leadership will stand a good chance of their hold on the republican congress, that is why they are fighting like a wounded dog that they are, (calling them a dog, if not good for the dog’s image).  Nevertheless, if they don’t take the Murdoch advice, then their days are numbered, even Beck who has a nice deal with Fox News; it would come as no surprise to me if Murdoch didn’t finance most of the Beck Texas operation anyway. 

Have you ever watched a bayou horror show? Yea, like when the septic sludge from a contaminated swamp produces some slimy monster, well that is what fits the celebrity who is in the issue for their own gain.  Most use their celebrity status as a rite of passage to issue manipulated and targeted opinions to further their own gain; like using you, as a fan or follower, to count as creditability.  Could it be, that you have been so brainwashed by a celebrity status phony, that it is okay by you to believe in the lie of their own delusion of self-importance?

During this war on Trump, by the RINO establishment Republican Party, Fox News, and everyone who wants him out because he scares them out of their socks, along with the liberals and celebrity profiteers, one thing stands out, it is time to speak for yourself, and follow Beck’s original advice, do your own research and do your own thinking; for that advice I will be forever grateful.  It is time that the Republican leadership and party leadership own what they really are and go ahead and split the party, because the RINO leadership will blame Trump and eventually Cruz for it.  We as common mainstreet traditional conservatives will have to live through another term of continued destruction, because the way this is going the liberals and hard left will win in November. 

It would be only by the grace of God this nation could survive even one term of Hillary or Bernie. Both are Marxist socialist with a socialist global union in mind. Glenn Beck is a profiteer celebrity who looks forward to making more money, Mitt Romney is a real nut case to think that a brokered Convention would not split the vote, and give the Whitehouse to the liberals.  But it would force the New Republican Party to own who they really are progressive establishment.

For me I have stopped email notices from those who are in support of the Republican Party 2nd or 3rd pick, and who are spinning, stumping, and continuing this campaign war.  I left the Republican Party after the 2012 elections and watched the candidates who were supported by the Tea Party come under abuse by the RINOs, and only watch two Fox News hosts, otherwise.  And now I am so frustrated and disappointed in the two guys who could win, that I have backed off my original pick of Cruz, turned off the TV except for the weather and the internet; and the internet is getting a tad worrisome, so I am blocking email notifications who to those who continue to support this dividing war.  The Republicans really need to focus now on how to defeat liberals, and not each other so much.

That’s the way I see it, share and comment if you like, nonetheless, except for a short gig from time to time on Facebook, I am backing off anything Republican RINO establishment, and will not argue my point to those who are being used.  (There is a continuation of this about Glenn Beck’s Utah endorsement)